New adultery allegations against Trump

February 17, 2018 John de Nugent 0

Melania shuns cameras as second woman alleges Trump affair: Second woman alleges Trump affair — and cover-up A second woman has made allegations of an […]

Barbara Spectre gets award from the Swedish king

February 17, 2018 John de Nugent 1

Just when you figured Sweden could not go any lower….   It makes you wonder what blackmail (((they))) have on the king. Pedophilia? . […]

Touching gifts

February 10, 2018 John de Nugent 0

–9 February 2018 four authentic matchboxes for German soldiers from the Third Reich period, sent me by a comrade in New England, and featuring Hitler, […]

Sex robots at the gates

February 3, 2018 John de Nugent 0

Main thing is that by this new method (and so many others), no white babies are made. . 3,927,354 Views They are designing male sex […]

Intriguing reincarnation meme

January 31, 2018 John de Nugent 0

Canadian Jennifer Scharf designed this. 🙂 After reading this: Reincarnation Evidence   Interesting  the Streicher-Anglin comparison!   –Who really was and is JdN? Hitler’s Landsberg […]