2,000-year-old Roman bust found in a Texas Goodwill — observations

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It probably depicted Sextus Pompey. the son of Pompey the Great, who was a superb Roman general who was allied with and then fought against Julius Caeser, lost, and was assassinated.  His son Sextus, also a gifted commander, then continued fighting — and created a mini-empire consisting of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily until Caesar’s nephew, Augustus, defeated him.  You can see on both this bust and on the one below traces of yellow or gold to depict blond hair, which was common among Roman aristocrats. 



In this article, there is SOME shame, but not nearly enough that some GI looted an Aschaffenburg, Germany art museum and stole this bust.

Aschaffenburg is in northwestern Bavaria


Fact is that the Americans (and Brits, French, and Soviets) looted Germany, “liberating” (the GI euphemism) everything from watches to jewelry,  paintings, money….  and they raped many German women.

John Kennedy, who had just left the Navy a war hero, and then become a reporter….

….noted all this in his 1945 diary, btw, and also the stench of corpses.

But, hey, the Germans gassed six zillion perfectly innocent, harmless jews, scapegoated just because the Krauts were so jealous at the jews’ record of success, the fruit of honest, hard work…

And “Hey, look what THEY did,” the GI could always tell himself, using the “Holocaust.” The great French revisionist Maurice Bardèche, referring to the “war crimes trials,” wrote in the late 1940s in his book Nuremberg, the Promised Land, that the GI NEEDED desperately to believe in the Holocaust just so he could sleep at night.

(Recommended): Maurice-Bardeche-Nuremberg-or-the-Promised-Land

It all HAD to be real to justify what his country had done to the German people.

Plus it justified robbing from a people who already were devastated by six years of carpet-bombing and total war. This was the egoic mind at its crassest. The GIs needed that Holocaust lie so they could look themselves in the face.



As Voltaire said,

if you believe in absurdities,

then you can commit atrocities.



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