$4,897 plus six excellent books since December first

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— 3 June 2023 $88 via Amazon gift card from J in Nevada

— 31 May 2023 $102 via PayPal from M in France

The French Riviera (Côte d’Azur = “the Azure Coast”)


— 22 May 2023 $102.79 via PayPal from M in France

— 15 May 2023 $4 in cash from R in Florida
— 7 May 2023 100 euros (same in US dollars) via PayPal from M in France
4 May 2023 a new holster from a Texas comrade for my pocket .380 Smith & Wesson pistol
— 1 May 2023 200 euros (same in US dollars) via PayPal from M in France
— 19 April 2023 $65 via PP from B in Denmark
Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød, Denmark

— 19 April 2023 100 euros via PP from M in France
Carnac, in Brittany, France has massive megaliths which IMO represent Aryan technologies which we no longer understand. No one in harsh ancient times would agree to undertake such an immense work of transportation and erection of stone objects weighing many tons unless it all had some definite use.
Brittany has many marvelous structures in stone:
— 16 April 2023 $100 from M in Texas
— 10 April 2023 100 euros from M in France
— 7 April 2023 $77 via Cash App from K in Massachusetts
— 3 April 2023 100 euros from M in France
— 28 March 2023 $200 by GabPay from B in Georgia
–28 March 2023 $100 by check from K in California
K wrote:  “Dear John, The big event of these present times is the surpassing of the White Guilt Syndrome. The White American can now be aggressive and forceful. It has been a long time since this opportunity has existed. But it is now here.”
— 27 March 2023 100 euros from M in France
— 25 March 2023 $120 via CashApp from K in Massachusetts
The statue of the Minuteman in Concord, Massachusetts, who on April 19, 1775 fought and won the first battle of the American Revolution

— 17 March 2023 200 euros (= same in US dollars) from M in France
— 11 March 2023 $42 (300 Danish crowns) from V in Denmark
— 8 March 2023 100 euros (=US$90) via PayPal from M in France
— 25 February 2023 100 euros via PayPal from M in France
A beautiful old street in Brittany, France, where many still speak Gaelic. The name “Brittany” comes from the word “Britain,” and the Bretons descend from British Kelts who crossed the English Channel to escape rule by the invading Anglo-Saxons.
— 22 February 2023 from T in Florida two excellent, expensive books on the Third Reich by a Greek author, Despina Stratigakos, Hitler’s Northern Utopia: Building the New Order in Occupied Norway (2020) (how Hitler’s architects and planners envisioned and began to build a model “Aryan” society in Norway during World War II, winner of the Society of Architectural Historians 2022 Spiro Kostof Book Prize, and Hitler at Home (2015), investigating the architecture of the Führer’s homes such as the Berghof in the Alps and the Old and New Reich Chancellery:
— 18 February 2023 $150 via CashApp from K in Massachusetts
— 8 February 2023 $100 via CashApp from K in Massachusetts
— 7 February 2023 US$42 via PayPal from B in Denmark
— 5 February 2023 $210 from B in Georgia via GabPay
GabPay is the way to support free speech and avoid the woke and jewy PayPal!

— 5 February 2023 $100 cash from M in Texas


He wrote me on a PM on VK:

When I first heard of your site, I thought it was grandiose or fanciful. The more I hear from you, the more I’m convinced you actually are that reborn great man, and that you have tapped into something most of us can’t view or have forgotten. I want to see what you reveal to the world. 88.

I replied:

Oh, thank you, brother M[]!  The challenge now is pretty steep for me and so I really appreciate your support.

As the 2020 and 2022 US elections proved, both rife with massive fraud, the jews this time will not let any true patriot win office, and especially not the presidency. Even the very handsome and brave Madison Cawthorne in Asheville, North Carolina, which was Margi’s Congessional District, a sitting Congressman, was cheated out of being the Republican nominee for a second term by a nobody RINO! And so our method in Germany in 1932-33 of coming to power peacefully via the ballot box is excluded.

This time I have to literally change the human race so we act in the face of overwhelming opposition from the media, government, business community — and especially zombie, leftist white females and college kids who have been lobotomized and are deeply into white self-hatred.

Also, we are facing a 50% white die-off from the Covid “vaccine” — a 50% “died-suddenly”! Adolf did not have to face half the German people dying off at the start of HIS rule! Nor a country that was 50% brown! But I DO.

— 5 February 2023 100 Euros (=US$90) from M in France


— 1 February 2023 $100 cash from a local donor

— 31 January 2023 250 euros (=US$225) via PayPal from S in Germany

— 31 January 2023 $156 via Amazon gift card from J in Nevada

— 29 January 2023 100 euros (=$90) from M in France

— 22 January 2023 100 euros (=$90) from M in France

A sun-flecked house in Provence, in the southeast of France.

I lived there in 2004-05 with my then wife, who was French, along with 100,000 other Brits and Americans. The name comes from the Latin “provincia,” “the province,” and refers to it being the first Roman province outside of Italy itself. Julius Caesar began his conquest of all of Gaul from here. The local accent has a pleasant, sing-song quality, and the old dialect, Occitan, is related to Catalan in Spain.  The people feel more Latin than in the north of France, and are shorter and darker than the keltic-germanic (Frankish) mix of northern France, where one often sees blue eyes and very fair skin. “The glory of my father” is a famous novel by local novelist Marcel Paqnol about his Provence family, and it became a hit film. 

— 22 January 2023 100 euros (=$90) from M in France

— 17 January 2023 $100 from K in Massachusetts via CashApp

— 14 January 2023 100 euros (=$90) from M in France

Saint Malo in Brittany, France

St-Malo panorama at evening. St-Malo, Brittany, France

Brittany is the last pocket of France where some still speak a keltic language. The wild boar was the symbol of the ancient French Kelts.


— 7 January 2023 $50 and two valuable spiritual books from A in New York City

— 7 January 2023 $14 in the form of seven two-dollar bills with Thomas Jefferson on them from M in Florida

— 4 January 2023 200 euros (=$180) from M in France

— 1 January 2023 42 euros (= $38) from B in Denmark

— 31 December 2022 250 euros (US$225) from C in Germany


— 25 December 2022 $20 via CashApp from I in unknown country


— 24 December 2022 200 euros (=$180) via PayPal from M in France

— 21 December 2022 $100 via CashApp from K in Massachusetts

— 14 December 2022 $137 via Gabpay from B in Georgia

— 13 December 2022 AUS$50 (= US$30) from P in Australia

— 12 December 2022 100 euros (=US$90) from M in France

— 30 November 2022 46 euros (around US$41) from B in Denmark

Danish folk clothing

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock (9808316x)
Crown Princess Mary, Princess Josephine, Prince Christian, Crown Prince Frederik attend church in Sandav·gur
Danish Royals visit the Faroe Islands, Denmark – 26 Aug 2018

— 30 November 2022 100 euros via PayPal from M in France

The brave Charlotte Corday, protesting the terror of the judeomasonic French Revolution, assassinated with a knife the guillotining psychopath Marat in his bathtub, and then courageously faced the guillotine herself, proud and defiant of the leftist “authorities.” (Margi knew a lot about Charlotte.)


— 24 November 2022 $10 via Cash App from I in unknown location

— 19 November 2022 $117 via Gabpay from B in Georgia


— 13 November 2022 $100 via Western Union from B in Georgia

— 12 November 2022 $20 Australian (US$15), letter and Mars info from J in Australia

— 7 November 2022 $480 from J in Illinois to pay directly my overdue electric bill

— 7 November 2022 $100 in cash from a local person

— 3 November 2022 400 euros ( = US$360) from C in Germany

— 3 November 2022 cash donation of $40 from a local and purchases made for me

— 1 November 2022 $150 via CashApp from K in Massachusetts

— 1 November 2022 $250 in cash and a food card from G in Michigan

— 1 November 2022 $45 (48 euros) from B in Denmark

— 26 October 2022 300 euros via PayPal from M in France

The military of France: The aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle,” the Rafale fighter jet; the LeClerc tank; and a French Alpine soldier in Afghanistan about to kill violent Muslims

— 14 October 2022 $52 via PayPal from M in Texas

— 26 October 2022 $60 via CashApp from I in [unknown location]

— 22 October 2022 Australian $30 ($US$20) plus a very nice condolence card, letter and information on Mars

— 22 October 2022 $70 donation from a local person

— 21 October 2022 $100 via CashApp from K in Massachusetts, a steady and generous donor, with both Irish and German heritage, who has supported my mission and goal of a white spiritual awakening since high school in 2009

— 20 October 2022 100 euros via PayPal from M in France

— 14 October 2022 $50 (48 euros) via PayPal from B in Denmark

— 13 October 2022 $100 via Amazon gift card from G in Cicero, Illinois

— 7 October 2022 100 euros by PayPal from M in France

Reconstruction of the appearance of Joan of Arc by the German police (Bundeskriminalamt, Wiesbaden) using computers and facial science 

— 6 October 2022 $500 by PayPal from D in Texas

— 3 October 2022 $100 by check from K in California

“Enclosed is a $100 check to help you in the difficult time in the wake of Margi’s unfortunate death, sincerely, K”

— 30 September 2022 $160 via CashApp from J in Arkansas

— 30 September 2022 $50 via PayPal from S in Germany


— 30 September 2022 $50 via CashApp from I in unknown location

I wrote him:

Dear comrade I[],
Your donation of $50 was deeply appreciated. It is a sacrifice, and it will help save millions of lives!
John de Nugent


— 30 September 2022 $30 in cash and a beautiful condolence card from C in North Dakota

I received today a heart-warming condolence card from near Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota (named, yes, after the Iron Chancellor who united Germany), and a thirty-dollar donation, I photographed them in Margi’s chair.


The last photo I took of my beloved, smiling bravely, blinking back the tears, a tough national socialist with a tender heart….

— 29 September 2022 150 euros (about same in US D) via PayPal from C in Germany

The Holsten Gate in Lübeck, on the Baltic, the leading city of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany


I wrote him:

Lieber Kampgenosse S[],
Haben Sie vielen herzlichen Dank für diese große Spende! Sie sind Retter in der Not!
Gerade die mutwillige US-Zerstörung der zwei russischen Nordstream-Pipelines beweist den Ernst der Stunde. Das ist eine Kriegshandlung! Die Pipelines kosteten auch viel, 20 Milliarden Dollar!
Ihre treue Unterstützung ist mir ein großer Trost nach zweieinhalb Wochen Todestrauer.
Danke nochmals!
John de Nugent 
EN: Dear fighting comrade S[], Thank you very much for this large donation! You are a savior in time of need! The wanton US destruction of the two Russian Nordstream pipelines proves the seriousness of this moment. This was an act of war! The pipelines also cost Russia a lot, $20 billion! Your faithful support is a great comfort to me after two and a half weeks of mourning. Thanks again! John de Nugent

FR: Cher camarade combattant S[], Merci beaucoup pour ce don important ! Vous êtes un sauveur en cas d’urgence! La destruction gratuite par les États-Unis des deux pipelines russes Nordstream prouve la gravité de ce moment. C’était un acte de guerre ! Les pipelines ont également coûté cher à la Russie, 20 milliards de dollars ! Votre fidèle soutien m’est d’un grand réconfort après deux semaines et demie de deuil. Merci encore! John de Nugent


— 28 September 2022 200 euros from M in France

— 28 September 2022 $100 from K in California

— 29 September 2022 two very useful gift items from M in Texas: a white-noise device to help with my sleep during this time of great bereavement

and also two good sleep masks:


— 27 September 2022 $50 via PayPal from V in Denmark

— 26 September 2022 20 euros in cash and a very kind note of condolences from a female comrade in Germany

— 19 September 2022 100 euros (ca. $95) from M in France, the all-time top donor

— 14 September 2022 two beautiful porcelain serving bowls made by Johann Haviland, Bavaria, Germany, from D in Indiana

— 13 September 2022 $300 loan forgiven by P in Florida

— 9 September 2022 200 euros (ca. $190) from M in France, the all-time top donor

— 6 September 2022 $150 via PayPal from B in Georgia

My thank you ltr:
Dear B[],
I appreciate your generous donation to us!
Helping me helps thousands of other people, too, and some day, God willing, millions!

— 31 August 2022 $229 Amazon gift card from J in Cicero, Illinois

— 29 August 2022 200 euros (ca. $190) from M in France, the all-time top donor

Picturesque Brittany, France, keltic for millennia, and home of my top donor in 13 years of donations, received a new migration of Kelts hailing from Britain (hence the name). This was after the Anglo-Saxons, Germanic peoples, invaded Britain from Holland and Germany in the 400s AD.

Brittany is famous for seafood, prehistoric monuments, for nationalist political leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, and for keltic good looks, meaning often brown or black hair, blue eyes, and freckles, as in Ireland or parts of England. My own ancestry is part-keltic: Irish and Scottish,  and my chin whiskers used to be red. 😉 Now they are, ahem, silver. 😉

If you wish to donate using PayPal, pls write me for details at john_denugent@yahoo.com  or, better, after getting your own free, encrypted protonmail.com account, write me an an email to avatardah@protonmail.com

— 28 August 2022 $100 cash from S, a local mechanic

— 27 August 2022 $200 via CashApp from K in Massachusetts

— 27 August 2022 $50 (47 euros) from M in Texas

— 27 August 2022 $11 via CashApp from J in [unknown]

— 18 August 2022 $200 via PayPal from D in Texas

— 16 August 2022 $100 via CashApp from IR in unknown location

— 16 August 2022 $100 via CashApp from M in Arkansas

— 12 August 2022 200 euros from M in France

— 9 August 2022 $300 loan via Walmart-to-Walmart from P in Florida

— 6 August 2022 50 dollars via CashApp from R

— 6 August 2022 100 dollars cash and a wedding congratulation card from P in Florida


— 4 August 2022 $160 via PayPal from B in Georgia


— 31 July 2022 100 euros from M in France

— 26 July 2022 $50 via PayPal from M in Texas

— 19 July 2022 100 euros from M in France

Chateau de Suscinio of the Dukes of Brittany in France

— 14 July 2022 $100 via CashApp from K in Massachusetts with birthday greetings

— 13 July 2022 $40 in cash from N in Austin, Texas, home of Margi’s late father, the great poet Albert Huffstickler

— 12 July 2022 A big, 500 euro donation via PayPal from a German donor

— 13 July 2022 $40 in cash from N in Austin, Texas, home of Margi’s late father, the great poet Albert Huffstickle

— 11 July 2022 $40 by check from P in Minnesota for Margi’s cancer fight (funds earmarked for her go entirely to her)

— 11 July 2022 $100 by check from repeat donor K in California for Margi’s cancer fight (funds earmarked for her go entirely to her)

— 7 July 2022 $120 cash for Margi and cancer advice from TM in New Jersey

— 7 July 2022 200 euros from M in France

— 6 July 2022 $150 via PayPal from DK in Texas [for Margi’s cancer fight and revisionist work]

— 6 July 2022 2022 $150 via CashApp from K in Massachusetts

— 6 July 2022 $50 via PayPal from DK in Texas [for Margi’s cancer fight and revisionist work]

— 4 July 2022 778 euros via Paypal from M in Arkansas (funds earmarked for her go entirely to her)

— 4 July 2022 2022 $10 via CashApp from NW in [unknown location]

— 4 July transfer by me to England to two different Eastern European banks (one in neither an EU nor NATO country) as partial payments to end up with 1) my webmaster in Russia and 2) also my website monitor in France

— 4 July 2022 $100 via PayPal from JR in Massachusetts

— 4 July 2022 $200 from M in [unknown location]


— 2 July 2022 2022 $10 via CashApp from J in Arkansas

— 1 July 2022 $30 via CashApp from

— 30 June 2022 $100 via PayPal from V in Portugal (photo of a coastal city in that beautiful country, Porto. Port wine, one of Portugal’s most famous exports, is named after Porto.)


— 30 June 2022 $50 via Paypal from M in Texas, who wrote me (on VK):

Margi added me as a Facebook friend a long time ago and I have remained a friend even if I am off Facebook for many years. She is appreciated for being a kind soul and a musician and for being your refuge and encouraging one. I might not have heard of you and your writing without her. I think you will be instrumental in a powerful breakthrough that wakes many from the apathy and spiritual coma many live in.

–29 June 2022 $100 via Amazon gift card from J in Nevada

— 27 June 2022 $50 via CashApp from J in [unknown]

— 27 June 2020 200 euros from M in France

— 23 June 2022 $100 in free mechanical work by a local professional mechanic to replace the belt for the power steering and air conditioning and do other work on Margi’s 2003 Hyundai Sonata, without which we could not drive 60 miles one-way several times a week to her doctors in Houghton-Hancock,  in Marquette (105 miles) or at the Lac Vieux Desert Medical Center in Watersmeet (70 miles); without this car, Margi would be dead. There are literally NO medical doctors living and practicing in this isolated county of 5,000 people, just rotating ER physicians for life-and-death emergencies.

Margi waving with her Hyundai on the left and her garden in the foreground. Despite her cancer she is growing vegetables and herbs here every day. 

— 23 June 2022 via PayPal from B in Georgia

— 23 June 2022 $150 via CashApp from K in Massachusetts

— 22 June 2022 $200 from an Italian-American and fmr Navy officer from Florida

— 21 June 2022 $35 [? Amt not yet known] from V in Denmark via PayPal

— 21 June 2022 $200 ($250 Canadian) from M in British Columbia, Canada

— 20 June 2022 $200 from S in Ontonagon

and 200 euros from M in France

— 13 June 2022 200 euros from M in France

— 11 June 2022 $300 loan via Western Union from P in Florida

— 6 June 2022 200 euros from M in France

To honor this French comrade and major donor, I wish to highlight his countrymen, King Louis IX of France, who burned hundreds of Talmuds, after a thorough examination of their vile contents, fought the Muslims in two Crusades, and did many outstanding things for his country and all of Europe.

Burning Talmuds in 1240



Louis IX (25 April 1214 – 25 August 1270), commonly known as Saint Louis or Louis the Saint, was King of France from 1226 to 1270, and the most illustrious of the Direct Capetians. He was crowned in Reims at the age of 12, following the death of his father Louis VIII. His mother, Blanche of Castile, ruled the kingdom as regent until he reached maturity, and then remained his valued adviser until her death. During Louis’ childhood, Blanche dealt with the opposition of rebellious vassals and secured Capetian success in the Albigensian Crusade, which had started 20 years earlier.

As an adult, Louis IX faced recurring conflicts with some of his realm’s most powerful nobles, such as Hugh X of Lusignan and Peter of Dreux. Simultaneously, Henry III of England attempted to restore the Angevin continental possessions, but was promptly routed at the Battle of Taillebourg. Louis annexed several provinces, notably parts of Aquitaine, Maine and Provence.

Louis IX enjoyed immense prestige throughout Christendom and was one of the most notable European monarchs of the Middle Ages. His reign is remembered as a medieval golden age in which the Kingdom of France reached an economic as well as political peak. His fellow European rulers esteemed him highly for his skill at arms, the power and unmatched wealth of his kingdom, but also for his reputation for fairness and moral integrity; he was often asked to arbitrate their disputes.[1][2]

He was a reformer and developed a process of French royal justice in which the king was the supreme judge to whom anyone could in theory appeal for the amendment of a judgment. He banned trials by ordeal, tried to end the scourge of private wars, and introduced the presumption of innocence to criminal procedures. To enforce his new legal system, Louis IX created provosts and bailiffs.

Honoring a vow he had made while praying for recovery during a serious illness, Louis IX led the ill-fated Seventh Crusade and Eighth Crusade against the Muslim dynasties that ruled North Africa, Egypt and the Holy Land in the 13th century. He was captured in the first and ransomed, and he died from dysentery during the latter. He was succeeded by his son Philip III.

His admirers through the centuries have regarded Louis IX as the ideal Christian ruler. He was a splendid knight whose kindness and engaging manner made him popular, though contemporaries occasionally rebuked him as a “monk king”.[2][3] He was seen as inspired by Christian zeal and Catholic devotion. Enforcing strict Catholic orthodoxy, his laws punished blasphemy by mutilation of the tongue and lips,[4] and he ordered the burning of some 12,000 manuscript copies of the Talmud and other important Jewish books after the Disputation of Paris of 1240.[5] He is the only canonized king of France, and there are consequently many places named after him.

Pope Boniface VIII proclaimed the canonisation of Louis in 1297;[40] he is the only French king to be declared a saint.[41] Louis IX is often considered the model of the ideal Christian monarch.[40] The influence of his canonization was so great that many of his successors were named Louis after him.

Named in his honour, the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis is a Roman Catholic religious order founded in Vannes, France, in 1803.[42] A similar order, the Sisters of St Louis, was founded in Juilly in 1842.[43][44]

He is honoured as co-patron of the Third Order of St. Francis, which claims him as a member of the Order. Even in childhood, his compassion for the poor and suffering people was known to those who were close to him. When he became king, over a hundred poor people were served meals in his house on ordinary days. Often the king served these guests himself. Such acts of charity, coupled with Louis’s devout religious practices, gave rise to the legend that he joined the Third Order of St. Francis. Though it is unlikely that Louis did join the order, his life and actions proclaimed him as one of them in spirit.[8]

Louis was renowned for his charity. Beggars were fed from his table: he ate their leavings; washed their feet; ministered to the wants of lepers, who were generally ostracized; and daily fed over one hundred poor. He founded many hospitals and houses: the House of the Filles-Dieu for reformed prostitutes; the Quinze-Vingt for 300 blind men (1254), and hospitals at Pontoise, Vernon, and Compiégne.[28]



The donations log is continued here: https://johndenugent.com/donation-history/  

New address is 801 Michigan Street, and the rest is the same, Ontonagon MI 49953.

CashApp is a great way to send funds instantly.


This perma-hacked, anti-jew, pro-white, national-socialist website is now costing me $1600 a month, and I get that much to live on between social security and being a cancer caretaker for Margi.

So donations must finance the site. No, I will not go without food so you can read about the jews. 😉

It costs me $800 a month for the website monitor in Europe, $300 for the Russian webmaster, and $200 for the webhosting = $1400 monthly.

This hacking has been going on on a daily basis since 2016!


PUTIN uses MY site to WARN TRUMP to AVOID ASSASSINATION by Talmudists — Alex Jones, Russia 1 and Putin friend Kiselyov show my website and article – John de Nugent (jdnmirror.com)

My site was stripped of 90% of its photos — thousands of hours of work. Now a massive restoring of the site must be done.

It is up to you. You see how much the jews hate me, and fear what I could do.

This is my latest receipt for transferring $550 to someone in town who still has PayPal and can get my money over to Europe and Russia via another intermediary person.

Donations for a while went way down — while expenses have simultaneously gone way up.

Like Putin, I am not one to bluff — it is not math but simple arithmetic that the site will go down without donations, and I do not mean a “red line” as with Putin, but a green one. 😉

I will say no more but keep on reminding you of the monthly $1400 goal.


….What angels say to starseeds

Starseeds are souls who live usually on higher nordic planets,  yet who volunteer — once, several or many times — out of love for earthlings to incarnate as earthlings, as one of them.

If we came out of a spaceship, let me assure you that, with 100% certainty, earthlings would beg us to go out and save them — and do all the work ourselves — in order to rescue them from the shit they themselves pulled, or from the hell on earth which they let happen by scratching their balls,  bemoaning their fate, whining “Where is God?” and otherwise doing nothing. 😉

Would I even want to save humans as they are now, spoiled brats unwilling to lift a finger in their own behalf?

Nope. 🙂 No can do, señor. That would be karmically prohibido.

Deus vult,
God wills, that selfish cowards must die — weeping and pissing on themselves in fear — as the jews, or feral goyim, get them.

So starseeds come back not as aliens/gods, but as ordinary humans.

You know, guardian angels warn us every time as we prepare to go back to earth for another incarnation:

You know that they will hate you for saying the truth and, “far worse,” nagging them to finally do something, to do anything at all, that might on the one hand benefit them greatly but also involve some risk and serious sacrifice from themselves.

In Mel Gibson’s magnificent “The Passion,” Jesus,  a starseed Himself, is praying in the garden of Gethsemane, with His arrest approaching — and then His fake trial at jewish hands, His torture (whipping), and crucifixion murder.

The Devil comes to Him in the garden, and urges Him to reconsider.

“Why on earth are you doing this to yourself?

And for these sinful wretches!”

We are so close to a new age or to death.



Your support is heroic sacrifice — and profoundly appreciated, especially during this crucial stage in our people’s struggle…


One aspect of the immense power of the Aryan swastika is its vibrant motion.

Click here to see it literally turning — a wheel rolling forward!



This excellent site is working because of 1) the webmaster and 2) the monitor of hacking attempts!

I PAY for two men to oversee, protect, and quickly repair my site after a cyber-attack.

Thank God that a German and a French are digging very, very deep into their pockets, and have done so every month for years.

A few Americans have both minds of steel and hearts of gold, give very generously, and take big risks for me and our sacred white Cause.

One of them…a former Green Beret




BUT Many Americans are just “big children,” as the German stereotype used to say, and I heard this a hundred times in the old West Germany, observing US troops.

They expect everything from me without sacrificing themselves at all. Ice cream lickers, one German said, and onlookers as a daily electronic hacking battle goes on, which is very expensive for me!

“Gee, John, I do hope somebody sends you money! And yes, I do need this ice cream.”  😉


The terms “white nationalist” and ZOG were invented by a friend of mine in Oregon in the late 1970s. He also said: “Americans are hedonistic entertainment addicts.” 😉

But life is not a movie or a video game…. and soon AMERICANS will go through what many other nations have: hunger, terror and civil war.


……Honor Roll

I wish to thank again some noble souls who have quietly funded me since 2009 with extraordinary generosity, with $1,000 or more, making serious financial sacrifices. The list goes in chronological order since 2005, yet I start it with one exception, my magnificent late wife.

— Margaret Huffstickler, 1948-2022, my wife and true friend, who loved me, our race, and our cause — and left me her house, which I sold for $100K to finance our cause that she loved

— my own father in 1990 when I ran for Congress

–the late, great publisher Willis Carto

— a Scottish-American with the initials JM

–a Greek immigrant to the Washington DC area

–a now deceased German sheet-metal worker, Fritz Stallmach, from Kingston, Ontario, Canada (https://stkingston.simplertimes.com/book-of-memories/2710432/stallmach-fritz/obituary.php)

–a deaf vegetable farmer from Kennewick (yes, as in “Kennewick Man” but more recent  ), G, from Washington State

–a male psychiatric nurse (r), T

–An Egyptian webmaster, Clark, who did hundreds of hours of work gratis

–A Canadian of German heritage, T, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

–a Rhode Island high school girl, K, who started by sending me babysitting money and now funds from her job with a drugstore

–A Texan with Buddhist leanings, B

–a Finnish engineer, T

–a Swiss-German, M

–a German who spent 30 years as a pastry baker in the US, F

–a Croatian who lives in Scotland, M

–a German in Berlin, S

–a German architect in Schleswig-Holstein, C, who paid for this great colorization


–A Frenchman, M

–A Floridian and Leo Frank/Mary Phagan activist, M

–A North Carolina truck driver, Jamie Anderson, now deceased from cancer in his mid-forties 🙁

–A Floridian, T

–An Australian in Perth, J

–a retired Marine Corps gunnery sergeant in Pittsburgh, W

— a former Marine Corps officer, P,  in Florida

–A Dutchman, F

–An Australian and UFO connaisseur in Tasmania, P

–A German woman, otherwise unknown

–An Australian in New South Wales, D

–a Massachusetts dentist, J

–a former Rockwell stormtrooper, J

–a key Barnes Review person

–A born Jew, now an Orthodox Christian, and now open national socialist from New York City

–a former Marine Corps aviator, P

–an Italian wife and mother, E

–a Georgia/USA day trader, B

–I wish to also thank, up in Valhalla, Dr. William Luther Pierce, founder of the National Alliance,

….and the late, great Hans Schmidt of the Waffen-SS division “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler,” a Battle of the Bulge veteran, later a successful immigrant businessman in California, and newsletter publisher. In the 1980s I was close to both men, did work for them, and they generously supported me and my then family.

–Also kudos to the late George Martin of greater Detroit, Michigan, a devout Catholic who sent me $1,000 when I was running for US Congress in Tennessee in 1990, as did the late Sherri Yount of Palm Beach, Florida, and to the late Walter Raes of the Flemish Waffen-SS division, who knew Léon Degrelle as a boy and was a young Rexist himself.

He sent me precious, original Rexist and Third Reich literature for the Belgians.

I wish to also thank a lawyer from Baltimore, G.

I send my gratitude to the well-known attorney S from Atlanta, Georgia, who helped me in 1990 when a vicious, racist black motorcycle cop tried to set me up (to the anger and incomprehension of a white cop in a squad car). This white-hating negro was later imprisoned for demanding oral-sex favors of white female motorists!


THANK YOU and your beautiful hearts for digging deep!

You have understood — I am fighting this war for you!



free (paid by deep-pocket jews) and worthless — the miscegenating, nude-dating TV show “Adam Seeks Eve”


A German on VK posted this on 10 August 2019: “Mister John de Nugent, I hereby award you the Knight’s Cross for your fight against Satan.” 🙂

Every day some well-known people pay for Denial-of-Service (DOS) attacks on this website to prevent you reading what is published.

This operation involves worldwide planting of botnet viruses, so that unwitting computer users receive signals ordering their machines to dispatch dozens, hundreds, or thousands of emails to this website. The objective is to overwhelm the server, and sink the publication.

Several of these attack waves happen each day. When the well-known people are the subject of a new publication, the attackers launch even more of their torpedoes than usual.

Defending against these attacks, and keeping the website news and its archive safe for you to use, is costly. You are invited to donate in order to preserve what has so far cost you nothing. 🙂

In the near future, national socialism will be reborn in a new form for our multiracial situation.

As we fight for a new hope, it is important to realize that we national socialists do not represent a pie-in-the-sky theory, a proposal, but a successful reality.

WE took a real nation — a shattered country, the Weimar Germany of 1932 — which was bankrupt in the Jew-triggered “Great Depression” in every way that was imaginable — financially, morally, militarily, culturally, psychologically and politically — with millions literally facing starvation and actually contemplating suicide.

“Our last hope — Hitler”


And while America remained racked by the Great Depression under Franklin Rosenfeld, part-Jewish via both his father and mother (she was the daughter of Warren Delano, a descendant of sephardic jews and an opium dealer), under Adolf Hitler Germany began eliminating the Jewish middle man, and turning around instantly, becoming a free, prosperous Great Power again in just five years!

It was Franklin Delano Rosenfeld who by executive order high-handedly had the Great Seal of the United States redesigned in 1935 so a Star of David appeared over the American eagle. Hard to get more blatant than that 😉 And so as Jesus said: “Let those who have eyes, SEE!”


The “old” Great Seal had a very random pattern of thirteen stars, symbolizing the thirteen rebellious colonies that fought for their freedom.

the first sketch in 1782, approved by Congress






1882 commemorative coin


Back of the old one-dollar bill under the Republican presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover

By Rosenfeld’s executive order, the Great Seal was openly Judaized, and the sinister Freemasonic pyramid with a watching eyeball, seen here, with the Latin mottos “Our plan has succeeded” and “New World Order” was switched by FDR to the left side.

Back to national socialism and its prowess:

When a second world war was forced upon Germany by Delano Rosenfeld, the Reich proceeded to smash 1939-41 every enemy that had stymied the old Germany in WWI!

It finally took the gigantic militaries of three superpowers three more years of extreme, all-out effort — the UK, US and USSR — to beat just ONE nation, National Socialist Germany!

And today — here is the truth — China is soaring. Why?

OH-SO-QUIETLY, and without admitting it to the jew-run West, China, dumping all marxist economic theory, is using almost ALL of Adolf Hitler’s key teachings on 

–preserving and improving the race (the Chinese marry UP, that is, Chinese women will marry a white man),

— the leader principle,

— the folk community and

— nationally planned, free-market economics

to become a superpower itself!

…to become a superpower itself!

China has quietly but openly jettisoned most of its old marxism and has adopted the NS model of society and government that was elucidated by NS legal philosopher Carl Schmitt (The article below from the prestigious Atlantic Magazine is, of course, negatively slanted.) 

Carl Schmitt (r) with the great German novelist and “Blue-Max”/”Medal-of-Honor (“Pour-le-Mérite”) winner Ernst Jünger (l), who wrote up his WWI experiences in his In Storms of Steel





Zero race mixing with any lower races!

pride in a great and ancient heritage — and hard work, practical education and strong family!

The Chinese also crack down on foreign, semitic, trouble-making Islam!

China legalizes re-education camp for Muslims, bans Halal slaughter! Like Kosher, Halal has no place on our shores

BUT Chinese national socialism is heavily influenced by the jews, atheism, materialism and marxism, and is ANTI-WHITE.

Chinese people assault crying white Uighur boy. Their ancestors were the once pure-white, keltic Tokharians.  A heart-piercing  incident….but these Uighurs are muslims (converted by force long ago to that horrible, semitic religion) and are seen by the Han Chinese as lazy, violent, uneducated, unskilled and also as thieves.



What can you do — right now?

Read up on everything you can on national socialism so you can fight for it when it returns!




Jews, your “Man in the High Castle” series on Amazon is playing with fire! You portray America under NS as being all stifled and oppressed — but it is NOW that white people are stifled, oppressed, humiliated and attacked!


Please right-click on this audio to play the music in a new tab while you visit this page.



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I and Margi in 2007


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I need your financial help to WRITE MY SACRED ARYAN SCRIPTURE FOR US AND OUR TIMES. Others have been making big sacrifices. How about you?

What is my religion based on?



Today the hacker team is attacking me from Switzerland……

BEFORE this, it was other countries. It is a worldwide, concerted effort. Sometimes it is a team of hackers in Canada.


Or in France

Or IsraHell….


If I were not paying EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH for a website monitor who sits there 12 hours a day, plus $300 for a Russian webmaster with an IT degree, plus $200 for webhosting, this is all you would see.


What other English-speaking blogger speaks two foreign languages fluently (German and French) and is conversant in four more (Spanish, Swedish, Greek and Russian),

–has lived twice in Europe (Austria and France)

–had a security clearance in Marine Corps intelligence and rapid promotions,

–had a father who was a friend of several Republican presidents, and

–combines genuine spirituality with white nationalism and the vital extraterrestrial context of our whole problem



I am also paying a European professional writer, “François Arouet,” who has a child, a former Princeton student, to add top material on current events and culture to my site.

I now have in François a paid, full-time writer cum website monitor who watches for hackers, reporting intruders to my Russian webmaster, who is also paid by me.

I wrote this webmaster after he stopped not only hacking but many trolls posting disgusting comments:

It is great that individual trolls can be banned. Some are sick people and I feel unclean even reading their garbage.

Others are professional trolls with the NSA and pure evil. They are trained liars, slanderers and psychological warriors.

So thanks for blocking them!


….LOL, locked out by hackers temporarily from my own site




    • Thanks. I blogged on this wicked negro when it happened, but did not know his white victim, soon after, did die! 🙁
      The problem is that this negro, recalling the old phrase that one used to often hear of “crazy ngr,” is indeed certifiably crazy.
      He is hearing voices just like any classic paranoid schizophrenic. So proving a hate crime, which it was, was more difficult, and the Michigan libtards of the jewy Gretchen Whitmer type were able to pull off their slap on the wrist to this murderous black fiend.
      If there is one thing I have learned, it is this, that many (not all) mentally ill people are also genuinely evil. They have bad karma, sometimes, IMO, from things done in an earlier life, and where they escaped their punishment.
      And here I am just speculating, but the old man with Alzheimers who got beaten was a WWII veteran. Okay….. So what exactly did he do during WWII? Load bombs for the raid on Dresden? I have no idea whatsoever, but the whole war was wicked, and many (not all) GIs did shameful things, especially to the Germans. Theft on a HUGE SCALE, ROBBERY, pillaging, rape, torture, and starving the Germans, both civilians and POWs, not to mention the hangings and imprisonments of innocent German leaders and officers for fake crimes that never even happened, or not as the Allies said!
      Not to mention that the “Greatest Generation” voted insanely four times for the part-jewish con man Frank Rosenfeld!

      Margi and I did six voices for the film “Hellstorm.” So the very phrase that Tom Brokaw popularized of “the Greatest Generation” is vile, and a national ego trip of self-congratulation and patting ourselves on the back for “saving the world from the madman Hitler” when what we really did was 1) save the jews and communism, and 2) destroy the only happy society on this earth — and in rivers of tears and blood.
      Karma is rough.

  1. When are you going to start your religious movement? You have been writing the last 6 months you will start it “soon” but when? When is the deadline for its release? I’m a 65 year old Finnish retired journalist, no wife, no kids, but plenty of time at my disposal, but also the three major newspapers that i worked with for 32 years payed me well (I was working for foreign department of the news) and probably the money I was able to save I wont be able to spend in my lifetime. I would definitely support such a religious movement financially every month should one actually appear. My religious background is in vanhoillislestadiolaisuus. You should check it up.

  2. seriously, why are we all allowing whites to become a minority in our own countries.

    we need to
    1. take over media
    2. set up a different university system
    3. purge the CIA
    4. purge the FBI
    5. purge the military
    6. limit women voting rights
    7. set up ethnic quotas requiring 90% whites in everything
    8. expel jews to israel
    9. expel minorities back to their continents
    10. write a new constitution
    11. set up a reverse ESG
    12. ban NGO’s adverse to our interests
    13. disallow dual citizenship
    14. ban soros money
    15. set up non-jewish finance system
    16. set up non-jewish entertainment system
    17. set up non-jewish comedy system
    18. ban transexualism
    19. limit public display of gayness
    20. improve healthy and beauty standards to true beauty
    21. make diversity an immoral virtue
    22. make unity and homogenity the new virtue
    23. promote search for truth and independent thought
    24. advance to a space civilization

    • Grazie! 🙂

      Grazie per la tua gentile osservazione e la bellissima foto di famiglia, con forse una nipote? Il tuo sorriso mi ricorda questa famosa giornalista americana, Katie Couric.

  3. I thank God for your Portuguese donors. I have always liked the Portuguese. One of the first nations to help fight communism in Spain, and the last European nation to fight communism in Africa.

    • Yes indeed.

      They were originally Kelts, like the Gal-icians just to their north in what is now northwestern Spain.

      The language is basically like Spanish but with a kind of Irish brogue and a noticeable softness, with many sh and zh sounds (as in the American pronunciation of the second “g” in “garage”) and as in French, with French also having beautiful Keltic sounds.

    • Thank you! But I accept this with the understanding that Odin/Wotan was a starseed, a human being who incarnated HERE to help others and to grow himself, coming from a much higher planet, and he and Adolf were both not flawless or perfect, and thus not a “god” at all except in the sense that we all are gods…. We are all spirits on a human journey of painful growth. 🙂

      Even the Old Testament speaks of gods, plural — elohim.

      We all come from the other side to learn and grow, and on this extremely difficult planet, both beautiful and excruciating, one can grow thirty times faster. 🙂

      When Odin mysteriously hangs himself from a tree and falls backward, this refers to going through hell to achieve enlightenment.

      If you are going through hell, keep going! 😉

  4. Redpill everyone, so the kikes will loose in the end
    Never serve an enemy entity:
    >Remastered original version without the online edits such as the intro to banking and various other cuts.
    >Full English subtitles
    >Full wrap and disc artwork
    >DVD menu and chapter selection
    >1 version in 2 formats, 2 regions
    >inb4 Who even has DVD players anymore? lol
    When showing/sending this to someone, first impressions are absolutely vital. This is why I have gone through the effort of making this presentable as any other war documentary with the DVD menu, artwork wrap, DVD artwork and English subtitles. If someone’s was to just visit a QR code with this documentary it comes with no trustworthiness, authenticity or professionalism, making the whole thing pretty pointless as it will always be disregarded as some ‘wacky conspiracy theory’ on par with shit like FE and HE. This is why it is a DVD and not a QR code or a USB stick.
    Please seed for as long as possible, and if you do decide to distribute, please ensure you do this ANONYMOUSLY! Do not go door-to-door or anything of the sorts. Many people have CCTV/RING doorbells these days and you will get caught no matter how anonymously you may do it.
    Send anonymously in the post to persons of interest such as politicians/professors/influencers with their postal details on public display.
    Source 1 – https://mega.nz/folder/eX5RnAzI#B56ZudWr0UOsAnJVZkq7IA
    Source 2 – https://mega.nz/folder/Ox82UR6D#RIIjj2YL_p8-Y2qjFE6y_Q
    IMBD – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7528992/

    – Texel has ‘declared’ independence as the Vrije Republiek Tessel
    – German and Italian farmers have started their own protests
    – Government seeks to invoke law that would give mayors the power to FORCE CITIZENS TO HOUSE MIGRANTS
    – Confrontations with the police were in Harderwijk, Apeldoorn, Sneek, Leeuwarden, Woerden, Zwolle, Heerenveen. Teargas deployed
    – Bordercrossing to Germany in Coevorden CLOSED WITH POOP
    – Farmers have blocked distribution centres of supermarkets, fishermen the ports, military ready to drag away vehicles/shoot
    – People are visiting traitor politicians at their houses now
    – Traitor D66+VVD homofags trying to rob farmers of their lands with their extremely retarded climate plans/nitrogen.
    – Traitor idiot minister of housing wants us all to stop using gas to warm our houses and wants us to use electricity instead
    – Traitor retard minister wants to ban 3D printed firearms, while it is easier to get AK’s due too open borders

    >Required reading/watching (the following videos and articles are in Dutch)
    – Government buys up agrarian land in Noordoostpolder to build migrant facilities
    – Ministry of Justice and Security refuses to investigate reports of rape of (underaged) individuals by the Dutch elite
    [YouTube] Justitie faalt bij vervolging kindermisbruik. Rudie Kagie, Yvonne Keuls en Marlies van Muiswinkel (embed) [Embed]
    – The city of Apeldoorn to turn into a “smart city” by the WEF, mysterious white boxes are attached to every streetlight

    Just for informational and scientific purposes

  6. What an amazing accomplishment! There are talkers, and then there are doers. We finally have some powerful souls working hard for us!

  7. Why abortion is so loved by the ruling kikes

    This is who will make you have a digital ID .
    Meet Julie Dawson. WEF Digital ID project Leader

    After a few hours of trying to understand Digital IDs I find all this…

    WEF Digital ID project Leader Julie Dawson is also director of a company being used world wide to implement Digital ID.

    The company is YOTL.

    Here is here WEF page

    Here she is listed

    Correspondence address: Leadenhall Street, London, England, EC3A 4AF
    Role Director Chief Policy & Regulatory Officer
    Appointed on 7 June 2022

    Digital identity as a force for good • Yoti
    The Yoti app is your secure digital ID. It’s the safe place to store your personal details, encrypted so only you can access them.



    can someone screenshot these people on these pages. This is a hidden corner of Digital ID people i’ve stumbled on, all google supported of course


    CEO of YOTL Robin Tombs is an ex gambling/gaming CEO (Gamesys)

    WEF Digital ID Project Leads

    Cristian Duda

    Julie Dawson



  8. Mr. John deNugent,

    this book might be very interesting for you:
    Gregory Haynes – Tree of Life, Mythical Archetype, Revelations from the Symbols of Ancient Troy (Swastika)

    The oldest scriptures at the heart of every major religion make reference to a mysterious tree at the center of the world. Its fruits, guarded by a serpent, confer immortality. A nearby stream of water divides into four rivers flowing into the four cardinal directions. The vicinity of this tree is said to be the birthplace of the first human ancestors. This legend is the oldest, most widely dispersed, and most mysterious religious idea known to mankind. The Tree also appears with other symbols on artifacts found at the ancient city of Troy and on the oldest examples of Greek ceramic art. The decipherment of these Bronze Age symbols, described for the first time in this book, leads to the discovery of an archaic theme pervading much of world mythology. An understanding of this archetype, and of the natural phenomenon that inspired it, unlocks many of the mythological enigmas that for centuries have eluded interpretation.

  9. Heil the Allfather, Heil you:






  10. Man mag vom Islam halten was immer man will, aber die Mehrzahl der Menschen respektiert eine Ideologie, die mit Gewalt verteidigt wird. Respekt beruht auf Furcht vor Konsequenzen.

    „Es ist viel sicherer, gefürchtet als geliebt zu sein.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Starke Staaten und ausgezeichnete Männer bewahren in allen Wechselfällen des Schicksals die gleiche Gesinnung und die gleiche Würde.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Nicht wer zuerst die Waffen ergreift, ist Anstifter des Unheils, sondern wer dazu nötigt.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Starke Menschen bleiben ihrer Natur treu, mag das Schicksal sie auch in schlechte Lebenslagen bringen, ihr Charakter bleibt fest, und ihr Sinn wird niemals schwanken. Über solche Menschen kann das Schicksal keine Gewalt bekommen.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Stolze und feige Menschen sind dreist, solange ihnen das Schicksal günstig ist, in der Not aber werden sie plötzlich kleinlaut und bescheiden.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Nichts ist so hoffnungslos, dass wir nicht Grund zu neuer Hoffnung finden.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Die Menschen gehen fast immer auf Wegen, die andere bahnten, und ihr Tun ist Nachahmung.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Mit einem schlechten Alleinherrscher aber kann niemand sprechen, gegen ihn gibt es kein anderes Mittel als das Eisen.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Eine Veränderung bewirkt stets eine weitere Veränderung.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Was man auch immer für Vorkehrungen treffen mag, es kommen, wenn die Einwohner nicht zerstreut und getrennt werden, immer der alte Name und die alte Verfassung wieder zum Vorschein.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Das Ziel des Volkes ist viel sittlicher als das der Großen: Diese wollen unterdrücken und jenes nur nicht unterdrückt werden.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Ändere deine Pläne, sobald der Feind sie durchschaut hat.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Denn auch der Mächtigste bedarf der Gunst der Einheimischen, um in ein Land eindringen zu können.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Gewalt und Notwendigkeit, nicht Verordnungen und Verpflichtungen halten die Fürsten an, ihrem Wort nachzukommen.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Es ist besser, den Feind durch Hunger zu besiegen als durch Eisen.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Man muß wissen, daß es zwei Arten zu kämpfen gibt: mit den Gesetzen und mit der Gewalt. Die erste Art ist dem Menschen eigen, die zweite den Tieren; da aber die erste oft unzulänglich ist, muß man zuweilen auf die zweite zurückgreifen.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Nationen, die man unterworfen hat, muss man entweder glücklich machen oder vernichten.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Nichts gelingt so leicht als das, was dich der Feind zu wagen außerstande hält.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli

    „Aus keiner Gefahr rettet man sich ohne Gefahr.“
    ―Niccolò Machiavelli


    Sun Tzu:
    “Große Ergebnisse können mit kleinen Kräften erreicht werden.”

    “Sich … nicht vorzubereiten, ist das größte aller Verbrechen; auf jede Eventualität vorbereitet zu sein, ist die größte aller Tugenden.”

    “Die höchste Kunst des Krieges ist es, den Feind zu unterwerfen, ohne zu kämpfen.

    “Alle Kriegsführung beruht auf Täuschung.”

    “Deine Pläne sollen dunkel und undurchdringlich wie die Nacht sein, und wenn du dich bewegst, sollst du wie ein Donnerschlag fallen.”

    “Wenn der Geist willig ist, kann das Fleisch ohne viele Dinge auskommen.”

    Bester Ratgeber in schwierigen Zeiten
    Baltasar Gracian – Kunst Der Weltklugheit:

    Zitate aus dem Werk der Weisheit:
    “Wer nichts auf Morgen ließ, hat viel getan.”

    “Der Aufmerksame begreife, daß keiner ihn sucht, sondern jeder seinen Vorteil in ihm oder durch ihn.”
    “Man darf nie dem kleineren Übel die Tür öffnen; denn hinter ihm werden sich stets viele andere und größere einschleichen.”

    “Am Klange erkennt man das Metall, an der Rede den Menschen.”
    “Die Offenherzigen werden geliebt, aber betrogen.”
    “Ohne Mut ist das Wissen unfruchtbar.”

    “Freiheit ist kostbarer als jedes Geschenk, das dich dazu verleiten mag, sie aufzugeben.”
    “Die Liebe führt die Vertraulichkeit ein, und mit jedem Schritt, den diese vorwärts macht, geht die Hochachtung um einen zurück.”

    “Unternehme Leichtes, als wäre es schwer, und Schweres, als wäre es leicht: jenes, damit Selbstvertrauen uns nicht sorglos, dieses, damit Zaghaftigkeit uns nicht mutlos mache.”
    “Die Handlungen sind die Frucht der Gedanken. Waren diese weise, so sind jene erfolgreich.”

    “Wir haben mehr Tage als Freuden zu erleben. Man sei langsam im Genießen, schnell im Wirken: denn die Geschäfte sieht man gern, die Genüsse ungern beendet.”
    “Die Liebe ist eine ewige Unbefriedigtheit.”

    “Das Geheimnisvolle hat einen gewissen göttlichen Anstrich.”

    “Man muß in allen Dingen stets etwas in Reserve haben.”
    “Es ist eine große Kunst zu wissen, wie man Wind verkauft.”
    “Viele haben den Beinamen der Großen, der dem Caesar und dem Alexander gehört, angenommen, aber vergeblich, da ohne die Taten das Wort ein bloßer Hauch ist.”

    “Man lerne, ein Gesicht zu entziffern und aus den Zügen die Seele herauszubuchstabieren. Man erkenne in dem, der immer lacht, einen Narren, in dem, der nie lacht, einen Falschen.”
    “Das meiste wird nicht erlangt,
    weil es nicht unternommen wird.”

    “Wenige sind Freunde eines Menschen an sich, viele die seines Glücks.”

    “Toten Löwen zupfen sogar die Hasen an der Mähne.”
    “Dem Klugen nutzen seine Feinde mehr als dem Dummen seine Freunde.”

    “Nichts erfordert mehr Behutsamkeit als die Wahrheit: sie ist ein Aderlaß des Herzens. Es gehört gleich viel dazu, sie zu sagen und sie zu verschweigen zu verstehen.”
    “Seinen heutigen Freunden traue man so, als ob sie morgen Feinde sein würden, und zwar die schlimmsten.”

    “Hab in deinem Leben immer zwei Eisen im Feuer. Alles muß zweifach sein und besonders die Quellen des Vorteils, der Gunst und des Genusses.”

    “Sich alles zu Herzen zu nehmen, ist die größte Dummheit.”
    “Ein Wort nachzuschicken, ist immer Zeit,
    nie, eins zurückzurufen.”

    “Das mühsam erlangte Glück wird doppelt genossen.”
    “Gegen die List ist die beste Vormauer die Aufmerksamkeit.”
    “Ein gutes Ende übergoldet alles, wie sehr auch immer das Unpassende der Mittel dagegen sprechen mag. ”

    Lest auch folgendes um zu wissen, woher der Wind kommt:
    Pedro Baños: So Beherrscht Man Die Welt Die Geheimen Geostrategien Der Weltpolitik



    submitted by Zyklonbeekeeper to HDLunited 1 week ago (+17/-0) (HDLunited)
    Recently disclosed details of the the Black Death in the 14th century strongly suggest that it wasn’t caused by flea infested rats but rather from decomposing bodies being dumped into the water supply, in essence a form of biological warfare.
    And who was responsible? Irate jews who facilitated the muslim hordes with logistics and treasonous assistance during the “GOLDEN AGE OF ISLAM” and eventually driven out of Spain and Europe, along with their “hebrew brothers”, swore revenge no matter how long it would take….150years after expulsion the “BLACK DEATH” mysteriously pops up all over White Europe with genocidal effects.
    Nothing reaches more people in less time than water, contaminated water.

    Earlier today I read an article about dead bodies being exposed with the water depletion in Lake Mead California…is Lake Mead a public water source?

    I’m not suggesting or speculating in any way…I’m just illustrating the strange parallels.

    By the way, the mongols were only able to conquer big parts of europe, because of spies. These spies were businesman back in the day. And who were businesmen back in the day? Jews.


  12. Since the medieval times, jews/kikes became doctors to poison non-jews/goyim without detection. Someone analysed the data of the vaccine injuries. There is something very suspicous:

    >They literally made up “Monkeypox” to cover for VAIDS, didn’t they?
    Of course. Are you just realizing it right now?
    Monkeypox is a cover-up for the long term effects of vaccines.
    Delta & Omicron variants were a cover-up for the initial deaths from vaccines. (heart attacks, etc)
    The original covid is just literally the common cold & similar diseases.
    Monkeypox is the coverup for the side effects of the jewish “vaccine”.

    Never forget what (((they))) did to us and our relatives.
    Always remember what they want to do to us, in the future.

    They are criminal people

    We must do whatever we can, to free our people:

    Nice symbol

  13. https://howbad.info/

    Please consider donating to support my efforts to carry on researching and providing information. My intention is to continue updating and providing a valuable resource of information to support the awakening of the masses – a fulfilling task which is showing results. 30% remain unvaccinated, 75% are declining further vaccines and 95% are refusing vaccination of their children. Meanwhile we have exposed the deceit and bad intention of governments – their credibility is collapsing. This effort comes with its own dangers – I have to live off grid in a third world country without the right to work. Please help me raise funds for visa and sustainance. Every small amount helps.

    March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race

    Folk and Nation – Ethnonationalism Explained

    The World As Will And Idea Vol. I Seventh Edition

  14. google removed some aquariums in texas

    QRD anon discovers dozens of “aquariums” in small towns in U.S that all consist of two-initial names (EC Aquarium, HR Aquarium, etc.)
    Each one is listed as an address block and not an actual house number. the descriptions hint towards different “services”. some aquariums and houses are blurred TA for example. additionally, no pages have been found associated with these addresses selling fish or aquarium goods, and no tax records nor copyright or LLC records exist that would imply that these are home businesses used for tax purposes. these sorts of locations with the same 2letter-aquarium format have been found globally on goggle maps but with the highest concentration, and initially located in, Austin Texas with an abnormally intense cluster of them in the region.threads keep getting pruned or moved to bant. shills on high alert. heavy sliding. multiple feds saying “be careful” in the earlier threads and dropping bait. well poisoning, derailing.





  15. You might be interested in this:

    Odins Ahnenerbe
    Highest Good: Aryan Blood!

    The highest and most sacred thing that is given to man by nature for his
    nature for his existence, is his hereditary property . This good cannot be acquired or increased. It is
    a good that we have been entrusted by our Creator to manage and pass on.
    It lies hidden in thousands and thousands of living cells,
    cells that lie dormant in our bodies like treasure chambers. They are the carriers
    of our life and destiny and contain all the inheritances of the body and soul of our
    ancestors for thousands of years. Shape and essence, feeling and will, thought and deed have their origin in these inconspicuous structures.
    Draw strength and character from them!

    Your ancestors are our people of old:

    In you lives the heritage of millions of ancestors, the blood of your whole people.
    Behind your 2 parents there are 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents and so on. With each previous ancestor sequence the number of your ancestors doubles. In the 25.
    Generation it is already more than 33 million. 25 generations, that is about
    600 years. From each of these 16 million men and 16 million women you are
    you are a part, a breath, a feeling, a thought. All of them still live in
    your form and your being immortally until today. 16 million men
    and 16 million women have woven on you, have bequeathed, strengthened or
    erased. All the people of that time are your ancestors, as they are the ancestors of all of us.
    So also the history of your people is your own history.
    Our common blood and our common history make us
    brothers. In this great community, your blood, your soul also lives on.
    It lives in your deeds and works, your thinking and dreams . and will
    one day be in your children and grandchildren.

    You too, fight for the future of this blood! In the blood
    of your people you are immortal.
    -Hans Belstler “Du stehst im Volk”


  16. https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/399966502

    12year old French girl with her throat cut found in a plastic box carried by a North African

    The lifeless body of a 12-year-old girl was discovered curled up in a plastic box on Friday evening in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, as revealed by CL Press. An investigation, entrusted to the criminal brigade, has been opened for the murder of a minor by the Paris prosecutor’s office. At least eight people have been taken into custody.

    The alert was given on Friday afternoon. Her father, a caretaker on rue Manin, noticed that his daughter Lola had not returned to the family home after school and sent his wife to the police station to report her disappearance. In the meantime, he consulted the video images of the entrance to see that his daughter had indeed entered the building before disappearing. An abduction? The police officers of the Brigade de Protection des Mineurs (BPM) were then called in. A dog was also called in to help track her down.

    The parents also posted an alert on social networks, with photos of the child and a suspicious silhouette, reporting that their daughter Lola had disappeared. She was last seen, they wrote, “at 3.20pm in the company of a girl we don’t know in our residence”. This person is, as the poor quality images posted by the parents show, “dressed in white jeans, a white hoodie and her grey backpack”. Before concluding: “Help us find her”.

    Is this the same woman – North African, in her thirties – reported to the police by a neighbour? According to her testimony, she asked him twice to help her carry a heavy “box”. Despite the promise of money linked, according to her, to “organ trafficking”, he declined, shocked to see a bloody cloth in the box. The same woman is said to have finally called an Uber driver.

    The case resurfaced in the evening. At around 11pm, a police patrol was called after a plastic box that appeared to contain a body was found in the nearby Hautpoul street, apparently by a local outsider. The schoolgirl had a serious wound in her throat. An autopsy is due to take place later today.

    According to our information, several people have been arrested in Paris and in the suburb of Bois-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine). The young woman with strange behaviour reported in the 19th arrondissement is among those taken into custody. She has been examined by doctors and has not yet been heard by the investigators. The role of the men arrested with her has yet to be determined.



    Odins Ahnenerbe:

  17. You’re short $158? Then go get a job you lazy parasite!

    I see that you didn’t publish my comment exposing that Freemason Musk. John de Nugent worshipping his Jewish Freemason overlord Elon Musk. Are you retarded or something? You really have any knowledge of how things really work. Talk about ego!

  18. Jews want all whites gone:



    “Whiteness is a public health crisis. It shortens life expectancies, it pollutes air, it constricts equilibrium, it devastates forests, it melts ice caps, it sparks (and funds) wars, it flattens dialects, it infests consciousnesses, and it kills people—white people and people who are not white, my mom included.

    White supremacy is a virus that, like other viruses, will not die until there are no bodies left for it to infect. Which means the only way to stop it is to locate it, isolate it, extract it, and kill it. I guess a vaccine could work, too.”

    The jewish anti white agenda

  19. Sehr geehrter John de Nugent,
    solche Meldungen kommen jetzt immer gehäufter, wenn man kommentieren möchte: “Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator at webmaster@johndenugent.com to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.”

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