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June 26, 2017 John de Nugent 1

John de Nugent https://johndenugent.com/images/paypal.jpg to mhuffstickler@outlook.com Stripe is just as good: https://johndenugent.com/images/stripe-jdn-1024×512.jpg One area where I have been way out ahead of the rest has been on the […]

Famous believers in UFOs

May 22, 2017 John de Nugent 3

–Winston Churchill History remembers Winston Churchill for his political prowess and his leadership during a complex time in Britain’s history, but a relatively unknown part […]


May 18, 2017 John de Nugent 0

Ultimate beta male — Don Knotts, sheriff’s deputy on the old “Andy Griffith Show” “the vaccination” (Der Stürmer) “Poison and Jews shoud not be mixed” …..Really […]