ENGLISH The phenomenon that graced this unworthy earth 1889-1945; National Geographic video’s best colorization by far of Hitler’s life

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A Canadian supporter sent me this shocking, shocking link!


Thanks very much for that radio show on video about the Navy vet with no psychiatric issues who was put into “psych” for three days against his will!

If I were not who I am, and if I did not have my blog and thus my supporters who care about me, and if I had not made clear my 100% refusal to surrender, they would 100% have already done this to me and worse, since 1) I am a military vet, 2) I tried to end my life in 2005, despondent over the condition of the white race, the sexual abuse I suffered as a kid, and worst of all, being shunned by a family which rejected my revelations as lies while revering predictably the wealthy abuser$.

Everyone living in jew world feels misery AND “STRESS” — if you are at all  NORMAL you feel “stress” — and thus they can call everyone a psychiatric case and take the guns away from EVERYBODY.


This is why we need John de Nugent for Sheriff! To start to end the disarming of America and by winning, and by news headlines of my battle, my TV interviews and my getting the white message out loud and clear, we will give hope to the whole white world!


===============to a North American of German ancestry who wrote me…

Oh yes, I would be the FIRST one that Homeland Security or the Veterans Administration would swoop down on if they thought I would surrender and go with the nice policeman 😉 “for examination.”

But they know from everything about me and all the pix with me and guns (every third blog almost ;-)) that I mean business.

You know, I want to salute the people of German blood here. It is people like you who have come through for me, and Ray Goodwin in Texas who endorsed me and has sent the bucks and who is mostly German too, but also the Germans in Germany are really coming through for me, and [] in [] and Tom Metzger in Indiana are doing a lot for me too. [….]

We just did, I think another GREAT radio show, and it will be on my next blog: the link and description, about my sheriff race.

So everywhere I see non-German kinds of Americans talking the talk and not walking the walk, as Tom and I discussed on the radio show, but Germans and German-North Americans walk the walk. At your and my stage of life, you are out there, working and helping me in a world of empty hot air.

I will never forget that. Or the risks you have taken every time you […]. Or long before you even met me. You have some mighty fine karma! As Jesus said, “Store up not gold and silver and things that moths and rust consume, or thieves steal in the night. Store up your treasures in heaven.” Yes, worry about what GOD thinks of us, He who knows exactly how many hairs we have on our head (if any ;-)).


PS These were my three big articles on people of German genes and German blood:

Of German Blood

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 (.pdf)




==============fabulous and lively organ and trumpet duo from Germany




Myself “open-carrying” on my own property in the open-carry state of Pennsylvania and my esteemed guest, Mike DelaneyPennsylvania: http://www.opencarry.org/?page_id=292

Mike, with a good Norman name like yours truly’s (de Laney), produced the fantastic 9-11 truth movie “911 Missing Links”. the first major documentary to prove the Israelis (and not, as with  “Spare Change” et alia, the Bush-Cheney Administration, or “the neo-cons” or “Halliburton” or “the oil companies“). De Laney proves that the Jews did it and that they did many false-flag attacks against the United States BEFORE this one, such as the Lavon Affair (which began in Egypt on the day I was born, July 14, 1954), and then the bloody 1967 Israel assault on the USS Liberty. 

Here is the link to that great, great movie: http://www.911missinglinks.com


And here is an amazing two-minute summary of it! Great music and fast-paced — sure to stun your friends!

The OTHER great achievement of Mike Delaney has bee to create the judenreine, jew-free alternative to youtuzbe with no censorship!

This functions just like YouTube but is called 😉 TRUTube!

The video right above (“9-11 Solved in Two Minutes”) is playing off TruTube.tv!!!

Here is the link: http://www.trutube.tv


This MEANS that if Youtube (or Vimeo, or Blip) censors your video, Trutube.tv will carry it!

Mike is supporting a wife and four children and he deserves your financial support! You can make a one-time or recurrent donation via PayPal and when you help Mike, you help me!



==============NEW FACEBOOK PAGE!


Unlike a Jewish phishing site entitled “John de Nugent for Sheriff” on FB, which Mark Zuckerberg so far has REFUSED TO CLOSE, this is the real FB page promoting John de Nugent, Independent, for Sheriff of Armstrong County in western PA in Nov. 2013.



===============SOME FEEDBACK

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Submitted on 2013/05/06 at 3:12 am | In reply to John de Nugent.

I enjoy watching older movies from the 1930′s, 1940′s., and 1950′s, sometimes just to see how White and beautiful things used to look back than. I walk outside of my house today and go into town and all I see are these shortish, ugly, Brown 3rd World mestizos and blacks + some Asians and brain-dead Whites. It’s beyond depressing. Sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed. I work at a warehouse and I’m one of the few white guys in that warehouse. It’s all brown and mestizo. In WWII the White Americans and British were fighting for their own White genocide and did not even know it — but you know all this already.

Anyway, John, as I said only the stronger Whites will make it through this evil, Marxist, Jewish reign of Hell.


Christoph Messner
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95thesen-reloaded.de x

Your comparison between Lee Harvey Oswald und Tsernayev is really good and to the point. By the way, “dumb” Jack Dougherty was on the 5th or even 6th floor of the TSBD [Texas School Book Depository] during the shooting of JFK, he testified to that to the Warren Commission, and was NOT FURTHER questioned.

I actually believe that in the TSBD on 6th floor there were only the Dallas Sheriff’s “bang-makers,” who could easily meet the later upcoming policemen as “additional investigators,” while the real shots were fired from the fence and from the other building with Zapruder’s and the oil baron’s office.

The funny thing about the JFK assassination is, that even if James Files’ confession is true, compare http://www.jfkmurdersolved.com, even then the majority of the people does not react and rather stays with the convenient official theories, because the majority prefers illusion to truth, especially the illusion to be safely guarded by an efficient security apparatus. Many Germans back then also felt well with having a strong army under Hitler again.

===========================MAGIC MAN

The magic of Adolf (= “Noble Wolf” in Old High German) Hitler



…was that 1) he really, truly believed with all his heart in uplifting our race, and he loved our race, and 2) he was a worker, warrior and then only did he become a leader, not born at all with a silver spoon in his mouth. He rose through the ranks from the bottom.

In my race for sheriff, I cannot and will not avoid the charge that I too am a “Nazi.” Instead, I tackle the direct challenge of making our hero radiate like the sun of light and warmth that he was and that he IS, because we too now, like those Germans then, are facing disaster, despair and defeatism.

But God sent an advanced soul to us, and he is still a legend today. The National Geographic video on him (found below on this blog) uses extensive colorization via computer software, and it is fascinating to see the early and rather handsome Hitler come fully to life through the use of color, escaping that far-away feel of the old black & white. You expect the man to walk right in through your door!

But if he came back now, and you did not know who he was, or of his great destiny, would you go out on a limb now to support him, the skinny watercolor-postcard painter and wartime corporal, not a former major or general? Or would you “wait and see how all this plays out” like millions of others? Can we afford to wait and not take the plunge?


beyond history
Hitler as an Exemplar of Indo-European Ideology

Sunday, 21 April 2013

[All video and photos added by John de Nugent]

Hitler in 1923, colorized. His hair was ash-brown, like that of most white people,  and especially of most Bavarians and Austrians, with deep-blue eyes. (See further below for a colorized video from National Georgraphic about his life, which on the one hand is full of vile Jew character defamations and Holocaustianity, replete with the usual creepy music ;-),  but offers on the other hand some incredible colorization so Hitler – and his followers — emerge from “black and white world” and become more real to us living today in the year 2013.)



WHAT IS IT about Adolf Hitler that continues to fascinate the world? Why do people, especially those of European descent, find him so endlessly intriguing? It is not just his followers and sympathizers who find him captivating: even his enemies and those who are conflicted about him fall under his spell.

Clearly, there is something about Hitler that resonates deeply in the Aryan psyche, on a sub-rational level. Something about Hitler attracts us all, even if we do not understand what it is. It goes beyond words. And the more one learns about Hitler, the stronger this attraction becomes.

Part of the answer to the enigma of Adolf Hitler is that we see in him, to one degree or another, an idealized reflection of ourselves. He is more than just one Aryan man: he is an exemplar of all Aryan humanity.

Georges Dumézil and Indo-European Ideology

The French scholar Georges Dumézil (1898-1986) [see photo] is the father of modern Indo-European studies. Following the Second World War, academic, scholarly investigation into Aryan prehistory and origins came to an almost complete halt. Research in this field was deemed to be politically incorrect (to use a more-modern term).


His masterpiece The Sovereign Gods of the Indo-Europeans


Due to its association with National Socialist racial theory, the very world “Aryan” itself was declared out of bounds, and was replaced by the more neutral term “Indo-European.” For some two decades following 1945, Indo-European studies were only acceptable if they were strictly limited to the realm of comparative linguistics, that is, tracing the common origin of words in the various languages of the I-E language family.

Dumézil was one of the scholars in the tiny, tightly-circumscribed field of Indo-European linguistic studies. Unlike his colleagues, however, Dumézil was daring enough to think forbidden thoughts, and to go beyond the bounds of what was academically acceptable. In studying ancient I-E texts from many lands, especially those of a mythological nature, Dumézil noticed that they had more in common than just a similar vocabulary. Rather, they also described a common society, that was based on a common ideology or way of looking at the world.

JdN: Some think the Indo-Europeans or Aryans started in the Hungarian-nothern Yugoslavian area. They might be right. I have seen truly amazing blue eyes in Hungarians (not to mention their overall nordic looks, great courage and high culture), though the Hungarian language today, reflecting the Hun and Alanic invasions, is not Indo-European, just as modern Turkey no longer speaks an IE language but the ancient inhabitants of what then was called Anatolia did.


The various I-E mythologies, including those of the ancient Greek, Roman, German, Celtic and Indo-Iranian peoples, were all polytheistic. In each, there was a community of divine beings. The individual gods and goddesses of one mythological tradition had a corresponding deity in the other mythologies. For example, the Germanic Thor corresponded closely to the Roman Mars and the Vedic Indra.


Furthermore, each god each had a distinct social role to play in the divine community, that was likewise a reflection of a social role in actual I-E society, such as the chieftain, the warrior, the smith, the mother, and the farmer. Dumézil perceived that the mythologies of the ancient and prehistoric I-E peoples described a social hierarchy that was common to all of them. This structural hierarchy in turn was a manifestation of a common I-E ideology, or thought world.

In essence, what Dumézil was saying was that our distant Indo-European (Aryan) ancestors not only had a common language, but also a common religion and a common social structure. He later expanded this further to include a common legal system.

The implication was that this common I-E patrimony was genetically based, that is, that it is encoded in our genes and not just transmitted culturally from generation to generation. (Dumézil never made this claim himself, but left it to his students to elaborate on the basic research that he did.)
Later, the scholars Marija Gimbutas, Edgar Polomé and Roger Pearson would build on Dumezil’s work, and expand the field of Indo-European studies to formally include not just linguistics, but also mythology, archaeology, ethnology, and anthropology.

Functional Tripartition

.The essence of Dumezil’s theory of Indo-European ideology is termed “Functional Tripartition.” There are three levels to the I-E social hierarchy, each of which serves a certain social function:

First Function: Sovereignty or leadership
Second Function: Force, which enforces the decisions of this First Function
Third Function: Productivity, which provides the material basis for society

An illustration of the functions from mythology is provided by the Germanic gods:

First Function: Odin, king or lord of the Gods
Second Function: Thor, defender of the Gods
Third Function: Frey, God of prosperity and fertility

Each of these deities was honored with a statue at the great heathen temple in Uppsala, Sweden: one god for each function.

A Swedish king in Uppsala offers himself naked to the gods, heroically, as a human sacrifice, during nationwide despair as a famine of many years physically destroys the nation.


Dumézil wrote numerous books explaining and expounding various aspects of this theory. In English, his most popular and readily available book is Gods of the Ancient Northmen.

A concrete example of the three functions in I-E (Aryan) society may be found in the three estates of the medieval world: those who pray (priests), those who fight (knights) and those who work (peasants). There is also a reflection of this tripartition in the US Constitution, as well as in the government described by Plato in The Republic.

Every person reading this can identify the function to which he belongs. Indeed our, very social identity is determined by the Dumézilian functions.

Hitler as Exemplar

Adolf Hitler’s life was nothing if not eventful. In the short 56 years that he was on Earth, he fulfilled in turn each of the three functions in an impressive manner. He progressed from the lowest to the highest, and then recapitulated and consolidated all three simultaneously.

Third function: Hitler the Worker. From adolescence through his enlistment in the German army in 1914, Hitler was a laborer and an artist. He was not afraid or hard work or of getting his hands dirty. He was honest, conscientious and productive. He later wrote, “Honest work, no matter of what type, is never a disgrace.”

Second function: Hitler the Warrior. From 1914 through his discharge from the army in 1919, he was a soldier. Hitler was not just another anonymous infantryman: he was an outstanding soldier. He was composed and resolute in battle; he was the first to volunteer for dangerous assignments; he was a good comrade to his fellow soldiers and loyal and obedient to his superiors: he was a solder’s soldier, and was highly decorated for bravery.

First function: Hitler the Political Leader. From 1919 through 1933, he was the Führer of the NSDAP. At the moment of Germany’s deepest humiliation and debility, Hitler stepped forward and offered himself as a political leader. Starting with nothing, he built the strongest political party in Germany. Surviving numerous crises, he led it to victory against seemingly impossible odds. He proved himself to be a leader of consummate skill and ability.

Combined functionality: Hitler as Exemplar. From 1933 until his death in 1945, he recapitulated each of the three functions simultaneously as Führer and Reich Chancellor. He assumed personal responsibility for governing the New Germany, for defending it and for ensuring its material prosperity.


Adolf Hitler was indeed the living embodiment of the Indo-European ideology described by Georges Dumézil. In that sense, he was not just one Aryan, he was all Aryans. Each of us, no matter who we are or what our lot in life is, can look to Hitler as a model, for Hitler is the exemplar of Aryan humanity.


Both in the conduct of his public and private lives, Hitler defined what it meant to be an upstanding member of our Race. Is it any wonder that Aryans the world over find him a compelling figure, and that he appeals to people, even when they do not know why?

Hitler’s life defines what it means to be an Aryan. Well might Francis Parker Yockey write of him: “He represented the new aesthetic type which will form and inspire all coming leaders in the West … As long as men survive, they will always be inspired by the Hero and his legend. He lives on in spirit and continues to take place in the world of facts and deeds.”

James Harting is a noted Hitler scholar and Movement historian.



National Geographic Apocalypse [sic!] 😉] The Rise of Hitler]

Nauseating hasbara against Hitler but excellent footage. You might just seriously turn of the sound and then you can truly enjoy it! 😉

Part  1 of 2 Becoming Hitler




Part 2 of 2 The Fuehrer

Around the second minute see some great scenes of the Stormtroops and the Communist Red Front going at it! If you only read about it now watch it!


An Aussie comrade reacted:

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[From Australia] One minute “they” are telling us that Hitler banned gun ownership and then, in this documentary, they show school children being taught how to shoot!

These dirty, filthy liars forget their own lies and contradict themselves quite often. Thanks, zionist scumbags [at National Geographic], for at least colourizing the great footage of Adolf Hitler!


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Hitler comes to Compiègne to accept the French surrender in 1940.(France had declared war on a Germany which had no desire for any war with it, but only with the Bolshevik monster in the East!)

====================support my winnable race for sheriff


The man who with your donation can communicate the Hitler message to the working white masses! (URL: http://blip.tv/realamericanview/john-de-nugent-6288398]

This is one of the videos the Jews most fear! Only this low-quality visual image survived many hacks, but its content is very persuasive! And it emphasizes also my Pennsylvania roots for local voters.

John de Nugent
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Apollo PA 15613

(724) 212-5426

“Like” me on Facebook as “John D. Nugent”

Skype: John de Nugent (Pittsburgh)


Famous Pittsburgh-invented, Pittsburgh-made product (you know you love it)



(Are there any Americans out there? ;-))





Re: Support

Dear Mr. de Nugent:

For some time I have been reading your blog and recently also your article on the site Deutscher Freiheitskampf [= “German Freedom Struggle”]

Your goals are our goals, and so I am sending you a small donation to strengthen your struggle.

With a German greeting,


But there ARE a few AMERICANS who understand my sheriff race is WINNABLE and Germans 5,000 miles away should not once again do all the heavy lifting!


It can be done in English or German, by credit or debit card, and totally online!


A fellow former Marine wrote me greetings from Chicago. I responded:
Hi, Marine brother. Glad to hear from you again. It just so happened I was talking about you today with Mike Delaney (see this blog at the top!!! https://johndenugent.com/english/english-the-phenomenon-that-graced-this-unworthy-earth-1889-1945-national-geographic-videos-best-colorization-by-far-of-hitlers-life ) and about the whole topic of reincarnation, and Waffen-SS guys coming back. One of my biggest donors in Arizona is a teacher who taught at a boarding school and two different kids told him they “knew they were German soldiers in another life.”
Of course, I discussed your case here, at the Asphalt Soldiers book part, found when you scroll 90% down here at this link: https://johndenugent.com/solutreanism/important-info/reincarnation-evidence
I am gearing up to run for sheriff and it is just beautiful here, in our new area in Armstrong County, right on a river, deer all over, 98% white, hates Obongo and is gunning up like crazy.
I am about to now do some radically different videos from anything done before.
Anyway, stay in touch, Jeff!


  1. [From Australia] One minute “they” are telling us that Hitler banned gun ownership and then, in this documentary, they show school children being taught how to shoot!

    These dirty, filthy liars forget their own lies and contradict themselves quite often. Thanks, zionist scumbags [at National Geographic], for at least colourizing the great footage of Adolf Hitler!

  2. Don’t be surprised if you should find out that the Jews in Homeland Insecurity were behind the two bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon that killed three and injured hundreds. It was reported in more than one article that they conducted “drills” around the same time, stirring up suspicion among the awakened in the Boston community. It looks like these Bolsheviks have found new ways to terrorize the innocents among us: Use police and military for “terrorism drills” and commit the ultimate False Flag by either (1) mass shootings, or (2) bombings. This has left many Bostonians wishing they had been armed, preventing such an incident.

    The latest False Flag (Boston Marathon Bombings) has aroused outrage even in the DC Metropolitan area that one group from Northern Virginia has announced that they will march across the Memorial Bridge from Arlington into DC, carrying loaded rifles on their shoulders on July 4. Now, that’s showing the PTB that they mean business when it comes to owning firearms.

    We’ll see how that plays out. Stay tuned.

  3. Dear John and dear Jeff,

    Zur Idee, dass sich die Waffen-SS reinkarnieren könnte, habe ich eine erstaunliche Geschichte gehört die letzten Wochen. Ein Freund von mir erzählte mir die Geschichte.

    Wiederum eine Freundin von ihm, sie ist alleinerziehend mit einem vierjährigen Sohn, den sie Marlin (oder so ähnlich) genannt hatte.

    Übers Wochenende war Marlin bei seinem Vater und während dieses Wochenendes träumte die Mutter, sie wäre von diesem Kind bereits in einem früheren Leben die Mutter gewesen und zwar zur Zeit des 2. Weltkrieges, und ihr Sohn hätte damals Klaus geheissen und wäre Soldat gewesen.

    Als ihr kleiner Sohn nach dem Wochenende beim Vater Hause kam, hat sie ihn gefragt: “Na Marlin, wie war das Wochenende bei deinem Papa? Was habt Ihr so zusammen gemacht?”

    Marlin antwortete: “Ich heiße nicht Marlin, ich heiße Klaus.”

    Die Mutter des Kindes hat in ihrem Erstaunen direkt beim Vater des Kindes angerufen und hat nachgefragt, ob irgendein “Klaus-Besuch” war oder irgendein Gespräch stattfand, das sich auf irgendeinen “Klaus” hätte beziehen können — und da war nichts in irgendeiner Richtung, dass eine “Klaus-Aussage” hätte inspirieren können.

    Wer weiß???

    Alles Gute und Liebe,
    Alexandra Wunder

  4. This is a TRANSLATION into English of the German comment above.


    Alexandra Wunder May 11, 2013 at 12:34 am [edit]

    Dear John and dear Jeff,

    On the idea that the Waffen-SS men could reincarnate, I have an amazing story from the last few weeks. A friend of mine told me the story.

    A friend of his in turn is a single mother with a four-year-old son whom she had named Marlin (or something similar).

    Over the weekend Marlin was with his father and during this weekend when he was away his mother dreamed she had been the mother of this child in a previous life, during the time of the Second World War II, and her son had then been called Klaus and was a soldier.

    When her young son after the weekend at his father’s house came home to her, she asked him: “Well, Marlin, how was the weekend with your dad? What did you two do together? ”

    Marlin said, “My name is not Marlin, my name is Klaus.”

    The child’s mother, astounded (this was right after her dream) called the father of the child and asked if any “Klaus visitor” had been by or was a Klaus the topic of any conversation over the weekend, someone to whom the name “Klaus” referred — and there was nothing at all in any direction that could have inspired him to say his real name was “Klaus.”

    Who knows?

    Best wishes and love,
    Alexandra Wunder

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