DID YOU KNOW Mr Burns on “The Simpsons” is really Lord Jacob Rothschild?

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John de Nugent
John de Nugent This is his weird new house: It’s like the architect thought, “Gee, we need something new. Let’s take an industrial building design, stretch it out to the ground, and cover it in rocks. That’s the ticket!”
John de Nugent
John de Nugent It is interesting, in an alien way, like the good Rabbi Michael Laitman said. 😉
Jill Holod
Jill Holod I like this hypothesis of where man came from https://www.amazon.com/Cosmos-Collision…/dp/B00C4MF8UE

Take a journey into a darkened age before time began.Contrary to the perceived wisdom of…
John de Nugent
Peter Sabatini
Peter Sabatini Art imitates life and vice-versa synchronistically, it seems.
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Jim Gaul
Jim Gaul I never thought anyone could fill the shoes of fmr Waffen-SS and German-American analyst Hans Schmidt. But your analysis is superb, John. Keep up the great work.
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John de Nugent
John de Nugent Well, thanks. As I think you know, Hans was my mentor 1985-87 and we stayed in touch for decades. One thing he pointed out, which has again been confirmed, is that the Average Joe does not fathom how politics works, and that applies now in spades to the average WN, who is all in a tizzy over Trump “selling us out.”
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