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==============UPODATE ON THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013

A French comrade and long-time activist with http://www.propagandes.info (click to see their very beuatiful banner! :-)) sent me these photos about the supposed Boston Marathon bomb victim “Jeff Bauman”:


Here one sees (in body build and face) exactly the same man, with the real name of Sergeant Vogt of the US Army in a wheelchair with an Army buddy after healing from his terrible wound in the Afghanistan war.
(In both cases the family name is of German heritage, Bauman or Vogt, but here we are not dealing with an honorable person, unlike most German-Americans! This jerk sold his soul as an actor in a pseudo-terror drama under Jewish direction to further the NWO police state! Maybe Vogt desperately needed the money…. Many wounded US vets from the Afghan and Irak wars are unemployed or even homeless! :-()
Sergeant Vogt’s thigh bone (femur) no longer even exists in this photo, not even as a stump, never mind as a long bone jutting out as in some sort of horror film!! Almost the whole thigh had been either sawn off the poor sergeant by a combat surgeon in a field hospital, or later on it was removed Stateside, OR the blast itself had ripped the bone away.

More proof that the whole thing is one big steaming pile of lies from the Jewish terror state!


============anti-racist or just anti-white?



==============ADOLF returns from Argentina to PUSH DIVERSITY — IN ISRAEL 😉

Notice at 3:20 that Hitler uses the exact quote from that California Jewess now ruining Sweden, Barbara Lerner Specter, who admits that Jews are behind European multiculturalism and playing a “leading role”






THE BOSTON BOMBING WAS A GOVERNMENT PLOT TO FRAME RIGHTWINGERS. The colonel (who according to the online sources I have found supposedly spent 28 years in the Army in military intell and the m.ps.’s) acts genuinely stressed out and says there is awar going on inside the government between those who want toframe conservative patriots and those who want to prevent them from being framed to take our guns away.


Lest this video be a setup, however……
I sure wish at least we knew something about this Potter’s resum. I hope this is not a hoax to discredit us. Who really is this guy, in what Army unit and MOS and ranks did he serve, and when was he in? Why is he not disclosing exactly who he is to add to his cred? General Albert Stubblebine and others, such as Alan Sabrosky, and top Oathkeepers, have sure laid their whole military CV right out there.
I have laid out my life story too:
McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville
…and even that of my father!

My mother, an artistic painter and ballerina

Constance Colwell








Some German comrades found the part of this blog about the Boston bomb hoax so important they translated it into German, found here:
However, they also found a child-porn link somehow embedded into this blog and a comrade named Alexandra immediately alerted me! This link was somehow tucked originally into an informational email about the Boston Marathon incident which furnished me some of the info I put in the blog down below. So Jews at some email outfit added child porn to an innocent email exposing the jew-government lies about Boston!
Of course I deleted this disgusting and criminal link (to some site with “kao”-something in it) immediately. As a victim myself of pedophiles as a child, my motto is:



John de Nugent for Sheriff-guns-and-gold-300-dpi
Why does a person watching a marathon need a gigantic stuffed backpack?

attentat de Boston (3)

attentat de Boston (4)

===================BOMB DAMAGE A JOKE
Sarcastic Aussie dissects the b.-s. Boston bomb AS A SMOKE BOMB
Fake knock-over of one runner — but no one except the actors and almost nothing else is knocked over.

The blue plastic barricade fence was not blown away. The event staff merely flinched but was not hurt. That was a SMOKE DOMB, not a REAL bomb.
If they had ball bearings and nails in the bomb those flags and flimsy blue plastic barricade would have been tattered, not mention the event staff knocked down like bowling pins.
There was very little or basically no bomb damage.

Was anyone really hurt here or was any one really killed?


=========From a Vietnam combat vet on real and fake bomb injuries
I’ve seen, and treated a significant number of blast, and fragmentation injuries. The leg injury shownis not typical of fragmentation, but rather of high-velocity blast. The bombs in Boston were low-velocity, and in the vids I saw they did not propagate a blast wave. In fact, they barely fluttered the flagsimmediately adjacent to the blast Also, the wounds indicate a directional blast as noted by the lack of damage to the victim above his knees. No blood, scorching or burned/torn clothing. The devices purported to have caused the injuries were not directional. Ergo, I do not buy the blast injury.
legless man 3
The victim of this type of injury will go into shock almost instantly. Although the arteries tend to retract after a blast injury the blood loss would be massive. Without proper blood loss prevention he would have been dead in 5 minutes or less. In the instance of a cleanly severed femoral artery death usually occurs in under 2 minutes.
When I was hit, during my first tour in Nam, both arteries in my left forearm were totally destroyed. I was lucid, applied my own tourniquet, and made it to the medevac on my own feet. However, I was going into shock within 10 minutes. Had the medics not treated me for shock I would have been in a coma by the time I reached the hospital. My wounds were minor compared to the victim in the photos, and did not involve blast trauma. Speaking of blast trauma; he is not bleeding from the ears, and if the explosion had been as strong as reported he would be.
The responders, in this incident, are not treating the amputee for shock. He is not the first to be evacuated, and they take him out in a WHEELCHAIR. The initial treatment for shock is always to lower the head, and heart below the extremities. He would have had tourniquets on both legs, and after an initial bandaging of the wounds, most likely MAST trousers to assist in controlling the bleeding, and to force blood from his legs to his heart. The medics would have started 2 I.V.s, and run blood expanders wide open to keep his veins from collapsing. They would have carried him out on a gurney or stretcher not SITTINGT UP in a WHEELCHAIR.
Notice the “victims” color: his lips are pink. Notice his expression; he is alert, and does not appear to be in pain. Men have the look of death after this traumatic aninjury, and their expression is one of shock, pain, and horror. They are usually marginally conscious, and not capable of holding their head erect. I’ve seem it more often than I care to recall.
This man, in my opinion, is not injured.
Some other observations:Real blood isn’t that red.
For a bomb that was supposed to have produced extensiveblast, and fragmentation you will notice that only one window, directly across from the blast, is broken. A massive explosion with extensive fragmentation,but only one broken window? Now, have you noticed that the glass from the brokenwindow is in the street? It leaves us to ponder just exactly how in hell the glass fragments werepropagated in a direction opposite the direction of the blast.
Things just don’t seem right.


We still do not know what kind of trick was pulled with Bauman, but the next photograph raises some questions in our minds.


You recall the extent of the purported injuries to this man’s legs. Does the outline of his upper legs beneath the sheets match up with what you surmise would have been removed in an amputation? To us it looks like he has more leg length than we would have expected.

Are the photos of Bauman authentic? Is the Bauman shown in the crowd, or after the explosion, or in the wheelchair, the same man as depicted above?

And what about the casualties — 3 killed and at least 100 injured. ONE HUNDRED injured? From what? Ball bearings and nails? Says who?

Oh, that’s right. The same people who said Tamerlan was wounded from “head to toe” at the time of his arrest.

Our sources investigating the truth behind terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon have released stunning new information PROVING, ONCE AND FOR ALL, that the bombings were a hoax!

“Whaaaat???” you ask? My friends, this psyop has been blown wide-open.

And not only that, we have proof that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was murdered by the police (or military, ATF, FBI, Mossad, etc.), after he was arrested.

There’s more, amigos… we have proof that a photograph purporting to show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at the Boston Marathon, an official photo released by the FBI, has been PhotoShopped.

Okay, here we go…

I. First up is ABSOLUTE PROOF that the explosion and casualties were faked. Seoras y Seores, this report alone should compel you to cease giving any credence whatsoever to the mainstream media.

Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?

Posted by BMan ? April 20, 2013

Ive studied and graduated EMT-B certification with the state of Oregon. Ive been on calls with heavy arterial bleeds, internal bleeding, fatalities, doas. I am speaking from direct personal experience with severe trauma.

Here is a telling photograph of the amputee actor. I encourage readers to view the photo side by side with my analysis.

If you lose both your legs from explosive trauma, half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries; you’re dead after two. Bleeding-out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular tissue. The human body holds 5 to 6 LITERS of blood. If that really happened, you would see blood EVERYWHERE; the guy would be drenched in it. You would also see whats called arterial spurting from the injury. Most likely, he would vomit after turning ghost white from shock, then turn delirious or pass out. As for the tourniquet

It’s not even tied off; it’s suspended via gravity, which would literally do nothing to an arterial sever. Theres no pressure applied. Theres no knot with a turn stick for leverage. You can clearly see a gap in the non-existent wrap job on his left inner thigh (left anterior proximal for you experts). His hands have no blood on them. Theres no blood on the ground. The color in his hands and lips shows good circulation.

This is an actor. This is staged. How did they pull it off though? I can show you.

Here in frame six, on the left, we see the man with a hood setting up the fake leg wound prosthetics. His attention and hands are right there. The woman is acting as a shield covering whats happening.

Frame 6

Here in frame eight, the prosthetics are in place. Amidst all this chaos, seconds after the explosion, the hooded man takes the time to put on his sunglasses, which is a signal.

Frame 8

Here in frame nine, with sunglasses now on, the hooded man and the woman make eye contact, signal received.

Frame 9

In frame eleven, after receiving the “go” signal, the woman makes an open-hand gesture, the direction both of them are looking, signaling the staged injuries are in place for cameras. The prone amputee raises his left prosthetic injury into the air over the womans shoulder. No blood is present. The bone is dry; no blood on his leg above the knee, no blood on the woman, no arterial spurt, nothing.

Frame 11

Here in frame fourteen, the woman turns her head right, but is still holding up that open palm signal with her left hand. The hooded man again busies himself, pouring fake blood on the pavement behind the woman. The amputee has both fake injuries in the air now. There is still no blood on his legs; his skin above the injury is clean and dry.

Frame 14

Frame twenty, the fake blood and prosthetics are in place. The amputee gives an open hand gesture, along with the woman, to bring the cameras in. Were now twenty frames in, and still not a drop of fresh blood from a double leg amputation. His legs are dry; the woman is dry and unscathed. Both are making the same hand gesture.

Frame 20

These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsies. If you’re looking for a gunman, look at the Army in the streets of Boston. Share this knowledge with everyone.


Something about this entire thing smells to high heaven. When have you ever heard of someone with a blown-off leg not bleeding? Some make the claim that it was cauterized, but obviously, the picture of them wheeling the guy out on the wheelchair shows blood and gore (a cauterization is a burn that seals the wound). Something changed between these images and when they wheeled him out in front of the cameras.

And there is more analysis from Fist-Of-Freedom:

Missing Legman

This image was taken by a third-party photographer, seconds after the first explosion. There is clear evidence of false-flag staging here. The man in the red coat and baseball hat on the right is kneeling down, giving directions to the guy in the white T-shirt. Also looking to this pair for direction are the woman sitting to the right and the man in a hood and sunglasses, who set up the double-amputee prosthetics.

Notice the relaxed posture and face of the hooded man. Notice also the calm, prepared posture of the woman sitting down on the bottom right. See how her shirtsleeve is severely torn, yet her skin underneath is clean and clear of injury and blood. From where shes sitting, look right to the bottom right corner and you can see an unmarked bottle of fake blood.

Look to the left and see the cowboy hat man standing there, doing nothing. This is the same man who will pretend to hold the tourniquet of the fake amputee actor later on. Look to the center of the photo and you will see the African woman moving herself away from the amputee actor, since her shielding him from cameras job is over. Next to her is a woman with red hair, leaning on her elbow.


Compare this now with another photo taken seconds later. Putting them side-by-side is very helpful.

The man with the hood and sunglasses, who was just sitting up looking fine and healthy after fixing up the amputee actors prosthetics, is now on his back being evaluated by two people. Notice the rips in his jeans have no sign of blood or injury on the skin. The woman with red hair, however, is in the exact same pose as a minute ago. Meanwhile, the double-amputee actor is completely ignored by everyone when he is clearly in the most dire need of attention. There is a small amount of fake blood around him where the African lady shielding him used to be; she has dissappeared. What happened to her? Compare this photo with the first in my post.


The African woman who was sitting up, shielding the hooded man and amputee actors prosthetic rigging, giving hand signals, looking left and right, having no visible blood or injuries, is now covered in blood and strapped into a spine board stretcher.

In a real medical scenario, the amputee would receive immediate treatment or die from bleed-out. The fact that this actor woman is removed from the scene via stretcher, while the double-amputee is left on the ground, is ludicrous. He would be dead from blood loss before they could even begin spinal assessment procedures involved in moving a patient to a stretcher. Not to mention his blood loss would be over five liters, enough to cover the entire scene around these people in a thick puddle.

From firsthand experience with trauma in the field of EMS work, this is not real. These are actors. This is all staged.


II. Next up is ABSOLUTE PROOF that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was uninjured when he was arrested. He hadn’t been run over by his brother, and he hadn’t been shot.

He was shot and killed AFTER he was arrested, with a bullet hole visible on his left side in a photograph taken at the Boston city morgue. In other words, he was murdered in cold blood on the orders of whoever is running this operation.

There was no gunfight, no car chase, no bombs thrown at the police.

Boston suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev seen walking to police car naked and handcuffed



Dead Boston Marathon bomb suspect had wounds ‘head to toe,’ doctor says

Dead Boston Marathon bomb suspect had wounds 'head to toe,' doctor says



Greetings District Attorney Conley:

The link above is a single screen shot of a CNN news video, evidently broadcasted in Japan, showing the arrest of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, reportedly a key suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

I was fortunate to have an opportunity to view the entire CNN news video before it was rather quickly removed from YouTube.

It is quite clear that suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was in the process of being arrested after all of his clothes were removed, and being led to a police car.


III. An last but not least is the expos proving that the FBI fabricated a photograph purporting to show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at the Boston Marathon.

FBI Photo of 2nd Boston Bombing Suspect Clearly PhotoShopped (False-Flag Cover-Up)




04/22 @ 02:39 : Everett, Washington, US
04/22 @ 02:39 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
04/22 @ 02:38 : Funes, AR[GENTINA]
04/22 @ 02:37 : Los Angeles, California, US
04/22 @ 02:35 : Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, US
04/22 @ 02:34 : Hamburg, DE
04/22 @ 02:34 : Jakarta, ID
04/22 @ 02:34 : Saint-Privat-des-Vieux, FR
04/22 @ 02:33 : Marlborough, Massachusetts, US
04/22 @ 02:33 : Utrecht, NL [NETHERLANDS = HOLLAND]
04/22 @ 02:33 : Puebla, MX
04/22 @ 02:31 : Meitingen, DE
04/22 @ 02:30 : Riverside, California, US

04/22 @ 01:40 : Guilherand, FR[ANCE]

04/22 @ 01:38 : Eningen, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]
Eningen Brass Band, near Reutlingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg
04/22 @ 01:38 : Paris, FR
04/22 @ 01:37 : Innsbruck, AT
04/22 @ 01:37 : Saint-Raphal, FR
04/22 @ 01:36 : Bridgetown, BB
04/22 @ 01:36 : Salzburg, AT [AUSTRIA]
04/22 @ 01:33 : Paris, FR
04/22 @ 01:33 : Singapore, SG
04/22 @ 01:31 : Plzen, CZ
04/22 @ 01:31 : Hermitage, Tennessee, US
04/22 @ 01:30 : Reno, Nevada, US
Silver Lake Casino
04/22 @ 01:30 : Darlington, GB
04/22 @ 01:28 : Sampaloc, PH
04/22 @ 01:27 : Gurgaon, IN
04/22 @ 01:27 : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

04/22 @ 01:17 : London, GB

St. Paul’s Cathedral
St Paul's cathedral is lit by the early morning sun in an aerial view taken from The View gallery at the Shard, western Europe's tallest building, in London
04/22 @ 01:17 : Valence, FR
04/22 @ 01:13 : Nice, FR
04/22 @ 01:10 : Haimhausen, DE
04/22 @ 01:09 : Sollentuna, SE
04/22 @ 01:08 : Los Angeles, California, US
04/22 @ 01:06 : Vienna, AT
04/22 @ 01:05 : Central District, HK
04/22 @ 01:05 : Kingston, JM
04/22 @ 01:05 : Haimhausen, DE
04/22 @ 01:05 : Wavre, BE
04/22 @ 12:57 : Daryapur, IN
04/22 @ 12:56 : Beckenham, GB

04/22 @ 11:04 : Bedford, Texas, US

04/22 @ 11:04 : Ireland, IE
04/22 @ 11:04 : Kelowna, CA
04/22 @ 11:03 : Berlin, DE
04/22 @ 11:02 : Singapore, SG
04/22 @ 11:01 : Brie-Comte-Robert, FR[ANCE]
04/22 @ 10:58 : Bedford, Texas, US
04/22 @ 10:58 : Nanterre, FR
04/22 @ 10:57 : Pouillon, FR
04/22 @ 10:56 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
04/22 @ 10:54 : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
04/22 @ 10:50 : Paris, FR
04/22 @ 10:50 : Taipei, TW
04/22 @ 10:50 : Santiago, CL
04/22 @ 01:03 : Orlando, Florida, US

04/22 @ 01:03 : Reno, Nevada, US
04/22 @ 01:02 : Trenton, New Jersey, US
04/22 @ 01:02 : Pullman, Washington, US
04/22 @ 01:01 : Toronto, CA[NADA]
04/22 @ 01:00 : Paris, FR
MERIAN Paris September
04/22 @ 12:52 : United States, US
04/22 @ 12:50 : Trenton, New Jersey, US
04/22 @ 12:50 : Alexandria, Virginia, US


My video about Alexandria and a seer twice portrayed in HBO documentaries

Part One

Part Two

04/22 @ 12:50 : Natick, Massachusetts, US
04/22 @ 12:49 : Tucker, Georgia, US
04/22 @ 12:48 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
My video (part one) on NUMEC and the cancer genocide Israelis did in this, my town, while stealing uranium for The Bomb

Part two: http://blip.tv/realamericanview/numec-part-2-6481087
04/21 @ 05:29 : Waterbury, Connecticut, US
04/21 @ 05:29 : Honolulu, Hawaii, US
04/21 @ 05:27 : Szkesfehrvr, HU
04/21 @ 05:27 : Waterbury, Connecticut, US
04/21 @ 05:27 : Washington, District of Columbia, US



04/21 @ 05:25 : Lancaster, South Carolina, US
04/21 @ 05:24 : Regensburg, DE
04/21 @ 05:24 : Lancaster, South Carolina, US
04/21 @ 05:23 : Tierc, FR[ANCE]

04/21 @ 05:23 : Lancaster, South Carolina, US
04/21 @ 05:18 : Villeurbanne, FR
04/21 @ 05:18 : Calgary, CA
04/21 @ 05:18 : Cork, IE
04/21 @ 05:15 : Sal, MA


A white South African was bemoaning that the world has forgotten his people. My reply:


Eugene Terre’Blanche: not supported by 95% of South African Whites — and then murdered by black employees with machetes in 2010, sleeping alone in his bed. Congratulations, South Africa! You kept finding reasons to not support your leader, and now you have NONE, and are being raped and set on fire with gasoline! Good choice!


====================Support John de Nugent for sheriff November 2013 with your donation or stop your g-d whining


John de Nugent

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(724) 212-5426

Skype: John de Nugent (Pittsburgh)






  1. Dear Mr John de Nugent,

    Ihr Artikel zum sogenannten Boston-Attentat wurde schnellstmöglich inś deutsche Internet übertragen (zumindest zum größten Teil, siehe hier:
    interessante und anspruchsvolle website übrigens!!!
    Des Weiteren, wenn ich auf Ihren Link im besagten Artikel klicke
    wandelt der sich um in das hier,
    eine Kinderpornoseite!!!
    jedenfalls hier in Deutschland!
    Achtung Falle?

    Alles Liebe und Gute,
    Alexandra Wunder

    • Danke, liebe Kameradin. Ich habe dank Ihrer Epost diesen Link im Blogcode sofort gefunden und ausgemerzt.

      Ich bedanke mich auch bei den deutschen Kameraden für die Übersetzung!

      Ich habe dem englischsprachigen Blog vorsichtshalber auch dies hinzugesetzt:

      Some German comrades found the part of this blog about the Boston bomb hoax so important they translated it into German, found here:
      However, they also found a child-porn link somehow embedded into this blog and a comrade named Alexandra immediately alerted me! This link was somehow tucked originally into an informational email about the Boston Marathon incident which furnished me some of the info I put in the blog down below. So Jews at some email outfit added child porn to an innocent email exposing the jew-government lies about Boston!
      Of course I deleted this disgusting and criminal link (to some site with “kao”-something in it) immediately. As a victim myself of pedophiles as a child, my motto is:



      John de Nugent for Sheriff-guns-and-gold-300-dpi
  2. Lieber John de Nugent,

    ich habe Ihnen bereits per email geschrieben, aber vielleicht sehen Sie gerade nicht nach in Ihrem Postfach.
    Der Pornolink ist wieder erschienen auf Ihrer Website. Hier dränge ich mich vielleicht auf, doch ich glaube, dass Sie diesen Dreck lieber dringend entfernen wollen.

    Alles Liebe und Gute,
    Alexandra Wunder

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