ENGLISH Chinese domination; Joan of Arc

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I wrote the Aussie comrade who sent me this link:

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Thank you very much for this superb video, which has the harrowing scene I have shown before on my blog with the white kid in China (which got huge views on YT when it first came out), but also the narration by Dr. William Pierce (for whom I worked 1981-84), and the striking pix of Chinese faces, one holding a dead cat he is planning to EAT, all belying quite visibly the insane notion they are “just like us.”

The Chinese now claim the kid being beaten and his hand stomped on was a thief, which, even if it were true, would raise the question why the white minority in the west of Chinese territory, the Uighurs, who are about 25% white due to their ancient keltic and Tokharian ancestors, have to steal to survive in their own country! The reason why is that the racist, yellow Han Chinese (who are 90% of the Chinese population) have taken over the Uighur economy and turned the Uighurs, the original inhabitants, into paupers.

I know, btw, an Aussie in Perth who married a Chinese female (BEFORE he became a WN…) and he is miserable under her ruthless, pushy, selfish domination. When he and I talked on Skype, she kept interrupting and telling him to stop talking to me!

Whites in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia rioted in late 2005 against muslim Lebanese rapists on Cronulla Beach in 2005.

A “Lebbo” gets a pounding by enraged white men, but even a little beating is nothing compared to the trauma a woman experiences from being RAPED!

Of course, the cops, now turned into zombies trained in hate and hostility by B’nai B’rith, pounced on their fellow whites and brutally arrested them….

(When whites divorce in Australia, the wife gets a huge alimony settlement from a feminist judge, then the guy is so poor no white woman will date him and he is forced to send for a Chinese mail-order bride. Many Aussie WNs have reported this to me. The streets are now FULL of couples consisting of a white man with a snub-nosed, flat-chested, raven-haired, money-grubbing Chinese female.)

I thank you also in advance for your promised donation, comrade!




This was my latest segment on a white hero, produced for the savewhitepeople.com radio show produced by the tireless and dedicated comrades Joe Adams and John King. (The whole show is found here: http://www.savewhitepeople.com/2012/02/white-voice-episode-39.html)

You might want to read the transcript below, enriched with photos, as you play the YouTube of the segment… (The volume of my voice may need to be adjusted downward.)


This is John de Nugent, of johndenugent.com, speaking again today For the White Voice on SaveWhitePeople.com with my series White heroes and heroines

My hero today is a heroine, Joan of Arc of France in the 1400s.

[Added for the blog today to this transcript] A portrait of her done a few decades after her death. Joan’s face and overall appearance were very well-known. She had been seen up-close by the French king, his royal courtiers, the bishop and judges at her trial, French and English soldiers by the hundreds, and the crowd that witnessed her burning. She was a national heroine during her brief life, a living legend and an unforgettable redhead. Joan is truly a universal figures, since she was a devout Catholic but also disobeyed the Church very openly….hence was not canonized for 489 years! As all of us should, she actually did listen to the inner voice, the voice of duty.


The sorest sore point between the French and the English over the last 1000 years has been the burning alive at the stake in 1431 of Joan of Arc, a brave 19-year-old redheaded village girl from Lorraine, a part-German-speaking part of France, on absurd charges of heresy.

The English, who at the time occupied much of France, alleged that no woman but a witch would wear mens armor. In truth, they simply wanted this young woman dead because she was a threat to their control of French territory.

The charismatic, fervent 17-year-old girl (b. 1412), told by visions from two saints, Saint Margaret of Antioch and Saint Catherine of Alexandria, as well as the Archangel Michael, to give courage to the French king and save France, had entirely changed the atmosphere of the Hundred Years War, both on the battlefield and in all the villages of France.

Joan may have been a very skilled tactician, according to testimony by officers at a second trial 20 years after her death, and she was definitely a castle-stormer. She was also a literal standard bearer, charging with the battle flag into the enemys ranks. She once pulled an English arrow from her shoulder and continued fighting, which electrified her army. Later she was grazed on the helmet by an English stone cannonball. She took a France on the ropes, with a weak king, and turned the military tide in favor of France.

[Added for this blog] Much of northern and western France had been overrun by the Norman British armed forces, and Burgundy was in league with the invaders. The Norman British aristocrats, generals and officers all themselves spoke French, having conquered England in 1066 from their base in Normandy, in northern France. The French slang for the invaders was les Goddons, from the English swear word “God damn.” 😉


Actually, a number of women, all aristocrats, unlike Joan, led armies and/or wore armor during that era. A ruler personally led the troops into battle, and if the ruler was a woman, so be it.

There is likely a France today because of Joan of Arc. England took 800 years to let Ireland go, once conquered, and still controls Wales and Scotland.

England is tenacious and fierce, once it becomes an enemy. (Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, asked once if England was still an important power in our time, said: England is an old lion, but it still has claws.)

Coat of arms of the United Kingdom, still replete with Norman French slogans a thousand years after the Norman Conquest, such as Honni soit qui mal y pense” (“Shame on him who thinks evil thoughts”) and Dieu et mon droit (“God and my rights”). Note the fleur-de-lys at the bottom center, an extremely ancient Aryan symbol that goes back to the hagal rune, from which all the runes were born.

Many great talents have depicted the Maid of OrleansShakespeare, Voltaire, Schiller, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Mark Twain and Brechtand two recent Hollywood movies (among many) have done her some justice. The finest, most balanced and accurate portrait of her, without propaganda, was by the great English dramatist and Nobel Prize winner, George Bernard Shaw, in his play St. Joan.

Shaw considered her a religious proto-Protestant because she insisted in 1430, many decades before Martin Luther, that her personal visions of Gods will gave her the right to take up arms, whatever the Catholic hierarchy thought about them or her. (She was not actually made a Catholic saint until 1920, a whopping 500 years after her death.)

Added by JdN: An Aussie comrade wrote me that her handwriting proved she was a left-hander (like me, so I liked that 😉) and said he thought she was a brunette, and sent this pic, of the earliest known drawing of Joan of Arc, in the protocol of the Parliament of Paris, drawn by Clement de Fauquembergue in 1429 (two years before her death).

I wrote back to this comrade: Well, that pen-and-ink drawing does NOT prove black hair, which I think would have resulted in the cartoonist drawing far more dark lines into her hair. The earliest painting of her, in COLOR of course, the one shown above from 64 years after her judicial murder, shows her as a redhead, and she was a very, very famous woman, seen by THOUSANDS. She was, let’s face it, the equivalent today of a rock star! Furthermore, France is or once WAS fundamentally keltic and often red-headed. (Hans F. K. Gnther wrote in his Racial Life of the Indo-European Peoples that a study of recruits in Napoleon’s army in the year 1800 showed 70% had BLUE EYES, reflecting the original French look before the wars of Napoleon and WWI decimated the true French stock. The French are basically a keltic-germanic-mediterranean mixture. The northeastern province of Lorraine, next to Alsace, then in Germany, specifically was heavily keltic-germanic.) Joan’s temperament was also rather what I would expect from a ginger, having been with one for six years. 😉

This fundamental and revolutionary attitude seemed like anarchy, megalomania and cultism to French Bishop Cauchon, a sincere man who, as the detailed witchcraft trial transcripts from 1431 show, only very reluctantly acquiesced in what the English were going to do anyway, whatever the witchcraft verdict: kill her, just as they killed the charismatic William Braveheart Wallace of Scotland, defaming the Scot as a traitor to England, a rank absurdity.

In fact, in her trial, Cauchon gave her numerous opportunities to say that the Church should be the one deciding about the visions of angels by illiterate farm girls, urging her just to say the right words of acknowledgment that the church should have the last word and the final say. That she refused to do. Then she recanted, thinking about being burned alive for up to 30 minutes. Remember, the body is 80% water, not a dry matchstick. A death by fire can be long and terribly painful. But after praying, she became defiant once again, defiant to the very end, and the English immediately began building the fire to burn her alive. Faced with the flames, she refused to recant a second time.

Joan was held at this dungeon in Rouen, Normandy by British soldiers. I visited it in 2004, and spoke on two occasions extensively with the director on the topic of psychopaths in political power. Joan wore men’s clothes in the dungeon to “turn off” English soldiers from trying to rape her, but gave clear instructions that, unless she was burned, she should be buried in women’s clothes, as befitting her womanhood. She was no masculine lesbian, but a dainty girl who realized that SOMEONE had to go out and FIGHT.

The crowd was mesmerized by her courage and their hatred of the British invader became hotter than the flames burning that girl. She yelled at Bishop Cauchon: It is you, not my sins, that have brought me to this place of fire!



(Toward the end of the burning scene, Joan sees a light over her. This might refer to the fact that good people dying painfully can have an OBE, an out-of-body experience as they die, and leave their body and its pain. They look down and see the suffering body, but they are no longer connected to it at all, or to its pain. They simply rise into the tunnel of light to a God who has witnessed their brave final minutes. Such heroes and heroines have nothing more to fear.)

After Bishop Cauchon died and the English had quit France in defeat, an angry mob dug up his bones and threw them into the Seine.

In retrospect, the Church feared, rightly, that a series of charismatic Joans or Jeans or Jans or Martins would eventually break up Christendom into a hundred feuding sects and religious warsjust as the English army feared she would continue to galvanize the war spirit of occupied France and thwart the century-old English investment in seizing it. In Shaws play, Cauchon reasons: An illiterate camel trader [his term for Islams founder, Mohammed] creates his own religion and sweeps away half of Christendom. So we cannot say, she is just one girl.

Truly, Joan was a human phenomenon, still fascinating 570 years after her girlish frame sank into ashes. Above all, she remains a specific symbol, in the French conscious and subconscious, of both men and women resisting foreign occupiers and bullies to the death.

The trial and burning of Joan, a girl defending and rallying her nation, and not recanting as she faced the blazing bonfire, has put a stamp for almost 600 years now on the French view of themselves.

Aside from Joan, the other national symbol of France, rather masculine, is the rooster, called Chanticleer.

One Frenchman told me why the rooster is apropos:

The rooster will fight, he loves ze females, and even if he must stand up to his knees in manure, he continues to sing.

And that is the spirit we all need.

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