ENGLISH The Arizona Congresswoman shooting and MK-ULTRA

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—– Our chat on Thu, Jan 6 11 13:02 —–

Dennis Roddy(13:04): Greetings, John. How goes the Salutrian [sic] movement so far?

I responded:

* * *

Hi, Dennis.

I did not start it in 2009 or 2010 as planned. When one is as anti-gov’t as I am, you wait until the masses are really angry at the putative president, and only then do you stick your neck out.

The Arabs have an expression, which refers to both literal coups and also strictly political and figurative battles such as mine: “If you hit the king, be sure you kill him.” While I wanted Obama to win in 2008 and then be a political disaster, and I want him to live a long life (because he is a married man and father) and I want him to complete his term — because he advances the white nationalist cause 😉 –– he was very powerful for much of last year, and he only hit rock-bottom in the polls recently. So my time is here only at this juncture.

As you may recall, Homeland Security came in 2009 with three squad cars and arrested my personal assistant, the Finnish refugee Henrik Holappa. He did 87 days in solitary and then was expelled for life from the US. He still suffers painful intestinal infections from his federal stay…………..as do other WN prisoners.


Arresting Holappa was a nice brush-back pitch by Mr Obongo…..who probably did not like my publishing the nude pix taken by his real biological father, and now found online, of his communist and sluttish Jewish mother, whose name was Stanley (rather unusual girl’s name) Ann Dunham. 😉

From one of my 2008 radio ads, videoized recently by my new personal assistant, Jason Salyers of Alaska.

But my mission is to totally discredit both Obama and the two major political parties that never brought up his lack of US citizenship, his marxist past, his porn-novelist daddy, and his CIA present.

Henrik and I shortly after he arrived in the USA, fleeing a three-count indictment in Finland and a four and a half year prison sentence for hate-speech. I was accused then by WN-infiltrated forums of being a homosexual for taking him in. Holappa spent eight months assisting me, spoke to a standing ovation at the Duke-Black EURO conference in November 2008, then from March-June 2009 was placed in solitary confinement in Batavia, NY in a federal prison before being banned for life from US soil.

Margi Huffstickler, Henrik, and one of our two dogs, Carmen

So I waited, Dennis, until Obama melted down in November 2010 to start gearing up. I will be launching very soon, and since you did such a fair job interviewing me before (I expect no favors, esp. not from the Gazette, just accuracy), I will be happy to speak with you again.

This is my website and today’s blog, dealing with both Walt Disney, antisemite, and the huge potential power bloc that is the German-American ethnic background, with our area being itself heavily German: http://johndenugent.com/english/english-walt-disney-white-genius-and-strong-antisemite-german-immigrants-used-and-abused

John de Nugent

===========================ARIZONA: AMUCK SHOOTER OR MK-ULTRA?
I find a certain merit in the article below analyzing the horrible Arizona shooting yesterday.

And I have a certain personal interest in this story for two reasons:

1) I felt it was imperative that someone from our side go on TV and distance us distinctly and clearly from the James von Brunn incident at the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Unlike this crazy Jared Loughner of Arizona, James von Brunn (whom I barely “knew” via emails and phone calls received) was definitely a WN, had written a cogent book against Jewry, had been a successful businessman, artistic painter, and US Navy officer, and had an intelligent WN website, “holywesternempire.org”

I was very concerned back in June 2009 that, on cue, the jewsmedia would erupt after the von Brunn incident with calls for gun control and hate-speech laws, Canadian-style. To head them off, I went on TV (in fact, my words were carried worldwide) and in any case, perhaps partly due to my efforts, HATE-SPEECH LAWS DID NOT HAPPEN.



(I did lose tens of thousands in federal student loans right after that, however, right after an FBI agent asked me my revenue source. Money has been extremely tight ever since August 2009, a full 16 months ago.)

In any case, Loughner seems SO FAR to be a true crazy with many leftist sympathies and no ties to any WN group. Attempts to link him to the American Renaissance group of Jared Taylor lost a lot of steam when the ADL’s own “research director,” Mark Pitcavage, said there was no link.

Jared Lee Loughner…. Names ending in -ner are very often jewish….(Shatner, Costner, Rosner, Hefner)

2) One thing I could never understand when I was a young and later middle-aged adult was why I had almost no memories of my childhood before age 10, which was when when I ran away from home, in fact, I ran for five miles from Thomas Street in Rumford, East Providence, Rhode Island, to North Providence, trying to make it to my grandparents’ country house in Glocester.

My English grandfather, John Thomas Colwell, and my grandmother, Elizabeth Angell (Colwell), at their historic colonial-era home along Snake Hill Road in Glocester, where they had a dairy farm and 200 acres.

(I believe my grandfather is still a true guardian angel to me, but that is another story, and quite interesting. It also involves perhaps the top psychic in the United States, Anne Gehman, featured repeatedly in an HBO special, and who has been used for decades by police departments to help solve cold cases of missing persons. What she told me in 1989 about John Thomas Colwell, who had died 15 years before, was inspiring and yet it felt very eery. I had heard of her after the chief of police of Alexandria, Virginia had just said in a front-page story in the Washington Times that she had solved a nagging missing-persons case that his PD had been unable to crack.)

Going back to my early childhood and its after-effects, when I finally, at age 49, sought counseling for being molested as a kid (just as I feared, some day the fact I got therapy would be used against me by the likes of Don Black and his Stormfronters), my therapist was astounded at my complete blockage of my childhood and molestation events, and by my inability to respond to any degree of hypnosis. She said “this is one of the worst cases of repression [blocking out thoughts] I have ever seen.”

To protect her (she does not even have a website), I am not giving out her name, but she had a Ph.D. in psychotherapy from UC Berkeley, and told me she had been molested as a girl by her 33rd-degree Freemason stepfather in California. (For that reason she also warned me against a Jewess who was with the female masonic group, the “Eastern Star.”)

She testified as a Commonwealth of Massachusetts expert witness against the Attleboro, Mass. Roubidoux child-murder-cult, and also in a Quebec, Canada incest case (in an English-speaking area). This was a rural, multi-generational scandal involving a farming group (descended from the American “Loyalists” who stayed loyal to the British monarch during the American Revolution and then fled to Canada after Britain lost), and this disgusting group believed (and practiced the belief) that “incest toughens a boy up” [sic].

I still have no idea who or what happened to me as a child.

A picture of me from around 1962, at age eight.

A strange incident happened around that time at Moses Brown School, a prestigious, private Quaker academy that was also, ironically full of Jews all first-named “Alan,” an incident which, looking back, I would now call a “cry for help.” It resulted in me leaving the school and going to public school. I still recall for some reason, the icy, wolflike face of James Crosby, the black-haired director of the Lower School there, just the face staring at me, predator-like, as if to say: “Kid, you are becoming a problem.” (Crosby died, youngish, many years ago.) Around the year 2000 I received phone calls from both my father and my Canadian stepmother, indicating that my father was very troubled about …something. What, I still do not exactly know. But I believe that there are horrible things going on, as in the book The Franklin Coverup, and rogue elements in “our government’ are involved.

I do remember that when the therapist tried to induce a relaxing, protective hypnotic effect so we could together “revisit” what had happened and process the memories so I could get them behind me, the technique failed, and I began screaming; at that point, my then-wife, the Frenchwoman, wanted to rush into the room, as she later told me, and stop the session, which she felt was just torture for me.

In any case, I could not access anything that happened to me. In view of that fact, in 2006-2007 I underwent 18 months of something different, “cognitive behavioral therapy,” which does NOT involve “going back” to childhood at all, but instead analyzing the effect that trauma can have on the adult person living today. You study your “cognition,” that is, how you think, and your “behavior,” that is, how you still are reacting to that old trauma, so decades-old incidents will finally stop haunting you and affecting you TODAY.

This technique is now very highly regarded for its speed and effectiveness. I felt much better after just three or four sessions, though I did the 18 months prescribed. (Btw, the therapist was Jewish and a liberal, but a good guy.) I also recommended this technique to a German comrade for his girlfriend, who had been molested, and I got a report that she feels much better after this therapy.

But if whatever happened, which gave me nightmares for four decades, WAS in fact MK-ULTRA, I am proud that I proved an uncooperative subject and was never useful to the enemy. I remember running away from home shortly after my mother gave me a drug that made my head spin. I ran outside the house on Thomas Street, across into an empty grassy lot, and just lay down as a horrible vision of black birds pecking at my face and cawing away erupted. I also “saw” an old man mashing baby birds down with his shoe.

This is a classic technique used to terrify and traumatize children, to kill baby birds or animals before them. Some children literally pass out from fright. I passed out myself on at least three occasions as an adult when a memory was triggered, including something as simple as being caught between high bookcases.

(For years, I could not stay in a Borders bookstore for more than fifteen minutes without a repressed feeling of dread overcoming me. I once had to rush out of a bookstore at Brown University and slap cold snow on my face, then drive with the windows down — in January 2004 on I-95 in Providence — just to snap myself out of a fainting spell. I sweated violently for half an hour in that ice-cold Ford pickup truck on my way to a job interview at Coventry High School. I got the job, btw, teaching French, and I met a number of kids there who showed signs of a childhood like my own….)

When the drug-induced nightmare was over for me in that grassy lot, going back to 1962, and the sky stopped spinning and the birds inn this daymare “attacking” (now that I look back, the birds cawing and swarming was a technique in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds,” which I only watched much later, in the year 1997), I got up from that field and decided I had to do something.

And shortly afterward, I ran away from home. That willpower to never submit is still in me.

My hatred for psychopaths is just simply infinite, yet it is icy. They are human devils. We must take them down without mercy, because they give none.

My motto is hot heart and cold brain.

And now an article which an Indiana comrade sent me about yesterday’s horrible Arizona shooting and mass-murder incident:

* * *

AZ Congresswoman assassination scenario has MKULTRA profile, drug & space target

The mass political assassination attack in Tucson, AZ on Saturday January 8, 2011 that as of 2:44 pm pst had left six people dead and eighteen shot were shot during the attack has a marked MKULTRA profile, and of suppression of drug cartel investigation and of expansion the U.S. space program as one of its effects.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was reported in grave condition and in surgery at University Medical Center in Tucson, after the shooting in a Safeway supermarket parking lot.

One news report states,

The suspect in the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and others, Jared Loughner, posted a You Tube video three weeks ago indicating that “in a few days, you know Im conscience dreaming!” as well as a MySpace post saying goodbye to friends.

According to MSNBC, “Police say the shooter was in custody, and was identified by people familiar with the investigation as Jared Loughner, 22. Pima County Sheriff’s officials said he used a pistol to carry out the shooting spree. U.S. officials who provided his name to the AP spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release it publicly.”

In a You Tube video attributed to Jared Lee Loughner, which was posted approximately about three weeks ago, Loughner states, in part:

This video is my introduction to you! My favorite activity is conscience dreaming: the greatest inspiration for my political business information. Some of you dont dream sadly.

In conclusion, my ambition is for informing literate dreamers about a new currency; in a few days, you know Im conscience dreaming! Thank you!

The MSNBC report also indicates that federal law enforcement officials were analyzing Loughner’s MySpace page after the shooting incident. According to MSNBC, “The MySpace page, which was removed within minutes of the gunman being identified by U.S. officials, included a mysterious ‘Goodbye friends’ message published hours before the shooting and exhorted his friends to ‘Please don’t be mad at me.'”

You Tube Video Channel of alleged assassin

The You Tube video channel of the 21-year-old alleged assassin, Mark Lee Loughner contains 5 brief recent videos, each of which contains MKULTRA type mind control material on the video.


These videos, apparently made by Mark Lee Loughner (apparently AKA Jared Loughner) himself, include the following:

1. Hello by Mark Lee Loughner

2. My Final Thoughts: Jared Loughner

3. How to: Mind Controller

MKULTRA and political assassinations

The preliminary profile of Mark Lee Loughner indicates that he may be a person going through genuine programming under MKULTRA by mind control methods and programming by on-the-ground MKULTRA agents designed to disorient the individual mind and turn the individual into a Manchurian candidate type assassin.

A scholarly article on the MKULTRA program states,

MKULTRA grew into a mammoth undertaking. The nature of the research included these specific problems:
Can we create by post-H (hypnotic) control an action contrary to an individuals basic moral principles?
Can we alter a persons personality? Can we guarantee total amnesia under any and all conditions?
Could we seize a subject and in the space of an hour by post-H control have him crash an airplane?
Can we devise a system for making unwilling subjects into willing agents and then transfer that control to untrained agency agents in the field by use of codes or identifying signs?

“In a 1971 Science Digest article [6], Dr. G.H. Estabrooks states, ‘By the 1920s clinical hypnotists learned to split certain individuals into multiple personalities like Jeckyl-Hydes. During WWII, I worked this technique with a Marine lieutenant Ill call Jones. I split his personality into Jones A and Jones B. Jones A, once a normal Marine, became entirely different. He talked communist doctrine and meant it. He was welcomed enthusiastically by communist cells, and was deliberately given a dishonorable discharge. Jones B was the deeper personality, knew all the thoughts of Jones A, and was imprinted to say nothing during conscious phases. All I had to do was hypnotize him, get in touch with Jones B, and I had a pipeline straight into the Communist camp.’ BB 167-169 For more on CIA mind control projects, click here.”


Here are some good resources on the subject of electronic Mind Control, including the MKULTRA program:


Mind control information center


A major conference on the subject – Free Your Mind Conference – is planned for Philadelphia, PA, April 9-10, 2011


MKULTRA assassination & drug cartel targeting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was an outspoken opponent of the drug cartels operating and causing apparent violence in Mexico.

Please view this video of Rep Giffords on the floor of the U.S. Congress on September 23, 2010, calling for the dismantling of drug cartels:


The conventional wisdom is that drug cartel violence in Mexico is indigenous to Mexico itself.

In interviews with knowledgeable Mexican sources in Mexico during the period Nov. 15-19, 2010, this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre learned that what appears to be indigenous violence of Mexicans on Mexicans is indeed a part of a covert war directed by an international drug and finance cartel against North American society Mexico, the United States and Canada for purposes of reducing the populations in these nations to impoverished, rights-deprived slave-wagers in second-tier nations.

This drug war strategy has been an ongoing strategy against sovereign nations since the covert war by this same international drug and finance cartel initiated the first of the Opium Wars against China during the reign of King George III (1738-1820) of the U.K.

A 392-page book DOPE INC describes the evidentiary history, composition, and methods of this international drug and finance cartel that is structured around the U.K. monarchy and specific noble bloodlines, and City of London financial bloodlines.

The operating methods of this international drug and financial cartel include assassination and control of MKULTRA assassination technology and teams in Mexico, the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere.

In order to download a free copy of the 392-page book DOPE INC., please go to this URL:


It is both plausible and probable that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was targeted and shot by an MKULTRA assassination operation under the ultimate direction of the international drug and finance cartel described in DOPE INC.

It should be noted that other potential causes of the assassination attack may have been a domestic right wing assassination against U.S. District Judge John Roll (who died in the attack) for his defense of illegal immigrant rights, and Sarah Palin’s targeting of Rep. Giffords on a list of 20 Democrats to be “taken out” because of their support of the Obama Health Care Bill.

Space program targeted and affected

The U.S. space program and International Space Station is affected by the MKULTRA assassination attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Rep. Giffords has served as chairwoman of the House Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee and also holds seats on the House Science and Technology and Armed Services committees.

Her husband, U.S. Navy Capt. Mark E. Kelly, 56, is the scheduled commander of the 134th NASA shuttle flight, which is the last planned shuttle mission using the space shuttle Endeavour, set to launch April 1, 2011. He is a three-time veteran of shuttle missions.

He will meet his twin brother, Scott Kelly, in space at the International Space Station (ISS), which he is commanding.

Endeavours mission is to deliver spare parts including two S-band communications antennas, a high-pressure gas tank, additional spare parts for Dextre and micrometeoroid debris shields to the International Space Station ISS. The research center AMS-02 will also be transported for installation on the ISS.

AZ MKULTRA assassination as a false flag

This reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre assisted Rep Henry B. Gonzalez (D-Tex.) in his successful attempt to establish the 1979 House Select Committee to investigate the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X.

It is highly probable, by the evidence, that MKULTRA teams accomplished each of these assassinations.

Each of these assassinations served as a false flag attack upon the constitutional body politic on the U.S.

Among the public comments on news sites regarding the MKULTRA assassination attack against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords were sentiments like the following:

“get ready for stage 4 of the police state clampdown after this horrible event…. wouldn’t be surprised to see martial law imposed and wouldn’t be surprised if the shooter was a FBI patsy/ and this was yet another false flag event to take away more of our freedoms and liberties.”

Pattern of increased state terrorism and attempted destabilization in 2011

To this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre, there appears to be a pattern of increased, coordinated state terrorism at the beginning of 2011, ranging from a serious MKULTRA assassination attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to a Jan 2011 HAARP attack on fish and birds worldwide.

One independent scientific expert on HAARP and electromagnetic weapons writes that the New Years January 2011 global fish and bird kill was similar to a HAARP bird kill near a U.S. Air Force base in Tennessee that this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre exposed in 2001.

The scientists writes, A similar case of dead birds falling from the sky on a smaller scale was reported near a closed nuclear power plant in Tennessee in 2001, and was linked to USAF electronic warfare:



“Hartsville, Tennessee, about 30 miles northeast of Nashville, where mysterious,
destructive power surge killed dozens of birds and damaged transmitter, phone
lines and computer equipment at country music radio station WJKM (1090 AM) on
Friday, July 6, 2001 at 10:45 a.m. CST.”

U.S. Air Force Linked To Electronic Warfare Attack In Tennessee

The fact that global investigations of the birds this week showed:
– birds killed in mid-air
– stomachs were empty (could not be poison)
– blunt trauma to organs, but no damage/indication of cause on outside of birds
– instant death to flocks of birds (local areas affected) indicate small
populations targeted
– no other animal/human deaths reported on ground/air therefore source of trauma
had to be in the air/sky for birds and in the water for fish [same technologies]
– small event deaths of small flocks of birds in local areas but reported around the world
over a two day period
– 2 million fish killed in Baltimore

The scientist also states that the mysterious death of Mitre corporation employee John Wheeler, an expert on HAARP, appears to be related to the HAARP fish and bird kill over the New Year January 2011.

The scientist states, “The former Army officer lived in New Castle and worked as a consultant for The Mitre Corporation, a nonprofit based in Bedford, Mass. [MIT], and McLean, Va. [CIA], that operates federally funded research and development centers.

The Jason scientists are the successors to the Manhattan Project scientists, and are paid through the MITRE Corporation. They developed HAARP. This is a direct link between this top level military contractor/advisor to US Presidents and HAARP development and applications.

Wheeler wrote an earlier military report on biological and chemical weapons, and recommended not using biological weapons.

A cover story was released stating he was distorientated and wearing just one shoe. However, photos just hours before he was killed show him in Washington, DC wearing a suit.”

Cause of Mysterious bird deaths over Arkansas – Info vs. Disinfo

Below is an update from a colleague of this reporter:

“There are more reports in Sweden and Brazil, its a worldwide phenomena for sure and examination of specimens confirm trauma to vital organs… I personally still suspect HAARP activities due to these internal organ damage and no traces of poisons.

“UPDATE: A state veterinarian tells NBC that preliminary necropsy results from several birds show that they died of “multiple blunt trauma to their vital organs,” though what caused the trauma remains uncertain. According to Dr. George Badley, their stomachs were empty, so they weren’t poisoned, and they died in midair, not upon impact with the ground.

“This is an event that I feel compelled to follow and not let it slip by. Dead falling birds and Fish were reported in and Sweden too:


“This update is important because the trauma that killed them happened in mid-air not on the ground. The official story from Louisiana says that they hit power lines–highly unlikely.

“More in NZ-



Thus the bird and fish worldwide kill at first glance fits the profile of HAARP or other electromagnetic weapons or similar strike.

How to evaluate this 2011 brief upswing in state terrorism destabilizing events

1. Attempt to instill fear and set agenda This upswing at the beginning of 2011appears a coordinated attempt by the international drug and finance cartel to instill fear and confusion in the human population and instill fear and set an agenda.

2. The positive future 2011 2025 In fact, the singularity at the core of our universe is emitting waves of enlightened unity consciousness that are accessible to all minds on Earth. These waves are driving a constant and objective level toward positive future.

3. Increased visibility and recognition of state terrorism Whatever upswings in state terrorism are attempted in 2011 become occasions for the activated and enlightened portion of our human population to make the rest of the population aware that this state terrorism is designed by a very narrow international drug and financial cartel DOPE INC that is trying to keep themselves in power and their failing hold over the human population intact.


http://whatreallyhappened.com/ (scroll down to jan 08, 12:13)

Found this quote (probably written by Mike Rivero of What Really Happened dot com)

UPDATE: report from source at scene says Giffords still alive and in surgery.”Pay no attention to that pesky Massachusetts Supreme Court Decision that invalidated fifty million foreclosures; we got DEAD BODIES to wave at you!” — ABCNNBBCBS

And before I get the snarky emails saying bankers do not kill for profits, let me remind you wars get started by banks for profit, and both Lincoln and Kennedy were killed after trying to free Americans from the slavery of a private central bank, and the failed attempt to assassinate Andrew Jackson for the same reason.

This is a staged incident to distract the media.

If the shooter had really intended to kill Congresswoman Giffords, he would have emptied the gun into her. Instead, he shot her once, then emptied the gun into the crowd to shoot and kill as many as possible. The goal wasn’t the Congresswoman, but shock value! Giffords was a target-of-opportunity to make the story more attractive to the media!

So do me a favor. The TV networks will have nothing but this shooting for the next several days. It is up to YOU to make sure all America knows of the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision in the Ibanez case and how it might affect their own foreclosures. Remember, the news is what affects YOUR life; everything else is a distraction.

And right now the bankers are desperate to distract Americans from the Ibanez decision, lest identical lawsuits start appearing in the other 49 states! Trillions are on the line.

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