ENGLISH In memoriam Byron Hudson Jost — his last videos

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I was shocked — but not surprised — to hear the tragic news of the recent death by heroin overdose of my friend, 35-year-old filmmaker Byron Jost. Byron was a gifted and idealistic white nationalist videographer, about 5’6′ with big, bright blue eyes, who unfortunately had a weakness, like many artistic people, for alcohol and drugs, and both actually worsened his already serious despair and depression over the condition that the Jews have put our white race in.

If you have been to my YouTube videos from the “No More Wars for Israel” conference in October 2007, Byron did them and his use of lighting, focus, and film speed showed his great talent. The name Jost (pronounced Yoh-st) is German, and Byron was one meticulous craftsman.

Part 1 of 3, “Let My People Go.”


Byron also designed at my instructions the first versions of the Solutrean flag.

A German friend forwarded to me this dismaying report from a white friend of Byron’s in Cambodia:

* * *


I’ve told several of Byron’s friends what happened with him and since they’ve seen fit to put their version online, I”ll put my summary of the simple facts.

Byron contacted me about the apartment I had for rent after seeing it advertised online.

We had a very friendly relationship, I saw him most everyday that he didn’t travel down to Sihanoukville for a beach holiday. He never talked politics, at least with me. We talked about music mostly. He gave me a copy of the Electric Prunes’ second album.

The night Byron probably died, he had just returned from Sihanoukville saying he had had a great time. He had a couple of beers at the bar, we listened to some music and he went upstairs. He said he’d be paying rent the next day. I didn’t see him the next day but didn’t give it much thought,thinking I just may have missed him. The following evening staff called me over and said they were concerned that they hadn’t seen Byron, that there was a bad smell from his room and that he wasn’t responding to their knocks on the door.

My security guard and I went upstairs and when we again got no response we had to physically remove the door to gain entry as the door had been locked from inside making entry otherwise impossible. Byron was lying on the floor with his headphones on. It appeared he had been dead since the previous day. I immediately called the US Embassy, who contacted local police, the latter arriving on the scene first, the Embassy representative shortly thereafter.

The police made an immediate determination that he died of a heroin overdose, some of which they found in his room. I had known about a number of his drinking binges but he had never mentioned heroin to me and didn’t seem to me to be a user-type. His body was transported to the morgue that night and the police released the body from the morgue the next day for the traditional Khmer cremation (arranged by the Embassy after speaking with family), which as noted, only I, ML and Brunt attended. I presume the cremation was paid for by monies found in Byron’s room by the Embassy and police.

That’s really it, folks. I’m sorry for Byron’s passing and for the loss of a friend for all those who cared about him.

* * *

Here was the banner of Byron’s site, www.octobersunfilms.com (still up):

I replied to Byron’s friend in Russia:

* * *

Thanks. I am doing a blog about Byron now and putting up the videos he did, including the salvaging of his final work [below].

As far as I am concerned he flat-out committed suicide by heroin. What a waste!!! He could have helped me and I would have loved using him as my constant video man. We have lots of room here and Pennsylvania as you know is wonderful.


Well, I do hope that you will safeguard your own talent and life because we just cannot afford to lose any more “A-list” Aryans.




Byron’s friends met in Moscow to honor him….


Unfortunately, like many with an alcohol problem it gave Byron also a grouchy and even hair-trigger temper. He was upset that I condemned his hard drug use and told me off. Well, sometimes “tough love” works and sometimes it doesn’t. 🙁

Two brief videos (of the six that recently were made) of Byron’s remaining film footage:



I wish Byron had completed his final movie on how the juish anthropologist Franz Boas had twisted our culture into one of white self -hatred. I think he had a strong German streak of perfectionism where nothing was ever good enough.

I’ll see you in your next life, buddy. Thanks for your talent and fine work for our people. You are really missed.


THE BANK: A bank is a place that will lend you money, if you can prove that you dont need it.

POLITICIANS: Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularlyand for the same reason.

* * *

A man watching a hockey game on TV kept switching channels to a dirty movie featuring a lusty couple.

“I don’t know whether to watch them or the game,” he said to his wife.

“For heaven’s sake, watch them!” his wife said.

“You already know how to play Hockey!”



We received very reliable info from a federal law enforcement officer that the political powers that be in Washington DC are not at all happy with our mission of outreaching to the current serving military and police about their oath (wow, what a surprise), so the marching orders have come down for at least one federal agency to make Oath Keepers look like a militia like the Hutaree. Of course Oath Keepers is not a militia we are not organizing an armed body of men to take on the government as has been alleged by corporate media talking heads.

Instead, we are an association of police, military, firefighters, and first responders who are using our First Amendment protected right to free speech to reach out to other active duty police, military and first responders, reminding them of their oath and teaching them more about the Constitution they swore to defend. We encourage them to consider the constitutionality of any orders they receive while serving here on American soil, and we encourage them to refuse to follow orders that would violate the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. And thats all we do. Pretty simple, really, and pretty hard to attack since it is well established in military law that military personnel have a duty to disobey unlawful orders and that any law (and thus any order) contrary to the Constitution is null and void from inception. Who could, in good faith, argue with that? In fact, the scuttle-butt is that most of the rank and file federal law enforcement field agents are on our side no surprise considering they all swore the same oath we did.

And that is exactly what has the powers that be so upset. They prefer blind obedience and dont want the police and military to think for themselves and they certainly dont want them thinking about their oath, studying the Constitution, and weighing the constitutionality of orders. Fact is, they fear and hate Oath Keepers precisely because they dont think individuals should ever refuse orders. Such elites are not comfortable with the long established Nuremberg principle that just following orders is no excuse (reiterated after the My Lai Massacre) , and they would prefer that police and military forget that history, forget that principle, and simply follow all orders. Thus, they fear the oath itself.

However, since they cannot successfully attack Oath Keepers directly for simply advocating that we all keep our oaths by following well established precedent (the Nuremberg Principle) and by following the supreme law of the land, they must twist and distort what we are about and even use agent provocateurs to make us look like a militia. The political elites and their Non Government Organization and Media fellow travelers know how to smear and attack militias. But they have no experience countering a group like ours.

We present a particularly sticky problem for them. How can they directly attack what we are doing? They cant. So that is why they are trying to make us out to be something we are not a militia so they can more easily deal with us.

We have already seen a full court press (pun intended) attack against us in the mainstream media, complete with Newsweek focusing on me in an article about A Surge of Hate (see http://www.newsweek.com/id/236202), but those media attacks really arent working, so now they have to bring in the big guns, with Bill Clinton, of all people, attacking Oath Keepers by name in several speeches and interviews (thats when you know you are doing something right!) and with a focused government COINTELPRO style campaign to smear us.

To recap: The BOD decisions includedthese facts:

1. We need to make it hard, not easy, for those elements within government to accomplish their smear campaign. Since Oath Keepers is not a militia, but rather an outreach and educational organization focused on current serving police and military, if they want to portray us as a militia, the last thing we should do is give them a gift by speaking at an event that includes militia leaders as speakers and where the rhetoric from some speakers is about warning the government that they will fight if necessary. We understand why those speakers are taking that stand, and dont begrudge them doing so, but that is not our mission. Nor do we insist that our membership not attend that rally. They are welcome to do so, but as individuals and not as representatives of this organization.

2.The intel we had that affected our decision was about the government smear campaign against Oath Keepers, and not about the event itself. The government actually does fear our real mission and cannot confront it head on. Theycan only use lies to fight us and must transform our movement into something they can more easily deal with.

Our message is non-violent, lawful, and true to the Constitution. And it is something that the bad elements among the political elites dont know how to deal with directly. We need to be aware of their goal to make us look like a militia and we need to make it difficult for them to do that by sticking to our mission of outreach to the current serving.

Stewart Rhodes


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  • Across the street from the Frostburg State University?campus, two students were reportedly shot in front of 68 E College Ave., the building on the left. John?A. Bone/Times-News
  • TYRONE HALL [perpetrator]

April 18, 2010

Student [white] killed in shooting near FSU

Second man wounded; suspect in custody

From Staff Reports Cumberland Times-News

FROSTBURG One Frostburg State University student is dead and another hospitalized following a shooting that occurred early Sunday morning across the street from the university campus.

Brandon Michael Carroll, 20, Waldorf, and Ellis Eugene Hartridge Jr., 21, Washington, D.C., were both taken to Western Maryland Regional Medical Center, where Carroll was pronounced dead, according to Frostburg police. Hartridge was taken to surgery and expected to survive.

The suspect, 21-year-old Tyrone Brent Hall of Glen Burnie, is also an FSU student. He was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and two counts of first-degree assault.

The shooting occurred at about 4 a.m. in front of the house at 68 E. College Ave.

Police said there was a confrontation earlier in the evening at an off-campus party where an individual not explicitly identified as Hall allegedly assaulted a female at the party. That confrontation was quickly broken up by other people in attendance.

Later, several people went to the East College Avenue residence looking for the person accused of the assault. During that confrontation, Hall fired two rounds from a 12-gauge shotgun, wounding both Carroll and Hartridge in the abdomen.

Hall remained inside the house until authorities arrived and took him into custody. During their investigation of the residence, police found shotgun shells believed to be those used in the shooting.

Hall has no previous criminal history, and no attorney had entered an appearance on his behalf Sunday, according to online court records.

University President Jonathan Gibralter expressed condolences to Carrolls family in a prepared statement released Sunday.

We will feel the impact of his loss for a very long time, Gibralter said. I am also very relieved that Mr. Hartridge will recover, but so sorry that he has had to endure this… It will be important for our community to pull together in the coming days.

Murder charges against a student in the death of a fellow student are believed to be unprecedented in the 112-year history of Frostburg State. In 1983, a student named Joan Ann Charlton was found slain on campus, a crime that was never solved.

Both Carroll and Hartridge were members of the university mens basketball team. Carroll was listed on the roster as a sophomore, Hartridge a junior.

The police investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The Associated Press contributed to this article


More white lives wasted by worthless non-white anti-whites….

John de Nugent
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