ENGLISH Neanderthal gallery of modern Jews and gentiles

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This song will penetrate your skull and make you wish every good white man had a woman and every good white woman had a man. We need to become a TRIBE where we can meet each other, found families, and be grandparents to the young’uns!


A stalwart supporter with a frustrating, hostile family life wrote me:

Hey, John, I hope all is well there.

I’m holding on as much as I can. I truly am dying out here though… I
really really am wondering just what the hell am I doing here… Oh, I
forgot… Well, in a sense we all die first before we are rebuilt, like
destroying an old building before a new one can be built right? When
you tried to kill yourself in France, the old John de Nugent did die
that day. He was reborn the next day. The old John de Nugent would never
have thought of Pittsburgh as the location. 😉 I guess it’s a matter of
perception saying that the “old you” died.

In any case, I found your latest blog solutre-amazing. 😉 That Hinduspeak room service dialogue (“Subject: Tenjooberrymuds” found here: http://johndenugent.com/english/english-alex-jones-and-jesse-ventura-tonight-on-fema-camps-machiavellis-scorned-warning-to-the-jews-china-booms-with-national-socialist-economics-from-hitler) was just great, on its way to becoming a masterpiece.

I replied:

Thank you for this email, and sharing with me that you are feeling pretty blue about things.

Yes, when I was cutting open my wrists with a huge, jagged hunting knife I passed through a barrier, the barrier of the fear of death and the unknown, and the barrier of letting other people make me feel miserable, both by committing the felony of sexual abuse on me as a kid — and mocking me as an adult for telling the truth about it, and speaking truth about race, and about our Jew masters, and about the white psychopathic traitors and hypocrites in the subverted, taken-over Republican Party. This GOP, the Grand Old Party, nowadays has so fallen and sunken so low that in part I must agree with Jay Leno’s monologue on the Tonight Show a few years back, during the Cong. Mark Foley (Florida) and Sen. Larry Craig (Idaho) homo sex scandals, that GOP now means more and more the Gay Old Pervert party.

It was very hard to leave that beautiful south of France, which was a land of great culture, intelligent people (both the French and the many, many Americans, Canadians, Aussies and Brits who live there as “expats”), the delicious cuisine, the sun-bathed mountains and the French Riviera, and most of all I appreciated their common rejection, from the right to the left, of the idiot George Bush and his war plans. To move from there in 2005 straight back to the Bush-ridden White House city of Washington again, which I had left in 1993, return to the Jew-infested, minority-ruined USA again, whew….and especially distasteful was what I saw again in the Jew-run, multiracial NWO city of Washington DC, with all its obese, ignorant, bureaucratic zombies and blind-obedience military mindsets by soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who have totally forgotten their oath to never obey an unlawful order, and that their oath is FIRST to the Constitution, not the president.

I have said it once and I will say it again:

If George W Bush as president, or Barack Obama, ordered an altar erected in front of the Washington Monument so white babies could be human-sacrificed on it (as with Moloch in the Old Testament), the GSA (General Services Administration) would bring in the lumber, the altar would begin going up, the carpenters would be out there, you would hear the hammers all across the Mall, the GSA would then bring in the charcoal briquets, the flames would rise high and the babies would scream. And if their jobs were at stake and their presence mandatory, federal employees would show up and they would clap as a politician praised this event, a band played, and we were told this baby-burning was vital for our nation’s prosperity, security, and freedom.

Remember that the rogue CIA is torturing and killing human beings right now in various prisons around the US and the world. And if you read the Franklin Coverup, then you know that this “government” (including the family-values hypocrites, the RINOs, in the GOP) has rogue elements of hair-raising levels of evil and savagery toward children.

I so hated this wicked and hypocritical city that I did this demonstration at Georgetown University in 1979 as a student there:

But I could not escape my duty and my mission. I certainly did not plan it that way, but the way it worked out I arrived back in Washington on April 19, 2005, the 230th anniversary of that day in 1775 when the American Revolution began at Concord….

The Concord, Massachusetts monument to the Minutemen. The plow symbolizes that they were ordinary citizens. After killing and scattering the Minutemen at Lexington, the British forces marched on to Concord, and conducted house-to-house searches for weapons. As smoke arose from the village, the irate Minutemen formed for battle. The British army soldiers, led strangely by a Royal Marine officer whom they did not know, split their forces in two, and half bunched up foolishly at one end of Concord Bridge, where they were mowed down by motivated American sharpshooters who knew how to hit their targets. Then American farmers and others harassed and shot down the retreating British all the way back to Boston.

JdN: I interrupt this article to bring you a nice photo of Concord Bridge, Massachusetts, almost just as it looked in 1775, minus the statue of the Minute Man.

….and I started work for the anti-psychopathic Solutrean cause, then aborning in my brain, on April 20th, by working for The Barnes Review magazine on Capitol Hill.

As for your family, as Jesus said, “let the dead bury their dead.”We who are the living, we strive toward the light.



You will be seeing me pray shortly, in a visual production, for we will never win this struggle for survival in our own strength. The enemy has nearly “full spectrum dominance,” except for the Internet and our guns, but the one thing he does not control is God. And when Hitler was with God (1920-41), he had the wind in his sails.

The Gorch Fock, German’s cadet training schooner, under full sail in the Kiel Channel in 2006….I have been on board this beautiful ship. When you sail, you experience the allegory directly of combining your own effort with God’s aid, symbolized by the blowing of the wind.

When Adolf launched however the anti-slavic Operation Barbarossa, the non-liberation invasion of the USSR in June 1941 (when our white Aryan Russian brothers and sisters yearned only to be freed, not re-enslaved to a new master), the wind left his sails. To win, we must be on God’s side, and not ask Him to be on OURS.

As brilliant, courageous, and dedicated as Hitler was, and as valiant and tchtig as the German war machine proved itself in six years of heroic struggle, three against one is impossible odds. The cartoon shows the huge American, the British Tommy, and the Russian bolshevik ganging up on the Reich German…..

Here is a prayer a Canadian white sister sent me, from the website http://fourwinds10.com/, which I just saw today and which seems to be at least very anti-NWO….

???* * *

O God Aton of Light, Creator of the human races, King of Wisdom and the One Source of all, we rejoice that your Spirit lives within us.

We forgive ourselves and our fellow men for our complacency in America in allowing this great nation to be over-run with evil. We ask your Spirit within us to forgive us. Many times we have done nothing, while Satan’s workers in their attempt to rule the world have taken away the unalienable freedoms you gave to us.

We ask now for the Hosts of Heaven to come and stand against the evil forces. We ask that your Spirit awaken our Earth Shan people to Truth, and that they shall pray for this nation. We ask that all people shall begin right-living according to the Laws of God and Creation. May each individual be empowered to make a strong stand against the “lies” and darkness.

By working with the creative Power of God Aton within us, we believe that America can once again be a shining Light of Truth to all the world. We believe that this nation can be a people of right-living. We believe that this has already begun.

We order now through our God Spirit that all evil forces on Earth Shan be removed and cease to exist forever in Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda’s name—that they not hinder any longer our battle for freedom and Truth. We give the Lighted Realms permission to assist us in making this so.

We ask for your protection as we confront evil. We ask for your courage and wisdom as we act, and we ask for your power to accomplish our mission.

May our original Constitution and our Bill of Rights be so re-established in the Republic of the United States of America. May the Laws of God and the Creation be established as the Supreme Law of this land. May we again become “one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.” We walk in faith, believing that this shall be done.

Washington, like Thomas Jefferson, was a deist, not a Traditional Christian, but he, again like Thomas Jefferson, believed strongly in a Higher Force and the noble mission of Jesus. His prayers at Valley Forge were answered when the French aristocrat, the young Marquis de Lafayette, arrived with money and encouragement, and the German baron, Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben of disciplined Prussia, arrived to train and discipline his unruly yet sincere American volunteer soldiers.

Fill this land and our world with your Spirit of Love, and Hope, and Peace, and Joy. This is our prayer to our God-Spirit within us, to God Aton of Light. We pray this in the name of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda—and in Heaven’s sequence. Not our will, O God, but in all things let Your Will be done. So Be It!

JdN: I almost always start my speeches with the Aryan sanskrit word Namaste, “I revere the divine within you.”


The early 9/11 “truther” and online dissident Eric Hufschmid publishes some superb and courageous work, and the latest is on neanderthals.

Source: http://www.erichufschmid.net/Neanderthals/More-Neanderthals-4.html

We clearly are onto something here, although we should NOT go overboard. The neanderthals were intelligent, persistent, gifted at math and had other virtues. Had they not had them, the Cro Magnons would have totally prevailed. And since the Jews are part-neanderthal, then that means we should not underestimate neanderthals!

Hufschmid wrote me:

One of the amusing things about my Neanderthal pages is that it’s causing some people to look at the shape of their head or their teeth, and a couple of people who have only slight neanderthal qualities sent me a photo of themselves and asked what it might mean, as if I were some expert on this subject.

Hufschmid’s page, slightly shortened:

* * *

22 June 2008

Nobody alive today is a Neanderthal, but many prehistoric genetic traits are still in our gene pool, so prehistoric qualities can appear at random in the human population.The crude behavior we see in humans today can be explained as the result of people who are more like primitive savages.

Drawing of a Neanderthal

This particular skull did not have a protruding mouth, and the artist assumed the nose was small

The skeletons of prehistoric humans show sloping foreheads, brow ridges, and short, angled necks.A lot of modern men inherited some of those prehistoric physical traits. Spike Lee
Dov Zakheim, the Pentagon’s comptroller and chief financial officer from May 2001 to May 2004. He was unable to account for $2.3 trillion in the Pentagon budget.Are slanted foreheads as common among respectable people as they are among criminals?

The skeletons of prehistoric humans were slightly different from one another, but they all had a slanted forehead, large face, and short, angled neck.

When artists add flesh to a Neanderthal skull, some of them resemble people living today.
It’s easier to see the differences by looking at the skulls. Prehistoric humans had a sloping forehead and a larger face, nose, and mouth. Neanderthal (left) | Cro-Magnon (right)

In the very primitive skulls, their massive mouth protruded forward, and their chin receded.
Their brain was large, and they were probably very intelligent, but they certainly had slightly different personalities and abilities.

This Russian boxer, Nikolay Valuev, looks normal in a photograph that shows him from the front, but he has an extremely slanted forehead.

He has a massive skeleton also. A normal man can’t develop such a massive body simply by taking steroids or getting exercise. You have to inherit the prehistoric genetic traits.

Rodney Rhines of Ohio doesn’t have a sloping forehead, but he has the protruding mouth of a primitive human. This feature is not noticeable in a front view.Did he inherit prehistoric genetic traits? If so, that could explain why his behavior has been crude.
Neanderthals and other primitive humans were shorter than modern Northern Europeans, and they had a stronger, more massive body.Their posture was different, also. They had a short neck that came out of their body at an angle, whereas modern man has a longer neck that is more vertical.

Below: Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and two security guards.

A lot of Jews have the physical qualities of prehistoric humans, such as a big face, big nose, short neck, and slanted forehead. Is this just a coincidence? Or are Jews more genetically similar to primitive savages than the rest of us?

Is there such a thing as a “Napoleon Complex“?

Some people have created the theory that short men are suffering from an “inferiority complex,”,and that they behave in an abnormally aggressive manner in order to prove something to us. Psychologists refer to this as a Napoleon Complex. But why do only some short men have this complex? And why do some tall men behave in the same manner?
Perhaps the men who are abnormally aggressive inherited a lot of primitive genetic qualities, thereby giving them a mind that is more similar to our prehistoric ancestors.
Richard Branson and many other successful business executives have aggressive personalities, and often a massive skeleton, and they seem to enjoy fighting for dominance, just like a dumb animal.Is this just a coincidence? Or do these men have a mind that is similar to our prehistoric ancestors?

I was a teenager when I first noticed that many men in leadership positions have massive bodies, and that their primary interest in life seemes to be fighting to be the dominant male. They didn’t seem to care about society, or pollution, or crime, or the cities they live in. Their only concern in life seemed to be acquiring material items and showing off so that they could feel important. Their behavior reminded me of male animals.As a teenager, the only explanation I could come up with was that their testicles were producing excessive amounts of male hormones. Today I wonder if their aggressive, animal-like behavior is because they inherited a lot of primitive genetic traits, resulting in a mind that is more like a primitive savage than a modern human.

Why do airline seats promote bad posture?

Years ago I noticed that lots of chairs, such as automobile and airline seats, assume your head is not vertical over your back. In the case of airline seats, they put a pad behind your head, which I found irritating.
I assumed that chairs were designed for the majority of people, and that the majority had bad posture, but perhaps some of the people who were used as measurements for chairs had that primitive, Neanderthal quality of a short neck that comes out of their backbone at an angle rather than upright.

Below are more people with physical qualities of prehistoric humans

Don King

L. Ron Hubbard, who created Scientology and Dianetics. Some people think the tiny upper lip and large lower lip is most common with Jews.

Al Sharpton, one of the men who has been approved of by the Jews to be a “leader of the black community”.

Ben Stein, a speechwriter for Presidents Nixon and Ford. He is currently struggling to convince us (with his movie Expelled) that evolution is nonsense.

Sergey Brin, a Russian Jew who helped create Google, has only a slightly sloping forehead, but he has the large nose, protruding mouth, and receding chin of a Neanderthal.His partner, Larry Page, is similar.

Was Google wildly successful because these two men are incredibly talented? Or do they work with the global Jewish crime network?

Ralph Nader has a slightly sloping forehead and a short, angled neck.

Amy Winehouse, a famous singer in Britain, seems to have a protruding mouth and receding chin.

The large face and protruding mouth can be seen in this artist reconstruction of a Neanderthal skull.

Sam Newhouse, one of the Jews in control of America’s media, seems to have a protruding mouth and other primitive features.

Rick Federman, an actor. The image is from the video he appeared in to promote Congressman Ron Paul

Peter Paul has a slightly sloping forehead. He is a lawyer involved in the campaign fund-raising scandal of Hillary Clinton

Ali Larijani, Iran’s negotiator for nuclear issues. He has meetings with other people who also have slanted foreheads. The EU seems to be full of these people.

Onetime Senator and Democratic Majority Leader Tom Daschle

Alex Jones has a sloping forehead, a large body, and short, angled neck.

Paul McCartney.

Paul Allen of Microsoft

Javier-Solana, of the European Union

Steve Ballmer of Microsoft Corp. has a brow ridge and a short angled neck. He also seems to have a large face; look at the distance between his nose and mouth.

Philippe Douste Blazy, of France, currently a UN special adviser

Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler magazine

Walt Disney

Dr. James Hansen, Ph.D., the world expert on global warming, has a slightly slanted forehead and a short neck.

His college cap certainly does hide his slanted forehead, but it doesn’t prove that he is intelligent or honest. I have several articles about global warming here. To summarize them:

The Earth’s climate is always changing.

Humans may have an influence over the climate.

The scientists are not trying to understand what’s happening or help us. Rather, the Jewish crime network is trying to use the issue to justify manipulating us with taxes and regulations.

Elton John seems to have a slightly sloping forehead.

A close-up of Jerry Springer‘s nose is interesting.At my main page for Neanderthals, you can see that he also seems to have a slanted forehead (here).

A native in New Guinea who is being taught about shaving his beard (the white material is shaving cream).

Benji Lovitt, a comedian in Tel Aviv. Notice his lower eyelids. Some people wonder if the reason David Icke and others refer to Jews as reptilians is because some Jews have a large lower eyelid, which reminds people of reptiles. Has anybody actually studied eyelids to see if they differ between races?

Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic. Even when his head is tilted downward, his forehead is sloping backwards.

Jim Murphy, the British minister for Europe, who complains about anti-Semitism.

Ian A. Worthington, British Ambassador in Santo Domingo

Bob Dewar, The British High Commissioner to Nigeria

Robert Zoellick replaced Paul Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank

Rahm Emanuel, the congressman from Illinois, has only a slightly sloping forehead and brow ridge, but don’t let that fool you; Christopher Bollyn shows that he is the son of a terrorist, a Zionist terrorist.

Neil Cohen, a New Jersey government official who fought child pornography, is now accused of having it himself.As I’ve explained in several documents and audio files, the best way to get away with crimes is to be a crime fighter:

Pedophile trick

Don’t trust crime fighters

Michael Reagan, a radio host, was adopted by Ronald Reagan while he was married to Jane Wyman. A couple years later, they got divorced and Reagan started a new family. Wyman married a man named Fred Karger, who spent much more time as Michael’s father. However, Michael refers to himself as the son of President Reagan, not the son of Wyman or Karger.

The “Dalai Lama” is to the Tibetan people what the “Pope” is to be Catholics.

Bill Nye “the Science Guy”, one of Cornell University’s notable people, and a television host. He had a strange marriage and divorce

Patrick Ahern, an Irish politician

Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland

There are some Jews that don’t have that Neanderthal appearance, and there are people of other races that do, including those in Africa, which are supposedly not related to Neanderthals at all.

Plus there are people with Neanderthal [JdN: that is, primitive] features all over India, Malaysia, China, and even Japan.

I’m sure this issue is just like it is with dinosaurs. Specifically, nobody really knows much of anything about our primitive ancestors. But my web pages are speculation, not a scientific document. I just think it is interesting, like how people have different color hair and eyes.

===================FINAL COMMENT BY JDN

Neanderthals clearly represent an earlier, more primitive kind of human being, and to take one look at these features is to see this.

I came across this photo from a blog of mine n 2008, comparing the faces of the Jewish police commissioner of Berlin before Hitler and the new police chief, Count Helldorf.

By the way, this book is available HERE, at this excellent educational website.

It is time for a careful eugenics program to boost the birfth rate for the very best of our people. And that requires a white tribe with a plan, the Eternal Solutreans.

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  1. Reptilian jew eyelids. It’s not the large lower eyelid that makes jew eyes often look reptilian. It is the droopy UPPER eyelid. For instance, compare jew Greszinski with Aryan Helldorf.

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