ENGLISH Space-saving Aryan inventions; intel type tries another mindgame; modern physics shows the existence of God

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============amazing Solutrean solutions

Ignore the pudgy Jew (with the requisite blonde assistant) and focus on the amazing household inventions. The Jew says the stuff is imported from Italy, but the inventors themselves may have been Americans, Germans, Brits, etc. as well as Italians. (Let us not forget that Rome was a civilization of engineers, Leonardo da Vinci was an engineer, and as anyone who has been to northern Italy can testify, it is a wealthy and high-tech country. A Frenchman once joked to me that if the Italians ever declared all their income, it would be one of the richest countries on earth! ;-))



A comrade in the Midwest wrote me:

Dear John,

One of the most memorable times in my life was when my wife and I saw a Roman Catholic procession walking through the narrow roads of a grape-growing village outside of Trier. in the Rhineland in western Germany in May 2001).

They were singing a song by Neander, still burnt today into my memory. Reading the text, it is really not a Christian song per se. It is talking about the Higher Power of which we are parts, which permeates the universe and speaks to us.


Here’s the same sung at the restored Frauenkirche in Dresden. They really show the inside of the church well. Anyone who could destroy such peaceful timeless art is MENTALLY ILL. We are ruled by Psychopaths. A society can tolerate mentally ill individuals who get treatment but it will collapse when the illness becomes collective and untreated.

In war after war, it seems as if the fine arts and architecture of a culture are prime targets. Everybody still wails at the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt. I read about the destruction or looting of art and ancient artefacts several thousand years old in Iraq during “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. (You have to love the cognitive dissonance of that name….. ) Ancient artefacts have as much to do with Saddam Hussein as the Frauenkirche did with Hitler. I knew even as a youngster that when you destroy art you are not harming one country but rather robbing all of humanity of something which belongs to them. Those artefacts in Iraq were no less our inheritance than the people who lived next door.

The idea is that if you can destroy the (authentic) past you can hoist a fake past on the people. Orwell: Whoever controls the past controls the future. If you don’t know where you came from, you will never know where you’re going. And that’s what they want, the blind and the mentally ill.

This song and message bring healing.

Lobet den Herrn (Praise the Lord) from the Frauenkirche (Church of Our lady) in Dresden, Germany


Lobet den Herrn, der durch uns fliesst
Praise the Lord, who flows through us
Lobet den Herrn, der uns ewiges Leben schenkt
Praise the Lord, who bestows eternal life on us
Lobet den Herrn, der uns Sieg verspricht
Praise the Lord, who promises us victory
Lobet den Herrn, der uns die Wahrheit spricht
Praise the Lord, who speaks truth to us.

======================INTEL AMATEUR

The guy below is pure “intel.” He writes me regularly on my blog trying to get under my skin with SOMETHING.

The last few times he wrote me that Russia is even more Jew-controlled than America and I am a fraud for advocating American-Russian friendship. (Ergo, he fears it.)

These fools have done some sort of pop psychoanalysis of who they think I am and seek with every email and slander to get under my skin. I just delete the chap’s comments before they are even posted.

I love his juvenile attempt to exploit what he thinks is male insecurity on my part….. saying he can outbox me….. Maybe he could until I stomp on his foot, breaking the small bones in them, then rip his ear off (a mere four pounds of pressure will do it, and the shock effect is powerful) and gouge his eye out in three seconds with my thumb, then smash his adam’s apple. Then a Bic pen deep into the temple and he is done.

And I have not even fired a shot in anger….

I do not “box.”

But this shows you the basic outlines of their coming attacks: claiming to WNs I am a fraud, negro-lover, fool, closet homo and CIA-FBI asset and dreamer, a Jesus nut….while of course their line to the “moderate” outside world is I am a gay-BASHER, not a black-lover but a black-hater, not a liberal but a dangerous Nazi-in-sheep’s clothing, a subversive, a terrorist, a New Age cult leader who denies Christ, etc. (In other words, they launch the opposite charges to a different audience.)

A Greek friend of mine, the late Spiro Lagoulis, who used to fight alongside George Lincoln Rockwell, once described the tactic to me in terms of a crude Greek proverb: “Throw some sh– on the wall. Eventually it will dry and fall off. Then throw some more on.”

I revel in the mind games of these pathological haters.

Note his fear, as expressed in the email below, that I am a liberal and that THAT could take off…a compassionate white nationalist who loves his own race and respects other races….

How do we Jews stop THAT? How do we call this guy a hater and actually make it stick?


Since John de Nugent has made it explicit he will not be arrested, framed and railroaded into prison (unlike my personal friends Pedro Varela, Vincent Reynouard, Horst Mahler, Gerd Honsik, and Brendon O”Connell) , the first thing you do as the Eternal Jew — using your Israeli hacker cousins — is crash ALL FOUR OF HIS websites and blizzard the public with personal lies about HIM as soon as his audiovisual book Solutrea, Arise appears.

Then when his websites go back up, the public has been deeply imprinted with falsehoods.

I note that my main site was down much of yesterday, in a trial cyber-attack. But my mirror site stayed up. Remember, comrades, that if johndenugent.com goes down, go immediately to johndenugent.org



Photo of the Internet room: rock-band-strength surge protector, physical firewall and 24-port Ethernet switch. We are now in the process of running our own server as well. To the extent that comrades use Paypal or other modalities to send contributions we will beef up physical and Internet security even more every week. Your move.

Please donate, comrades, by PayPal below! Or send me cash or money orders to this address: http://johndenugent.com/contact


* * * Back to the Jewish mastermind’s psy-op-erama…..


I remember how the lying snake George W. Bush ran and won in 2000 on the Donald Luntz-Karl Rove slogan that he was a “compassionate conservative.”

Suppose a true white civil-rights leader arises who integrates both yin and yang? Both roses and steel? The energies of both Mars and Venus? A white Martin Luther King — but not a fraud?????

Better, a white Marcus Garvey, but not railroadable into prison?

Enjoy reading below the mastermind’s latest anonymously-sent strategem….. I am so psyched-out it took me one second to recover….. 😉

I file that with the subtle death threats and IRS hints, and all the daily mindgames by those “Anonymouses” who are very overpaid to be very ineffective.

Since when is an Egyptian a “dark-skinned African”? And does his brown skin make you hate him? Or angry we do NOT?

And as for the Viking prayer below, my ancestors WERE Vikings. And they believed in REINCARNATION, the belief that gives to valor in battle its rocklike foundation of fearlessness. The Viking prayer is not a fantasy: it is found in the Edda.

We never die.

Only cowards die, every day.


—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Anonymous <wordpress@democratic-republicans.us>
To: john@democratic-republicans.us
Sent: Saturday, February 19, 2011 2:45:58
Subject: [John de Nugent] Comment: “ENGLISH When white women forsake us for Muslim men ”

New comment on your post “ENGLISH When white women forsake us for Muslim men ”
Author : Anonymous (IP: , adsl-99-140-211-154.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net)
E-mail : anon@anon.net
Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
You said: “Some of the best WNs are actually former liberals, not keyboard Nazi males with no military training, no muscles, no job, but Viking fantasies.”

So, Mr. “former liberal” FBI/CIA informant – you have thereby revealed your true self-image (a “former liberal”) and your true contempt for the people who comprise your Internet audience. “Keyboard Nazi males” – yes, that does describe you pretty well – or at least, it describes your false Internet persona pretty well. FBI informant Hal Turner did the same thing – he posed as a “macho” racist (although he’s actually a flaming homosexual), and egged on White males to commit criminal acts, so he could then report them to the FBI. You’re playing the same game, in a slightly more sophisticated and intellectual manner. I’m sure that everyone who donates money to you has their name and address automatically entered into an FBI and/or CIA database.

“Viking fantasies” – in your previous blog, you posted a Viking fantasy video (“The 13th Warrior,” with its “Viking Death Prayer”), thereby encouraging the very behavior you ridiculed in today’s blog. So, you are a hypocrite – your true informant colors and contempt for your audience are showing, Mr. Hal Turner.


And as far as I can tell, you don’t have a real job, either, so you’d better look in the mirror before you bash White males for being unemployed, especially since in many cases, it’s through no fault of their own. We don’t all get checks from the FBI and/or CIA like you do.

And BTW, although I have no military training, I’m in way better shape than you are. Can you run 6 miles and then do a 1-hour weightlifting/freehand exercise/boxing routine? I doubt it – you’d die of a heart attack.

Also, how many real “White Nationalists” have a dark-skinned African named Osama as a trusted insider and webmaster? You are as suspicious as a $3 dollar bill, and you won’t be getting any money from me.

You can see all comments on this post here:

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That is, if one wants to listen at all. A lot of people, very deep-down, prefer a god-free world. After all, as Dostoyevsky said, “if there is no God, everything is permitted.” That is why bolshevism preached atheism. Under bolshevism there was no God, but there sure was a Devil: anyone with money, religious sincerity, achievement, reverence for traditional values, and all non-Jews.

As Eric Hoffer said:

Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.

(See his many incisive quotes here: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Eric_Hoffer)

From the Jason Salyers-Ahnenerbe website http://www.jasonsalyers.com

The discovery of the Unified Field of Natural Law

Developments in modern science, in particular in Quantum Physics, have opened new perspectives for a unified understanding of Nature.

Historically, the analysis of the microscopic structure of matter began with the idea that all substances are composed of tiny particles, like atoms and their subatomic constituents. With the development of Quantum Theory, however, physicists soon had to conclude that the classical particle picture is quite inadequate for the description of these constituents of matter, and realized that the different elementary particles have to be conceived as specific resonant excitations of fundamental quantum fields.

[JdN: A “quantum” is the minimum amount of energy required to cause some physical interaction. From Max Planck on, the first quantum physicist, researchers have begun to realize there IS no matter, no “thing,” no “stuff” that is “solid,” only energy that is vibrating very slowly, and SEEMS solid, and other energy that is vibrating rapidly: sound, light, gravity, and the SOUL.

When in several Shakespeare — Edward de Vere — plays the phrase is uttered “all the world’s a stage,” that is therefore very literally true. This world is an illusion we all agree to treat as real before we incarnate, so we can experience the unforgettable physical consequences of our actions, whether a good beating or a woman’s soft kiss, a cold beer on a hot day or a warm kitten purring against your chest. 😉 When I was a boy in the 1950s, they promised that advanced miscroscopes would someday reveal the “building blocks of matter.” But guess what? When they got a real close look at the atom, they revealed no matter at all! They only found incredibly tiny energy fields. Sorry, materialists!]

Prior to the development of Unified Field Theories scientists had discovered a variety of separate quantum fields, such as the four force fields (meaning the electromagnetic, the weak, the strong, and the gravitational interactions) as well as the various matter fields. In the last few decades it was realized that with the progression towards finer distance scales an increasing unification of the Laws of Nature takes place so that previously separate quantum fields turn out to be merely different components of underlying unified quantum fields.

This process of unification culminates in a complete unification at the level of the Planck scale (l0-33 cm) where all the various force and matter fields are unified into one single Unified Field of Natural Law — the holistic transcendental field underlying all manifest creation.

Properties of the Unified Field

This complete unification of all the different quantum fieldsas described in Superstring Theoryhas the most fundamental implication that the Unified Field is a purely self-interacting field. All phenomena in nature are generated sequentially from the modes of the self-interacting or self-referral dynamics of the Unified Field.

[JdN: In other words, God is interacting with Himself through this universe. This is God’s movie.]

The fundamental properties of the Unified Field include the property of self-referral or self-interaction, which is reflected in the Lagrangian or fundamental mathematical formula quantifying the Laws of Nature at the level of the Unified Field.

The Unified Field is the fountain-head of Natural Law, since all the Laws of Nature expressed in the effective field theories governing Physics at larger distance scales are already contained in seed form in the original super-symmetric Lagrangian of the Unified Field. Since it is the fountain-head of Natural Law, the Unified Field represents the most concentrated field of intelligence in Nature.

Properties of Consciousness

Curving back upon My own Nature, I create again and again. – the classic Indo-Aryan religious text, the Bhagavad-Gita 9.8

It is striking how the properties of the Unified Field are precisely the attributes of consciousness. Consciousness alone is fully self-referral, since only consciousness has the ability to know itself in a completely self-sufficient manner. Moreover, consciousness in its self-referral state, Transcendental Consciousness (Turiya), is the source of all mental activity and therefore a field of pure intelligence and infinite creative dynamism.

Since the fundamental properties of the Unified Field are identical to those of consciousness in its self-referral state, it is natural to conclude that the Unified Field of Natural Law and the field of pure consciousness are equivalent. This is easily verified through many different techniques such as Deepak Chopra’s Primordial Sound meditation, the Natural Stress Relief technique, the Transcendental Meditation Technique, etc. These techniques open human awareness to the direct experience of Transcendental Consciousness (Turiya), pure consciousness, where consciousness is found identified with the Unified Field.

Unified Field chart illustrating the correspondences in the lagrangian of the supersting theory and the 40 aspects of the Aryan Veda and Vedic literature

The Double Slit Experiement

The most astounding experiment of quantum physics which directly relates to the Unified Field and consciousness is the Double-slit experiment.

It is the experiment that shows that the entire universe exists by being experienced.

To describe the double-slit experiment, think of a tennis-ball shooting machine (like the ones tennis players use for practice). It shoots out tennis balls that travels across space and hit a net.

Now think of the tennis-ball shooting machine being shrunk to the size of the quantum level where instead of shooting out tennis balls, it now shoots out extremely tiny particles called electrons. Those electrons travel through a vacuum (empty-space) and hit a wide screen which marks their positions.

Imagine another smaller screen (in the diagram above, the “Second Screen”) with a single vertical slit in the middle that is placed between the particle launcher and the wide screen. Some of the electrons will pass through the slit and hit the wide screen behind it and some will be blocked.

What we will see on the wide screen is a vertical column marking the area where the electrons have hit it.

Next, instead of a single slit we use double slits. So now the electrons can pass through either one of those slits to hit the wide screen behind.

What we are supposed to see is two vertical columns now, marking the area where the electrons passing through either of the two slits impact on on the wide screen behind. But the strange and amazing thing is that we do not see that expected result.

Instead (as per illustration “b” right above) what we see are several (five, not two!) vertical columns. each a small distance apart from the other, on the wide back screen.

What is going on here?

[JdN: Another example…..which uses not particles but instead WAVES……revealing a conundrum for materialists. Can anything, such as light, be both a particle and also a wave at the same time??? A bullet is one thing: a wave is a massive, united thing that flows, not little pieces.]

Imagine a swimming pool with a screen with double slits in the middle and a wide screen at the end. When a ball is dropped into the water in front of the double slit screen, it causes a circular wave that ripples outwards in all directions. The wave also passes forward and through the double slits, then splits into two smaller waves. As the two waves continue to travel, they simultaneously reinforce and cancel out each other at certain angles.

What you see on the wide screen are several vertical columns each being a small distance apart from the other. The columns show the part where the waves should reinforce each other while the illustration on the far right show where they merge and cancel each other out.

So the question is why does the electron, when it passes through double slits, behave actually, not like the particle that it supposedly is, but instead like a wave? Make up you mind, electron! 😉

The theory is that the electron splits into two when it reaches the first screen and travels through both slits simultaneously. It then interferes with itself thereby causing a wave effect on the wide screen. In quantum physics, this is called the principle of non-locality where something exist in two places at the same time. It is not restricted to one location in time and space but it becomes omnipresent.

So to find out if that was the case, a small device was placed in front of the double slits screen so that we could observe what happens when the electron passes through it.

The result we got was strange and beyond normal explanation. This time what we saw on the wide screen were two vertical columns instead of the several ones we saw at first.

What this means is that when we are looking, it behaves like a particle. When we are not looking, it behaves as a wave. A wave is a vibration or energy.

The truth is, everything in the universe is ultimately Energy, and Energy is influenced by Mind (consciousness). Something only appears as matter when it is being observed.

[JdN: The world is a STAGED event: if you watch the play, it affects you,. If yo do not go to the theater, you are not changed by it.]

Quantum physicists talk about electrons, or events, being potential entities, rather than actual physical entities. So there are various potentials until somebody actually looks, and then it sort of forces the universe to make a determination about which potential is going to be actualized (such as wave or particle).

All of existence is fundamentally an unlimited quantum field of energy, a sea of infinite possibilities waiting to happen.

[JdN: Now pay attention and let this sink in, and re-read it if you need to, ten times, or ten thousand. ;-)]

Consciousness collapses the wave function into actual particles that exist in space and time. Consciousness experiences energy as matter.

Consciousness is the energy that influences energy. All energy is actually consciousness, therefore it is consciousness influencing itself………………………………………………..

JdN: God experiencing God through the Universe Play. Better than any series on HBO ;-)]

The observer is not apart from the observation. The experimenter is not apart from the experiment.

There are three aspects of knowledge: 1) the knower (rishi, odin), that is, the consciousness of the participant; 2) the known (devata, vili), that is, the field of study, and 3) the process of knowing (chandas, ve), which connects the knower to the known. He is interpreting and making sense of what he sees (whether “real” or a real-seeming illusion put on by God to teach us lessons).

The observer simultaneously plays a part in creating the reality he is observing. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of consciousness states that no pure measurement is possible without creation. Physicists who deal in quantum mechanics state: You cannot (objectively) observe something without changing it in the process.

This experiment also shows the self-referral nature of God, that God remains unmanifest until, quite literally, and as the Bhagavad Gita says, “Curving back upon My own Nature, I create again and again.”

[JdN: God, the biggest physicist of them all…. This universe His lab. We either help His experiments succeed or we are useless and toxi substances he needs to dispose of, and will.]

Without God, we cannot. Without us, God would not. We are all co-creators of reality with God. [JdN: We watch His play.] God moves only when there is intention or a will (dhrama). [JdN: The play is for our benefit, and so are the roles He assigns us and we AGREE to play. Play them well……..]

Everything is energy and energy is mental. (It is consciousness). The mind (consciousness) creates and controls reality. The brain does not create consciousness, consciousness creates the brain.

There are two aspects of consciousness as described in the Aryan Veda of ancient India, the individual ego (self, jiva, individual will or dharma) and the universal ego (the big self, atma, the will of God).

Through the performance of Yoga (union) which in its modern day expressions, sauch as Deepak Chopra’s Primordial Sound meditation, the Natural Stress Relief technique, the Transcendental Meditation Technique, etc. the mind is able, through the use of a specific sound (mantra) to naturally able to sink deeper and deeper into another zone, unhectic, unworried, undistracted, until finally the mind is completely unbounded, completely silent and alert.

Ahh, that is the nature of the Self, the Atma. (Gandhi was called Mahatma, “great soul.”) Through constant practice of true Hindu, Vedantic meditation wiht a carefully selected mantra the individual ego becomes more immersed in the atma or the universal ego which is the source of thought and everything in creation. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi once said:

“What happens is that during the Transcendental Meditation Technique, the mind experiences the fourth state of consciousness. That experience takes the nervous system to a particular style of functioning. As we repeat our meditations, this inspires the nervous system to function in that new style more and more. It’s the nature of life. Something is more fulfilling and life goes for it.”

Question: Does the nervous system get used to functioning in this way?

It gets into that habit. This is how the experience of pure consciousness is infused into the conscious thinking level of the mind. It’s like the principle of dying a cloth. We take a white cloth, dip it in yellow colur and then put it to the sun. In the sun the colour fades away, but it doesn’t fade away completely. Dip it back in the color, put it back to the sun, and even more of the color remains.

Just like that example, we meditate morning and evening, dipping the mind into that pure awareness and then expose it to action. In action, the value of pure awareness fades, but it doesn’t fade away completely.

Meditation and then action – this is the procedure which stabilizes that pure awareness. This gradual and systematic acculturing of the physical nervous system creates a physiological situation in which the two states of consciousness exist together simultaneously. And once it’s done, it’s done forever. Once the cloth is color-fast, it doesn’t fade.”

The teaching of Yoga has been the key application for all spiritual traditions for eons and was taught by such figures as Jesus Christ [JdN: as the Vedantists always ask: Where was Jesus between age 11 — at the Temple, astounding the elders — and age 29, appearing to John the Baptist to be baptized — for that 75% of his short life whihc is never described, if not in India???? Was He just a carpenter? Was that a good use of His time, making tables?], and before Him by Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster, Odin, etc…

Here are some examples:

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” – Jesus Christ

From Odin’s mystical sacrifice of himself…..(in Old Norse)

“Veit ek at ek hekk vindga meii a
netr allar no,
geiri vndar ok gefinn Oni,
sialfr sialfom mer,
a eim meii, er mangi veit, hvers hann af rtom renn.

I know that I hung on that windswept tree
nine long nights,
wounded with a spear, inn given to inn,
my self given to my Self
on that tree of which no man knows
from where its roots run. — Hvaml, 138

Here is an article for an explanation to the quote from the Havamal: Link

Christianity (which originated from the Aryan religion of Zoroastrianism, with its concepts of God versus Devil, the messiah, heaven and hell, the immortal soul, and free will), the Indo-Aryan Veda, and the Viking Edda all come from the one ultimate origin, a very ancient, advanced Aryan civilization that likely was crushed by a natural catastrophe and through reincarnation is now reawakening.

Puma Punku, Bolivia…… What did those Aryans use to cut a granite city? Only a diamond can cut granite……Did moral degeneracy cause God to wipe it out? Race-mixing? Black magic? Plato says Atlantis became greedy, imperialistic and enslaving…… Go halfway down this post to “PUMA PUNKU, MIRACLE CITY IN BOLIVIA OF VERY ANCIENT, ANCIENT ARYANS”: http://johndenugent.com/english/english-jewsmedia-dead-silent-on-loughner-jewishness-more-puma-punku-marvels/

“HH” at Puma Punku, like the words “Heil Hitler”……………or “History Channel” (or as Jay Leno jokes, the Hitler Channel)

Where have we seen THIS symbol at Puma Punku before? What powers lie in our race, so as to now SAVE it, if used very carefully and under strict supervision for good and not evil?

These three traditions all have profoundly similar accounts of how God creates our universe. They are now beginning to be perfectly corroborated and supported by modern quantum physics.

I am telling thee one thing: we are ginnungagap, “the great void,” the womb of the universe, the Fullness, Truth, Eternity, Reality, Divinity. inn given to inn, my self given to my Self (Hvaml vsa 138) – {JdN: as the oracle said to Socrates in Greek] gnoi seauton (know thyself) – Gurn Kristn Magnsdttir

In the Norse Edda, Odin occurs on every level of life. On the highest plane of cosmic ideation it is the essence of creative universal consciousness, the Allfather. The name is a form of or, universal intelligence (Greek nous), whereof the spiritual soul of man is an intrinsic part. (Oroerir, “container of or,” which held the mead of wisdom from which Odin himself drank in a far past eon, is one of the holy vessels which contain the “blood of Kvasir” — a “hostage” sent by the unmanifest superior divinities (Vanir) to the lesser, world-creative deities (the Aesir such as Thor, Freya, etc).

This suggests the continuity of divine inspiration: a transmission or avatar with inconceivably sublime cosmic powers descending from the highest world to a god-world — but one that is still far superior to our own.

It also suggests the continuous evolutionary growth of Odin, now Allfather of our worlds and divine root of every living being in our sphere, from a formerly lesser condition. While in a general sense Allfather is implicit in all forms of manifestation, Odin also has his specific domain: a “shelf” or plane of substance superior to our physical matter, named “Gladhome” (Gladsheim) [JdN: the word “glad” is a Viking, Norwegian word borrowed, like many other Norwegian words, into English], where is located Val-hall, the “hall of the elect.”

Val [JdN: in German, Wahl] means “choice”; it also has the meaning “death” when it applies to Odin’s warriors, the “One-victors” (einherjar). As the word implies…..

…..each Odinic warrior has achieved victory over one — himself.


There has been many misinterpretation of the Valhalla concept, one being that one goes to Valhalla when one dies a heroic death.

In reality, however, one enters Valhalla (“the Kingdom of Heaven” in true Christianity, not that of Saul, the Sanhedirn agent) when one has united his individual ego with the universal consciousness, by sacrificing himself to himself (as is mentioned in the Havamal stanza 138). Your selfish-jerk self dies.

Each such warrior against his own selfishness has elected to die as a personal, limited ego-suffering typical human, and gained a transcendency of consciousness.

To put it another way, he or she has overcome the lesser, human propensities (greed, sex, fame, money, hate, excuse-making, self-pity, laziness and lies) and has embraced and united with the cosmic purpose of life, the will of God.

The Helix nebula

This is a continuous process of growth, hence of change, each daily “death” of the selfish jerk inside being a transformation from a less to a more perfect condition.

The heroes, the Einherjar, the One-Vanquishers, the One-Masterers, are brought to Odin’s sacred hall by the “crowners of the elect” (Valkyries) who are closely related to man’s hamingja, his “guardian angel” or spiritual soul. They are therefore our protectors and tutors. They give us opportunities to grow and allies and teachers, unless we reject them all.

An astounding buckle from the Oseberg Vikingship – (Odin or Buddha?) in the lotus pose is not believed to have been imported, but was a part of the Iron Age culture of Old Norway, about AD 834 (Common Era)

Each barrier to the Hall of the Elect is symbolic of some human weakness that must be conquered. The warrior who would cross the river of time (Tund), also called the river of doubt (Ifing) [JdN: don’t be “iffy,”commit!!], must maintain inflexible purpose and self-direction if he is not to be swept away by the turbulent currents of temporal existence.


He must evade the bestial cravings of his animal nature (the lures of Tjodvitner) and gain “the other shore.” Many scriptures use the same allegory. Buddhism, for example, speaks of four distinct stages of progress: those who have entered the stream, those who are in the stream, those who have almost crossed the stream, and those who have successfully reached the other shore. All nature is said to rejoice when an aspirant gains his goal.

Next, the candidate seeking Valhalla must overcome the hounds of “Greed” (Gere) and “Gluttony” (Freke), and find the secret of the magic gate, which will open only to him who has the needed strength of aspiration, purity of motive, and inflexible resolve, whereupon the wolf and the eagle must be vanquished. These are self-seeking propensities which arise in new forms to challenge those who approach the kingdom of the gods; they must be transfixed over the entrance to the hall to insure against their intrusion. .


Odin’s ravens, Hugin and Munin, which daily fly forth to survey the battlefield, earth, represent roughly “mind” and “memory,” but much more than these words imply. Hugin (from hugr) means “mind,” but includes such attributes as tendencies, mental attitudes, desires, feeling, intention, motive; while Munin (from munr), “memory,” (equivalent to the Sanskrit term Smrti] is the accumulation of all the past in an inevitable present.


This can be called karma, which brings about all possible conditions for the soul to surmount. Of their daily surveillance of the field of battle Odin comments: “I am anxious for Hugin lest he not return, but I fear even more for Munin.” Our mind can be dangerous to us but also past deeds.

All weapons of offense and of defense must be relinquished and transformed into the constructive materials that form the sacred fane. The walls are built of the warriors’ spears, the roof is made of their shields. Within the hall even protective armor is discarded: “the benches are strewn with byrnies.” If these myths had originated among the warlike Vikings who by one of their codes were required to sleep on their shields with sword in hand, this would seem a good deal out-of-character.


Rather does it corroborate the theory that Norse myths far antedate these warriors of AD 700-1100 and stem from the same archaic and Indo-European source as other early traditions. There is clearly much more than meets the eye in the Edda’s poetic enchantment and its sometimes quite bawdy anecdotes, for the surrender of weapons is itself a hallmark of the Aryan-tradition.


The candidate for universality cannot, by the very nature of his endeavor, regard himself as separate from the whole; he can have no use for divisive means of any kind, in thought, word, or deed. The first to go are weapons of offense, as harmlessness is cultivated. Thereafter all means of defense are dropped, and finally, all armor of whatever kind.


The One-victor has stepped beyond the notion of separateness. His work lies not in the immediate but in the eternal; his being is no longer bounded by a self but extends unlimited; hence the hero soul has discarded all personal concerns, placing complete reliance on the universal purpose he unconditionally serves as a selfless agent of divine Law.


The feast of the One-Victors is far from a drunken bout or orgy, other than in the sense of the original Dionvsian Mysteries, when wine represented spiritual illumination. In an individual sense the act of a self-sacrifice (by classic and strict meditation) produces the mead (a honey wine) which Odin drinks.


When we meditate we produce what is called Soma. The Gods (the lower deities who make and administer the physical world) drink this and it gives them strength. The Einherjar are those individuals who are masters of meditation and fighters for God’s truth on earth. These are symbolized by the honeyed mead or nectar of the gods, as in the Greek myths.

(Honey is gathered through the selfless and unending efforts of bees, and npot for self but for the common good. In the Greek Mysteries, the mystae, initiates, were called melissai [bees]))

As for the three boars in the Edda:

Andrimner lets Saerimner be steeped in Eldrimner: Few know what the Einherjar eat.

“The boar of air lets the boar of water be steeped in the boar of fire.” The boar represents the formative principles of earth where needed experience is gained. We find a similar metaphor in the Hindu Puranas, where the boar stands for Brahma, the creator, who supports the globe earth on its tusks. Here, the Edda’s “Grimnismal” (Lay of Grimner), the One-victors are nourished by a trinity of boars, also representing creative powers, the energetic aspect of nature’s elements. Odin (air: spirit), Honer (water: mind), and Lodur (fire: will and desire) may be substituted in the verse, yielding

Spirit lets mind be steeped in will and desire: Few know what nourishes the One-victors.

The higher self or spirit of man permits the human ego to be tested in the fires of the soul to prove its integrity. If successful, the man brings to birth his inner god, the mortal earns its immortality, uniting with the indwelling universal Odin. Finally, the individual has become an Einherjar and has reached the exalted state of consciousness which is Valhalla.

As a revealing sidelight it may be mentioned that when Allfather welcomes his heroes to Val-hall, he is named Ropt, “the maligned” {JdN: in German, der Verrufene]: bringer of suffering and misfortune. Undoubtedly so, in this context, for he is the initiator, the hierophant who, as well as instructing and inspiring, must subject the human ego to the contending fires of its own soul and may not sway the outcome of the trial. Only the successful initiate recognizes Odin as Ropt, the maligned [JdN: who benefits us by triggering the suffering caused by our own actions and thoughts].

Val-hall presents another aspect which also links it with other scriptures of remote antiquity:

Five hundred doors, and forty more, there are to the shining abode; eight hundred warriors sally from each when Odin emerges to war with the [Fenris] wolf.

540 X 800 = 432,000. Valhalla’s numerical dimensions derive from measures of the orbital paths of the Sun and the Moon. Note this amazing table of “coincidences”……………


In Babylonian and Indian chronologies this figure occurs in numerous ways. Multiples of it designate large cycles of astronomical events while, divided by various numbers, it applies to more frequent occurrences. It is the length in human years given to our Iron Age, Kali Yuga, when the forces of darkness are most challenging.


Curious that this also should be the number of Odin’s champions (whose ranks must gain adherents as ages pass). It certainly hints vigorously at some common universal lore from which these widely separated traditions must have descended.

The cyclic nature of life. Jormungand, which is illustrated here, was slain by the god Thor. Once this took place, the dissolution (mahapralaya) of the universe (in the Edda, of Yggdrasil, the World Tree) was in its fullest expression, thus bringing an end to the life of Brahm (Odin, God) which lasts 72,000 kalpas, or 311.04 trillion human years.

The “Plain of battle” (Vigridsslatten) where Odin’s warriors contend daily will readily be recognized by students of the Bhagavad-Gita as http://mmedia.is/odsmal/, where the struggle between the forces of light and darkness takes place each day or period of life.


Vigridsslatten may also be translated as the “plain of consecration.” It is the battlefield of man himself, where are ranged in opposing ranks the human qualities, which themselves reflect the properties of greater nature. The outcome of this daily contest profoundly affects the evolutionary course of beings.


From time to time a One-Victor leaves his mortal body and crosses over from the world of men and join the ranks of the Gods as an angel; such rare forerunners who gain access to one of the “shining abodes” unite their forces with nature’s divine intent.


The Valkyries, our own inspiring deepest self, are ever searching the field of consecration for worthy recruits who choose to aid the gods in their unending labors towards the glorious consummation of the cycle…… when mankind as a whole shall enter into its divine heritage and responsibility.

(NOTE TO READERS: please note that the following article from this publication will discuss the dynamics of creation as described in the Eddas, Vedas and modern quantum physics)






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