ENGLISH The president of France, Francois Hollande; Sucker-Borg; polygamy and polyandry

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A naughty joke full of ethnic stereotyping ;-)


“As good as this bar is,” said the Scotsman, “I still prefer the pubs back home. In Glasgow, there’s a wee place called McTavish’s. The landlord goes out of his way for the locals. When you buy four drinks, he’ll buy the fifth drink.””Well, Angus,” said the Englishman, “At my local in London , the Red Lion, the barman will buy you your third drink after you buy the first two.””Ahhh, dat’s nothin’,” said Paddy Sheehan, the Irishman. “Back home in me favorite pub in Galway, the moment you set foot in the place, they’ll buy you a drink, then another, all the drinks you like, actually. Then, when you’ve had enough drinks, they’ll take you upstairs and see dat you get laid, all on the house!”

The Englishman and Scotsman were suspicious of the claims. “Did this actually happen to you?”

“Not meself, personally, no,” admitted the Irishman, “but it did happen to me sister quite a few times.”


…..Left-brain/right-brain test


Seems a very accurate test. I scored 60% right-brain, 40% left. My mother was an artist, and I inherited a lot from her.


…..My kind of Jesus

MY kind of Jesus, and Hitler’s too, as many speeches show.And remember “the reason for the season,” to celebrate this great Jew-fighter!


…..Jews on parade

Or as a relative of mine calls them, the Hooks 😉

The previous president of France was the hook-nosed Greek-Hungarian Jew Sarkozy, who was utterly hated toward the end of his five-year term, and now is is another Jew, Hollande, who is already hated (21% approval) after just one year!

France's President Sarkozy attends a meeting with regional authorities and unemployed people in Chateauroux

After this memorable TV debate, with the Jew Hollande (“Socialist”) on the left versus the neo-conservative Sarokzy, also a Jew, on the right, with yet another Jew on the right-middle as moderator….(only 1 of the 4 is not Jewish, the good-looking female 😉 ) Francois Hollande was elected as “prsident” in 2011.



A French comrade sent a donation via credit card……

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…and he sent this email:

Dear Mr. de Nugent, Thanks for your very good blogs, as usual.I would like to offer you some interesting pictures of “our president” in France, “Francois” (why not Yitzhak or Moshe?) Hollande, the vile Jewish Freemason,here seen on the right with the other big Jew, Laurent Fabius, the minister of Foreign Affairs, on the left:


[Note by JdN: Fabius in 1990 co-sponsored a bill with a communist named Gayssot that bans telling the truth about the Jewish Holocaust fraud. Because of this law, two French revisionists have been imprisoned, including Vincent Reynouard, a chemical engineer by training, a beloved math professor and a father of nine.

Reynouard (a friend of me and Margaret)

The Jew and Mason Laurent Fabius also caused the DEATH of THOUSANDS of white French hemophiliacs as prime minister, approving negligently the importation of TOXIC, AIDS-LACED blood into French hospitals — DESPITE YEARS OF SEVERE AND REPEATED WARNINGS — by the Centre national de transfusion sanguine.

This filthy blood had been sold to American hospitals byBLACK JUNKIES FROM ATLANTA, GEORGIA WITH AIDS, not out of any nobility of heart, but of money to buy more heroine or crack.

In 1999, of course, the powerful and rich Jew Fabius was found innocent of all wrongdoing. His thousands of innocent White victims, who died a long, slow, horrible death from AIDS from American negroes, are now silent.]

Father Lachaise Cemetery in Paris:

“A Jew lied and we died.”



(Moscovici, the Treasury minister, and Peillon, head of the Education Ministry, are also Jews and Freemasons.)

The Jew Hollande had a son, Thomas, whom he fathered with Sgolne Royal (photo below), an attractive, truly French, blue-eyed lady.


In Thomas we can see the same flaws as in the father:


The only “achievement” of Hollande has been to legalize homosexual marriage! There he showed “backbone” and “character,” standing up to the FRENCH PEOPLE!

And they are teaching this homosexual education and mixing the races under Hollande in the schools! A cartoon (note the gay flag next to the French tricolore):

“If in YOUR house you have two daddies, the one who takes it up the butt is the “mommie”….



…..and if in your house you have two mommies, the one with the strap-on penis is the daddy.” 😉

Horrible Jews!.



…..Why do Jews look that way?

They are part-Neanderthals!




…..Polygamy and polyandry

An interesting discussion online about polygame:

  • A comrade wrote: One of the big convincing points for me was this – There’s a large chunk of the world where polygamy is practiced regularly and since 1965 immigrants from those regions have been pouring in to ourlands. Raven and I don’t agree on this but I think there is a genetic component that limits polygamy among Europeans naturally, particularly the northern bunch.

    Oddly enough, in the campaign to sell polygamy to the dying White world the media masters (y’know who) portray wholesome looking Whites practicing polygamy – successfully, it would appear. Why not do a reality TV show with an Arab, Somali, or Ugandan family?

    As it turns out, it is those Third world families who will be enjoying this new found right in the dying West – not Whites. I concluded that the same behavioral/possibly genetic component in a White male’s make-up that says, “Heh, sounds fun at first, but sounds rather sucky after the first day where I am arguing with three of my four wives at once” is also in the White woman who reads that impulse as “Heh, sounds rather convenient at first, but sounds rather sucky when I wake up one day a few pounds overweight and now I’m reduced to changing diapers while he’s off humping the new bride who wears size 2 jeans.”

    I’m glad you brought up the wealth issue because I thought the same way. But how would this play out in the dying West? Fedgov would foot the bill to raise every single one of these Third-world kids, from cradle, through school, possibly prison, and finally retirement. It would be gullible Whites who would shake their heads and say, “Golly, I can’t afford anymore wives or kids. Guess I won’t have any then.” Meanwhile the Congolese laugh and hump. In other words, back in their homes they would have to become wealthy, through whatever means, before they practiced polygamy. In the West that step is subsidized by Whitey. A poor Third-worlder can enjoy near-sultan perks without the responsibility and assassination attempts.
    I think, Clint, it’s something that can be theorized over but would never come about for the same reason we already weren’t practicing it. It’s just not in us by nature. You have to be part of some new Judaic-wannabe tribe that has suppressed their natural instincts (particularly for the woman’s part) in order to appear more Old Testament-y.

    There were times of disaster where the practice became temporarily necessary among our folk, and the very wealthy might keep mistresses in wife-like conditions. But prior to the Judaic age we really didn’t have as great a material disparity between our rich and average as we have today. We’ve kind of come to see this as normal now but it’s not. Even royalty could suffer in their popularity if it was learned they were “living in sin.”

A comrade wrote back: If I were wealthy I would have several “kept women.” All for the purpose of child bearing. Seriously, I want like 27 kids. 🙂


Another wrote: Well, that brings up an interesting point. There is rampant state-mandated and state funded polygamy in the US already. With the country legal system overwhelmingly favoring females instead of males and 90% of divorces being initiated by women. Divorced men are polygamists with out the benefits of a hot meal and sex.

I (John de Nugent) wrote): We know a prominent woman in Asheville, North Carolina who for years has been into polyANDRY — one hubby one year, the other the next. 😉

I read once a serious analysis of polygamy’s negative effect in muslim countries. Basically, it causes a lot of tension, because a few guys get lots of women and other guys get none at all. And those with no woman get tense, or even violent or join violent sects.

Polygamy can rapidly change the gene pool. One Moorish sultan in medieval Spain could have 500 offspring, but no one else could touch those women or have his head cut off. I read an article that the southern Spanish are now 20% Arabic genetically. In my two trips there, that seemed accurate. 🙁

On the other hand, polygamy by outstanding white men, as a temporary and emergency measure, would at least rapidly rebuild our race after a catastrophe. I am convinced we are headed toward a catastrophe where the old rules will no longer apply, and only racial survival will count, and raw power.

A comrade responded: I agree John. I think that, within a generation or two, if the White race is to survive, it will do so by purely Darwinian principles — even Whites killing off massive amounts of liberal Whites and traitors and Whites that rat out their neighbors.


The Spanish, Portuguese, Italians, and Greeks are heavily admixed with non-White genes.

John D. NugentYes, in some cases that might be true, but it is not their fault. They never asked the Moors or Turks to invade them and snatch away their most beautiful women and stick them in a harem. 😉

Ironically, I have met many educated, upper-class Turks (only of this stratum) who looked very white (with fair hair and eyes!) and it comes largely from this practice. The Turks demanded blond, white children and women every year in the Balkans from the conquered peoples. Some white boys became trained to be “Janissaries,” elite troops.

Here is an excellent book from The Barnes Review magazine (a superb WN historical magazine for which I have written for 18 years) for just nine dollars on the genetic drain of Whites into the muslim world: http://www.barnesreview.org/barbarian-cruelty-eyewitness-account-of-white-slavery-under-the-moors-p-605.html?cPath=80_118

Yet another abducted white woman (from the coastal villages of Ireland, England, France, Spain or Italy) is presented nude to a sultan. An estimated 1.2 million Whites were abducted into slavery by Muslims, but the muzzies still try to throw guilt trips on US Whites. The US Marines under Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon crushed some Libyan abductors, whence the line in the Marine Corps hymn about “the halls of Tripoli.”Barbarian-Cruelty- Eyewitness-Account-White-Slavery-Under-Moors-francis-brooks Barbarian-Cruelty

I knew an old German lady who had been a facilitator in the “Bund deutscher Mdel,” the teenage girls’s part of the Hitler Youth. The way she described it, it was marvelous. And the singing, always singing. She said:

“Some American music is nice, but it is always, always about the other sex, about romance, or heartbreak, or lust.

Our songs were not just about that, but also about our homeland, our beloved rivers like the Rhine or the Danube, our mountains, and forests, and bieng homesick and missing our home region whenever work or a war took us far away.

I cannot stand these dependency songs like “I can’t live without you.” Of course, you can! ;-)”



…..Sticking with Sucker Borg?

(A comrade referred to Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook, and I replied)

No, call this Sucker-Borg…. for we are the suckers revealing everything about our lives, our friends and our views to this “Borg”!

The Borg Collective on “Star Trek” i s a monstrous, semi-robotic civilization that conquers and enslaves all, warning: “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated!” All humans it captures are connected to an Intranet and become cogs in a giant half-robot mind that is on auto-pilot to subjugate and use all who in its path.


The Borg Queen


Did you know that Faceberg saves even chat messages you started to type and then decided against sending, and keeps the posts you wrote but did not post?


I urge all comrades to switch to or add the use of http://therebel.org, which has Facebook functions, blogs, a big forum, and many other features, and it belongs to one of us!

I am now hosting a mirror site of it, backing it up in case it gets hacked.

Exciting things are happening at the Rebel Site, which now has personal pages, chat, group chat, blogs, a forum, free books, videos, a store, ticketing, funding campaigns, sending files, leaving voice mail, YOU NAME IT — and all JEW-FREE. 😉

My blog — and many other good blogs — are on there….


It has a huge forum…


It has chat too…..

..and the Rebel has Paypal. You can sell any product or start a campaign for anyone or anything there!

Join up — as we did!

Margi at the “No More Wars for Israel ” conference

Margaret Huffstickler reading Hitler poem Artois

Why are you giving your private life and thoughts over to the hooked-nose Jew Zuckerberg who sadistically deletes your account and friends whenever his nosehook twitches?



A Jewboy was gloating online about how he got a truthful photo removedby Young Master Hooknose that one of us posted on Facebook…

…..TheRebel.org in Australia

Eight years on Sunday, Dec. 15, 20o7, TheRebel.org in Australia began slamming the J-team.



This great website has been around since 2007 fighting zionism, it now boasts an average of 8,000 hits a day, and has decided to create a “mirror site” — which I, John de Nugent, now control here in Pittsburgh in the USA — in case its truth-telling owner in that once-free and brave country, now saddled with “hate-speech” laws, gets arrested.


The Rebel issued this statement:(http://therebel.org/general-discussion/31799-independent-mirror-site-operational/#31996)”Just in case I get arrested under the medieval heresy laws of Australia, Europe or elsewhere, ‘commit suicide’ or suddenly drop dead, or if Satan’s little helpers decide to cut off my purse strings in an effort to make it impossible for me to continue to run this site, I have asked John de Nugent to set up a mirror site for therebel.org. John has the resources, manpower and organisational skills to keep the Rebel Site going in case something happens to me and/or this site.

John happily agreed, registered the rebelofoz.com and the rebelofoz.com.au domain names and set up a hosting account under his name and at his expense. After a couple of days of fiddling around with the procedures, I now have a system in place where the therebel.org site gets regularly mirrored on John de Nugent’s rebelofoz.com.au site. It’s fully operational and ready to go.

So if the Chosenites or their minions think it’s a good idea to take me out of the equation, I suggest they think twice whether they really want John de Nugent to take over the reigns of the Rebel Site.;-) Now that the continuation of my life work is ensured, I’m happy to get martyred any time.

And just in case you wonder what all the recent changes on the Rebel Site are about, here is what is going on.What I’m trying to do is to transform the Rebel Site into a genuine community for the anti-Jewish resistance.Being a political dissident can be very isolating and depressing. Rather than being kind of reader’s digest ofall the ills for the world, where people go to get depressed, I’m trying to create a virtual home where dissidentsgo to spend time with like-minded people and experience a real sense of community. The newly revivivedRebel Forum is an important part of that and so it the community building/social networking component withall its extensions such as personal blogs, shopping carts, ticketing and fundraising.

If you like what I’m doing please support me by spreading the word and – if you are in a position to do so –
contribute financially.

boxing-kangaroo-monetary-symbolsRebel of Oz


If you want a White Tribe and a tribal religion to give us the inner fire again, then I am your man.

Machete My fiery review of a White-bashing, pro-illegal alien move and my orders


Glory to Mary Phagan and the White Men who Avenged Her My video on a 1913 rape and murder of a beautiful 13-year-old White girl by a high Jewish official, Leo Max Frank, whom the top citizens of Georgia finally courageously lynched when he was about to walk free despite the US Supreme Court and four other courts confirming his guilt. (AND DON’T MISS “EPIC BEARD MAN” IN ACTION! 😉 )




Others have been making big sacrifices.

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This 1940 book, Soldaten des Fhrers im Felde, “Soldiers of the Fuehrer in the Field”, has 3-D glasses and 3-D photos showing the triumphal three-week blitzkrieg campaign in Poland. I sold this heirloom to pay the rent.


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  1. Never forget that the Obongonation president has Jew blood in addition to Negroid blood and was mothered by a whore and is also a homosexual and an illegal alien and a dope smoker.
    Anyone who voted for this garbage is a traitor to the Earth.

  2. A type of polygamy has been practiced in the U.S. for many years. It’s call a “sperm bank.” There are now many online. The women select the sperm of the most desirable men, who may end up with dozens of children.

    By the way, I am considering setting up a new “Genius Factory.” The original was very successful, using high IQ donors, but the founder went around and collected the sperm and, when he died, that ended it. Basically, a pool of desirable sperm donors is identified. In the Genius Factory, the founder used PhD. and the like as a proxy for IQ. Today, it can all be done by overnight FEDEX, packed in ice. The only big expense is the tanks of liquid nitrogen.

    This is all at a very preliminary stage, but if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

    • If the sperm comes from a Jew who consider themselves geniuses do you get a refund?
      Jew economic collapse and Jew WWIII are very close. Not a time to have children.

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