ENGLISH German movie North Face; Thomas Jefferson, pro-white genius and genuine “Aryan” (noble in mind and deed); Conspiracy of Silence

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1) Spectacular recent German movie “North Face,” as National Socialists conquer the Eiger north wall; 2) Thomas Jefferson was a hardcore white nationalist; and 3) the huge Jewish angle to the Franklin & Larry King pedophilia coverup. Someone has to go beyond the very brave John DeCamp (who is a non-racialist conservative, and even married to an Asian) and show the gigantic Jew role in the federal rape-torture-murder ring that savaged white Nebraska children


I just ordered this movie from Amazon after several comrades said it was excellent.



Very favorable review by a WN online:


A WN in the American Midwest wrote:

Heil John,

North Face is an excellent movie; I just saw it this past fall. I am an amateur climber myself, and this movie really got my blood pumping. However, the actual story behind the two main characters (please forgive me, I do not remember their names) and the two-man SA team was not one of conflict (as portrayed in the movie) but was actually a story of profound comradeship. They climbed together as a four-man team and were all honored to be with one another.

But, of course, the movie had to slip in some anti-NS propaganda, and portray the Austrians as being opposed to the Germans! Nonsense! They even teamed up together!

We all know that Austria voted 99% in favor of annexation to Germany, of which it has been a key part for 1,000 years.

I’m looking forward to reading what you think of the movie! Enjoy it!


Austrian crowds jubilate as Austria (sterreich) rejoins Germany, das Deutsche Reich. This newsreell video (the kind that used to come on right before the movie in cinemas) has no sound, but crystal-clear action sequences. The Austrians do not look terribly oppressed as nine years of the jew-caused Great Depression are about to end for Austria by joining a prosperous, proud and strong Germany. Austria voted twice after WWI to become part of Germany.


I lived here in Kufstein 1975-76 and stood at the exact spot where the film team took this footage, with the mighty Pendling mountain in the background.

This is the border crossing from Kiefersfelden in Bavaria to Kufstein in Tirol, Austria. I passed through here many times into spotless, wealthy Bavaria.

Kufstein today…

Hitler’s accent was more Bavarian than Austrian, because he grew up on the Bavarian border, then lived in Munich (on the same street at the same time as Lenin!! though they never met) and finally Adolf served in a Bavarian infantry regiment at the front for four years during WWI, refusing to fight for the judeophile Habsburgs who ruled Austria. The Noble Wolf had a deep baritone and good resonance, unlike the slightly nasal pronunciation of his Austrian confrres.

Here is a recording of Hitler conversing with Finnish marshal Mannerheim (speaking also in German with a higher-pitched voice) about the incredible Soviet arms production and then about the role of bad weather in preventing the German western offensive in the fall of 1939. (The Germans did not attack Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland and France, defeating also massive British forces, until May 1940.)

Some wag sent me this…. 😉


2) Jefferson the white nationalist

The dynamic young Joe Adams and John King of savewhitepeople.com (King has a perceptive blog at http://unitedwhite.org/) did yet another fine and genuinely PRO-WHITE radio show last Wednesday.


Description: Joe talks about hate-filled, anti-White proponents of genocide, homosexual men who are produced by our foes, Jane Crow on sleaze bags, Whitney Houston and women idols. John King presents on Creativity, John de Nugent honors Thomas Jefferson, callers sound off, and John King raps to celebrate Black History Month (funny!). 😉

From that show, this was my eight-minute segment of the show (made by Joe Adams into a YouTube , with the actual transcript of my remarks also found below):


Reactions on Facebook so far::

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  • Russell Kalliogreat story thanks for sharing.

  • Jesse WhitakerExcellent read, and fun audio. Once again you give a vibrant and electrifying lecture of another historical figure that sticks in my head afterwards. I also like how your heroes and heroines usually seem to have red hair or have red tinges 🙂

Michael Strasser Another great article. I have huge respect for Mr. Jefferson.

2 hours ago Like


Joe Holt I named my son Joseph Thomas . My ex-wife didn’t like Jefferson. But John, you knock it out the park every time. Ur full of history and wisdom. Hope I get the chance to just sit down and talk to you one day. You are our great teacher

about an hour ago Like


Marc Manitoba You’re a class act all the way, Mr. de Nugent.

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This is John de Nugent, of johndenugent.com, speaking again today For the White Voice on SaveWhitePeople.com with my series White heroes and heroines

My hero today is THOMAS JEFFERSON of Virginia, 1743-1826.

Jefferson, of Welsh and English ancestry, was yet another great American redheaded leader, along with George Washington (under the aristocratic wig 😉) and Andrew Jackson, who fought at 15 in the Revolution, losing his mother and two brothers in the armed struggle. (John Kennedy had auburn hair, with reddish highlights on light-brown.)

In the famous Jefferson Memorial, due south of the White House, there is a nice statue of Jefferson…..

and some of his greatest writings on freedom are engraved in the walls. You find key parts of the Declaration of Independence, of course, which Jefferson wrote …but also a quote on the northeast interior wall from Jefferson’s autobiography.

The fifth sentence on the wall of the Memorial says:

“Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than these people [meaning the blacks] are to be free.”

It has been called “misleadingly truncated” by the famous historian Garry Wills, because Jefferson’s sentence in his autobiography continues:

“Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government.”

In other words, free them and then send them back to Africa… which is exactly what both Robert E. Lee and Abraham Lincoln also wanted.

If you still trust in any way the word of the government, which put up in the Jefferson Memorial in the Franklin Roosevelt years that misleadingly shortened quotation, you should lose the last remnants of that misplaced trust now.

If you look up under http://www.historytools.org, you will find what Thomas Jefferson really wrote about race, and this was a man who both disliked slavery on many grounds, and yet had the real-life experience of literally decades of dealing with blacks that came from buying, owning and managing about 700 different slaves.


An early photograph of negro slaves picking cotton. Whites could hardly take the heat, which blacks could endure, and Amerindians refused totally to work as slaves.

Because he paid for them, he owned them, he fed and he clothed them, he supervised them, and expected and got work out of them, and btw was not a cruel master, just firm, he studied blacks very, very closely. His farm and his entire income came from knowing blacks and making them productive.#

A healthy male black slave cost as much as a new car today, and Jews got fabulously wealthy, as their own publications admit, running the slave trade. Very few white masters abused such valuable “property,” and no white plantation family would dare sleep at night if their hundreds of negro slaves, impulsive to boot by nature, were truly enraged at them.

I would say that any man who has managed 700 blacks, whether as a Marine Corps or Army officer today, or as a Walmart regional manager, or a Virginia large-scale farmer, or a high school principal, he will know a great deal about them. I dealt with very many blacks myself, both in the Marines and as a public-school, long-term, substitute teacher.

Jefferson favored both emancipation, that is, freeing the slaves, but also that the freed slaves would have to migrate out of Virginia, not only because of hostility between whites and blacks but also because of important differences that he perceived between the two races.

Virginia in colonial times, a huge, rich and predominant colony, which then included Kentucky and slave-free, mountainous West Virginia, a bastion of the Scotch–Irish and the German Mennonites. Coloneol George Washington of the Virginia militia picked fights with the French, seeking to incorporate the whole south bank of the Ohio river in western Pennsylvania as well into Virginia.


Jefferson made clear that he believed that blacks were inferior to whites. It is worth remembering, however, that in the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson decried slavery as a cruel war against human nature itself, which violated sacred rights of life and liberty. As a Virginia legislator he had urged the end of importing more slaves, and as US president, he urged an end to the slave trade and signed as US president the federal bill outlawing it in 1806.

In other words, Jefferson believed that God created Africans with the same inalienable rights as deserved by whites, but they must live elsewhere and among their own kind.

Starting in 1769, Jefferson served in the Virginia House of Burgesses for six years and proposed laws that severely restricted free blacks from entering or living in Virginia.

The House of Burgesses in Williamsburg. (The capital of Old Virginny was moved to Richmond to get away from the coast and the Royal Navy during the American Revoluion.)

Jefferson authored legislation that would have banished all black children from Virginia whose black father was a free black of African origin and this law that Jefferson proposed also would have exiled any white woman from Virginia who had a child with a black man.

He concluded his two pages of remarks on the blacks, which compared their intelligence, emotions, musical talent and character with that of whites, by stating:

The blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind. It will probably be asked, Why not retain and incorporate the blacks into the State [instead of deporting them]? Deep-rooted prejudices entertained by the whites, ten thousand recollections by the blacks of the injuries they have sustained, new provocations, the real distinctions which nature has made, and many other circumstances will divide us into parties and produce convulsions which will probably never end but in the extermination of the one or the other race.”

[See my jarring video on the Christian-Newsom murders in Tennessee: )

And in a letter of 1826 to James Heaton he wrote about negro slavery:

“As it is, we have the wolf by the ears, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other.”

Jefferson actually wrote after 1814, when the Missouri compromise began, that he felt the United States would break up over the horrible racial issue, and in the Civil War it briefly did, 46 years later. 600,000 fine young white men, physically and mentally fit, died in that war.

This Confederate hottie had 250,00 less potential husbands to choose from when the fratricidal War Between the States, planned by the Rothschlds, was finally over. 🙁

One meme that is a great big lie is that only a few white supremacist nuts care about the odd notion of preserving the white race.

In fact, all our Founding Fathers, including the very greatest, and all Americans until the 1960s, cared about preserving our genes. For over 330 years, it went without saying that we were an offshoot of Europe and we wanted only white immigrants. The very style of our historic buildings, such as the US Capitol, is so much like the ancient white civilizations of Greece and Rome that if Julius Caesar came back today and walked down the Mall in Washington, he would certainly assume by the majestic buildings with their columns and domes that he was now in an offshoot of the Roman Empire.

The Jefferson Memorial, modeled after the Pantheon in Rome. Gorgeous Japanese cherry trees, which bloom spectacularly in spring, line the reflecting pool.


The memorial to Jefferson, garlanded by cherry trees.

Recently, Obongo dedicated a hideous, totalitarian, and literally all-Chinese-made, Chinese-style monument to Michael King (legal name of Martin Luther King, Jr.) on the west side of the pool that fronts the Jefferson Memorial. Even the marble is from China.

All our key governmental words, such as declaration, independence, constitution, president, congress and supreme court, all are words from ancient Rome. None of our concepts come from Africa, Arabia, China, or any other third world area.

Monticello, the mansion in Charlottesville, Virginia,k which Jefferson designed as his mansion, and where he ran his slave plantation, invented a modern toilet, accumulated a vast library, and grew wine, including the native Virginian “scuppernong,” which is mighty tasty. ;-).

The Rotunda of the University of Virginia. Jefferson designed the original buildings and founded the university. The federalist style was Greco-Roman, often used brick, and both halves of the building or house were absolutely symmetrical. (The Victorian house style was the great reaction against rigid symmetry.)


It was estimated once that Jefferson, who went to college at age 16, to the College of William and Mary, had an IQ of around 200.

In his will, Jefferson bequeathed his entire library to Congress, thus stocking, yes, “the Library of Congress.” Here is the “main reading room” in the “Thomas Jefferson Building” of the “LOC.” You just cannot get more Roman than this domed, pillared, awe-inspiring hall.

John F. Kennedy held a dinner in the White House for a group of the brightest minds in the nation at that time.

He made this statement: “This is perhaps the assembly of the most intelligence ever to gather at one time in the White House with the exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.” 😉

This is John de Nugent, saluting the great white hero Thomas Jefferson for Save White People.com


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Statue of Saint Louis, king of France, in the city named for him in Missouri. He was revered throughout Europe during his long reign of 1226-1270.



Louis ordered the expulsion of all Jews engaged in usury and the confiscation of their property, for use in his crusade…… Louis also ordered, at the urging of Pope Gregory IX, the burning in Paris in 1243 of some 12,000 manuscript copies of the Talmud and other Jewish books….


A silver coin of Saint Louis, King Louis IX of France.


Saint Louis is portrayed on a frieze (second from right) depicting a timeline of important lawgivers throughout world history in the Courtroom at the Supreme Court of the United States.

I returned from France myself to resume work for the white race on April 20, 2005 (a provable fact) when I went to write in Washington DC for the magazine The Barnes Review.

On April 20, 1240 the duke of Brittany, John I (the Redhead) in France, banished the Jews forever from his duchy and canceled all debts his subjects owed to Jews. At the same time, Saint Louis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_IX_of_France), then king of France, after whom our major American city in Missouri in the USA was named, and who became a Catholic saint, declared that:

“Any knight, if a Jew blasphemes Christ, should run his sword through any Jew as far as it will go in.

I wish to thank a Dutchman for his regular, generous and monthly contribution, and also a stalwart Finn and two Texans.
The grand church in Zwolle, Holland, nicknamed the “Peperbus” (pepper shaker) ;-). The comrade who donates to me from the Netherlands sent me a very useful letter on the topic, in my God video, of children who reincarnate with scars reflecting their traumatic form of death.
A salute to mysterious, nordic Finland by Jean Sibelius. A bill working its way through the Jew-run Finnish parliament would send a person to prison for four years for reading a website like mine. I hosted a Finnish WN refugee in my house for eight months (http://johndenugent.com/solutreanism/important-info/henrik-holappa) as well as an Afrikaner family, yet my detractors in this government-infiltrated movement spread rumors that I am a “narcissist.”…(“Narcissist” does not mean “vain,” but profoundly SELFISH, and I believe I am neither.) How many WNs open the sanctity of their homes to comrades in need?

The extremely majestic, powerful and beautiful Nordic composition “Finlandia” by composer Jean Sibelius, as performed by the Berlin Philharmonic

I thank also three Texans who come from a big state and have a heart just as big: a webmaster and two big donors.

From one Texan, this…

..and also this… 😉


The skyline of Fort Worth, Texas. This city is a rival to nearby Dallas, and 100 years ago the antisemitic white Texans moving to that area preferred to settle in Ft. Worth instead of the (even then) heavily Jewish-dominated Dallas. Writer Michael Collins Piper showed me a photostat of an 1890s Dallas newspaper with a “society page” crammed full of news about Jewish dbutantes at a coming-out ball.The rape-murderer of Mary Phagan in Atlanta, Georgia was a Texas Jew named Leo Frank. Another infamous Texas Jew was Lyndon Baines Johnson (http://johndenugent.com/english/english-russian-and-american-sailors-prevented-wwiii-in-1967-thwarting-israeli-false-flag-attack-coordinated-by-closet-jew-lyndon-baines-johnson) and so was his gangster henchman, Jack Ruby, who murdered the innocent Lee Harvey Oswald after the CIA set him up. The gigantic King Ranch in Texas was also founded by a Texas Jew. The closet antisemite John Kennedy was assassinated, of course, in the Jewish bastion of Dallas after he ignored repeated warnings not to go there.


Michael Piper of American Free Press, an excellent weekly newspaper for which I worked in 2005-06, has a superb new book out on antisemitism, with the juiciest quotes and admissions ever by Jews themselves that they are genociders.


Here antizionist activist Mark Glenn (of Lebanese and Scottish descent) runs an exciting interview with Mike, whom I have known and admired for 25 years, about his new book:


A new AFP video interviewing the heroic sheriff Richard Mack, who urges sheriffs to use their historic right to interpose themselves between citizens and federal agents out of control.

I need YOUR donations to pay for the total revamping of this website by a white South African activist to be a “toned-down,” mass-appeal ORGANIZATION website. Outwardly, it will resemble the spectacular website of the Scientologists. (They are a highly efficient, wealthy, feisty worldwide group, religion and community that is quick to retaliate against all enemies — individual or governmental. I, however, dislike them for many reasons and consider them to have been taken over by Jews in the 1990s and to be an enemy of the pro-white cause.)



This is how you can help financially:

–checks, postal money orders and other money orders that are made out to “John de Nugent”

–sending valuable jewelry or gold coins

Swiss 1947 20 Franc coin

–cash in an envelope, even with a fake return address (no risk there!)

Sixty dollars in US cash, received from a French comrade

–bank wire to my Woodforest bank account (contact me for details at john_denugent@yahoo.com; one comrade does this every month!)

–gift cards for BestBuy, Walmart, Barnes & Noble bookstores, etc. I used these gift cards to buy a video-gaming headset cum microphone, of a very high-quality, used now in my Skype conversations (Skype name “John de Nugent”) and for recording the audio segment at the top of this blog on Thomas Jefferson).

I need your donation urgently to pay for the new website and for the final video, which will be the most devastating attack on the Jews FOCUSING ON CHILD MOLESTATION, THE MOST HATED CRIME ON EARTH, and the most inspiring appeal to the Aryan soul inside us, of all times.

2) The Jews behind the horrific Franklin scandal

Anyone who wishes to understand me and my mission HAS to sit down, make the time, and actually watch all 59 minutes of “Conspiracy of Silence.”


From this raw, smuggled-out and out-of-focus yet compelling final copy of a video documentary by Yorkshire Television in Britain, which was suppressed by the Discovery Channel at the last minute in 1994:

On the right in this 1940s photo you can see the billionaire Jew pedophile Alan Baer of Omaha, with other members of the Brandeis family that totally ran the main city in Nebraska. (http://www.jewishomaha.org/page.aspx?id=176652). Alan Baer, now roasting in hell, for years raped Boystown boys until their anuses bled, and shoved hot metal devices into children to torture them and make them too afraid to go to the police. He got off with a tiny fine.


The Brandeis Building in Omaha

http://www.franklincase.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=171:king-expands-into-food-service-something-on-every-burner-jan-12-1985-&catid=6:news-articles&Itemid=14 (eighth paragraph from the bottom of his whitewashed obituary)

In 1990, a grand jury investigating various allegations surrounding the 1988 collapse of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union indicted Baer on two pandering charges. He later pleaded no contest to a single reduced charge of aiding and abetting prostitution and paid a small fine.

The Omaha World Herald celebrity columnist and Jew Peter Citron, who ridiculed the valiant Nebraska state senator John DeCamp and, worse, the child victims of pedophilia as defamatory hoaxers. Citron jubilated in his column whenever the FBI framed the teenage victims and got them sent to prison for “perjury”. Later it came out that Citron was one of the most violent members of the Omaha pedophilia ring.

The overtly Jewish reporter for the Omaha World-Herald C. David Kotok (http://www.jewishomaha.org/page.aspx?id=39467) and Frank Partsch constantly wrote World- Herald editorials viciously attacked senator John DeCamp, the whistleblower, demanding alos that the child victims be imprisoned for perjury.


Former assistant US ambassador to South Vietnam, and CIA director (under Nixon and Ford) William Colby, like so many others in the Franklin coverup case who advised or helped DeCamp, died suddenly. He was fished out of a river in front of his home under the most questionable of circumstances in April 1996.

Victim Paul Bonacci went to prison for saying what Jews such as Baer and Citron, blacks and corrupt congressmen had done to him and other children.

Victim Troy Stoner saw his brother Sean murdered to intimidate him, and developed multiple-personality disorder from years of being raped and tortured. He too was sent to prison through the exertions of the FBI.

Jew assistant district attorney Robert Sigler threatened Stoner with a subpoena for perjury and prevented him from testifying what had happened to him and other innocent, trusting, Midwestern children. Female victim Alisha Owens was sentenced to 27 years for speaking out!

Federal Judge Warren Urbom, who recently killed a man in traffic and got off with a small fine, contained the scandal involving pedophilic US congressmen.

In his sworn testimony before U.S. District Court Judge Warren Urbom (a native of Nebraska) [pp.105, 124-126 of the court file] on February 5, 1999, Bonacci specifically named Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) as having participated in the parties–also telling the judge he had “relationships with him” in Washington, DC and was flown to Massachusetts for sex in the basement of Frank’s Boston home. [2-5-1999, p. 126]

“Larry King [the REPUBLICAN black child molester, savings-and-loan master thief, and ringleader of the molestation ring] was released from prison [for bank fraud only] on April 11, 2001 after serving about five years [of a 15-year sentence for stealing a whopping $40 million].”

King sang the national anthem to open the Republican National Convention in 1988 in New Orleans, Louisiana, the confab which which nominated George H.W. Bush for president.


King’s mansion on Embassy Row in Washington DC, where dozens of children were flown in to be molested and tortured by congressmen.

After the Secret Service allowed Paul Bonacci to have access to the White House on July 3, 1988, one of DeCamps investigators said the young pedophile victim was able to draw a floor-plan of the presidential inside living quarters of the White House.

In the video below, former high FBI official (and friend of mine) Ted Gunderson, who died suspiciously last year, interviews Bonacci,. who says he had (was of course forced into) sex with Congressman and Jewish homosexual Barney Frank — who btw was one of the main culprits in the mortgage meltdown of 2007 that triggered the current recession — and that he witnessed then Vice-President George H.W. Bush, whom many Republicans perceived as a limp-wrist just by the way he talked, getting oral sex with both a white teen boy who was being held as a captive and, on another occasion, with a black teenage boy named Webb from Nebraska. (around 4:20 to 7:18)

Also see http://politicalvelcraft.org/2011/04/07/remember-call-boy-barney-frank-connection-homosexual-prostitution-and-pedophile-criminal-acts/ for details of Frank’s use of Larry King’s captive children.

Minnesota state Attorney General Hubert “Skip” Humphrey, Jr., the son of US senator and then US Vice-President Hubert Humphrey, released a 29-page report titled “Scott County Investigations,” which closed the case against the Franklin pedophile ring in Minnesota, citing “insufficient evidence.”

President George W. Bush has a heartfelt encounter at the White House with male prostitute Jeff Gannon, who was kidnapped as a young Omaha newspaper boy named Johnny Gosch and put into the molestation “training program” of Larry King to “service” Washington VIPs.

The devolution of Nebraska boy Johnny Gosch to gay whore Jeff Gannon, who defiantly logged himself in 200 times in the White House visitors log kept by the Secret Service while George W. Bush was president.


Government sickos sadistically sent this photo of three tied-up boys to Mrs. Gosch to torture her emotionally. The boy on the right is her son Johnny.


Johnny Gosch after being branded with a cattle brand, again, in a photo sent to his mother.

This is my promise to you as a donor to the Eternal Solutrean movement:

As a victim myself of government pedophiles, I have a special background. I am glad for you that you lack my experience with the rawest of psychopaths, but this special background gives me a unique inner fire.

My personal goal is to exterminate all child molestation ringleaders as the two-legged reptiles they are. As John DeCamp says at the end of “Conspiracy of Silence,” with pedophilia as blackmail, an entire government and country can be taken over.

This is not JUST about justice for the victims, of which I am one, or personal vengeance. It is about explaining a key puzzle to to the masses, who hate pedophiles and I saw this again with people foaming at the mouth over Jerry Sandusky.

I will explain HOW via pedophilia blackmail our government officials have become so absolutely enslaved to Zion.

Child molestation is so unforgivable and despicable that even the worst convicted murders in prison want to get their hands on the molester and kill him themselves. I know, because the prisoner who strangled pedophile priest John Geoghan, who had molested 130 boys with the approval of Bernard Cardinal Law (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernard_Francis_Law) of Boston, now living a cushy life at the Vatican under the Pope’s protection, used to write me from Bridgewater prison in Massachusetts….

No one else but me in our white Cause has this very special inner steel and hatred for evil.

And no one before me, to MY knowledge, has ever brought out extensively the heavily Jewish angle to the “Franklin Coverup.”

LYRICS to “Who’ll stop the rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival (in 1971:

Long as I remember, the rain been comin down.

Clouds of mystery, pourin confusion on the ground.

Good men through the ages, tryin to find the sun;

And I wonder, still I wonder, wholl stop the rain?

I went down to Virginia [home of Washington, Jefferson, Patrick Henry], seekin shelter from the storm.

Caught up in the fable, I watched the tower grow. [tower of Lord Sauron from “Lord of the Rings”]

Five-Year-Plans [marxist] and New Deals [Roosevelt-American], wrapped in golden chains.

And I wonder, still I wonder: wholl stop the rain.

Heard the singers playin, how we cheered for more.

The crowd had rushed together, tryin to keep warm.

Still the rain kept pourin, fallin on my ears.

And I wonder, still I wonder: wholl stop the rain?

The Eternal Solutrean anthem: