ENGLISH White South Africans cry out to me; the photo Facebook’s Zuckerberg fears

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I was in the National Aviary Museum yesterday in Pittsburgh, and as a good omen for my outreach to white South Africans (found later in this blog)

The good old flag of clean, neat, flourishing, white-ruled South Africa

I saw a beautiful birdie in that National Aviary Museum whose colors reminded me of the true South Africa…..

Then I ran into the largest eagle on earth, “Steller’s Sea Eagle”….. We discussed together how each of us selects targets, circles for a while, then after awaiting the right moment — finally, suddenly — dives like a bullet on the target, as certain people have found out. 😉 I’m wearing my Pittsburgh colors here of black and gold.

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And I suppose HAARP is just a crazy conspiracy theory…. Have you EVER seen a cloud shaped like this in your ENTIRE LIFE???



Is There No One Else? by movieclips

Alexander the Great

Julius Caesar, another nice guy 😉



The Jews are a amazing people of professional, dedicated, full-time liars. Truth is not a sacred but a meaningless concept to them. What counts in whatever they say or write is just this one single question, which is famous among Jewry:

“Is it good for the Jews?”

Whether lie or truth, or half-truth….. “is it good for the Jews?”

A Canadian supporter sent me these photocopies, showing a Toronto Star newspaper article from March of 1933, with the most ludicrous atrocity drivel….yes, the Nazis even “mutilate children”…….!

It was written by a “Pierre Van Paassen.” Was he (“Pierre”) a Frenchie, or was he (“Van Paassen”) a Dutchman? Nope, just a lying jew with a fake name. One must remember that the reason why all Jews change their name so blithely is that no goy name can be their “real” name. The real name of every male Jew is [first name] ben (“son of” in Hebrew) [father’s first name], or if a female Jew [first name] bat (“daughter of” in Hebrew) [father’s first name]. Names like Murdoch, Cameron, Goldberg, Wolfowitz, etc. are not felt by Jews to be their real name at all.

And they never call themselves “Jewish Americans,” with “American” being the operative noun. No, it is “American JEWS,” with “Jew” being the key word. After all, tomorrow they could on the plane to Israel, just like Isak Nygren, the “Swedish nationalist” who decamped to Israhell — to a kibbutz! — after advising Anders Breivik, who then (this guy is a white nationalist?) mowed down 79 white Norwegians who were anti-Israel……. http://johndenugent.com/?s=Nygren

One minute Isak (on the right in the photo) is in Sweden, telling Swedish anti-immigrant activists that he is a Swede like them, and that Israel is their friend in the struggle to save white Sweden….. 😉

The next minute, the Wandering Jew, Isak Nygren, is on Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev Desert!

But Isak, it is your fellow Jews who are bringing the Muslims INTO Sweden in the first place!

This fact — that the Jews run multiculturalism — is baldly admitted by an American-Israeli-Swedish jewess at the end of the following video:




Who cares, RIGHT, ISAK? Truth, shmuth! What counts is:

“Is it good for the Jews?….

As Hitler wrote in the foreword to his Second Book (http://www.nazi.org.uk/political%20pdfs/HitlerSecondBook.pdf):

I did not believe that […] I could convert those opponents who, in the hue and cry [….] saw primarily a welcome means for the struggle against the hated National Socialist Movement.

Such people cannot be taught better because the question of truth or error, right or wrong, plays absolutely no role for them. As soon as an issue seems suitable for exploitation, partly for political party purposes, partly even for their highly personal interests, the truthfulness or rightness of the matter at hand is altogether irrelevant. This is all the more the case if they can thereby inflict damage on the cause of the general awakening of our Folk.


But though entirely invented, the Toronto Star article was “good for the Jews” because it agitated them to engage in a race riot with British Torontonians who were sick of the Jews. Here is an article which discusses and defends the Jews’ riot and violence toward those who disagreed with them, and mentions the atrocity drivel the Toronto Star had published:


Now, on to the latest “good-for-the-Jews” drivel against yours truly…..

On a new slandersite (one of four dedicated to defaming yours truly……

….. though Wikipedia’s dictator Jimmy Wales……

who studied “finance” at college…..not journalism…..

…..said I was “not noteworthy enough” to merit any Wikipedia article at all) I am still “noteworthy” enough to slander. 😉

Almost three million hits on Bing, but not noteworthy

Now I learn from a Jew — posing as a white nationalist — that I am a leftist “antifa” (“antifascist”) ….. uhhh, WTF? ….




……and I have fake blue contact lenses on,

Really? Do those eyes look fake?


….and fake cheekbones, too…..(Are you just jealous, Jew?) …..and I learn I became a white nationalist “for the money”!… (That is the Mega-LOL of this whole slanderpage 😉 )

Mr. Jewish-White-Nationalist-Comrade thinks it is a horrible scandal that I ask for donations.

Actually, Jew, I have done every kind of regular working job on the books that YOU HAVE NEVER DONE: Marine (SC, NC, CA, DC, Europe), teacher (MA, RI and VA), factory worker (MA and Austria), window cleaner (NYC), steam carpet cleaner (MA), convenience-store clerk (MA), fast-food restaurant worker (MA), limousine driver (MA), day laborer (MA)…. I remember once, as a day laborer (with an assistant), carrying twenty queen-sized mattresses (the freight elevators did not yet work) up five floors to a new hotel in Framingham, Massachusetts, with those Sealy Posturepedics wiggling and bending all the way. 😉

Re my life as a working American…..


A comrade on Facebook guffawed:

?”…a WN for the money’!!??!!

LMWAO! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard! We all know that there is SOOO much money to be made.

Oh, and btw, where can I get myself some of those ‘cheekbones’? lol

I replied:

From my mother and father. 😉

This kike also criticizes me for asking for money. The ADL (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Defamation_League) “has 29 offices in the United States and three offices in other countries, with its headquarters located in New York City” [across from the UN bldg.] I wonder how they pay the rent without asking their people for money??

Jewboy, my father had a whole FLOOR of this building in Providence, Rhode Island, and offered me a partnership in the FOUR-MILLION-DOLLAR “Davis, Bateman and Nugent” insurance brokerage in 1981……… I wonder if the offer still stands? 😉 I have really NOT become nearly rich ENOUGH through white nationalism. 😉

But it is the blue eyes and cheekbones that drive this Jewbie nuts…. 😉

He’s like a deer in the headlights when he sees this face 😉

O-h-h-h-h, that horrible man….. 😉 Zyklon-B written all over his face….. 😉



OOOOOOOPS….. Hey, uhhh, Mr WHITE NATIONALIST——ummm, why did your website at first have this advertising at the bottom for an



Let’s see it in marvelous close-up…..Having become SO very wealthy from 33 remunerative years in white nationalism 😉 , I DO want only the best hotel for my

“perfect Jerusalem Vacation”….. 😉


Should I “check” it “out” the way Menachem Begin checked out the King David Hotel? 😉

(After I mocked the Jewboy on Facebook, he quickly removed the ad for the Dan Hotel in Jerusalem.… ;-)) Sorry, Mr. Kikeberg, because I screenshot your webpage before you could remove it……. 😉

As the faggot-y character (played by a Jew) on “Lost in Space” would say,

“The pain, the pain…..”

I note that after I published my two children’s birth certificates, the Jew-ccusations on Slanderfront and TumbleInn that I am a homo have slowed down SOMEWHAT….

….but that paperwork really only proves I had sex TWICE with a woman, after all 😉 ….. Maybe I was gay after that! Or maybe I had no sex with a woman, but instead went to the sperm bank to do it! — …so lesbo Jody Foster could get pregnant….;-)

Ingrid (second pic below) DOES look a bit like actress Jody Foster (first pic below)……

Ingrid Atzl Nugent (Irigoyen)

A comrade said why not publish a family pic showing you with your family, so here it is, from January 2007, Vero Beach, Florida, at my father’s 80th birthday party…. Read it and weep, Jews.

Early 2007 family photo: (top row) John de Nugent, his brother Todd Nugent, his son-in-law Jos Irigoyen; (front row) his stepmother Helen Nugent of Prince Edward Island, Canada; his father James Nugent, a WWII/Iwo Jima and Korean War Marine vet; his older daughter Ingrid Atzl Nugent (now Ingrid Irigoyen, married mother of twin girls), and Margaret, then-fiance of John de Nugent.

Jos, Ingrid, my younger daughter Erika, and my father at Bobbie’s, Vero Beach

Ohmygawwd, jooze, how DO you explain all this?

You don’t.

You just IGNORE it. 😉

Did my father fake being in the battle of Iwo Jima? (I read a rumor on a website he was working for Goldman Sachs throughout the war… 😉 ) But the other rumor is that he was here….


Are the “New Orleans Saints” in American football Nazis too? (NFC champs 2006, Superbowl winners 2009)

Their quarterback (fhrer) has blond hair, the wife and kid too, and is sporting a fleur-de-lys…..better check it out. 😉



I got many hundreds of hits suddenly yesterday on my very important webpage here:




If you have not yet read it, take some smelling salts first, then READ it! (I recently added new material at the top, and South Africans added important links at the bottom.

This sublime painting……

The Gloaming — Cornelius Bosch


……and this painting…..

Golden Fields — Cornelius Bosch


…….were created by a wonderful, kind, helpful white Afrikaner artist, Cornelius Bosch….



[Qhote from his site] I am a South African artist. I have been working as a full-time painter for twenty years. My work ranges from landscapes, to abstract work. Most of the work is done in acrylic, although I do work in oils as well. My real love is with color and light and that I am always looking to catch that illusive magical light in my landscapes.

— whom “someone”

(the kaffir police just released all suspects, and gave up investigating)

burned alive.



I’m sorry to say that “C” was torched to death and burnt alive with fire by South African Blacks in the ongoing “Boer Genocide” of White smallfarm landholders; the Whites are referred to as “Boers” to be exterminated.

Artist Cornelius Bosch torched to death

2011-03-09 15:15 SA artist Cornelius Bosch, 55, missing since 24 February from his Kameeldrift smallholding near Pretoria, was found torched to death. Dental records confirmed his identity. (source: Hilda Fourie of Beeld.)

His body was found on Monday in an open field next to Zambesi-drive, north of Pretoria, near his smallholding. His bakkie [small pickup truck] is still missing. http://www.beeld.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Kunstenaar-se-verbrande-lyk-gekry-20110309

Reknowned South African painter Cornelius Bosch vanished from his Kameeldrift smallholding without a trace: nothing was robbed or stolen from his smallholding. Bosch, 55, was last seen Feb 24 before he disappeared http://www.ofm.co.za/news.asp?nid=17660



Alice Bester of the Alice art gallery in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, said Bosch was the kindest and gentlest person.
“He was hopelessly too young to go, but he went straight to heaven,” said Bester.

And remember, white Americans, that this sneering creature from Africa …….

…….is now “OUR” president!

An important retired South African journalist, throwing caution to the wind in her desperation, actually wrote me, “the world’s most dangerous racist” 😉 :

* * *

For daily updates on the horror-story of genocide unfolding in South Africa, access the following two sites, which post updates every day: http://www.censorbugbear.org and http://www.farmitracker.com

The latter was started by criminologist Pieter Oosthuizen after the ANC-regime announced on January 1 2010 that it would no longer report any violent-crimes to the local news media because they did not want to scare off the white tourists to the FIFA football world cup 2010 tournaments to be held there in June 2010.

The official police crime-statistics claim that crime dropped dramatically during the World Cup 2010. However the crime statistics completely fail to record the attacks against Afrikaner farmers and agricultural smallholdings and they SOARED during the WC2010 while the black attack gangs usually terrorising and killing white families in the suburbs and towns clearly slowed down their activities while the football games were on TV.

A day after all the white tourists went home from July 31 2010, there was an immediate peak of 100 attacks that day according to the http://www.farmitracker.com graphs and they have been hovering at around #

50 attacks A DAY against whites all over South Africa:

…….in the countryside and the cities alike.

* * *

Pa en seun (Father [just like the English word “Pa”!] and Son) is a song video (below) by Afrikaner singer Bok van Blerk showing a funeral, after the child was hit by a car. But the mental association Afrikaners will have who are viewing this and hearing the lyrics is to funerals for white victims, murdered by blacks, or white children, snatched by blacks, who disappear into child sex rings.

Van Blerk has already been warned by the black government and jewsmedia several times about “stirring up” the Afrikaners, after his hit songs “De la Rey” (about a heroic Boer general) and “Afrikanerhart” (with the lines “Stand your ground, South Africa” and “Shoot me through my Afrikaner heart.”)

This funeral video only awakens associations with the many thousands of funerals after black-on-white murders.

An Afrikaner told me that because Van Blerks songs are mostly political, ALL his songs are seen by both friend and foe as having an indirect racial message. An estimated 50,000 Whites have been slaughtered (often tortured, mutilated and even burned alive) by savage black criminals since the end of apartheid.

Here is the song video, and you might want to read the lyrics first, with English translation provided by me! (I studied Afrikaans 25 years ago and even corresponded with Jaap Marais, a leading true Afrikaner conservative political leader. I can read Afrikaans fairly well and understand it if spoken slowly.)

Here are the lyrics (and you can see how similar many basic words are between English and Afrikaans).

Pa en Seun/Father and Son

Ek staan hier alleen langs jou graf/I stand here alone by your grave;

En ek wens so graag jy was nog hier/And I wish so much you were still here;

Dat ons net kon praat, En ons trots kon laat vaar/That we could just talk, and let go of our pride;

En ek net jou Pa kon wees/And I could just be your father (“pa”).


Net die beste vir jou wil ek he/I wanted only the best for you;

Maar daai woorde was nooit net gese/But [loving] nonsense words were never said;

En hier waar jy le my seun weet ek nie/And here where you lie, my son, I do not know;

Tyd was te min om oor te begin/The time was too little to start over (begin again).


Se my hoe se n Pa vir sy seun/Tell me what a father says to his son;

In Jou het ek lewe gevind/In you I have found life;

Ek het jou lief jys my kind/I love you; you are my child

Jys my kind/You are my child.


Se my hoe word n Pa so alleen/Tell me how a father becomes so alone;

Dit voel soos my enigste seun/It feels as though you were my only son;

Die Here het jou my geleen/The Lord lent you to me;

Jou woorde draai steeds in my kop/Your words turn constantly in my head;

Daar is soveel wat n Pa nog wou vra/There is so much a father would like to ask;

Maar eendag moes jy ook n pa word my kind/But someday you must also be a dad, my child;

En dan sou jy alles verstaan/And then you will understand everything.


Soos n pa wat sy lewe sou gee/As a father who would give his life,

Met sy trane wat die see weg sou vee/With his tears that would push back the sea;

Maar hier waar jy le my seun/But here where you lie, my son;

Weet ek die tyd was te min/I know the time was too little;

En niks maak meer sin/And nothing makes sense any more;

Se my hoe se n Pa vir sy seun/Tell me how a father talks to his son;

In jou het ek lewe gevind/In you I found life;

Ek het jou lief jys my kind/I love you, youre my child;

Jys my kind/Youre my child.

* * *

What this song evokes indirectly is that the white Afrikaners feel doomed, being picked off one by one by one, that time is running out, the world is unaware or uncaring about their tragedy, and they wonder what is to be done.

And now we too have a black African as president over our white nation of America. Afrikaners, Amerikaners what is the difference? When the white baby-boomers die, the 75 MILLION born between 1946 and 1964, the white population of America could also plummet down to eight or ten percent!

We could have many funeral scenes then HERE IN AMERICA and with multiple coffins.

Van Blerk recently gave an interview (http://jv.dieburger.com//Stories/Features/By/17.0.278665858.aspx) to the Afrikaner newspaper Die Burger [“The Citizen”], denying he was a politican, or even a racist, or anyone trying to start a white revolution. (And he clearly is not any kind of white leader, THOUGH THIS DISAPPOINTED MANY AFRIKANERS. Hes just an artist.)

But then, the report says, his face got dark.

And he tells of his longstanding friend, also a musician. While he was packing, five black guys come bursting in, tie him to a pole, and he sees all five rape his girlfriend in front of him on the floor of the place. Then they say to him: This is what we will do to all you white people.

* * * ( I go back now to the retired South Africa lady journalist’s report……)


Just key on the dates January 2010 to August 2011 yourself on http://www.farmitracker.com and look for yourself.

The descriptions of these attacks also are particularly horrific: indicating a high level of such vicious violence that the SA Trauma Society

[JdN: Oh, my God, are you ready for this….? ]

…..describes the injuries sustained by whites in South Africa as

injuries usually only seen in wartime.

Foreign doctors who want to study wartime-trauma injuries and want to learn how to deal with extremely violent patients in hospital trauma-wards, often work in the trauma-departments of South African hospitals such as Baragwanath near Soweto.

As a retired Sunday Times journalist……

* * *

http://www.timeslive.co.za/; I, JdN, note that “Nobel Prize winner” Bishop Desmond Tutu wants a special tax on whites: http://www.timeslive.co.za/local/2011/08/13/tutu-s-white-tax-suggestion-racist-ff SEE BELOW!!)

Gee, if I propose a special tax on blacks or Jews, can I get a Nobel Prize too? 😉

* * *

I started recording all the farm-attacks on Boer farmers since 2001, and compiled a long list of names. The task has become so difficult for just one person to handle, with daily attacks pouring in by the dozens now, that I stopped counting on April 21 2011

when the death-rate for the Boer farmers stood at 3,800.

Out of the original 85,000 registered Boer-owned farms in 1994, when the ANC-regime took over hegemony, there now are no more than 12,000 registered as working farming-enterprises with the central tax-registry. All the other farms have been handed over to the ANC-regime and are now for the most part, idle and unused. Where did all those 85,000 Boers go? What happened to them?

The entire countryside is being ethnically-cleansed of Boer families; and now the ANC have also started their ethnic-cleansing from the former Boer regions of the more than 800,000 out of the 3-million Boers who now live in dismal squatter camps, hiding away on smallholdings with their children.

[JdN: This shocking development is why I say that no “Little Europe” all-white settlements are possible in a darkening world without political and military muscle. If the dark ones have the power, and their white traitor-collaborators, and the Jews, they will simply NOT LET US ALONE.]

The regime often uses trumped-up court charges with claims of illegal shacks to get the Boers off their own land which they have farmed for generations.

And these families have no place to flee to: moreover they are at the mercy of very violent criminal gangs who prey on their children, often

kidnapping those pretty little blonde children for the international child-sex-slavery trade.

This is how the African National Congress of the besainted Nelson Mandela runs their country: they have turned the only Western, modern country on the African continent into a cesspit of misery, crime, jackrolling rape-gangs targetting boys and girls alike and extremely cruel violence specifically targetting the Boer population.

http://www.genocidewatch.org is a liberal organisation in the USA which was set up by Prof Gregory Stanton to raise awareness of genocide and has devised a method which has already proven to prevent all-out genocide.

* * *

JdN: See specifically http://www.genocidewatch.org/southafrica.html

JdN: Here is a charming story, found at that link:

Quarter of men in South Africa admit rape, survey finds
The Guardian UK

June 17, 2009

One in four men in South Africa have admitted to rape and many confess to attacking more than one victim, according to a study that exposes the country’s endemic culture of sexual violence.

Three out of four rapists first attacked while still in their teens, the study found. One in 20 men said they had raped a woman or girl in the last year.

South Africa is notorious for having one of the highest levels of rape in the world. Only a fraction are reported, and only a fraction of those lead to a conviction.

The study into rape and HIV, by the country’s Medical Research Council (MRC), asked men to tap their answers into a Palm Pilot device to guarantee anonymity. The method appears to have produced some unusually frank responses.

Professor Rachel Jewkes of the MRC, who carried out the research, said: “We have a very, very high prevalence of rape in South Africa. I think it is down to ideas about masculinity based on gender hierarchy and the sexual entitlement of men. It’s rooted in an African ideal of manhood.”

Jewkes and her colleagues interviewed a representative sample of 1,738 men in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces.

Of those surveyed, 28% said they had raped a woman or girl, and 3% said they had raped a man or boy. Almost half who said they had carried out a rape admitted they had done so more than once, with 73% saying they had carried out their first assault before the age of 20.

The study, which had British funding, also found that men who are physically violent towards women are twice as likely to be HIV-positive. They are also more likely to pay for sex and to not use condoms.

Any woman raped by a man over the age of 25 has a one in four chance of her attacker being HIV-positive.

One in 10 men said they had been forced to have sex with another man. Many find it difficult to report such attacks to the police in subcultures where the concept of homosexuality is taboo.

South Africa’s government has been repeatedly criticised for failing to address the crisis. Only 7% of reported rapes are estimated to lead to a conviction. Jewkes said: “There’s been a lot of concern about the way the criminal justice system works, because it’s still woeful.”



* * *

He has classified the Boers of South Africa as being at stage 5 out of the 8 stages of genocide. Stage 8 is the denial-stage, when the genocide has already taken place and the perpetrators are trying to hide the traces. Stage 7 is the all-out frantic genocidal attack waves which most of the world believes is the only form of genocide.

The Boers now are nearing stage 6 of genocide and the ruling ANC-regime is engaged in all the activities one sees in the immediate run-up to genocide:

drawing up death lists,

–creating death-squads,

describing the target population as less than human, as cockroaches, as Boers who must be Shot and Killed. They sing public songs inciting people to “Kill the Boer,”

* * *

Then-President Nelson Mandela joins in! (To the left is his JEW adviser, Ronnie Kasrils! — proving Jews do NOT consider themselves as whites!)

* * *

….and One White Infant One Bullet, and their president sings at public meetings Bring me my machine-gun.

The Boers’ most treasured possession, their guns, have also been taken away from them in a massive gun-control campaign

…..which has seen 1.2-million legally-registered firearms in the hands of whites [out of a white population of around four million] confiscated legally while many

….millions of AK-47s are streaming into the country [TO THE BLACKS] from China.

JdN: Red Chinese flag.

JdN: It goes without saying that the Chinese did not INVENT the AK-47 (Chinese version below); it is a white-race, Russian invention, inspired by the German Sturmgewehr (19)44.

The Boers now are trapped, and

have no way to defend themselves.

They are too poor to flee

and where would they flee to anyway?


South Africa is the only place they have ever known. They have no family in the European countries they hail from, and

those European countries for the most part, refuse to accept them as political refugees.

Thus far in the entire world, no more than 600 Boer families have been accepted as political refugees.

Ireland is one of the few exceptions.

JdN: Eire, the Emerald Isle — a people with great sympathy for the oppressed and the underdog after Ireland’s own tragic history

Jdn: But the Irish cities, SINCE EIRE JOINED THE SOVIET EUROPEAN UNION, are filling up TOO with BLACKS!


Scroll down halfway to “Ireland Overrun” here:





And those are the ones who still had the money to buy the passports and the expensive visa and the expensive airline tickets and managed to escape.

The rest of the Boers now are caught like fish in a barrel,

…..ready for all-out destruction.

I have been recording this tragedy ever since 2001.

JdN: This lady journalist also recommended to me this website: http://censorbugbear-reports.blogspot.com/

* * *

An Afrikaner comrade wrote me:

* * *

Hi, all!
I live myself here in South Africa……

…..and these images that are on this page are terrible, but even these photos are not giving you the real picture of what is going on right now in my country.

* * *

JdN: Excerpt from that webpage:










Negroes horribly slaughtering a white farmer limbs hacked, and gasoline poured on his genitals while alive, then lit.

This is the new “postracial” South Africa of black-majority rule…..

Under Jew-Puppet U.S. President Bill Clinton, the US Navy stood off the South African coast during the 1994 transition to black rule, brandishing its firepower to ensure that the whites did not rise up and prevent their doom. The US embassy in Pretoria is eight mysterious stories deep, a veritable bunker of subversion, designed to intimidate white South Africans. YOUR IRS TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!!!.

Afrikaners living in dire poverty in shacks while the Jews and Chinese pay off black politicians in their Mercedes, and loot the country.

* * *

The black youth of South Africa, between 16 and 25 years of age, that cannot even remember apartheid, blame everything on it.

Through my work I have met a lot of the older black people 60 years and older, all saying they wish the government would just wake up and bring back apartheid, because they know that the white Afrikaner farmer and the white man is what kept them alive and cared for them.

Every month they got their salary and food hampers from the farmers. Each day I meet someone new complaining about the government that they themselves voted into power,

wishing that they could go back to the old [white-run] South Africa.

* * *


Every white South Africa man of draft age served for one or two years in the long, long war 1966-89 against the communist negroes of Angola tht threatened his country. And once again it proved true that one intelligent, brave, well-trained white man is worth five negroes, no matter what weapons are given him by a diabolical jew or his agent.

JdN: Here is SOME of the truth about running of the old white-run South Africa. (The narration by sell-out F. W. De Klerk will be highly objectionable to all true Afrikaners, who can even be called a true TRAITOR. However the words he says on this video are very true, and then at 4:43 you see a REAL white South African hero come on screen, the silver-haired Hendrik Verwoerd.)


* * *

On social networks [like Facebook] they even have groups where the youth say they hate the white pigs and that they want to rape and kill the white-trash women!

We as white South Africans are not even allowed to say that our [Zulu] president [Zuma] is incompetent without being accused of being racist.

JdN: President Zuma, a complete clown, with the unamused president of China, who can barely manage a smile.

JdN: The Chinese, who are taking over more and more African economies right now, and bringing in their own labor, have no use for blacks, and just want Africa’s raw materials. If China should ever rule the world, the blacks would be completely doomed at their hands. I almost think that in the same way as the Chinese eat monkeys (as well as dogs and snakes) they would literally even eat some of them. The Chinese viscerally HATE the blacks as being, in their eyes, guilty of the cardinal sins of being stupid and lazy. For all the evils of Chinese culture, the triple teaching of te sage Confucius 2500 years ago to his Chinese people was 1) work 2) family 3) education. Three strikes, blacks, and if the Chinese were to take over, you would be OUT — out of existence. I suppose they will spread a virus around that just kills blacks. — JdN

Yet our farmers, John, are being slaughtered and butchered each day — without as much as a cent being stolen frm them [JdN: their motive is PURE racial hatred and murder] or given a fair chance at defending themselves, killed in their beds. A two-year-old white baby girl was made to stand on her knees and was shot in the back of the head like a execution. And they say the attack was self-defense???



JdN: A little white girl like this girl…..a two-year-old blonde, a Mensa Club member, a genius girl in Britain (http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?114834-Two-year-old-Matilda-becomes-youngest-ever-girl-in-Mensa&s=3cae1bf928d87c9a95badb3cc9765c46)….. How many white genius children are not being born at all in this age of childless whites and tiny families? How many genius children end up in the gutter, because they do not get special schooling, and have to share classrooms with blacks. muslims, mexicans — and rowdy white-trash kids on drugs and booze? Adolf Hitler had the Adolf Hitler Schools and the NAPOLAs to educate the elite — to build sturdy character, altruism and leadership, not just loner fact-nerds.


It makes me sick what is happening to our people!

The whole world needs to turn back to GOD, our Father; it’s our only hope.

* * *

I responded:


Thank you for this comment, white comrade.

We know, and in the past especially we used to know well, the truth of what you are saying.

A few years back, letters with some frank comments in them between the great Southern general Robert E. Lee and his beloved wife were discovered in a bank vault at Burke and Herbert Bank in Alexandria, Virginia. (I used to be a customer at that bank; Lee grew up in that city, located just south of Washington, DC.)

Burke and Herbert Bank

Despite myths told in recent decades. Lee reluctantly but strongly supported black slavery, and not because he liked it at all. His argument was that if the blacks were unloosed on white society they would destroy it as well as themselves. He wrote: “Everywhere you see the white man, things are going up, and everywhere you see the black man, things are going down.”

Lee was among the most respected Americans of all time. He graduated second in his class from the famous West Point (US Military Academy) and was the Commandant of West Point when the so-called “Civil War” (which Southerners call “The War of Yankee Aggression”) broke out in 1861. President Abraham Lincoln begged Lee to assume command of the UNION armies to put down the Southern secession movement, but Lee refused, saying there was no way he could invade his own beloved Virginia,

But we now know that Lee was not just against secession; he was also firmly FOR slavery as a necessary evil — for the protection of whites from blacks and of the blacks from themselves.

Generals Lee and JEB Stuart review the southern cavalry, Brandy Station, Virginia

Marines performing a burial ceremony at the famous Arlington Cemetery (the vast military graveyard facing Washington DC), which is named for Lee’s mansion, called Arlington House.

Arlington House. Alexandria County, Virginia renamed itself as Arlington County to honor Lee, and protest against the jew-run US government forcing desegregation on the South.

Stone Mountain, Georgia has a gigantic rock carving celebrating the heroism of the southerners’ president, Jefferson Davis of Kentucky and later Mississippi, and of generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson of Virginia.

Davis was imprisoned in miserable conditions for years after the end of the “Civil War.” But the government did not dare imprison Lee, who was highly respected even by brainwashed Northerners as both a general and a gentleman. Soon, as blacks streamed northward after they had been emancipated, following the “Civil War,” northern whites too began to understand black realities. The entire United States was de facto segregated with the full support of white Americans, both north and south, until the 1960s, when the crypto-Jew Lyndon Baines Johnson, after murdering his predecessor, John Kennedy, forced integration between whites and blacks.


This video below is an absolute MUST to understand, grasp and truly believe the terrible truth —


— a truth that even LBJ’s friends, his lawyer and his mistress (who loved him as a man, and was the mother of his illegitimate child) were certain was a fact — that the Vice President, LBJ, ordered treacherously the murder of HIS President, OUR President, John F. Kennedy, and was able to pull it off in a Texas that he already had completely controlled for years as his personal political machine….. (His best friend, John Connally, was then the governor of Texas, but it does not stop there. My father knew John Connally, who ran for president in 1979-80 and turned himself against Israel, perhaps having a very bad conscience over what had happened to Kennedy, and wishing to personally redeem himself.)

The part is also very interesting about Johnson seeing a psychiatrist toward the end of his life; the notes by that medical doctor and the things Johnson may have confessed to him would be VERY interesting reading…

The wicked Johnson actually had his own sister Josefa murdered because she not only knew too much but also was a heavy drinker and tended to “talk.” Note the VERY Jewish features on his sister, Josefa, and then look at his own nose.

Watch the segment about the big meeting in Dallas the night before the assassination, with J. Edgar Hoover, LBJ and Richard Nixon all conferring behind closed doors at a Texas oilman’s mansion.


To truly understand it all, that there was a Jew coup d’tat in 1963 in Dallas, because Kennedy was secretly becoming more and more anti-Jewish like his father, Joseph Kennedy Senior, and opposing the Israeli acquisition of nuclear weapons, one must read Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment.

You can order it here:


Here I am talking about how the Jews, after murdering Kennedy using their own Jew, Johnson, got their claws on atomic bomb fuel from a plant in my own state of Pennsylvania….


As the Talmud preaches, in Sanhedrin chapter 69, in the words of a rabbi whom all devout Jews revere, Simon Bar Yokhai (founder of the Kabbalah), “KILL THE BEST GENTILES!” (“Tob shebbe goyim harog!”)


What you Afrikaners HAVE to understand, overcoming the Calvinistic Old Testament indoctrination that “The Jews are God’s Chosen People,” is that it is the JEW who is your enemy, the JEW murdered Jesus Christ, who had said to the Jews “You are from your father, the DEVIL” (John 8:44) — and all of Judaism today is descended from the Pharisees of Jesus’ time.

It is the conniving, internationally networked billionaire JEW who is the sworn enemy of the whole white race.

And it is the JEW who talks to the crazies who then murder and assassinate all our good white leaders, such as the Greek who murdered just two years after Kennedy the great prime minister of South Africa, Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, who was saving white South Africa. Verwoerd was creating TRUE apartheid, a TOTAL separation of white and black. NO COMPROMISE!

So the Jews said about Verwoerd…..

The greatest tragedy in the history of Mother Russia was when a Jewish assassin killed Prime Minister Peter Stolypin (on September 1, 1911, right in front of the tsar he had loyally served, at the Kiev, Ukraine opera house). Stolypin was a brilliant, dynamic Russian patriot who was effectively reforming and modernizing Russia, despite the tsars personal limitations, and thus heading off any chance of a bloody, genocidal, jewish-communist revolution.

His Jewish murderer, Dmitri Bogrov.

Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn and others believed that the murder of Stolypin was the greatest disaster in Russian history. To lose one key leader at a time of crisis can in fact mean disaster for a nation. Jews have been assassins, hitmen and poisoners for centuries. (Queen Elizabeth I of England had her own Jewish doctor executed for attempting to poison her.)

The Jews (using Britain’s MI-6 spy agency) also murdered Princess Diana, possibly the most famous woman on earth in 1997, because she was about to publicly speak out for the Palestinians and thus against Israel — and who uis the one who said it? A former MI-5 British official herself!


My dear Afrikaner brothers and sisters, the primitive, low-IQ black man would be NOTHING without the backing of the JEW, his money, his media, and his secret, yet increasingly obvious, dictatorial control of, LET US SPEAK FRANKLY, the Jewnited Snakes of America.

Even the coat of arms of the United States has thirteen kabbalistic stars forming a Star of David INSIDE THE CIRCLE at the very top!

And it is ONLY the rise of the Eternal Solutrean movement in AMERICA that can save WHITE SOUTH AFRICA.


Jason Salyers, head of the Solutrean Ahnenerbe (“ancestral research” — http://www-jasonsalyers.com) and myself, a former US Marine, John de Nugent. We have no illusions about the Jews, the blacks, the muslims, the homosexuals, and the Chinese; we know what has to be done. Pitiless struggle! And to do that, FIRST our civilization must be cleansed of false compassion FOR OUR ENEMIES, and completely refounded on a more solid rock, ETERNAL SOLUTREANISM. See below.

We must have a truly Aryan, white religion that is right for our race, our nature and our practical survival.

Jesus, in John chapter 15, verse 13 (King James Bible)

“No greater love hath any man than this,

that he lay down his life for his


And we do not have ONE life — we have MANY lives, and each is a meaningful TE$T of love, courage and duty! THAT IS TRUE ARYAN RELIGION. Look at the scientific EVIDENCE!


As Adolf Hitler wrote in his Second Book (1928), America is a Germanic body with a JEWISH HEAD.

We must crush the Jew-snake’s head. IN AMERICA.

Snake-faced Jewmerican press baron Sy Newhouse…..

No one is more ferocious on this planet to take these Jews down than am I.

Spiritual video number eight:

You must see the first part of the PRESIDENTIAL VIDEO, including my greeting in Afrikaans at around the 12th minute, and the ending about the primitive beings from the animal world who incarnate as “humans”!





We need to get back that winning feeling!

(just a fun video: German soldiers get a hero’s welcome home in 1940)


Nightly, beside the green, green grass
Swing, swing, swing the spinning step
You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress.
[Chorus:] Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moons sparkling
So kiss me
Kiss me down by the broken tree house
Swing me upon its hanging tire
Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
Well take the trail marked on your fathers map [Chorus (repeat)]


Clean up the black mess….. (Facebook feared this photo so much that owner Mark Zuckerberg had it removed it from my Facebook page….)

White brothers and sisters, I have been in this Cause for 33 years, and I have the strategy. I have the leadership, brains, CV and physical appearance. What I lack is the beans, bullets and bombs (Marine expression) the financial ammunition to wage this war to achieve a merciless victory.

John de Nugent

213 Ekastown Road

Sarver PA 16055 USA

[20 miles north of Pittsburgh, in western Pennsylvania]



(or solutrean1@hotmail.com)

Telephone: 724.353.0154

Skype: John de Nugent (Pittsburgh)


Cash in an envelope (any return address will do)

Blank money order (put in $ amount, not your name or to whom)

MoneyGram (send from a Walmart or elsewhere)

Paypal (to john_denugent@yahoo.com)

Click here:

====================RECENT VISITORS
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============A FINAL WORD TODAY:

White South Africans!

Do not give up!

Prepare to fight, mentally and physically.

The most powerful nation on earth will awaken to your terrible plight.

You will not all make it. NEITHER WILL WE IN AMERICA.


But with the blessing of the true God, our race — and white South Africa — shall survive!

And then there will be an apartheid of total separation forever, more strict and complete than the world has ever seen.

The country YOU built will be YOURS.

That is the vow of the Eternal Solutreans.


Staan ??vas, Suid Afrika!
Hold your ground, South Africa!


Die Stem van Suid-Afrika The Call of South Africa Literal translation from Afrikaans
First verse
Uit die blou van onse hemel, Ringing out from our blue heavens, From the blue of our heaven
Uit die diepte van ons see, From our deep seas breaking round, From the depths of our sea,
Oor ons ewige gebergtes Over everlasting mountains, Over our eternal mountain ranges
Waar die kranse antwoord gee. Where the echoing crags resound, Where the cliffs give answer
Deur ons vr verlate vlaktes From our plains where creaking wagons, Through our far-deserted plains
Met die kreun van ossewa. Cut their trails into the earth, With the groan of ox-wagon
Ruis die stem van ons geliefde, Calls the spirit of our country, Rises the voice of our beloved,
Van ons land Suid-Afrika. Of the land that gave us birth. Of our country South Africa
Ons sal antwoord op jou roepstem, At thy call we shall not falter, We will answer to your calling,
Ons sal offer wat jy vra: Firm and steadfast we shall stand, We will offer what you ask
Ons sal lewe, ons sal sterwe, At thy will to live or perish, We will live, we will die
Ons vir jou, Suid-Afrika. O South Africa, dear land. We for Thee, South Africa

I wrote the lady journalist whose material I used above:

* * *

I thank you. madam, for your comment on my static webpage “White South African Tragedy.”

I approved it and it appears here:


Please note that I added new material to the top of that static webpage in the Afrikaans language, which I wrote with the aid of a Boer friend who knew Eugene Terre’Blanche well:


Because I am extremely controversial, I did not use your NAME, but I did use your entire comment also on a new blog, found here:


I have been in the cause of white civil rights for 33 years now, and it was way back in 1984 that I realized that the most fundamental things have to be changed — how we understand God, religion, the universe, and ourselves.


In these 33 years I have learned that no fact about race, Jews, or the NWO, or chemtrails, HAARP, or the Holocaust, or De Klerk or Clinton, Blair or Mandela, matters.

Who are WE? Just white animals scrapping in the dust with the brown animals? If so, then let the stronger and more brutal beast win!

I hope, with God’s blessing, to start a movement to completely change our values. I have waited 33 years for our race to become truly scared witless. Ready for massive change.

No factoid can save us. The white race is now ready and preparing to die.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion predicted this development, and the Zionists have labored directly for this day of resignation.

It shall not come.

John 8:44: “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your fathers desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

Julle is kinders van die duiwel; hy is julle vader, en julle wil doen wat julle vader wil h julle moet doen. Hy was van die begin af ‘n moordenaar. En hy staan nie aan die kant van die waarheid nie, omdat daar geen waarheid in hom is nie. Wanneer hy leuentaal praat, is dit volgens sy aard, want hy is ‘n leuenaar en die vader van die leuen.

This is a battle between light and absolute, cosmic darkness.

================to be continued tomorrow on this blog

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