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This amazing 1970 song, written and sung by John Fogerty of Seattle, and performed with the great band “Creedence Clearwater Revival,” says it all….. (taken from my January 27 blog found here: http://johndenugent.com/english/english-leaders-persist/)

Long as I remember, the rain been comin’ down.
Clouds of mystery, pourin’ confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages, tryin’ to find the sun;
And I wonder, still I wonder, who‘ll stop the rain?

I went down to Virginia [home of Washington, Jefferson, Patrick Henry], seekin’ shelter from the storm.
Caught up in the fable, I watched the tower grow. [tower of Lord Sauron from “Lord of the Rings”]
Five-Year-Plans [marxist] and New Deals [Roosevelt-American], wrapped in golden chains.
And I wonder, still I wonder: who’ll stop the rain.

Heard the singers playin’, how we cheered for more.
The crowd had rushed together, tryin’ to keep warm.
Still the rain kept pourin’, fallin’ on my ears.
And I wonder, still I wonder: who’ll stop the rain?

* * *

I became so very fascinated with Creedence Clearwater Revival after reading the actual lyrics of “Who’ll Stop the Rain?” (which had just been a hummable throw-away song for me beforehand) that I read carefully the entire Wikipedia article on Fogerty…..and thus read about his enmity for the Jew Saul Zaentz.

I am about to write a major report to my larger contributors about where the final video is going.
I have been baffled (and, as I have not hidden, also angered) by the lack of response from so-called white nationalists to my videos.
To be just frank and honest, not egotistical, I have been baffled by a crowd that anyone on the outside would say should respond very, very enthusiastically to me. If WNs like Hitler, or Robert E. Lee, or Stonewall Jackson, or George Lincoln Rockwell, they should see me as a godsend. I look very Aryan, I carry myself like the former Marine that I am, I have a superb Ivy-League-level education, an old colonial American family heritage, and 33 years in this Cause, so I am no johnny-come-lately either, but a man with a long track record of courage, commitment and also a high level of skill. (My eleven-part video on my race for Congress in Tennessee shows what I accomplished there.) To be blunt, I look like the ideal leader. But still NO support……except for the tiniest handful of supporters, about 1/5th of 1% of my readers.
I was also baffled by various supporters telling me my videos were “boring.”
The reason why is that I KNOW they are not. I was an extremely popular high-school teacher, my videos use the style that always worked with kids, and when I was a substitute teacher, on many mornings three different school systems would call me, because I could both keep order and also really please the students.
I remember the look of wide-eyed fascination on kids’ faces……
I remember kids deliberately missing their bus for the ride home so they could come and hang out with me after the day was done.
I have come to realize that it is not that my videos are boring… It is that young people themselves have changed, into creatures that are extremely easily bored, with a 30-second attention span, and if so, are such creatures usable at all??????
Superficially, one could say that technological innovations such as TV, the fast pace of rock music, the kaleidoscope of the Internet, cell phones, texting and short YouTube videos “make” people crave instant excitement.
But that is NOT correct.

No, the Jew has created the deepest sense of paralyzing, full-time anxiety in us.

It is a kind of military psychiatry, designed to take out the command-and-control bunkers of the enemy.

I will be writing more soon, and redesigning my website accordingly.


A comrade in Texas wrote me:


Fogerty got jewed and screwed by The Tribe.



Mr. Fogerty’s warm feelings do not …..extend to Mr. Saul Zaentz, who would not be interviewed for this article, or other former Fantasy executives. “The way I view Saul Zaentz and his henchmen, shall I say…..well, that probably gives it away,” Mr. Fogerty said. “I still view them in the same light. If I was walking down the street and those rattlesnakes were walking towards me, I would give them a wide berth.”

Keep hammering away, Kamerad.

You are an intellectual; many WNs are as intellectually root-bound as the other goyim whom they criticize.I’m not surprised that most find your videos boring. I used to recommend books to people in order to try to get them to think. Remember where I am, TEXAS. It needs to be on the NYT Bestseller’s List or be seen on the Today Show for these folks to think a book or info is of value.

You are doing what you can as are the remnant of us out here that understand. I believe you are honest and have integrity and that is why I have tried to do just a little to help keep you online. None of us know who is called or will be called to be a real leader.

Are the likes of Brother Nathanael, Hoffmann, incogman, David Duke, Mark Weber, Kevin MacDonald, David Irving and a remnant of bloggers who warn daily of the talmudic beast doing any good?

It seems like we have all been just “preaching to the choir.” They are doing what they can and the few of us who try to help you guys out are doing what we can to help you get the message out.

I think the real leaders in the world have been very few and the best have had to fight their way to the top and overcome extreme opposition.

I am finishing Mein Kampf right now, and when I get through with it, I’m picking up another David Irving book. All this does is frustrate me because there is no way to discuss the things that we have the COURAGE to learn with others unless they themselves have first made the decision to cast aside the blatant lies we have all been fed by going to the most original sources of real history as possible.

I’m only a few years younger than you and although our backgrounds are quite different, I can tell we have common bonds which make men real brothers despite the differences.

I once worked in the “public fool system” telling young people to “learn to think for themselves” when their English teachers tell them to pick up the lies of Elie Wiesel and his book of fables. Like you, I have a passion for languages and believe I could pick up other languages even this late in life as I did Spanish years ago. I taught myself through iron will, determination, and a God-given ability to learn another language and learned it well.

I am not optimistic about what we are facing, but for me QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION.

Take care brother John. Do be careful out there and don’t forget to pray for one another.

I replied:
Greetings, brother Ken.

Well, yes, I AM an intellectual, but I have also done the most humble blue-collar jobs, for many years, after I renounced the glittering path my father had planned for me. And I can tell you this from the bottom of my heart:

I know I can do this great thing.
People just really do love my way with them. I am a natural politician, maybe due to my keltic and Irish side. I just have to totally redesign the website for mass appeal (tucking away the hard-core blog in a secret location for paying donors) and finish the final video.
I will enclose for you in closing (for right now) what I just sent out to two Canadian backers:
* * *
Dear Sean,

I did indeed pick up the coffee bean$ ;) wink (the Moneygram at Walmart) and am listening right now to the Tibetan music you sent! It is really attractive and puts one in a deep, serene state. Perfect!!!!!

I will be using this for the final video, because the voice is beautiful, the music is beautiful, and the deep male voice is very reassuring as the video reveals very, very terrifying things….. Heinrich Himmler was right to believe that Tibet has an ancient kinship with our race.

Look at this video a German comrade just did of me….. (pardon the rock music;) wink )

* * *

From: “heinzgalinski
To: john_denugent@yahoo.com
Sent: Sunday, 5 February 2012, 9:18
Subject: things

a video about you. John:

I still believe in you. I hope you do too!

* * *

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: John de Nugent <john_denugent@yahoo.com>
To: “heinzgalinski
Sent: Sunday, 5 February 2012, 11:22
Subject: Re: things
Lieber Kamerad (dear comrade)
(wobei es mich unbndig freut, dass der ehemalige Chef des Zentralrats mich jetzt untersttzt! ;) wink) (and btw it gives me great joy that the former chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany is now supporting me;) wink)
Heinz Galinski, the boss of the Jews of postwar Germany, with that typical royal-race smug look
Ich fhle mich durch dieses Video sehr geehrt und auch gerhrt. (I feel very honored and touched by this video.)
Keine Sorge — ich gebe nicht auf. (Fear not… I am not giving up.)

Nur ist es eben so, dass die Prophezeiung ber Kalki sich bewahrheitet:

(But the way it is is this: the prophecy of Kalki is being fulfilled:)

die Masses werden unausstehlich trge, feige, verbldet und gewissenlos.

(The masses are obnoxiously sluggish, cowardly, stupid and irresponsible.)

Der nchste Fhrer muss sowohl die einen von tausend geistigen Wunden heilen wie die anderen aufs gnadenloseste zchtigen.

(The next leader must both heal the one side of a thousand spiritual wounds and also inflict on the others a most merciless discipline.)

Ich hrte selbst erst 2011 von dieser Prophezeiung, die mich wie ein Elektroschock durchfuhr.

(I only heard myself of this prophecy in 2011, and it went through me like an electric shock.)

In letzter Zeit habe ich intensiv die Kampfpsychiatrie der Juden studiert,

(Lately, I have been studying intensively the Jews’ military psychiatry,)

diesen Totalangriff gegen das arische Hirn,

(this total assault against the Aryan brain,)

nicht nur Umerziehung ber Bcher, Filme und Fernsehen,

(not only liberal re-education through books, films and television,)

sondern auch buchstblich zugefgte Hirnschden,

(but also literal brain damage,)

die das Denkvermgen, die gesunden Instinkte, die mnnlichen Kampfhormone und sogar den Selbsterhaltungstrieb ausschalten.

(which switch off the mind, healthy instincts, male fighting hormones, and even the drive for self-preservation.)

Dies geht weit ber die rein geistige Bedrohung hinaus, die ich Anno 1978 bei meinen Mitweien in Amerika feststellte.

(This goes far beyond the purely psychological threat that I found facing my fellow whites in 1978 in America, when I joined this Cause.)

Das ist physische, krperliche, stoffliche Hirnlhmung!

(This is physical, bodily, material paralysis of the brain as an organ!)

Die Leute knnen hchstens arbeiten, damit der Jude noch reicher wird, sonst aber kollabieren sie auf allen Gebieten!

(People can still work — so the Jew gets richer — but otherwise they are collapsing in every other function!)

Und jetzt wei ich, was genau die Willenskraft KRPERLICH lhmt und wie dieses Problem zu beheben ist!

(And now I know exactly what is paralyzing the willpower on a physical level, and how to solve this problem!)

Author Kelly McGonigal, an instructor at Stanford University. This book shows how a sick body and exhausted brain sap the will to do what we know we should.

Klar braucht man eine Organisation, die Mut macht. Klar braucht man einen aktiven Fhrer. Klar braucht man Fortschritte, und flammende Reden, Versammlungen und Politik.

(Of course we need an organization, which gives us courage. Of course we need an active leader. Of course we need to see progress, and hear flaming speeches, and we need meetings and politics going on amongst the people.)

Aber heute liegt das Problem tiefer. Das Hirn selbst muss geheilt werden!

But today the problem lies deeper. The brain itself must be healed!

Angst, Stress, Trauer und Verzweiflung habe die Gehirne fast aller berwltigt, und das schliet die Weinationalen insbesondere mit ein. Diese Gruppe ist sogar weitaus gestresster und deprimierter als alle anderen Gruppen, mal von Todeszellengefangenen abgesehen.

(Anxiety, stress, sadness, loneliness and despair have taken over almost everyone’s brain, including and especially white racialists, who are even more stressed out and more depressed than any other group except death-row inmates.)

Wir fhlen Untergangsstimmung mehr denn alle anderen! Und ein Gehirn unter Dauerstress und Untergangsstimmung kann UNMGLICH Entscheidungen treffen, der Wirklichkeit ins Gesicht sehen, oder andere Handlungen vornehmen. Es lechzt nur nach kurzzeitiger Gemtsaufputscherei, und nach jeder Ablenkung von einer grundstzlich selbstmrderischen Geisteshaltung.

We feel more doomed than anyone else! And a brain that feels chronic stress and doom simply CANNOT make decisions, or face any reality, or take any action. It craves only short-term boosts, thrills, quick lifts and anything that staves off a fundamentally suicidal mindset.

Deswegen erlaubt uns der Jude die Lektre im Weltnetz zu seiner Allmacht und seinen Groverbrechen, weil Horrornachrichten ohne echt wirksame Gegenmassnahmen uns kaputt machen! Der Willenskraftbereich des Gehirns hat sich abgeschaltet!

(This is why the Jew allows us to read the Internet and learn about Jewry’s omnipotence and gigantic crimes, because the never-ending diet of horror stories with no effective countermeasures is psychologically and psychiatrically, on the brain-level itself, literally destroying us! The willpower center is being shut down!)

Somit braucht unsere Rasse vor allem einen echten und aufrichtigen Rassen-Psychiater, nicht nur einen Psychologen, der mit Worten therapiert. Schon Ernst Zndel erkannte das, und ich las einige seiner Briefe diesbezzglich aus dem Gefngnis in Mannheim.

(Thus our race needs above all else a genuine and sincere racial psychiatrist, not only a psychologist who treats with words. Ernst Zundel realized this, and I read some of his letters from prison from Mannheim saying the white brain, not just its thoughts, is literally sick.)

Ich bedanke mich aufs herzlichste fr dieses Video, und es wird meinen heutigen Blog bereichern!

(I thank you most heartily for this video, and it will be in today’s blog!)

Gru zurck nach Deutschland, meiner wahren Urheimat.

(My greetings back to Germany, my true homeland in the mists of ancient time.)

John de Nugent


==============DONATIONS NEEDED

I need funds to redesign the website and do the final video.

I have a totally selfless webmaster in Europe and a comrade wrote me about helping him financially:

That’s about $55 for high-speed Internet

1) Is there a setup fee and all that as well? 2) Will he work for free over there and 3) will they have Skype or whatever so they can communicate? 4) How about the computer the volunteer will be using — will it be up to date enough to process video?


1) I am not aware of any setup fee. He did not mention one, but anyways he has a small income.

2) Yes. He has been working for free day and night for me since the spring of 2011!

3) Yes, after installing high-speed Internet he will have Skype and other chat functions, and then we can also talk by Internet telephone, verbally, with headsets and microphones. He has to walk me through many technical details.

4) the $1600 iMac computer and FinalCutPro software for video editing are right here in Pennsylvania. I can get either the current video editor or a new one, a college kid, to do the editing, provided funds come in.

I am working now on the redesign of the website for mass appeal. The blog will no longer be front-and-center, and it is far too radical for newcomers. It will be the Solutrean Agency website after this, and the blog for hard-core white racialists will be tucked away under a tab for those who know where to look.

It costs nothing to redesign the website, since he is willing to do that for free….. The video editing ended three weeks ago when the editor suddenly left, precluding my intended launch date of January 30th.

Donations that came in out of enthusiasm for the videos has been spend on rent, food, critical car repairs and a project I cannot divulge. But I am working on long-term, major funding, and we live in a world that hates the Jews.

John de Nugent



[25 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, in western Pennsylvania]



Cash in an envelope (It arrives just fine.)

Blank money order (put in $ amount, not your name or to whom)

Western Union (also found at Woodforest banks inside Walmarts) ….or MoneyGram (send from a Walmart service desk or elsewhere very easy to do: just give them the cash and my name and they give you a reference number to send me.)



The liberticidal jews did 1) a massive hack of my main website and its server last fall, just as 2) I was forced to move and 3) at the same time killed my PayPal account, a major source of donations.

For a while I even ended up in the Jewmotel from hell…. 😉 with the finest black mold, not caviar 😉

Here now, however, is the first presidential video — restored!

Part one:

Part two (and be sure to see the graphics about HUMANIMALS!!):


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  1. You all are not alone=there are thousands who know this and more are waking up every day but they are using our tax money to enslave us=we are paying for our own demise! Gettin off the grid is a good start and multiplying! I played “who’ll stop the rain” often in our band!

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