Extremely serious accusations against Richard Spencer by legendary hacker and WN IT hero “Weev”

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Richard Spencer-Appointed AltRight Official Attempted Sexual Humiliation of 14 Year Old Under Threat of Doxing

Click here to listen (25:08) https://f001.backblazeb2.com/file/pewtube/weev/K33pikX.mp4?_=1

I have uploaded a video to PewTube because the dozens of people that put it on YouTube all got their accounts banned. Please mirror it if you can. Somebody is really keen on not letting this recording get out there. It’s a recording in which a man is attempting to sexually humiliate a 14 year old boy, demanding he sing a song about “daddy’s cummies” under threat of doxing (Internet slang for a public revealing of someone’s identity, with subsequent abuse and harassment). The man doing this act of perverse extortion goes by the name TheBigKK on most of the Internet.

It’s useful to listen to the whole thing, including the mania he enters at 7:22 up until the beginning of the maniacal laughter at 7:38 or so to get a real idea of the kind of sick individual we are discussing here. It might seem odd that Google might want to help cover for some random Internet pervert, but it turns out this recording has a fair amount of political relevance.

The media-coronated “leader” of the alt-right, Richard Spencer, made this BigKK character a guest author on his current flagship publication. He ran Spencer’s main stream with “pre-game rundown” commentary for the Charlottesville debacle. Most notably, he controlled Spencer’s Discord chatrooms, where he was given full access to everyone’s communications and did pre-show setup for all the AMA sessions there. He implemented “vetting” procedures which first required people to submit pictures of their faces (very conveinent database to build, I am sure) but after backlash just had people submit pictures of their hands to “prove they’re white”. This is obviously not a way to prove anything, as infiltrators can easily take pictures of other peoples hands even if they’re not white. However, if people comply in earnest lots of them are going to have enough in the EXIF data of the images to compromise their home addresses at the very least.

TheBigKK had a long history of participation in the “furry” community. Over a decade, by his claim.

For those blissfully ignorant, “furry” is a fetish subculture where twisted men attempt to lure in autistic or emotionally damaged teenage boys with mascot-style animal costumes and sexually abuse them.

It obsesses over children’s cartoons involving talking animals and creates pornographic animal caricatures.

It is steeped in pedophilia and bestiality. What kind of blackmail material might hang over any individual involved in this kind of space?

What might their interest be in involving themselves in reactionary political communities?


Spencer was warned about this TheBigKK character dozens of times by notable figures in private. He was also informed in public many times as well, ranging from Twitter:

I highly recommend you take a look at this https://m.imgur.com/a/zNxiS bigkk is actually a furry

BigKK’s photos.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.


… to the comments on articles at his flagship publication. Spencer ignored any public notifications of TheBigKK’s sexual deviance and handwaved away any private correspondance with the claim he was “good at running a Discord.”

I know a guy who is the most prolific and targeted producer of white nationalist content in the world. International process servers in two different federal cases have hunted for him. People want to kill him. Multiple intelligence organizations are looking for him worldwide. The location of his residence is a valuable and precious secret, and he shared it with Richard Spencer in confidence. Later he agreed to do an AMA on Richard Spencer’s Discord server. In the pre-show tests, with this BigKK deviant and others present, Spencer blurted out the location of this author’s residence. He was appalled, but wrote it off charitably as a potentially drunken lack of consideration and thought on the part of Spencer.

I, myself, remain unconvinced of that. Spencer’s repeated lack of concern for the welfare of those around him starts to emerge as a pattern of malice. It’s a firmly established modus operandi at this point to expose others to risks to build his brand, perhaps in the hope that he emerges as the last man standing to negotiate himself a tiny “ethnostate” with ZOG, essentially a reservation for white people to go to die under Spencer’s “leadership”.

When you engage with Richard Spencer’s infrastructure, when you participate in his communities, when you send him money, this is the kind of people that you entrust with your safety and identity: perverts who are even willing to use the private information of others and the positions of trust given to them by Spencer to try to sexually humiliate children that show interest in nationalist issues. Children that should be being protected and educated. Spencer will present his abusive perverts with non-public information even about the most sensitive individuals in the white-nationalist movement who have the most to lose. This is the baseline of what I know to be true.

The sexual extortion of the 14 year old was nearly buried and forgotten. The excuse for the silence at the time it happened (right before Unite the Right) was that TheBigKK was too important to UTR and Spencer to remove at the time, but I was assured that the concerns would be publicly addressed after the event. Now it has become clear that they intended for this particular episode of Spencer’s mismanagement to be forgotten. I will not let it be so. Spencer is going to be held to account for this and every other one of his failures in public, at the very least until he shows an extremely impressive amount of contrition.

This is the clusterfuck you get when Spencer has a tiny, insignificant publication and a chat server. Imagine what you’ll get if you ever see him try to build a nation or government coalition. He is not the kind of man that can be the face of anything successful. This is why he operates with the consent and encouragement of the media establishment– free even to tweet with a blue check mark of all things.

He’s exactly the kind of figure those that run the media want: surrounded with degeneracy and corruption, doomed to eternal failure, repulsive in tone and demeanor to any normal individual, with a pile of kompromat a mile high hanging over his head to make sure he never steps out of line.

Everything around him falls into decay, with all the media establishment smiling and pointing cameras at him.

This is the kind of person unearned money creates. Choose your leaders well, and make sure they aren’t sick narcissists with total disregard for the welfare of everyone around them.

This is the second in my series on Richard Spencer. Here’s the first. If you’re enjoying these, don’t worry, I’ve got several more of these posts to write, and I’m going to be writing one every time I see Spencer narcissistically seek public attention for himself. I for one am tired of Spencer giving half-assed drunken speeches doubling down on his previous trainwrecks. It’s time for him to go home. He is pure poison to the movement, and if he insists on sticking around, his entire history of degeneracy and perversion is going to brought forward.

You can’t handwave this stuff away, Dickie. You have some problems to deal with.

*** About Me [Weev]

I am one of the major progenitors of today’s Internet trolling culture, and cited by the world’s largest alt-right site The Daily Stormer as a formative figure in what is now the modern dissident right. I am currently a political refugee in various parts of Eastern Europe after being imprisoned on false charges by ZOG. I am a crowdfunded political commentator for a living now (send me money I don’t have no trustfund like Dickie Spence).

There are thousands of international media pieces mentioning me, both as a commentator and as a story, due to my involvement in dozens of major events, many of which shaped world history forever. I am the star of a featured length film titled The Hacker Wars. There dozens of songs written about me and one is on a Billboard top ten album. I am the subject of entire chapters of various books put out by respected academics. I have not yet begun to cause trouble.

What others say:“Offensive and witty detail„ —Fox News [in ‘Hacker: I Was Behind Amazon Gay Book Delisting’ 2009]

“Think Shakespeare’s Puck„ —Taylor Buley, Forbes Magazine [in ‘Amazon: Caught In The Act’ 2009]

“has demonstrated himself to be a menace on the Internet„ —Assistant US Attorney Zach Intrater [in bail hearing]

“An American hero„ —Cyan Banister, TechCrunch [in associated video for ‘You May Take Away My Freedom, But I’ll Always Have My Crunchie!’ 2013]

“his knowledge of the strange, fantastical, and shocking is encyclopedic—he is a natural ethnographer of the most extreme and vile forms of human esoterica.„ —Professor Gabriella Coleman, Wolfe Chair at McGill University [in ‘Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous’ 2014]

“Rather brilliant„ —John Oates, The Register [in ‘Irate Aussies go after US website’, 2010]


I do political activism full-time. I can only eat because of you. Please check out my contributions page to see the ways you can contribute to my continued existence.


…..Watson on the media fake hysteria about Spencer



  1. We are living in an unimaginably corrupt, perverse, deceptive, and evil world, where many things arent as we think they are, and where in spite of some revelations the true evil goes much deeper and still remains hidden.

    Doesn’t anybody feel sometimes an urge to throw up?

    Sadly, the world is in the claws of the most evil personages possible and, as I see it, for the moment there isn’t any liberation to be seen coming on the horizon. The only thing we can see and be sure of is that a thorough cleaning has to be made of so much scum and filth.


  2. Hmm, clearly Weev, a known Jew who as a kid would get ppl to fight each other by twisting a story two different ways depending who he’s talking to, has been assigned to divide and conquer the alt-right. Wonder what Anglin will do. Course Weev has a history of going after anti-semites before he became a NAZI, ask Fetch.
    John, I am not sure why you tri=ust this man’s garbage, a guy enabled by the Jewish media whose exploits are pretty much unverifiable unless you believe the Jews that back up his claims. I have a series of articles on Weev, so search him over there if curious.
    You trust a Jew who won’t admit he’s a Jew and speaks for whites? Okay, well then do you trust an Indian who won’t admit he’s an Indian and speaks for Whites? If you say yes, well then I understand why you pass on his malarky

    • Well, Joe, everything Weev says about Spencer is verified — listen to the shocking audio — and it rings true.

      Let us say Weev were a Jew… (He is no more a Jew, IMO, at least not in his heart, than Charlie Sheen is, though when he got in very hot water in Hebrew-wood yes, Charlie then purported that he could not be an antisemite because his mom supposedly was Jewish…. http://www.jewornotjew.com/profile.jsp?ID=1016).

      well, then, I would high-five Mr.Auernheimer twice as loudly for the sheer integrity and massive guts to break with his mighty tribe and fabulously wealthy, powerful ethnic network! Ask Jack Rosenberg what can happen to renegade Jews! (via a séance, of course 😉 )

      Next, brother Joe, you’ll be exposing Gerard Menuhin, Mordechai Vanunu, and Bobby Fischer, OMG, OMG-OMG, to me as being Jews. 😉

      High-five to them all!

      And if that person you refer to as Indian were in fact Indian (I actually know the full story), then you, of all people, Mr. Aracial Hitler, should be lining up to high-five ME for accepting him.:-)

      I would refer you now again to this groundwork-laying JdN video from 2014, which remains my absolutely firm position — a video which I shot in the house of a black friend:


      UltimateLy, we are eternal souls, brother Joe — NOT white, brown, yellow and black animals.

      NS 1.0 failed.

      It is time for “NS, the Next Generation.” 😉

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