Fashion in the dashing NS Reich

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Waffen SS General Sepp Dietrich

….Original article by a former Bundeswehr soldier

At that time, the military was highly esteemed and was always cheered by the people.

The German Empire flourished under the National Socialist leadership of Adolf Hitler as never before. This happened not only economically and military but also particularly in the people’s spirit, which manifested itself in the celebration of the old Germanic traditions and customs, in ethnic unity, and in the pursuit of perfection and spiritual and physical superhumanity.

The appearance of the German people was particularly important.

Cover of the 1938 Calendar of the Racial Policy Office of the ruling NSDAP (“National Socialist German Workers Party”)


“The superhuman” (1940; defeated Frenchmen and negroes file past in the background) 


The NSDAP was the Führer’s tool to raise the German people genetically and mentally and prepare them for a golden future.

The military reflected the will to fight, pride, strength, and the determination of the German people. Therefore the uniforms too had to be splendid and fashionable.

The talented and famous German fashion designer Hugo Boss was commissioned with the proud task of creating new uniforms for the military which should radiate strength, splendor and pride and reveal the strong new German spirit.

That is actually actor Marlon Brando in a Hollywood movie, reflecting the public fascination with the uniforms of Hitler Germany.


JdN: This hairstyle is now “in” again in Germany even amongst the left, as a young German liberal with one told me last year on a visit to Ontonagon. 


But not only the military should be well dressed and march in splendor and pride through life.

Basically everything always was about ALL the German people.

Therefore men, women and children of the Folk should be appropriately dressed. In order to promote cohesion and a happy cohabitation, special emphasis was placed on a mixture of tradition and classy fashions.

But the numerous folklore festivals promoted also the traditional costumes, and dirndls were worn.

In everyday life men and women wore modern but stylish clothes.

Dr. Goebbels on a movie set with various actors about to go on.  

Men, women, boys and girls should follow the best and noblest ideals to contribute to the spiritual purity of the people’s spirit. The striving for all that is higher and nobler was one of the most important ideals in national socialism.

The overcoming of the Jewish, degenerate, intellectual attitude, which began to take effect in Germany, was also a vital factor for the German people. What is called the German people today, however, is only a shadow of the onetime splendor and greatness of national socialism.

Motherhood and stay-at-home moms were highly honored. Hitler said “if a woman wants to and she can have kids, then she is doing more for her nation as a mother than as a lawyer, office worker or store clerk. In a hundred years her descendants will still be around.”

…. In an article by N24 it says:

”Hitler was a very fashion-conscious man”


The New German Man is strong, industrious, noble, chivalrous and kind-hearted.

The German Woman is warm, loving, and family-oriented. She does not smoke, or use make up, wears a dirndl dress on the right occasions, and loves hairstyles such as braids.

The feminine body ideal, according to the Fashion Office, was the “oval nude shape.” This word creation came from Margarethe Klimt. She understood “a feminine, long-stretched body,” referring to the “Greek statue as the ideal for modern women’s shape.”

The oval meant the part between the neck and the knees. The dress especially had to take into account this body zone and emphasize the “high, cohesive bosom” as well as the “high roundness below the waist”.

The ideal image of the German woman in fashion accentuated the secondary sexual characteristics, in order to eventually conduct young women toward their real role in society.

The German military is no longer what it used to be. The degenerate and weak spirit of the leadership has markedly affected the other parts of the Bundeswehr. Thus it has become softer, many leaders have a bad character, and standards have fallen.

Today’s Bundeswehr is not comparable to the glorious Wehrmacht of that time, although, yes, there are still many genetically high-quality Germans and also morally good people in the Bundeswehr.

Compared to other military forces, the German military is still a leader. In NATO, the Bundeswehr plays a leading role and directs many joint exercises and maneuvers. There are also special combat training centers in Germany where the soldiers of other countries are trained by German soldiers.

But nevertheless one notices in many aspects that the Bundeswehr is under “foreign rule.” The uniforms no longer look splendid and dashing as in the Wehrmacht.

They now wear a ugly French beret and various uniforms and boots that are nothing special. Everything has simply been “Americanized.”

The German Federal Armed Forces is there to serve the Jewish controlled state as a powerful tool, but its real hemet is the “ducne cap.” The Jews would never allow the proud Aryan power of the Wehrmacht of olden times to revive.

And so the spirit of the German people is poisoned by the Jewish serpent …

Until a new leader arrives on the scene


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