Final video and statement by Horst Mahler before, 81, with diabetes, with one foot amputated, and after six years of prison, he returns to jail to die

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This is the moving final speech (Engl. subtitles) by the great German Horst Mahler (one-eighth Jewish himself, btw, for all you pure-gene fanatics 😉 ), who at 81, diabetic, with one foot already amputated, is being sent back to the dungeon for three more years AFTER already suffering SIX years prison for defiantly greeting the top Jew in Germany with “Heil Hitler, Herr Friedman!” 😉


He wants me to translate his “Satanic Verses” into English and make an online PDF with photos before he reports back to prison Tuesday morning to probably die there.. about 14 pages. Who would like to fund this quick project for $200? It is the most hair-raising quotations ever collected from the sacred books of Jewry, and designed to deprogram any one who has eyeballs, especially sincere liberals and Christians.

I met this man in 2006 in Mannheim, Germany at the Ernst Zündel trial, a true saint and hero, an Aryan of the highest nobility. I would like his deadliest weapon to go forth in English to the world before he re-enters confinement.


Urgent Notification  April 6, 2017  Today (April 5, 2017), I received the notice to start serving my prison sentence, issued by the  public prosecutor’s office Munich II.  .

According to the letter, I am supposed to turn up at the place of detention JVA CottbusDissenchen, Oststr. 2, 03052 Cottbus by April 19, 2017 at the latest, in order to serve the  remaining 1,262 days (3.5 years) of my sentence. On that point:  .

By August 2015, I had served two thirds of the overall sentence (altogether 10 years and two  months). In accordance with § 57 StGB of the German criminal code, the remainder of the  prison term had to be suspended, and I was released from prison whilst remaining “on parole”.


However, the resolution of the Potsdam Regional Court has now been cancelled by the Higher Regional Court in Munich, in response to the objection of the state prosecutors with Munich  II. Moreover, in August 2015, I was declared unfit for prison with respect to my condition, as my left lower thigh had been amputated and other serious health issues had been detected, leading to the suspension of enforcement.


Since December 18, 2015, I have been “on the loose”, staying with my family in  Kleinmachnow. On January 23, 2017, I completed the 81st year of my life. What the general public doesn’t know:  In the “Horst Mahler Case”, legal authorities are playing a frivolous game, presumably with  lethal consequences for the accused. My release from prison after serving two-thirds of the sentence had been ordered by the judge who is in charge of the execution of sentence, Mr Ligier. The decision has now been revoked  because of a putative negative “legal prognosis”, meaning they assume that I will commit  criminal offences in the future.


Despite the fact that my evaluations and assessments by prison authorities had been positive,  this prognosis rested on the fact that the state prosecutor’s office in Cottbus had pressed  charges of alleged incitement (§ 130 StGB) against me in March 2014.


Up to this day (i.e. after more than three years), authorities have still not made a  decision as to whether these charges are justified.


According to the current legal situation, a verdict of not guilty is inevitable.


And yet, the legal authorities refuse to duly reject the charges. In this way, they block my  release after serving two-­thirds of the prison term.


The article of accusation is the publication of my book “The End of Wandering ­ Reflections  on Gilad Atzmon and Jewry”, which I had written during my imprisonment. It is a  philosophical book that is not immediately accessible to everyone.


My thoughts will prevail, for they are true thoughts.


The names of the legal professionals who participate as perpetrators in the persecution of  these thoughts will serve as monuments of shame for all times.

Horst Mahler


April 6, 2017

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