Henry Ford and Adolf versus the boneheads

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Despite his apology for antisemitism, Ford was all smiles when decorated in 1938 by the Third Reich with the Grand Cross of the German Eagle.

…..How and why the Jews got Henry Ford to knuckle under

Among other things, the Hollywood Jews, back in the day of the “newsreel” that came on before each movie, threatened to run fake “news” of Ford Model Ts around the country crashing and innocent people getting killed (with footage of gore and dead bodies of kiddies and mommies) because, see, the antisemite Ford’s cars were just defective coffins on wheels…..

Then some cooperative DA would “launch an investigation” of Ford for criminal negligence, and THAT “news” would appear in the next nationwide newsreel …in 6,000 “movie houses,” as they were called back then.

The Jews had meanwhile poured money into Henry Ford’s huge competitor, General Motors……….

So Henry Ford caved, his secretary issued a kind of apology, saying he had no idea what had been written against the Jews in his openly antisemitic national newspaper (LOL!) — and he closed it…….

The man, who had a big heart for his workers (he had doubled their wages in 1913), just felt sorry for his tens of thousands of employees who would be thrown out of work if his Ford Motor Company went bankrupt, and also for his thousands of dealers (one of them being my great-grandfather Waddell) who would lose their shirt.

Plus the normie public had NOT woken up anyway from his superbly written book The International Jew (they had to watch their baseball –hey, Babe Ruth as at bat — or drink beer), nor had they subscribed to his excellent, nationwide Dearborn Independent newspaper (where the IJ book had first run as a serial).

Henry Ford remained privately furious at the J-Team, however — and during the Third Reich he accepted a high decoration from the German consul in Detroit, Michigan.

This was one of his more amazing cars, made of stainless steel — it has never rusted, but was VERY heavy.

Today, Dearborn, Michigan still had the Ford headquarters (and a fantastic Ford Museum, worth visiting!), but also a gigantic population of muslims. Here is a local beauty….

She allahu-akbars here:

This particular planet seems to be where young souls incarnate. :innocent: They do not especially deserve to be saved; most will not lift a finger to save themselves.

A man would really rather die than change his habits. :neutral_face:

Hitler got 2.6% of the vote in May 1928. The Germans knew him — he was a household word for trying to overthrow the government, and for his stormtroopers — and they flat-out rejected him as a nut (just as some see yours truly). :slight_smile:

The German public preferred not defying the rapacious Allies, and so the gummint borrowed money from Wall Street to pay the Versailles Treaty reparations. What a clever solution! It only made their children and grandchildren hopeless economic slaves forever.

So when did they finally vote for Hitler? The 37% that did, that is…. Well, it was when they were starving in the Great Depression and terrified of the rising Communist Party of Germany.

Yes, the great Adolf was rejected by 97.4 percent of the German people — until the Great Depression hit.

Ford said in the 1930s:”The American people don’t want the truth.”

We earthlings caused this great emperor to write in his diary back in AD 160…. :wink:

We need a new god-emperor. Marcus Aurelius was one, but his own son Commodus suffocated him.


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