Huge race riot in Pretoria, South Africa with sticks, rocks and fists

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First big race riot in post-apartheid South Africa (and in a poor white neighborhood in the west of the admin. capital of Pretoria!)!


200 poor whites in hand-to-hand, rock, stick & burning-tire fights with invading black squatters. Incredible fact: If a black squats for 48 hours on a white man’s land, he legally may stay — and the white owner not only may not evict him but must provide him with free water and sewage treatment!! (The blacks then run illegal cables and steal your electricity as well.)  

Very interesting commentary on blacks, their breeding habits, mass immigration of foreign blacks into South Africa, and legal black seizure of white land. Jan, the South African narrator, says that when the whites began fighting back, they actually gained some black sympathy and even support against the other blacks.

Whites with sticks, bats and tires block a truck full of would-be black squatters whom the black regime had brought in.


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