Little girl has an “invisible friend”; karma cuts both ways

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The chief norse god, Odin had ravens….. who fly all around the world and bring him information about people.

I have the most interesting conversations in the local café. I know my religion will succeed because its topics fascinate people, especially women, such as life after death, reincarnation, NDEs, ghosts, etc. Example 450 was yesterday: a young mother whose daughter has an “invisible playmate” who is the “ghost” of a baby who died in her father’s arms. The girl interacts with, plays with, and talks with this unseen friend.

Proof? No, but many are the stories of human souls who stay in touch with the family they died in and that loved them, and eventually many do reincarnate again, as a very healthy baby the next time, for the family they chose … and at a later date.

John de Nugent

John de Nugent The James Huston/Leininger case is once again instructive — the WWII Navy pilot, (Huston) shot down in 1945 at Iwo Jima who came back in 1999 as James Leininger.…/reincarnation-tucker-return…




John de Nugent

John de Nugent He was one of the about 5% with detailed memories of his previous life and especially his traumatic death by drowning.…/ltn-usn-james-huston-james…




John de Nugent
John de Nugent Anyway, being one of the majority who are basically good folks (not perfect, but not evil either) he got a choice of parents, and observed his future mother and father interacting.


John de Nugent

John de Nugent Though they never told their son about this, before he was ever even conceived or born, they flew from Louisiana in 1998 to a romantic vacation to Hawaii, and stayed at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach, seen here (not the highrise)…/Royal-Hawaiian-Hotel-Waikiki…




John de Nugent
John de Nugent Little James, when not talking about fighter planes such as the Corsair, or how he could not get the cockpit open when he was shot down and then drowned, or doing brake jobs in Pennsylvania on his first car as a teen, recounted how he SAW his future parents dining and acting loving and SELECTED them from various couples he was shown. 🙂


John de Nugent

John de Nugent If you are basically a good person, who does good deeds for good motives, you may get a choice of basically good parents in your next life on earth. 🙂




Jill Holod
Jill Holod That’s like saying that abused children basically had it coming.


John de Nugent
John de Nugent Jill Holod We all have stuff coming, but not every abused child was once an abuser. The truth here is the truth: For a ton of people, it is the sins of omission that karmically get them, the looking the other way, the not caring, the shrugging the shoulders when troubling things are seen. Now why should the don’t-want-to-get-involved 75% of humanity — who utterly fail in their clear duty as adults to both ask questions and protect little kids — NOT get in turn a life themselves where THEY are on the receiving end of apathy when THEY are made to suffer?
All continuous child abuse is made possible by the APATHY or COVERUPS by adults who know something is going on and ignore every warning sign because of their cowardice and selfish ego. In between lives on earth, each soul has the chance, via the life-review video, to see his or her apathy, those sins of omission, and if they are not shocked and floored by the consequences this disregard had on the lives of others who were in need, and whom they could have helped, then they just need to learn the hard way:
1) suffering and
2) finding no one around them cares.
We all have bad karma, Jill, me included, or we would not be on this particular planet, a planet full of young souls with animal-like self-centeredness.


Jill Holod
Jill Holod John de Nugent Karma is a belief, one which I do not ascribe to. With respect, I will not be joining your religion.
John de Nugent
John de Nugent Jill Holod Karma makes people uncomfortable.
Jill Holod
Jill Holod John de Nugent It looks like you deleted my previous reply, with its reference to “The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power” by Kramer and Alstad. Why? Do you not want people to know about that book? Do you not want them to question the belief in karma?
John de Nugent
John de Nugent Jill Holod I do not want my friends, on my page, to be IMO misled by the notion that karma — as Jesus said, what you sow is what you reap — is something it is not, namely an evil, manipulative, psychopathic idea. Karma is the exact opposite — you are judged by a God who sees everything, including peering deep into your heart and true motives, and knows how you are mistreating others, or just failing to help them in their hour of need.


John de Nugent

John de Nugent But psychopaths take over not just ashrams, Jill Holod, but also corporations, political parties, Wall Street financial firms, military regiments, police departments, and media companies. Of course, there are evil gurus, and several Indians told me they have them over in India also. The issue is this — psychopaths tend to take over EVERYTHING. The doctrine is like anything else which an evil person can twist and distort to get power over others, such as “Make America Great Again.”…/why-psychopaths-always-take…/


John de Nugent
John de Nugent An evil guru also will get punished, as will his evil or wilfully gullible followers.


John de Nugent
John de NugentBut if you want to avoid all risk, then join nothing, but then you will accomplish little on the larger scale of life. It is organized efforts that change the world — armies, religions, political parties, and companies — and they all have leaders and they all have followers. This is how life works. “No man is an island.” –John Donne
John de Nugent
John de Nugent This is why pantheism is absurd — the notion “the universe is God” and there is no personal creator, no “Man Upstairs.” 😉 There is a highly organized process when you die, supervised by highly intelligent angels, not some inanimate “cosmic law” out there, and involving seeing a life-review video, interviews and discussions, and visiting various possible future parents. And at the top of this pyramid of intelligent life and even a bureaucracy that runs programs for souls that want to learn and improve themselves is what we might as well call God. To say there is no God is like going on a huge military base where everyone is doing their assigned work, and everything is humming along, and being surprised it has a general. 😉


John de Nugent

John de Nugent Heinrich Richter was a decorated Luftwaffe tailgunner, shot down over England in 1942. He came back as Carl Edon in Yorkshire, England, an English boy now with English parents, but he had some pretty rough karma — and was murdered. Long after Carl died and was buried, his body from when he was Heinrich in his previous life was found in an English swamp, right inside the crashed bomber. And it was all just as he had described it to his English parents — including the detail of how, upon the crash of his German bomber,  his leg was ripped off as he was thrown forward from the very rear of the plane.…/edon-and-richter…




John de Nugent

John de Nugent AH on reincarnation (from Table Talk, p38,…/Hitl…/HitlersTableTalk_djvu.txt, spoken on the 23rd of September, 1941, in the evening:

“The elements of which our body is made belong to the cycle of nature; and as for our soul, it’s possible that it might return to limbo, until it gets an opportunity to REINCARNATE itself.”


John de Nugent

John de Nugent He was just chatting at the Berghof to some officers and their wives, not giving a formal speech.…/ah-tea-berghof-laughing…




John de Nugent

John de Nugent Please see my essay

Because we would tend as humans to endlessly relive each failure, not only in this life, but in earlier ones as…


John de Nugent

John de Nugent And if I taught you something, would you donate so I can continue and expand my work to the whole white world — and we lose the fear of death and gain the fear of dishonor, and become finally willing to fight for what we believe and to stop what we fear?…/jdn-between-eyebrows-frown…




John de Nugent

John de Nugent You have an opportunity now to help me change the game.…/jdn-views-cherry-lane-gorge… Only by sacrifice can we win, now that our last false hope, Trump, has been dashed forever. THIS IS A TIME FOR HEROES, for God, guns and glory.




John de Nugent
John de Nugent I will lead and fight for you, and you can send me what you can — the ammunition of money, time, and spreading the word about my work to other WNs who know that we are at a crossroads.



  1. What happens to the Khazar elites after they die? With all the unspeakable magnitudes of the crimes they commit, does karma see to it that they’re born at the very bottom in their next lifetimes, so that they experience the worst suffering of all? Or do they have a way of escaping judgment? If the elites know about the rules of reincarnation, they shouldn’t be as arrogant as they are.

    • During the life-review video, which one must watch after death, IF the soul experiences horrors and regret for his crimes — for the sometimes brutal video shows HOW WE AFFECTED OTHERS, OR CAUSED THEM TO SUFFER — then the angels can help them get on the higher path.

      But if they react with glee or apathy –and nothing in your heart can be faked or hidden from telepathic beings, who see with crystal clarity what is going on in your heart as you watch — well, then one of two things happen:

      1) they will have a life where THEY suffer rape, torture, starvation and murder, and see THEIR family and friends also perish, and THEN see THAT in the next life-review video and thus can reflect at that time on how it feels to be on the receiving end;

      2) in rare cases, these human demons are used again for committing more atrocities.

      Why? Because of a very harsh and horrible truth.

      Cowards and deserters –those who run, not fight — deserve every horror imaginable. And someone has to mete it out to them.

      Attila the Hun was once called “the Scourge of God.” Stalin and other fit that bill, too. Those who refuse to listen to the truth about the Jews need to learn the hard way. (In the book and documentary “Hellstorm,” a leftist, anti-Hitler German woman is quoted as being shocked that the Soviet Army really was raping and torturing German women. She bleated: “I thought that was just Goebbels propaganda.” Well, lady, then learn this way to embrace the truth, embrace the IMPORTANCE of truth, even if it is harsh.)

      It is even possible that the soul of a coward is so nauseating, the stench is so disgusting of their running from the defense of their women and children, that their soul itself is actually destroyed by the gods forever.

      In other words, then there is no reincarnation, no life after death, not even another life as a bad person suffering for his or her bad karma.

      Just really destroyed forever and ever, blackness, nothing.

      • A young comrade wrote me:

        I’d expect that the highest beings around [God/angels, etc.] would be the most active in trying to fix the issues in the world as effectively as they can.

        My reply:

        This particular planet is where young souls go. They do not especially deserve to be saved. Most will not lift a finger to save themselves.

        A man would rather die than change his habits. 😉

        Hitler got 2.6% of the vote in May 1928. The Germans knew him — he was a household word for trying to overthrow the government, and for his stormtroopers — and they flat-out rejected him as a nut (like me, actually). 😉

        They preferred not defying the Allies, and so borrowed money from Wall Street to pay the Versailles Treaty reparations. What a clever solution! It only made their children and grandchildren hopeless economic slaves forever.

        So when did they finally vote for Hitler? (And you know to whom you are talking.) The 37% that did, that is. It was when they were starving in the Great Depression and terrified of the rising Communist Party of Germany.

        “How do I make people listen?” — I have asked this foolish question myself in times past.

        It would be valueless if we MADE people listen.

        Of course God could straighten us out. He could rise up like Godzilla out of the sea, snatch hostages, and eat a hundred don’t-give-a-shit white dudes every minute until the rest of us shat in our pants, put down our beer, got off Facebook, and started doing something. 😉

        But what spiritual progress would that represent? Why did an all-knowing God not just create robots? The streets would be spotless. 😉

        But God would be lonely, trying to talk to a robot.

        Like wanting sex with a blow-up doll. Only what is voluntary counts. 😉

        No, not even God can make us love Him or each other. He could only make us obey by force, a kind of cosmic Stalin.

        Why can’t God be more like Stalin? 😉

        Now, here is a saying for you:

        Be the love you never received. Be the person you needed when you were growing up.

        On Facebook:

        Jane Smith, Stephen East and 14 others liked this

        Alexandra Moseley This is so true. It made me the mother that mine was incapable of being.

        John de Nugent I got many “likes” on this. 🙂

        This illustrates a major karmic truth. Suffering abuse or neglect CAN lead to the right moral reaction: “When I grow up and have kids, I will never mistreat them [or be a drunk, use drugs, or steal] like they did.”

        Whites have been eradicated on this planet before. Maybe it will happen again. The earth will be reseeded with more whites. And we will reincarnate.

        What you and I can do is do our job. What others do or fail to do is their karma.

        Aryanness is to do the right thing, regardless.

        My friend Horst Mahler is going back to prison tomorrow, at age 81, with one foot already amputated due to diabetes, for three more years. He already served six years.

        What a beautiful and noble man, and what a glorious karma HE has! How he will be welcomed when he passes over!

        How thrilling his life-review video when he meets his spirit guides!

        Your primary goal must be this, for your angels to high-five you on the other side. 😉 They all are former humans who know how tough life on this planet is. And they know we agreed to come here. No pain, no gain. No one grows by drinking beer. Or wishing we could “make people listen.” Or wishing a “loving God” would make assholes wise. 😉

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