My post on the Stormer — my goodbye to Trump

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There is actually evidence that Trump was sincerely hostile to the Jews — and just recently got “turned,” just as Andrew Anglin has surmised. I was a staunch supporter of Trump, despite his very troubling narcissism, for these reasons, and saw him as a possible sleeper agent. Not that it is important at this stage, but anyway…

His speech to the Washington Republican Jewish Coalition was overtly antisemitic, and then since his inauguration he called the tipped-over Jewish tombstones a fake, and issued a Holycost declaration that did not even mention the mythical six million. No other American politician would have dared to do any of that.

But the point now is he has totally sold out, and his attempts to bully Russia are taking us straight to World War Three.

My theory is that the Jews have framed him using his onetime friendship to billionaire pedo Jeffey Epstein, whether he personally, actually, himself did anything wrong with minors or not, or merely attended Epstein parties in Manhattan and Palm Beach — big social events heavily reported on in the society pages before the pedo stuff and Epstein’s arrest came out in 2005-06.

We also know that Epstein, who likely is a sayan of sorts, took videos of VIPs molesting kids for blackmail, and a grainy vid with an actor playing Trump can always be created.


The International Business Times reported that papers filed in a 2006 lawsuit alleged that Epstein installed concealed cameras in numerous places on his property to record sexual activity with underage girls by prominent people for criminal purposes such as blackmail.[22] Epstein allegedly “loaned” girls to powerful people to ingratiate himself with them and also to gain possible blackmail information.[9] In 2015, evidence came to light that one of the powerful men at Epstein’s mansion may have been Prince Andrew of the UK.[9]

This partly humorous video of mine, released on April 20, 2015, goes into our vile pedophilocracy, going back 102 years, actually, and has had 54,000 hits on all platforms (YT, the late, great, LiveLeak, and on the late

In any case, as I wrote recently on my Facebook page, and so far they have not deleted me:

Trump has proven there is no solution outside of open national socialism. EVERYONE else, even the most powerful and famous billionaire, even with the full power of the presidency, in the end kowtows to the fiends of Khazaria.

A perpetual wartime setting is what the J-Team and our new Co-President Kushnose want .. in order to justify attacking 1) WNs (because they sympathize with the baby-gassing Assad and the gay-pride-banning Putin), 2) to end free speech (as being sedition and advocating for the enemy), 3) to end free movement, and 4) repress all criticism of the REPUBLICAN FDR, the Trumpster, as our COMMANDER IN CHIEF in time of war… All this can now happen under the tried-and-true guise of a “national emergency.”

Maybe Trump will drop a MOAB on my house. :wink:

Kushner Company HQ: 666 Fifth Avenue (no joke)


  1. I was anti-Trump until you opened my mind to giving him a chance. After the inauguration, it seemed promising, but warning signs remained. Anyway, now that’s that.

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