Teenage boy meets angry dad — LOL — 15 MILLION views

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I was a dad in the Eighties — and a loving but strict one — to two girls




I feel this dad. I am not your “bro,” or a “dude,” or your “mate” (Brit/Aussie), or anything –at least not instantly, and never if you are a whole generation younger than I.

Adam Calhoun

When a teenage boy tries to date your daughter
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John de Nugent
John de Nugent Both my daughters married squared-away men [Marine term] with careers and are doing fine. https://johndenugent.com/images/ingrid-erika-19881.jpg


John de Nugent
John de Nugent Erika is married to a John Hopkins PhD and is a registered nurse and fine artist. https://johndenugent.com/…/erika-atzl-bobbie-s-vero…


John de Nugent
John de Nugent http://erikaatzl.blogspot.com/

paintings, drawings, sketches
John de Nugent
John de NugentIngrid has a master’s degree from Duke, and two twin daughters. She is married to a banker, and owns a $600K house in Bethesda, Maryland. 
David Duke’s daughters, raised by Don Black, are both train wrecks, and Black’s own son, Derek, quit our Cause totally in a letter to the SPLC. Wonder why?

…Please support the man the Jews and their lackeys most hate and revile, and tried to destroy even as a child

I and Margi — since April 20, 2005


Do you know who the man on the right is? On the left is Kissinger.

On the left is President Gerald Ford.

On the right is President Ronald Reagan.

That man is my late father.

I know about the Deep State first-hand. 🙂


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Weird coincidence…. I went out for some air, and happened to gaze at the electric meter:


From a fellow fmr Marine, this ”Vanilla” Gift Card for $50

–5 April 2017 cash from S in Florida

–4 April 2017 donations via PayPal from C in Connecticut, cash from C in New Jersey, and via Stripe from J in Utah

–30 March donations via PayPal from S in Germany

–9 March 2017 donations via PayPal from M in Scotland and B in Alabama

–7 March 2017 Euros and a book (Boa, written by a courageous child psychiatrist who uncovered an epidemic of police-protected child molesting on the Dutch island of Aruba), sent by A in Holland

–3 March 2017 Euros from A in Germany

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