The demon god of the one-life rich; Two more pro-gunners MURDERED BY JEW-FEDS; Hitler increased gun rights; United Way offered condolences to Sandy Hooks parents three days BEFORE the shooting; Alex Jones stomps pro-gun-grab Brit Piers Morgan on his own CNN show

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Be sure to read the comments and my responses at the end of this blog!


A second key pro-gun advocate was just murdered (“accidented”):

This was the first key murder after Sandy Hook:

This is my message to “you”:

Smile wait for flash

============WEBSITE SOARS

This is how much we fear the skinny-butted bisexual negro.


(I am NOT anti-Christian, and in fact very pro-Jesus as the enemy of the Jews and a higher being sent by God. But this poster makes a valid point about why the Vikings, my ancestors, rejected the whole feel of the new and imported middle-eastern religion. “Love thy enemies?” HELL — NO!)


I am about to make a very, very major announcement that will rock this Cause of ours. Things have to change, because the masses are livid — one can see from the Ron Paul phenom and also Alex Jones (see item below), and the boom in the Tea Party back in 2009, that millions are extremely upset — and yet we who are openly pro-white and anti-Jew are hardly growing at all. We need to do and say some truly new things, and evolve in a fundamentally new way. Or the police state will come to your and my door.

A very helpful comrade named Skip wrote me:

Just think, it took years for 9/11 to be exposed, but here we are less than a month after Sandy Hook (Dec. 14, 2012), and the Jews have been already exposed at the directors & producers of that total fraud.

I responded:

Yes, “we” are using the Internet very skilfully these days. “Sandy Hook” is getting the full dissection, and guns sales are booming. The Feinstein gun law, a recent newspaper article said, is running out of steam even before it is introduced in the US Senate.

I wish to remember and salute French blogger Thierry Meyssan, who just one month after 9/11, to tremendous ridicule, said no plane hit the Pentagon. That was the first big expos. And that took a LOT of guts so early in the process, to be the first. This is his site (THE ENGLISH SECTION, THAT IS), and btw, he is a former leftist:

But the Enemy is reacting with chemtrails….. to make people docile, or at least passive — do nothing — even while being very anxious, angry and frustrated. They know that otherwise an armed uprising is possible.

SPECIAL CHEMTRAILS TO GIVE ME THE FINGER. 😉 “They” were spraying a staggering, giant X of chemtrails right over my SPECIFIC house this morning at 8 am, just exactly as the insurance adjuster (as they knew by tapping my phone) came to appraise the damaged GMC Suburban SUV.

This photo, however, was actually taken over Austin, Texas, found by me on Google images, and does not give the same impact. “My” X was much more low-altitude, far bigger and wider, with huge almost farts of bigger clumps in it, not an orderly “ribbed” look, and was placed directly over my house.

It was such a low-altitude flight, like another I saw over my town of Apollo a few weeks back, almost like a BOMBING RUN, that it seemed to be saying:

DE NUGENT, WE ARE DOCILIZING — with our aluminum, barium, strontium and the rest of the chemical witches’ brew — ALL YOUR POTENTIAL SUPPORTERS IN ARMSTRONG COUNTY. (Armstrong is 98% white and is the eighth most anti-Obama of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania. The jive-talking negro failure even lost 18% of his Democrat vote here compared to 2008…)

(See my intro to the chemtrail crisis in the second half of this video here, found at my toned-down, mass-appeal website )

There is, in fact, a whole slimy webpage attacking me via this specific video: This vile creature, “General JC Christian,” is almost certainly a Jew by the hate-wit-way he writes and his ever-sicko sexual content. Here he is blaspheming Christ and His disciples:

And this is why I have to do something beyond even spectacular. Remember not to despair: Chemtrails can only work subtly. They cannot take away ALL a person’s willpower — the Jews still need us to get up and go to work (for them), pay bills (to them) and taxes (to them) ;-), and shovel snow so they can walk without doing manual labor. 😉

They cannot totally paralyze us. And so while willpower is down by 20%, it is not down all the way. But it will take — I must create –The Great Awakening.


====Hitler against gun control!

Of all the lies toldabout Hitler the nonsense about him supposedly confiscating guns from the Germans is especially outrageous.

Hitler knew that Germany was sooner or later going to be in a fight for its national survival, and the last thing he would ever do is disarm the German people. But people in the west insist on parroting the lies that theyhear every day from the controlled media, without taking the time to do their own research. Alex Jones, for all his merits, repeats these lies, too– so Jews will not call him antisemitic and shut down his show….

With all the articles, videos and blogs obsessing over gun control, I’ve noticed that Hitler has been held up as the worst example of what happens when ‘gun control’ laws are enacted. Hitler is proffered as the epitome of evil more than Satan is!

Hitler, grim, at the funeral of a fallen hero, the assassinated Reinhard Heydrich, seen greeting his two blond little sons.


The gutsy Heydrich actually sped in his car AFTER his assassins to gun them down, pistol in hand though severely wounded, after they had chucked their lethal bomb into his car.

(Hitler himself, as for valor, won two Iron Crosses for bravery in WWI. You can see his Iron Cross, First Class, above, hanging on his jacket, right below the left pocket-flap button. On average, only 1 enlisted German soldier in 1,000 during WWI was awarded the Iron Cross First Class. Unlike in WWII, the Eisernes Kreuz Erste Klasse was normally reserved for officers.)


Here is an officer, Lieutenant Leffers, wearing his Iron Cross First Class. It was like getting the Navy Cross for an American enlisted sailor or Marine; any vet would buy you a cup of coffee (or ein Bier) if they saw that on a non-officer. It was THAT special.


Well, here’s a bit of historical FACT that needs to make the rounds so the nauseating attempts to exploit a dead man’s erroneous reputation will end — at least among those interested in learning the truth instead of swallowing the filth being spread by jew-fearing cowards, (/peeing in their pants that they might get slapped with the “Nazi” label, and also by jew-serving government infiltrators into the “truther” cause!

Ultimately, the only solution to everything is to TELL THE TRUTH and DYNAMICALLY ABOUT HITLER!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote from

“Unfortunately for those who would like to link Hitler and the National Socialists with gun control, the entire premise for such an effort is false. German firearms legislation under Hitler, far from banning private ownership, actually facilitated the keeping and bearing of arms by German citizens by eliminating or ameliorating restrictive laws which had been enacted by the government preceding his: a left-center government which had contained a number of Jews.

Gun registration and licensing (for long guns as well as for handguns) were legislated by an anti-National Socialist government in Germany in 1928, five years before the National Socialists gained power. Hitler became Chancellor on January 30, 1933. Five years later his government got around to rewriting the gun law enacted a decade earlier by his predecessors, substantially amel ior a ting it in the process (for example, long guns were exempted from the requirement for a purchase permit; the legal age for gun ownership was lowered from 20 to 18 years; the period of validity of a permit to carry weapons was extended from one to three years; and provisions restricting the amount of ammunition or the number of firearms an individual could own were dropped). Hitler’s government may be criticized for leaving certain restrictions and licensing requirements in the law, but the National Socialists had no intention of preventing law-abiding Germans from keeping or bearing arms. Again, the firearms law enacted by Hitler’s government enhanced the rights of Germans to keep and bear arms; no new restrictions were added, and many pre-existing restrictions were relaxed or eliminated.

At the end of the Second World War, American GIs in the occupying force were astounded to discover how many German civilians owned private firearms. Tens of thousands of pistols looted from German homes by GIs were brought back to the United States after the war. In 1945 General Eisenhower — the future president and ultimate RINO — “Republican In Name Only”! — ordered all privately owned firearms in the American occupation zone of Germany confiscated, and Germans were required to hand in their shotguns and rifles as well as any handguns which had not already been stolen. In the Soviet occupation zone German civilians were summarily shot if they were found in possession of even a single cartridge.

Hitler was PRO-gun, and he did not fear the German people! He was the most popular politician of all times! He created jobs, security, and a clean, wholesome culture to raise your kids by! This video depicts him AFTER four years of his rule! Until the Obama of 2013, the bloom was not off the rose after his first four years.

Hitler’s popularity just grew and grew and grew. The Germans supported him until the every end, knowing he loved them — and proved it every waking moment of his harried life, in 31 straight years of 16-hour days of service — from 1914 to 1945.

Look for yourself!
I have heard it a dozen times from various people. WE NEED ANOTHER HITLER.

But next time there will be no more Mr. Nice Guy. 😉


A Canadian wrote me:

I finally registered to take the firearms course here. First I need to pass the course and get a certificate. We cannot legally get a gun without a certificate and then must get it registered.

But, John, what good to us and to me as a woman is a gun if it is not loaded and the bullets and parts are in a locked case??? By the time one gets this all together the criminal would have shot us.

As for Britain, which I have visited, it is so bad that they have to double- and triple-lock everything, and have a security system in place as well. Try undoing all that when a home invader is already standing in your bedroom, and you are groggy at 3 am!

We need to change that law somehow so that we are allowed to legally carry. Otherwise those who do it, against their stupid law, can end up sitting in their jails for trying to protect themselves. My snowy prairie city is filling up now with violent Somalians!


I replied:

Ah, yes, Jew-run Canada — as her national anthem says, “the True North, proud and free” — free if you are a gang-raping SOMALIAN!

A friend reacted this way to your question:

“Why do we give a sh– what the jew government’s gun rules are? They are designed to mean you CANNOT whip it out and shoot when you need to!”

I am adding this to the already very long blog….but readers are in fact reading it. Views of this site are booming.

=================SANDY HOOK HOAX

I have blogged here thrice before on all the bogus aspects of the supposed Sandy Hook school shooting.

Here is an excellent site debunking the whole gas bag of regime lies:

But here is the smoking gun that it was ALL an OP by the Jews to take away our gun freedom:

United Way Sends Condolences to Sandy Hook Victims 3 Days Before the Shooting

Ed Thomas
The Daily Sheeple
January 7th, 2013
Reader Views: 6,964

A Google search for Sandy Hook United Way for that day ( shows a cached page dated December 11, 2012, three days prior to the school shooting stating United Wayextends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut.


Awwwww, the liberals’ hearts were bleeding (for gun-grabs) three days before the cute wittle kiddies even died…. 😉 Gee, the United Way libs must be psychic!



Below is an excerpt from that page:

United Way extends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut. While the eyes of the world may be on Newtown/Sandy Hook, to several staff, volunteers and contributors, Newtown is home. We will stand with the community and everyone affected directly and indirectly by this tragic event as we face the days and weeks ahead.

Now watch this video! Obongo himself is knee-deep personally in the b-llsh-t! He is bobbling on his skinny thigh the “murdered” “Emily Parker” days after her death, then “they” airbrushed his upper body away!

So did the guv’mint dolts, date-wise, “jump the gun”? (Pun intended.) We know that Jews love killing people en masse on days that have an 11 in it, or its multiple, 22….

Because of this whopper, and many other blatant snafus, “Sandy Hook” is turning into the worst, sloppiest, jew-gov’t psy-op ever, thanks to bloggers shredding it. Now gun sales are exploding. We are farther from gun-control than ever! A total backfire!

hate-commies-called-liberalsHey, Obongo, Feinstein and Bloomberg! You can’t have our guns, but if you try to take them from freedom-loving Americans, well, gee, heck, you can have some bullets! 😉

My perfect, concealed-carry, headshot weapon: light, portable, ALWAYS ON ME, even in the house, reliable and accurate. Straight to the face. Widows, start your engines.

A lady reader of this blog asked me what pistol this was. My response:

That pistol on my blog is a Walther .22, from Germany. I bought it legally five yeas ago for around $450, and have a legal permit to carry it concealed.

The concealed-carry situation in the USA now:

Concealed pistol state laws
It is important that a pistol be so light that one really always carries it. A big, nasty chunk of steel, like a .40 caliber, is something most are reluctant to carry. Sure, a .40 has a lot of “stopping power,” but not if it is left in your bedroom and you are out on the street!
And (saying this as a man who has two daughters and granddaughters, and a fiance) any woman who does not “carry” is in effect asking to be raped and killed — because every woman KNOWS how evil these times are.
(As an example of evil for which I can hardly find the words, a kid I was helping just embezzled $4,000 from me, knowing full well it was my rent and essential-bills money. There are some seriously evil people out there, and that includes many elements inside the US GOVERNMENT.)
Enjoy….. Think of someone who needs this.


JdN Machete film loading Makarov


=========Alex Jones destroys anti-gun Brit Piers Morgan on his own CNN show

This Yah-jew 😉 story is slanted but has lots of good facts.

Alex Jones, the conservative talk radio host who launched a petition to deport CNN prime-time host Piers Morgan over the British citizen’s views on gun control, had what you might conservatively call a wee bit of a meltdown during an interview on Morgan’s show Monday night.

Jones, whose petition has generated more than 100,000 signaturessince being posted last month on the White House’s “We The People” website, lashed out at Morgan over his public calls for tighter gun regulations in the wake of last month’s shootings in Newtown, Conn., where 26 peopleincluding 20 childrenwere killed by a gunman at an elementary school.

“The Second Amendment isn’t there for duck hunting,” a relatively calm Jones said at the beginning of atwo-part, 15-minute interview. “It’s there to protect us from tyrannical government and street thugs.”

But things escalated rather quickly, with the interview becoming a one-sided, pro-gun tirade. Jones cut off Morgan at nearly every turn.

“I’m here to tell you,” Jones yelled, pointing his finger at the talk show host, “1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!”

The 38-year-old Texan continued, “America was born on guns and whiskey. It’s true we’re a violent society. …You’re a foreigner. You’re a redcoat. You’re telling us what to do.”

“You finished?” a visibly stunned Morgan asked Jones at one point.

Jones also accused Morgan of fleeing to the U.S. to evade questions about the U.K. phone-hacking scandal. “You’re a hatchet man of a New World Order,” Jones said.

Meanwhile, Jones added, England is becoming a police state. You have hordes of people burning down cities and beating old womens brains out every day, Jones stammered. “They arrest people in England if they defend themselves.”

Now notice in the next video, by a loyal Jones staffer, his report on the quasi-death threat made after this Piers Morgan by the Jew Bissinger, who in his beastlike ugliness incarnates my neologism, “humanimal.” 😉


01/09 @ 03:30 : Milan, IT
01/09 @ 03:29 : King’s Lynn, GB
Wiki: On 28 September 1708, a seven year old boy, Michael Hammond, and his 11 year old sister Ann Hammond were convicted of theft of a loaf of bread in King’s Lynn. They were sentenced to death by hanging, a sentence which was carried out publicly near the South Gates of the town to make an example of them. ….The great British explorer of western North America, George Vancouver (with cities named after him in Washington State and British Columbia), was born here in 1757. In the 1790s he got into a famous street fight (in the 1796 cartoon he is on the right) with Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger (with raised cane). Vancouver, already ailing from immense sea voyages, died soon after at 40.
01/09 @ 03:28 : Vienna, AT
01/09 @ 03:28 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
01/09 @ 03:27 : Athens, GR
01/09 @ 03:26 : Washington, District of Columbia, US
01/09 @ 03:24 : Puyallup, Washington, US
01/09 @ 03:24 : London, GB
01/09 @ 03:24 : Nigeria, NG
01/09 @ 03:23 : Dren, DE
01/09 @ 03:22 : Naples, Florida, US
01/09 @ 03:21 : Wrexham, GB
01/09 @ 02:50 : Seoul, KR [KOREA]
01/09 @ 02:47 : Basel, CH [SWITZERLAND]
01/09 @ 02:46 : Portland, Oregon, US
01/09 @ 02:46 : Toronto, CA[NADA]
The Fhrer’s twelve-cylinder Mercedes is on display in a car museum here.
01/09 @ 02:46 : Bucharest, RO
01/09 @ 02:45 : Jakarta, ID
01/09 @ 02:44 : Innisfail, CA
01/09 @ 02:41 : Seabrook, Texas, US
01/09 @ 02:40 : Budapest, HU
01/09 @ 02:38 : Germany, DE
01/09 @ 02:37 : Quezon City, PH
01/09 @ 02:35 : Budapest, HU
01/09 @ 02:35 : Austria, AT

01/09 @ 02:27 : El Segundo, California, US

01/09 @ 02:26 : Tel Aviv-yafo, IL

Heh-heh… 😉
01/09 @ 02:26 : Hamburg, DE
HQ of “Der Spiegel”, the restroom reading of Germany’s pseudointellectuals
01/09 @ 02:25 : Hamburg, DE
01/09 @ 02:24 : Tacoma, Washington, US
01/09 @ 02:23 : Cleveland, Mississippi, US
01/09 @ 02:23 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
01/09 @ 02:22 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
01/09 @ 02:21 : Berlin, DE
01/09 @ 02:21 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US

01/09 @ 02:19 : Berlin, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]

SS headquarters on Prince-Albert Street — Back then there were no arrogant Turks and Jews in Germany!
01/09 @ 02:19 : Hamburg, DE
01/09 @ 02:18 : Switzerland, CH
01/09 @ 02:17 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
01/09 @ 02:16 : Perth, AU[STRALIEN]
Perth in western Australia is the most isolated large city in the world
01/09 @ 02:15 : Allershausen, DE
01/09 @ 02:14 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
01/09 @ 02:13 : Las Vegas, Nevada, US
01/09 @ 02:13 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
01/09 @ 02:11 : Bialystok, PL
01/09 @ 02:10 : Budapest, HU[NGARY]
01/09 @ 02:10 : Geneve, CH
01/09 @ 02:07 : Wien, AT
Schlo Schnbrunn
01/09 @ 02:07 : Nashville, Tennessee, US
01/09 @ 02:07 : El Paso, Texas, US
01/09 @ 02:06 : Budapest, HU
01/09 @ 02:05 : London, GB
01/09 @ 01:55 : Bangkok, TH
01/09 @ 01:55 : Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, US
01/09 @ 01:55 : Buenos Aires, AR[GENTINA]
01/09 @ 01:54 : Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, US
01/09 @ 01:53 : Peoria, Arizona, US
01/09 @ 01:48 : Berlin, DE
01/09 @ 01:46 : Newton, North Carolina, US
01/09 @ 01:43 : Chandler, Arizona, US
01/09 @ 01:42 : Bucharest, RO
01/09 @ 01:40 : Atlanta, Georgia, US
01/09 @ 01:38 : Zurich, CH
01/09 @ 01:38 : Walnut Creek, California, US
01/09 @ 01:17 : London, GB
01/09 @ 01:14 : Bangkok, TH[AILAND]
01/09 @ 01:10 : Pineville, Louisiana, US
01/09 @ 01:05 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
01/09 @ 01:04 : Sunnyvale, California, US
01/09 @ 01:04 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
01/09 @ 01:00 : Montreal, CA
01/09 @ 01:00 : United Kingdom, GB
01/09 @ 12:56 : West Des Moines, Iowa, US
01/09 @ 12:55 : West Des Moines, Iowa, US
01/09 @ 12:55 : Oakland, New Jersey, US
01/09 @ 12:54 : Kaiserslautern, DE
01/09 @ 12:54 : Apollo, Pennsylvania, US
01/09 @ 12:53 : Tualatin, Oregon, US
01/09 @ 12:53 : La Habra, California, US
01/09 @ 12:53 : West Des Moines, Iowa, US
01/09 @ 12:53 : Oakland, New Jersey, US

Who will donate?

John de Nugent

With a Reich-German book from Raumbild-Verlag (with three-dimensional glasses and 100 double — 3-D- combat photos from the victorious German operation in Poland in 1939


681 Canal Rd

Apollo PA 15613 USA

Tel: 1-(724) 596-4284




  1. Hi John,
    [JdN: This email is from Occupied Germany],

    The question for me is:

    Does the US government need to ask the American people first in order to change or abolish their constitutional right to bear arms in the US?

    And if so, is changing your rights as Americans their real reason for committing these crimes such as “Sandy Hook”??

    Could you find the passage in the US-Constitution that concerns the right to bear arms and point out to the world, why these murders where necessary for US-government interests ?

    In Germany our foreigner-run government does not ever have to ask the German people. We have no referendums where the people (das Volk) are asked their view on anything (unlike Switzerland next door), we cannot directly elect our president or prime minister (“chancellor”), and there is literally no such thing as a Constitution here, just a so-called “basic law” (das Grundgesetz), which was shoved down our throats during the Allied Military Occupation in 1949!

    When times are tough, it’s easier for a government to control even an angry people if it does not have any weapons.

    • Dear German comrade, lieber Kamerad,

      To your questions:

      Does the US government need to ask the American people first in order to change or abolish their constitutional right to bear arms in the US?

      Yes, taking away gun rights would require two-thirds of the states to agree. The only way Obongo can take away guns is 1) kill many key bloggers, 2) kill many key police officers, 3) kill many key military officers, and 4) kill many key state-level politicians.

      Obongo is certainly willing to do this — but he will order this if he believes he can get enough still willing to carry out such orders even though so many now are sick and tired of him.

      After all, this narcissist killed 26 people in Sandy Hook! (Or he faked the killings so as to get gun-control hysteria building….)

      We know he killed at least three people who knew he is a bisexual: in late 2007 three black gay members of his Chicago church choir, and then he killed in early 2011 Ashley Turton, the former chief of staff of a Long Island, New York State congressman, who knew about the Obama gay-party townhouse. She was burned horribly to death when her BMW (in the garage of her Capitol Hill townhouse) somehow…. “spontaneously caught on fire.” Yeah, those BMWs, they are know for bursting into flames like dry leaves! 😉 (It was irrelevant to Obongo that Ashley was the mother of three children.)

      (Here is the first article about the murder: Now read this follow-up b–sh-t article about the “accident” — — and even the reporter cannot quite swallow it. Sure, she jumped into her car drunk, fell asleep in the cold, and somehow this made the car roll into a nail and catch on fire! Give me a f—g break!)

      My very first major video of 2011 discussed these murders ordered by the skinny, telepromptered, pot-chooming, bisexual negro narcissist (esp. around the time 05:41):

      2) If so, is reducing your rights as Americans their real reason for committing these crimes such as “Sandy Hook”??

      YES. As the Illuminati said (in Latin) Ab chao, ordo, that is, “From chaos, order”! Every atrocity is designed to stampede the sheeple into accepting more police state!

      Could you find the passage in the US-Constitution that concerns the right to bear arms and point out to the world, why these murders were necessary for US-government interests?


      The Second Amendment says clearly that the people must have guns to form a militia. And a militia is the people’s own army, not a government army. Militias are civilians who elect their own leaders and prepare to KILL on their own natural authority to defend family, freedom and fatherland.

      More here: Scroll down, please, two-thirds to

      “As Wikipedia makes clear, the Second Amendment is not just about “militias.”

      and ending here:

      Yea R Kyl, Jon AZ
      Yea R McCain, John AZ


      Since you are from Germany, you may enjoy this video of a radio interview conducted on November 14 with me on die Deutschen und die Deutsch-Amerikaner.

      The host was WN Carolyn Yeager (Urname “Jäger” ;-)…)

      Here is the link:

      And here is the video itself, if it displays for you:

      Carolyn Yeager interviews John de nugent from ic1male on Vimeo.

  2. John,
    I am 72 years of age; my father was a soldier killed in action in Celle, Germany, on the 8th of April 1945 (a month to the day before the 2nd WW ended in Europe).

    For many years I hated Hitler and the Germans. However over many years, especially since my stroke and my retirement from paid work, I began to realise that the German soldiers were defending themselves exactly as they were ordered and expected to do when in action.

    In more recent years I’ve fully awakened to the lies and deceit perpetrated by the Rothschild-Zionists.

    I now very much admire you for your brave stand against tyranny; and I’ve come to fully forgive the German people for the death of my father, when I was just five years old.

    In fact it is not they who need to be forgiven. It is the true planners and perpetrators of what turned into a ‘holocaust.’

    God bless you and all who support you. I know that we are all infinite spiritual consciousness that cannot be ultimately controlled by these NWO criminals — once we ALL know exactly ‘who we are’ – and they know it!

    • Dear British comrade,

      I was extremely touched by your comment.

      My own father, who fought in WWII against the Japanese in the US Marines 1943-45 (and then fought the Chinese and North Korean communists in Korea 1952-53), was once watching with me the jew-british series “The World At War,” and the episode was about Hitler invading the USSR.

      I had already woken up myself, but had gotten a lot of static from my dad in 1979 when I became an open national socialist while at Georgetown:

      In fact, he threatened to disinherit me, which — when said by a millionaire — actually means something. 😉 He said “my actions” were jeopardizing his 70-person insurance business (Davis, Bateman and Nugent), which had a whole floor of this building:

      I replied,

      “Dad, well, if the Jews do not rule the whole country, and terrorize everyone, which you deny, then how, Dad, is your insurance brokerage in Rhode Island being endangered by my protest — on a Catholic campus — against queers and abortion — that was held a week ago and 450 miles away from Providence?”

      (Well, I needed to graduate, I had a wife and a child on the way, I did also have a hard-studied-for high-A average going… It did seem a shame to have an Armageddon with Dad at that point….I did love him, and I did NOT want the Jews to shutter his business, which he had built up by the sweat of his brow, and to see the Jews throw his 70 people on the street. …He had made his point — and so had I…. In the end I felt graduation was better. Yours truly did go a wee more low-profile until graduation in 1981 — I mostly wrote pro-white articles after that at Georgetown under the name “Arthur Grogan” for Rockwell’s newspaper “White Power”;-) — and no one got disinherited …. at least not at that time.;-))

      In any case, to get back to how opinions mutate….around 1983 we were watching this “World At War” episode and the Wehrmacht was blasting its way through the Soviet lines and advancing on Moscow.

      My father, shall we say in-Beefeater’s-veritas, muttered:

      “Some say, John, that we fought on the wrong side in World War Two…..
      The Germans were an amazing people. So disciplined, so tough.
      Krauts — tough, tough Krauts.
      [From him, who saw a lot of combat in the Marines, that was actually one of the highest compliments he could pay — “toughness.”]

      My grandmother was a Kraut, your great-grandmother in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, she was a ‘Berlin.’
      She married my grandfather Waddell, who, as you know, was Scottish. And, as you know, she raised me…
      And she was a fine woman, John…..a fine Kraut.”
      .[Long silence…at least five minutes]….

      Here is a little salute now to our Kraut brothers…fighting the bolshevik Jews to save us while we were killing them, and bombing their wives and kids in their cities.

      Now that Dad has passed on, I wonder what he is hearing …on the other side. 😉

      We did not listen to Joyce in Britain. We called him “Lord Haw-Haw.” Then we captured and hanged him. We did not listen to Lindbergh in America. Nor to Rockwell. All this is KARMA.

      Mannheim: Son, mother and air-raid teenage boy…×1024.jpg

      The whole truth confronts us there, and one does not need a belt of Beefeaters to say it there. In fact, only the truth is tolerated there. Lies and cowardice — self-justifications and excuses — stand naked before a throne of majesty we cannot escape. We see a film of our lives AS WE AFFECTED OTHERS. Afterwards there is only SILENCE. You know your innocence or guilt.

      It is time for all of us to unite as whites, as white sisters and brothers, and annihilate together the psychopathic force of Jewry. I hear the drumbeat; I hear the heartbeat.

      You may like my two videos, British brother, dealing with how Hitler really viewed the British people:

      As for you, sir, I know you will see your dad — as I will again see mine. There will be much to discuss, and some hugs to be had. 🙂

  3. This is quite a revelation, John. Imagine the United Way of Western Connecticut even putting out a fundraising notice with condolences to the families of the 26 children and adults slain in a mass shooting THREE DAYS BEFORE this tragic event. We’d think the Jews and their minions in the Federal Government would’ve been smarter than this.

    Well, thank the stars they showed their utmost arrogance and stupidity; and the vast majority of the US population bought guns like crazy. In a way, Google did us a HUGE favor on the above-mentioned article, allowing anybody to do a search on it.

    Organized Jewry has really screwed up this time, as many of us knew they eventually would.

    “When a People fears its Government, we have Tyranny. When a Government fears the People, we have Liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

    • Hi, Eileen.

      How right you are, and thanx for your comment. Our enemies seek to spread defeatism by suggesting they are omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. In reality, they are hated everywhere and screw up constantly.

      And Obongo, who was supposed to be the black FDR, all charismatic, assertive and powerful, leading a new coalition of the left — white feminists, liberals and minorities — is hated by the very cops and military who would have to carry out the martial-law assignment for which this test-tube CIA baby was created decades ago.

      He won re-election ONLY because Romney was pitiful. In my county here, Armstrong county, Pennsylvania, his vote tally even among DEMOCRATS SLUMPED BY 18% COMPARED WITH FOUR YEARS AGO!

      Our foe, the foe of the world, was once hated only in the West, back when Hitler fought them.

      Now, thanks to their crushing of the Palestinians, and causing economic suffering worldwide, the whole world hates them, in all races and nations.

      This is the time to start something big!


  4. I watched the Youtube clip of Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan. When Jones started imitating Morgan’s English accent he stated another lie about Hitler on par with the one about gun confiscation. Jones said that Hitler burned down his own Reichstag. That’s not true. This is another example of the big lie.

    • Hi, Les, and right you are.

      Alex Jones is part-hero and, I hate to say it, part-whore. I have often discussed this on my blog. He clearly is afraid he will be shut down if he ever takes on directly the Jewish issue and especially if he praises the one man, Adolf Hitler, who tackled it head-on and made them tremble with fear.

      Hitler really scared them. He nearly won. and this phenomenon can happen again; they know it and they believe it.

      I have also blogged about the fact that Jones’ wife is Jewish. And Jones himself said that his own father (who is a dentist, btw, says Wikipedia) was Jewish too.

      (He had headphones on his head in one of his early studio videos, say around 2007. I had this YouTube video, which some non-Jones-staffperson out there did, right on this-here 😉 (Texas-talk) blog of mine, and it was on my blog until it was deleted. (I was not aware back in 2007 if there was any way to easily download videos to my hard drive. So when he or somebody deleted it off the YT channel, I lost it.)

      Alex’ features are definitely part-neanderthal, and this can indicate Jewish background.

      Here he was very recently on CNN with Piers Morgan…where he did a pretty darn good job, though excitable. Not exactly a heroic profile, but not too bad. (He can certainly lose some weight, I noticed — as can many of us. People in highly stressful jobs need to watch their diet and force themselves to get enough exercise, come what may in their busy lives.)

      But from the front you can see his very round face….. the dark-brown eyes…. the “something else” in him that is not typically British-stock.

      He has that chunky. almost no-neck body, the round potato face — not exactly a typical Texas cowboy face of British stock (the name “Jones” being Welsh.) All these are neanderthal features.

      For years, this was a sort of accurate portrayal on TV and in magazine ads of the typical cowboy face — though idealized, of course — the “Marlboro Man.” Always you saw a long face, not round, with a square, prominent willpower-type jaw and blue or otherwise light eyes. (Almost all cowboys were in fact of British stock — Scotch-Irish, Scottish, Welsh or English — as opposed to German, Italian, Polish, etc.)

      In the end, our beloved Jonesy will probably attack me once again to save his skin and media empire — as he already did in 2007. After all, he has a big empire to lose (which he built up with hard work, to be fair) if the Jews ever shut him down. Wikipedia:

      “As of 2010, he was estimated to have an audience of over 2 million listeners, with a demographic heavier in younger viewers than other conservative pundits.[29] In 2011, he had a larger on-line audience than Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh combined.[33]”)

      The year 2007 was when I first came out big-time online. (I had beenb mostly writing articles for the wonderful print magazine “The Barnes Review.” Some of them are found here:

      I started my online career blasting the Jews as they deserved by originating a so-called “thread” (discussion of a specific topic between me and others, many of them open and hostile Jews) on, a great free-speech website where I had 86,000 views. (The free-speech-opposing Jews shut it down in 2009, while calling ME the Nazis.;-))

      I delved there deeply into Jewish ritual murder of our children. Jones and Mike Rivero of — two don’t-attack-the jews-as-jews types — yucked it up at my expense.

      This was despicable, because the source of the verification of all the Jewish ritual-murder stories was the son of the grand rabbi of Rome, Ariel Toaff, and the world’s leading authority — admitted even by the Wikipedia — on Italian Jewry at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv, Israel!

      Here is the book itself:

      I think the fact that I make it RACIAL and genetic — and not just b-s about “Zionists” — and show just how demonic the Jews are, and have always been, long, long before Theodor Herzl and “Zionism,” the fact that I AM probably the most radically, 360-degree, full-spectrum anti-Jewish person on the planet, made Rovero (who is part-Sephardic by his own admission) as well as Jones very nervous, or even personally offended…. After all, they both have a dog in this fight, as Mel Gibson would say, namely Jewish genes! Certainly Jones’ kids do if his wife is Jewish. (If the mother is Jewish, the kids are Jewish, according to Jewish religious law….)

      Because I also believe in reincarnation, as do now 50% of Americans in recent polls, I fully agree with the great seer Edgar Cayce:

      “The Jews are reincarnated criminals.”

      I also believe what Cayce said about Atlantis, that the wicked Sons of Baal so corrupted and “greed-ified” that civilization, once young, virtuous and so technologically impressive, that the whole continent was destroyed when they began deep-drilling and cracking the earth’s crust……

      I believe the Jews are the reincarnated Sons of Baal of whom Cayce spoke. I believe that Jesus Christ meant it LITERALLY that “you are from your father, the Devil.” (John 8:L44)

      And I believe that WE in turn are the reincarnated “Sons of the Law of One” of whom Cayce ALSO spoke — who struggled, ultimately in vain in that karmic go-round, that lifetime, to restore Atlantis to the original values and morals that its founders had. And we, that is, you reading me now, and I myself, we WERE once those Sons of the Law of One thousands of years ago who sought to defeat the Baalists. They were, like some today, a vast movement of toxic satan worshippers, orgiasts and child killers.

      In other words, this struggle we are in now is just a karmic rematch…….

      And if all this seems like nonsense to some of my parasitical readers, just go back to reading your Stormfront. Yeah, there’s a solution. 😉

      There is a struggle going on, and yes, it does certainly involve race. But more than that, it involves good against sheer evil. It is light versus darkness. It is love opposed by hate. And once we realize our own greatness, what “Aryan” really means, we inevitably will flower in that reborn greatness, and become invincible over these worms.

      We shall win even if it takes 25 generations. And I say this knowing all the immense difficulties we face, having joined this Cause in 1978. have overcome so much just in the last 18 months I know that nothing can stop me if I am right with God.

      We shall win, because I will NOT continue with any failed approach, such as adding on more facts about the Jews to a cowardly and inert mass of doomblobs — palefaced peoples who don’t-wanna-hear-it, just drink beer and click around the Internet.

      Until we deal with the courage issue, the manhood issue, the love and the protective instinct that now are nearly dead, we will continue talking ourselves blue in the face.

      Way back in 2006, a CBS/NY Times polls proved that 50% of Americans had already realized the government was lying about 9/11. And what has been really DONE about it? NOTHING.

      Cheney, as creepy as any vampire, and Bush, a national laughing stock, are still walking around free, enjoying their blood millions — and perp Netanyajew is actually prime minister of Israhell.

      The issues are moral, not factoidal. They are religious, not political.

      Why am I here? Is there any God who sees my actions? For as Dostoyevski said:

      “If there is not God, everything is permitted.”

      And that is what we see now. Everything is permitted.

      This is why my first key God videos were done, to begin to answer these burning and relevant questions. (At this link, scroll down halfway and click on “the Eternal Solutrean Agency.”)

      But it has to become a full-fledged racial religion, organized and leading people forward, making them part of an action community and no longer just keyboard whiners to each other.

      It must be led by a respected, beloved, fearless and, yes, also feared leader. If reincarnation is true, and it is, then the great ones of the past will be returning.

      And the Jews know it. The Lubavitchers are the core of Judaism, and they believe firmly in reincarnation.

      REINCARNATION. They stole reincarnation from Aryans encountered when they were in exile in Babylon. The notions of immortality of the soul and of the Messiah are also Aryan, NOT Jewish. Originally, Yahweh was the demon god of a tiny tribe of roving criminals, the Apiru, and the first Jews believed “when you die, that’s it.” You go to “sheol,” the grave. Dead forever — so get rich while you are alive, and f—k everything that moves. 😉 This is what the Talmud says, too. 😉

      The truth is that ALL that is good and lofty in modern Christianity came from Aryans — Sumerians, Persians, Greeks and Brahmins — from whom Jews, ever the thieves in every department, learned the religious doctrines and, ahem, “borrowed” them. 😉

      The inner core of the kabbalistic kikocrats know this:

      A titanic confrontation looms, and it will be old souls on both sides fighting it out, those immensely experienced in the prospering of evil — and those with lifetimes of battles and victories for all that is good under their belts as well.

      It will be no game for boys.

      It will be the greatest rematch, and grudge bout, of all time. Much of the human race may die before we win, liberating those who survive. Others will face their Maker, and answer for all they did — or not.

  5. Hey John, great article.

    Now, I came across this picture of Hitler that shows his forehead remarkably receded — which seems to contradict the white-nationalist good he did. I don’t understand how this can be. Clearly, it’s a neanderthal trait as we’ve seen. Is it possible Hitler was high-minded and moral enough to see his own weakness and that he had to work doubly hard to rise to white-nationalist moral levels? The photo is astonishing– and it does occur to me that it may be photoshopped. What do you think?

    • Hi, Rick.

      An interesting question.

      Germany is at the center of Europe and contains genes of all the European subraces. I have met Germans who looked Italian, Polish, Swedish and Irish.

      Clearly, the Nordic-Scandinavian look is beautiful, and the Nordic peoples have an amazing level of achievements. Within Germany, one sees it much more in the north, the closer one gets to Sweden and Denmark. Here is a classic Nordic profile, found in a striking Hitler Youth girl:

      So where does Hitler stand in all this? First, let me lay down some groundwork. As the final part of my comment above makes very clear, to be an Eternal Solutrean, as I am, you have to believe and fully grasp reincarnation. We are SOULS using human bodies and experiences to grow, or, sadly, be tempted by the rottenness currently around us and regress. You should really look carefully at my God videos (link provided in that comment above), and also read this: If such greats as Henry Ford, General George Patton, Plato, Pythagoras, the Vikings and many others believed reincarnation was a FACT, then it cannot just be laughed off.

      But now we have to grow up, and both walk and chew gum at the same time. 😉 Yes, race IS important, but so is character, courage, willpower and a desire to do good. to reframe it in terms of an old debate: “nature versus nurture,” or “genes versus environment.” Yes indeedy, both ARE important!

      Let me put it this way: I would rather be friends any day with Brother Nathanel Kapner, who looks and acts Jewish, over the Aryan-looking former staffer who just embezzled four thousand dollars from me! I had a part-black, part-Egyptian webmaster for two years….and he did a lot more to advance my work than a white person who lived with me in 2008-09 and then turned around and attacked me viciously and falsely online, becoming (to my disbelief, knowing Duke personally as I have since 1989) an outright David Duke-worshipper — and by the sheerest of coincidences, then he saw four indictments against him in his European country dropped………….

      Aryan means “noble,” not blond-hair-and-blue-eyes.

      Going back to Adolf, the Noble Wolf (that is what Adelwolf in German means, of which “Adolf” is the short form), he was a marvelous yet flawed genius and a tragic hero.

      One of the traits that Michael Bradley most emphasizes in neanderthals is persistence, even stubbornness. Well, Hitler had plenty of that persistence, perhaps too much.

      I have often criticized his anti-Slavic policy of Lebensraum, that is, grabbing “living space” in the East from the Ukrainians and Russians, when he should have partnered with the Russian and Ukrainian peoples to drive out the Jews who were a common enemy and had killed millions of Slavs under Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin.

      But no, not even after Stalingrad did Hitler change his anti-Slavic tune, not until it was far too late. He did not let General Vlassov set up a Russian National Liberation Army until 1944, for God’s sake! And in an infamous speech, Heinrich Himmler also rejected the very notion of a National Socialist Russian Workers Party. Further, as two great French authors, Louis Céline and Saint-Loup pointed out, Hitler never spread National Socialism to France either. He merely worked with Marshal Pétain — who was an old-style conservative and French uzlktra-nationalist who could not stand Germans or German domination of Europe. (His claim to fame in WWI had been stopping the Germans at the Battle of Verdun.)

      As Saint-Loup said, why did Hitler not make a gift of his beautiful national socialism to France too? Why should the French not also enjoy the folk community, and respect for hard work in all classes, overcoming marxism by glorifying every citizen who contributes to the nation and its betterment? Why not lift up the French working class too? Why not have a youth organization also for young French people, like the Hitler Youth in Germany, to give them wholesome and fun things to do instead of getting in trouble with sex, drugs, booze, and delinquency?

      Céline — extremely, EXTREMELY anti-Jewish and very open initially to the Third Reich — said this was the moment when Hitler LOST the war, keeping his national socialism only for himself and his Germans, and for the other Germanic-Scandinavian peoples. (Céline was a fascinating character, a very funny author, and was also a practicing medical doctor who also worked in Detroit, Michigan, btw.) This is the Wiki article on Céline ( which says:

      He is considered one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, developing a new style of writing that modernized both French and world literature.

      Céline in 1932, on winning one of the highest literary prizes in France, the Prix Renaudot.éline_1932.jpg

      You can see incredible persistence in the Jews, who are heavily neanderthalic, but also in the Arabs, and let us be honest, in the tenacious way they fought back against the US occupation of Iraq is amazing. Islam is a product of the semitic-neanderthalic mind, and it is also an incredibly tenacious religion.

      So, yes, Hitler had some neanderthalic genes, as do many white and non-Jewish Europeans. One sees these genes in many Germans, French, Croatians, Poles, etc., though only traces. In Jews, Arabs and Armenians, this is however the main genetic influence.

      As for myself, giving full disclosure, I also have a neanderthalic sloping forehead in an otherwise Nordic-Falic head.

      In this series of photos, you can see that from the side I have several points in common with Hitler, and yes, I know exactly what I am saying via this entire discussion.

      The standard first-class letter stamp during most of the Third Reich:

      Yours truly….

      I am also the exact same height — five feet, ten inches tall, and have the exact same eye color — dark, solid blue.

      I could go on. The reality is that we all are here to grow and learn from each other. And we learn by listening, sifting through advice and taking the best of it, even if it means a radical change of course.

      I am doing a video in German, which I speak with a slight and perfect Austrian accent, with English subtitles, to discuss this topic. Since there are rumors out there already, it is time. And it is time for a better Hitler, for the year 2013, and for the one country that really counts in terms of power, the United States of America. Twice I moved to Europe, in 1975 (to Austria) and again in 2004 (to France), and each time fate forced me back here. Here the fate of our whole race will be decided, in the one country that is the size of a continent, with 180 million white inhabitants.

      For all who know me personally, and my facial features, this steel engraving of a relative makes them stop in their tracks:

      Laval Graf Nugent, Lithography by Eduard Kaiser, 1848, when Count Nugent was 71.

      Count Laval Nugent was an Irish-Norman aristocrat who moved to Austria, his Irishness and Catholicism being held against him by Britain, and became a field marshal, winning the highest decoration of Austria, the Order of Maria Theresa. He lived between 1777 and 1862, dying at nearly age 86.

      Wiki (

      Born at Ballynacor, Ireland [in County Westmeath], Nugent was the son of Count Michael Anton Nugent von Westmeath, governor of Prague. [His father thus also served the Austrian monarchy.]

      Castle Nugent (Castle Delvin), County Westmeath, built around 1100

      In 1793 he joined the Austrian Army, becoming Colonel in 1807, and Chief of Staff of the Army corps of Archduke Johann of Austria in 1809. In 1813 he led the campaign against Viceroy Eugène de Beauharnais, separating French units in Dalmatia and simultaneously joining the English fleet, thus liberating Croatia, Istria and the Po valley. In 1815, during the Neapolitan War, he commanded the right wing of the Austrian Army in Italy, liberated Rome, and defeated Joachim Murat at the Battle of Ceprano and the Battle of San Germano.

      In 1816 Nugent was given the title of prince by Pope Pius VII. In 1817 he entered the service of King Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies. After the outbreak of the Carbonari rebellion in 1820, he returned to serve in the Austrian Army.[1] In 1848 he led an Army Corps under Joseph Radetzky von Radetz against the Piedmontese, in the course of the First Italian War of Independence, and also against the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. He received the title of Field Marshal in 1849.

      Nugent died on 22 August 1862 in the Bosiljevo Castle, near Karlovac, and his body was later transferred to a sarcophagus in the Doric temple “Peace for the Hero”, in Trsat above Rijeka, next to the sarcophagus of his wife.[1]

      His castle in Croatia…an Irishman who died an Austrian hero in 1862.

      Adolf Hitler, here photographed at age 11 in a class photo, was born in Austria in 1889.

      At a Nuremberg Rally in 1937

      At a major speech I gave in 2007

      Am I? No. I was.

      Now it must be better. And now we must win. The Reich sprouted and soared too fast. It rose like a meteor and then fell into the sea. Our enemy, though, thinks in centuries. So must we.

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