Zioids prepare us for alien invasions so we unite under their planned One World Government

The regime is preparing us for some kind of partial “disclosure” about the alien thing.

Astronomers using the ESO/MPG telescope in Chile have discovered an atmosphere around an Earth-like exoplanet for the first time, marking a major step forward in the…
John de Nugent I saw the movie “‘Arrival” with the very cute Amy Adams two nights ago on rented DVD. So typical lies. Aliens as octupuses who cannot figure out our language, yet can travel through time and cross the galaxy! WTF?!
John de Nugent
John de Nugent “Remember, all aliens are scary and hideous, and we must unite under a One-World-Government to defeat them”! Yeah, right. 
John de Nugent
John de Nugent Amy Adams alone, a brilliant female, can figure the octopussy aliens out. All the men are stupid, militaristic pigs. https://johndenugent.com/images/amy-adams-arrival.jpg

John de Nugent
John de Nugent The truth is that ALL aliens (good, bad or inbetween, as on our earth) are humanoids with one head, two arms, two legs, two nostrils, two ears and one mouth. How could octupuses design, build or fly a spacecraft, and push control buttons! And most aliens are simply HUMANS like us — but more advanced! WE DESCEND FROM THEM: https://johndenugent.com/ufos-the-third-reich-after-1945…/

John de Nugent
John de Nugent This is what Wernher von Braun predicted to his secretary after NASA forced him to retire and he went to work for Fairchild Industries: A hoax would be set up [known as Operation Blue Beam] where hostile aliens invade, and force earth to unite under a One World Government. (And guess who would run that? 😉 )

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  1. An atmosphere? Wow, that really is not many steps away from setting the stage for disclosure.

    As for what you said about aliens needing to be humanoid to make civilization as well as explore space, I wonder if people have this superstition that aliens could be any old thing including even some octopus just to avoid thinking humanoids are a superior type in some way. Since then, the logic would go, some humans could be even more generalized to different environments than others,which seems like how it is for the nordic aliens. Although it’s a given that they can all shapeshift, beyond that, I wouldn’t be surprised if at base, their genes were improved to an extent that they could go beyond being able to adapt to ice age environments like earth whites do, and also being capable of dealing with very sunny ones without getting sunburns.

    That’s a total side point though compared to the main implication of all aliens being humanoid, which is the totally logical concept that there could be increasingly perfect forms of biology that are more adaptable to all environments, which is basically just an extension of the common realization that humans are adapted to a huge number of environments on earth and as a result much more generalized than any other animal species.

    Didn’t assemble this picture myself but on a totally unrelated note, with the whole subject of waking people up despite them being ADD or not believing anything but 100% proof, some pictures are probably really good for that:
    Although i bet some people could cognitive dissonance themselves out of seeing things like Jerusalem being said to be at 666 if they refuse to add, some kinds of ‘coincidences’ are really undeniable on sight and show that something supernatural is going on.

    In some other article you thought everyone would change their mind on liberalism if they saw starving white south africans. Well, a rather simple possible reason might be that white south africans usually wear clothes, unlike many black Africans, and as a result you can’t see their emaciated bodies.
    Just stuff like this:

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