OBAMA RESUMES STEALING US MAIL TO STOP ME; Zionist Occupation and Terror Government moves to implement martial law after the nearing economic collapse they are deliberately causing; two other imaginable US martial law scenarios

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===========NEWS FLASH

I just got a call from a local friend who was receiving mail for me.

The defiant and illegal response of the African dictator Obama, squatting in OUR White House, to my blog protesting MAIL THEFT (run below yesterday as well as today) was THE NEXT DAY to deliver a letter he had ordered held back.

It had been mailed from Germany on July 21st, and as per the phone conversation I had with the sender, he told me it would contain — as usual — 200 Swiss francs in banknotes (equivalent to about $180 US).

But the Narcissist-in-Chief ordered it

delivered with the envelope torn open and the money removed.

(It did NOT come in one of those USPS plastic bags with an apology, saying “we are sorry your envelope was damaged during processing.”)

This is what arrived…… (I have obscured, using GIMP, the mailing address of the recipient, a friend.) You can clearly see the envelope arrived opened – with no apology from the USPS:

“Take that, white boy!”

The letter contained, as usual, a photocopy of an article, but this copy was just “wrapping” for the cash. The blank side of the photocopy contained a handwritten note.

But the cash was gone.

Stolen by the United States Postal Service FROM the United States Postal Service.

A felony.

And this was Obongo’s “answer” to my complaint yesterday to the US Postal Inspector, Pittsburgh………………….

This is an open declaration of gangster war by the illegal alien squatting in OUR White House against ME specifically. As I prove below, Duke, Carto, Weber, Taylor — they all get THEIR mail.

I ask you NOW to finally support NOW the man the Jews clearly fear most NOW in this Cause, and I dare say they seem to fear me right up there somewhere after Putin of Russia, Assad of Syria and Ahmadinejad of Iran . But they are all national leaders with governments behind them and budgets in the billions, just like the Kenyan-born would-be dictator living in public housing. But somewhere out in the Pittsburgh area is one man Obama really hates. (Read the rest of this blog to see why. 😉 )





My new website is DONE. My videos are DONE. I am ready to start this movement. WHO IS WITH ME?


Western Union, Moneygram, bank wire, PayPal — choose your way to get me funds!

This movement will go viral here locally in Pennsylvania and I will get local cash support THEN.

But I need small and BIG donations.

(724) 212-5426

You wanted a movement? Well, OBAMA sure seems ti thinks it is about to begin — and it IS!

Call me with your questions and support.


=======Countries that expelled the jews as a criminal people

England is not the first country to expel the Jews. But since the Middle Ages, here is a partial list of all the areas from which the Jews have been banished from, sometimes on numerous occasions, over the last thousand years.
Mainz 1012 Lithuania 1495
France 1182 Portugal 1496
Upper Bavaria 1276 Naples 1496
England 1290 Navarre 1498
France 1306 Nuremberg 1498
France 1322 Brandenburg 1510
Saxony 1349 Prussia 1510
Hungary 1360 Genoa 1515
Belgium 1370 Naples 1533
Slovakia 1380 Italy 1540
France 1394 Naples 1541
Austria 1420 Prague 1541
Lyons 1420 Genoa 1550
Cologne 1424 Bavaria 1551
Mainz 1438 Prague 1557
Augsburg 1438 Papal States 1569
Upper Bavaria 1442 Hungary 1582
Netherlands 1444 Hamburg 1649
Brandenburg 1446 Vienna 1669
Mainz 1462 Slovakia 1744
Mainz 1483 Moravia 1744
Warsaw 1483 Bohemia 1744
Spain 1492 Moscow 1891
Italy 1492


==========SIKH MURDERS

This is my response to the insane and despicable mass murder at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin by a “white supremacist” with a US Army intelligence “psy-ops” background.

I basically agree with what Matt Koehl, head of “the New Order,” and a friend for 34 years, wrote below (found originally here: http://theneworder.org/news/2012/08/the-sikh-temple-shootings-in-wisconsin/)


The Sikh Temple Shootings in Wisconsin



Sikh Recruits

THEY FOUGHTUNDER THE SWASTIKA Sikh recruits of the Free Indian Army fall out in Germany during World War II.

IT WASwith deepest revulsion, disgust and sadness that we learned of the mass shooting at the Wisconsin Sikh temple Sunday, in which six worshippers were wantonly gunned down by a crazed neo-Nazi white supremacist before he himself was shot and killed [JdN: after shooting a cop who was mercifully aiding one of his victims].

Our disgust was compounded by the racial pretensions which apparently motivated this ignorant, bigoted, hate-filled individual. What he succeeded in accomplishing was to serve up an entreto our enemies by reinforcing their white-trash-loser-knucklehead stereotype, thusrepelling and alienating those sensible, intelligent whites we seek to attract for the racial cause.

If these Nazi pretenders and wannabes hadany modicum of sense which it seems they do not they might, instead of hating these exotic strangers, learn a few useful things from them: like basic honesty, integrity, hard work, piety, love of learning, but above all a sense of COMMUNITY, with solid family values and children raised and nurtured in a strong ethnic tradition.

Unknown to these knuckleheads, let alone to most Americans, thousands of Sikhs served in the Azad Hind Fauj the Free Indian Army (or Indian National Army, INA) of exiled Indian nationalist leader Subhas Chandra Bose during the Second World War. Created under the auspices of National Socialist Germany, it fought under the Swastika not only for the freedom of their own country, but for that of Europe and Europeans, as well.

This is something that we National Socialists, as true bearers of Adolf Hitlers Cause, can never forget.

German Trainers
ABOVE: Germanofficers and NCOsoffer top-notch training to members of the Free Indian Army/Indian National Army.

BELOW: India honors those who foughtfor their country in the Azad Hind Fauj with a special commemorative stamp.

Postage Stamp
[end of the Matt Koehl article]
Here is now the Alex Jones take on all this Sikh shooting debacle and the overall WN background (http://www.infowars.com/sikh-shooter-a-former-psyop-soldier-linked-to-fbis-national-alliance/), a bit over the top (Jones has to do Nazi-bashing every week, it seems, just like Mike Rivero, so they are not shut down or killed by ZOG) but mostly the article is accurate.
The so-called White nationalist movement IS crawling with infiltrators, and that is the exact and precise reason why I am so defamed by trolls online, and why the gullible giggle at me who gulp gossip. 😉

As the founder of the Eternal Solutrean Agency, I do not see race as an absolute. This is a religious movement, and your whiteness is an expression of your karma (previous life), your dharma (the life mission you accept to carry out in this current life), and your love and affection for your race, country, culture and for certain friends you wish to come back with. .

(This explains on a reincarnation basis why the national character of France and Germany, to give two examples, has stayed so stable for centuries. Germans keep coming back as blunt, hardworking, soldierlike, detail-obsessed “Krauts” ;-), and Frenchmen keep choosing to return as jovial, romantic, fine-cuisine-loving Pepe LePews ;-) (see video below) ….. and they do so out of affection for those things and people that they like and are, above all else, plain and simple are used to.


But no one has a German SOUL or a white SOUL, or a BLACK soul. Think about it! Life is a school — with changing lessons every day.

The French really do love the American Pepe LePew cartoons, and its portrait of French men, as I found to my great amusement when in France 2004-05.

Souls thus switch from time to time between being men and women (which also explains masculine women, effeminate men and transgenders), and on rare occasions souls even switch races. (And those who gleefully and hatefully mock other races, or their appearance, better watch out. If your karma is bad — if you MAKE it bad — you might come back as one of them.)

There are some fantastic black, brown and yellow people on this planet and some indescribably loathsome whites. I know; I was molested by whites in the 1950s. Jerry Sandusky too is white, though two of his key enablers, Grant Spanier of Penn State University and Jack Raykovitz of the Second Mile Foundation, are truly vile Jews.

I have published on this blog (http://johndenugent.com/english/archive-the-male-force-in-aryan-political-history) favorable information about the Sikhs (the Jews hacked many photos out of this blog), who are certainly not all angels, but their religion has many merits. Sikhism is basically Hinduism without the caste system, including reincarnation.

Sikhs are not muslims at all, and in fact were massacred by muslims until they became warlike under their ninth guru, Nanak, in order to defend themselves from genocide!

If all Sikhs followed the precepts of their faith, there would be zero friction between them and others.

We do not yet know what motivated the shooter to murder six Sikhs, but he committed a grave sin 1) against them and 2) against the pro-white Cause, and 3) he desecrated by murder a house of God.

I condemn harshly his cowardly act. This is the kind of thing the American Jew Baruch Goldstein did in Jerusalem (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baruch_Goldstein), a medical doctor sworn by the Hippocratic Oath to save life, but who instead mowed down 29 sincere muslims at prayer in the Dome of the Rock mosque.

Look at the arrogant bastard…. what are you so proud of, Mr, Hero, killing 29 people absorbed in prayer, shooting them in the back as they kneeled to praise God?

How can any man enter a house of God and send blood and brains flying about it? Nothing is sacred to such a human devil, demonized by his hate. Perhaps the Wisconsin shooter was even an MK-ULTRA, programmed to do this. The key details may never be fully known.

In any case, that Wisconsin mass murderer was not one of us.




We always use this blog as a focus group to get YOUR reactions.

After some good feedback, this is the finale now, with an improved last few seconds.

(If you cannot see my videos, called “not available in your country” due to hate-speech censorship, then just put my URL in here!! http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html)


This video completes my series of informational, motivational and spiritual videos that began in January 2011, with all the key videos being found here:



I have never before now been a Chicken Little, parroting doomsday scenarios of martial law being around the corner. I have the combat mindset…. Disasters come rarely, but when they do I am ready.

The Internet, polls of rightwing anger, soaring gun sales, the rise of the Tea Party, and the popularity of Ron Paul with military officers have all dissuaded both Bush and Obama (and their jew string pullers) from attempting an open military takeover of the United States.

However, after 34 years in this Cause, and as a former member of Marine Corps military intelligence, I now believe the jews are in a zugzwang situation. The German chess expression zugzwang ( (German for “compulsion to move”, pronounced [?tsu?ktsva?]) means you MUST move your chess piece or lose it in your opponent’s next move.


  1. That is one great video. Despite all the negative stories circulating on the net about you John, I still sense a certain honesty and positive vibe about your whole persona, unlike other ‘white nationalists’ who are clearly only interested in making a buck out of this mess we are in. Thank you.

    • Well, as the Germans say, “Danke für die Blume.” Thanks for the flowers.

      If I am being unjustly attacked, and have the qualities you describe, then you should support me financially, because I am going under.

      I cannot live on compliments, nor start a movement on them, and the Jews understand this.

      Do you? Sorry to be so harsh, but I am not kidding. I am going under.


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