Script for “Glory to Mary Phagan” video

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……Reviews of new video on Leo Frank: “VIP Pedophiles: KILL THEM ALL”


Some reviews:

–Australian IT expert

“Hysterically funny!”


British lady (WP)


“Hi John! That is a good video! Mindblowing stuff and I like your delivery with a touch of wit. The archive footage pieces at the end are awesome.”

…From my native Rhode Island (Nico)


I truly look up to you. You are the smartest man we got for our race, a smart kind of leader. I admire you, sir. You are one of my heroes. You speak sense. I love hearing you speak.

Former US Army (20-year vet)

“The new vid on trutube is, as usual, excellently done. You tell these facts in an entertaining and colorful manner, like ‘was he putting his Frank in the wrong bun?’ ‘Hebrew homeys.’ etc. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you laid out the facts.”

[More reviews below]

And now the video itself:

(The AH clip in the second half is from a videographer I admire named “Rassisten”; the video was done by a videographer using the name FührerFunBus)

This video is also found on LiveLeak: and on YouTube:


Script for


Kill them all”



[recorded April 6. 2015 using a HP 3100 webcamera, a Kodak C813 camera with video, and recorded on Windows Movie Maker]


[Heavy Yiddish accent]

I am a big enemy of antisemitism.. all this hate… but the problem, you know, is this: the Jews keep causing it. 😉

Now take my friend, Leo Frank,

brilliant engineer, Ivy League, New York connections, married a nice, rich Jewish girl down in Atlanta… became president there of B’nai B’rith, the Jewish Freemasons….and he runs a pencil factory there, National Pencil Factory.

So I call Leo, someone picks up the phone, and I say “Hey, Leo, how’s it hanging?”

A woman sobs — and slams the phone down! So I go & google “Leo Frank” and oh, Leo, baby, this picture pops up!

Leo, that’s not how it’s supposed to be hanging! Were you sharpening your pencils with the wrong girl? Were you putting your frank in the wrong bun? 😉

Ok, enough of the Yiddish accent..


It seems Leo WAS…. because he tried to force himself on a fiery 13-year-old redhead named Mary Phagan, and she fought him off until he had to kill her to shut her up.

And now Leo is dead….

The newspapers

say a MOB lynched him…. not a chance. Leo had been unanimously found guilty by two juries “ in fact, the grand jury had three Jews on it — and his death sentence was confirmed by five levels of our court system, county, state and federal, including the US Supreme Court “ twice — for the sodomy rape and murder he committed on a 13-year-old girl, his own employee. And Frank, almost as bad, tried to pin it on two of his innocent black employees, the janitor and the night watchman. He was a pedophile child killer, that bad boy.

Leo thought his powerful Jewish connections up on Wall Street in New York City would get him off. Epic fail. Now, as for the so-called “mob” : More Jew lies. Since the man had been legally convicted of murder and sentenced to death, the hanging was carried out by the duly elected sheriff, W.E. Swanson, of Marietta County, Georgia, next to Atlanta, when the little girl victim had grown up; by the former governor of Georgia;

Joseph Mackey Brown, (photo) Harvard graduate,

governor of Georgia 1909-1913

  • joseph-mackey-brown

by the then-serving Speaker of the House of Representatives of Georgia, and other top citizens. This non-mob, composed of the finest citizens of Georgia, merely carried out the legal death sentence that for two long years had been postponed again and again to ther great frustration! And when even the US Supreme Court refused twice to even hear the case, Leo’s appeals were over! Time for the rope for a man who raped and killed a 13-year-old girl!

What triggered then the lynching? Since all Frank’s appeals were up, a bribed governor named Slayton

stopped the execution and gave Leo Frank, who was a client of his own private law firm, life in prison, but the real purpose of this was to give Leo and his Hebrew homeys time to arrange for a second trial, get a judge they could bribe, and pay some witnesses to say the two black guys did it.

Incredibly, as this Jewish historian, Albert Lindemann,, a Harvard graduate and professor of history at the University of California Santa Barbara, says in his book “The Jew Accused” (

), on page 249, both the detective teams hired by Leo Frank to prove his innocence decided Frank was, quote, “guilty beyond any doubt”!

So this is why lynchings happened: the people act when they see the rich, powerful and guilty are about to get off! And btw, 1/3rd of those lynched were white. These two child molesters, strung up naked, sure look pretty white to me. 😉 Over 1,300 white men were lynched in America for rape, murder, molestation, and, in the cowboy days, for stealing horses and cattle on a frontier where the nearest sheriff was 130 miles away, a four-day ride in the saddle.


Now my question is what are we gonna do about this current child molester, former president Bill Clinton? The white race today is just a pale-face disgrace,


but I know what our ancestors would have done! Now only the tabloids and FOX News have briefly covered it, but Bill Clinton, the one whose wife is in the lead for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States government,, regularly flew on a private Boeing 727 jet in the early 2000s to a private orgy island in the Caribbean of this Jewish, convicted child molester, Jeffrey Epstein. (This is his mug shot at the Palm Beach County sheriff’s office. Amazingly, the man did only two years prison for holding minor children against their will on his orgy island to rape them! Two years! For raping ten-year-olds!)

There he had sex with this minor girl, Virginia Roberts,


and others much younger — down to age ten.

Guess who else flew to the child sex island, according to the flight logs?

Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey


…and top Jewish activist, book writer and Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz

…and Prince Andrew of England, son of Queen Elizabeth. Here is Prince Andrew with pedophile Epstein strolling through Central Park after he served two years in prison for child molestation!

… and here is His Royal Highness with this girl, Virginia.

Here is the Wikipedia section on Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein and pedophilia, and no one is doing a damn thing about this parasitical Brit who molested American children. I wonder why we ever had a Revolution when British royals can molest our kids!

Guess who else was at Epstein parties?

– Ehud Barak, former Israeli prime minister ,

–Lee Wexner

, Jewish owner of Victoria’s Secret, erotic underwear,

–black comedian Chris Tucker,

–of course several Bushes,

–Bill Richardson, the UN ambassador, congressman, Energy Secretary under Clinton and two-term New Mexico governor;

–Larry Summers , former Treasury Secretary and president of Harvard, and even

–udge Ken Starr

who investigated Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinski affair, and in 2013, just be be consistent, wrote a letter to a judge on behalf of a teacher named Christopher Kloman who molested four girls at a posh Virginia private school!

And guess who else wrote a letter to the judge on behalf of the pedophile teacher? ABC News Anchor Charlie Gibson!

*** insertion

It turns out that he abused THIRTY girls at this elite private school, and complaints of the girls were ignored for decades.

This school, founded in 1904 for upper-class kids in the Washington DC area, is located on a campus of 90 acres, worth millions. 


And guess who else was in Jeffrey Epstein’s little book of phone numbers and went to his parties? Donald Trump!

Face it, folks, we live under a pedophilocracy! A government of, by, and for the pedophiles, who want your kids “ lust for your kids — to rape their body, mind and soul or even kill them and drink their blood in satanic rituals!

And will you stand for it? Or stagger back in denial? A man will fall for anything if he stands for nothing!

The worst thing is not Virginia Roberts, who was forced into sex at age 16, but now is a married mother of two who at least survived the ordeal, but the children who were just ten years old, and may have been murdered to shut them up!

You know why various justified lynchings have happened throughout our history? When the people realized, with all-American motives, as with Leo Frank, that the fix was in and that a VIP was going to walk, and get away with rape and murder.

I think the people need to convene a citizens’ grand jury, indict Bill Clinton, indict the number-one loudmouth Jew in America, Alan Dershowitz, indict actor Kevin Spacey, and His Raping Highness Prince Andrew — arrest, try, convict and, well, Leo Frank-ize them all.

Or as Roger Miret says,

Let’s stop testing new medicines on beautiful, innocent animals, and try them out on the lowest animal there is, the rapist or molester!

Adolf Hitler, we need you back and bad, but next time, please, no more Mr Nice Guy. Let’s just kill them all, and add to that mile-long list everyone who knows about the rape of our precious women and the molesting of our dear children, and looks the other way.


You don’t deserve to call yourself a man if you do nothing or even spout the asinine opinion we should try again to “bring all this to the attention of the authorities.” Child molesters ARE the authorities! Our presidents, judges, and top media and financial officials are murderous perverts! The whole system is rotten and must be destroyed to create a new America!


And women, I hope you will not sleep with your husband if he is okay with the rape, molestation and murder of our children. I am calling America out! White man, stop being a pale-face disgrace! Look at how our ancestors got mad and took ACTION!

Adolf Hitler, come again, lead again, kill the wicked, and this time “ don’t let one of them escape, but instead KILL THEM ALL!

[then add this whole video]

…..What it all comes down to is this:


I wage war on the lie and the slander Jews tell to this day against heroic men, against good, chivalrous, white Christian American males, claiming Leo Frank, was convicted and executed, not because of the facts, evidence, testimony and exhibits presented at the trial against Frank, but solely because of of some supposed anti-Jewish “prejudice.” That is a disgusting, racist, anti-Gentile blood libel spewed by pathological haters and bigots whose canard of “anti-Semitism” hides their own ANTI-GENTILISM!

And does anyone care about little Mary Phagan in all this power struggle and how she died? The last seconds of her innocent life?

And that Jews are knowingly sticking up for a rapist and child murderer just because he is a Jew?

And that the Talmud say is is okay to rape Gentile females?

Prosecutor Dorsey was wrong on one thing: Leo Frank was not being a bad Jew by raping and killing Mary. He was –believe it or not, read it in the Talmud itself  — being thereby a GOOD Jew and obeying the commands of his religion when he raped and killed her! “How dare a mere goy, a shiksa (“piece of meat”=) refuse the sex demands of her Jewish lord and master? Gentiles were created by God to serve the Jews!” That is why he struck out in rage! Sex on demand and the right to humiliate is  what the Talmud told Leo was his right!




“If a Jew murders a ˜goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

“Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ˜goy.'” (Baba Kamma 113a)

“The ˜goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

“All children of the ˜goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)


“Girls born of the ˜goyim’ are in a state of ˜niddah’ (menstrual uncleanness!) from birth.” (Abodah Zarah 36b)

“If you eat with a ˜goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

“Sexual intercourse between the ˜goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

“Even the best of the ˜goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)



Judaism is a hate-filled, rape, torture and death cult. It must be banned under federal, state and local law and ALL its practitioners arrested for conspiracy to libel, steal, rape and murder.

It is not a religion; it is a worldwide psychopathology!


 Thus say I, father of two daughters and grandfather of two granddaughters! Save the children!




……MY MAJOR ESSAYS ON LEO FRANK AND MARY PHAGAN — A WHITE VICTORY AGAINST THE JEWS!  Five years of my commitment to this American breakthrough, when white men stopped talking and ACTED! 


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