Introduction by John de Nugent to ”The Nameless War” by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay

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by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay


Ukrainian revolution of 2014, funded by $5 billion in Jewnited Snakes money and CIA assistance, which put in Jews as president, prime minister and mayor of the capital, Kiev




Britons Publishing Company. London 1952. Reprinted 1956, 1977. Other reprints in Australia and elsewhere, sometimes with abridgements


Audiobook of “The Nameless War”

by Captain Archibald Ramsay, 1952.

Read by John de Nugent,

Lake Superior, Michigan USA


This is the actual 44-minute audiobook! [Source:]

I was asked by an American of Scottish heritage, Jamie Anderson, to record an audiobook of this famous work by a Scotsman, Captain Archibald Ramsay, and immediately consented for three reasons:

–One, because I am part-Scottish myself; 😉

–Two, because I knew personally one of the key figures mentioned in this powerful book, an American hero named Tyler Gatewood Kent [photo],

Tyler Gatewood Kent


I met this great man, this onetime Princeton graduate, linguist and US Embassy-London clerk, at the 1987 conference of the Institute for Historical Review in southern California (then the leading Holocaust revisionism organization worldwide). Since we both had to save money, we shared a hotel room for the three-day conference. I had a wife and child then to support, and due to Jewish persecution, this Ivy League graduate from an old WASP family was living in utter poverty in a baking-hot south Texas trailer park, located near the Mexican border. Mr. Kent would pass on the year after I met him, at age 77. But what an incredible honor it was to meet and discuss the world with such a HERO.

This is a screenshot of a 1982 interview by BBC Newsnight with him at his trailer park in hot southern Texas.


But three, and above all else, I wanted to record this audiobook of Captain Ramsay’s The Nameless War because it tells who was really behind key revolutions in white history since 1600, and how these evil revolutions succeeded in overthrowing powerful white governments and destroying or harming white societies.



So anyone interested in getting rid of the Jewish tyranny over the white world can learn from this book, which has been very popular since it appeared in London in 1952.

Captain Ramsay


In a nutshell, Ramsay says Jewish revolution takes

1) money to pay for agents;

2) a strategy to paralyze the government so it does not act vigorously at the decisive moment to defend itself; and 3) meanwhile the people must be divided up, and too busy fighting each other to notice the government is being overthrown.

Then only does the armed uprising happen. It seizes power, and then inflicts on the white nation being victimized every horror the Jews wish on the naive nation that is hosting them.

In Jewish eyes, as the warped Holy Talmud says, all Gentile governments lack legitimacy; they are mere rebels against the divine will that the Jews first own, and then rule the world, and that we end up their miserable slaves.

So, to emphasize, every Jew-run revolution will have 1) money for agents and bribing people, 2) a government paralyzed to inaction at the moment of truth, and 3) divided masses, ignorant and oblivious as to what is happening.

Well, just who was Archibald Ramsay, and what qualified him to write this book? He was an incredibly distinguished British World War One hero, a member of the British parliament, and a high Scottish aristocrat. So much for the trailer-park smear against “white nationalists”!

Despite Jewish defamations depicting white nationalists and antisemites as weird, hateful, uneducated and ignorant people (what the Brits amusingly call “oiks”) throughout western history it has often been the very best and brightest citizens of our nations, with the grandest lifetime achievements, who have spoken up against the Jewish menace.

In America, we had Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, the genius who made the first car which the average man could afford, the Model-T. Easily the most admired and one of the very richest men in America of that generation, in 1920 he began blasting the Jews through a best-selling book, The International Jew, and a weekly nationwide newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, named for the town near Detroit where his company headquarters were located. (The city of Dearborn is now full of Arab Muslims, sadly.)




Another distinguished Jew-fighter was Colonel Charles Lindbergh, Junior.

From 1939 to 1941, the handsome, charismatic national hero joined Henry Ford in this struggle. Lindbergh had flown alone in 1927 across the Atlantic, in his tiny one-engine plane, “The Spirit of St. Louis,” from New York to Paris — 3,600 miles and 33 hours in the air without sleeping.

His plane now hangs in the center hall of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, the most visited museum on earth. Do see it before the Muslims or someone blows the whole city up!



Lindbergh was a colonel in the US Army Reserve and, because of his military status, won both the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Medal of Honor, the highest military decoration of the United States, for his incredible exploit, which was awarded to him by the then President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge.


“Lucky Lindy,” as he was called, also believed strongly in the white birth rate, and, handsome Swedish devil that he was, fathered 13 children by four women, one American wife and three German mistresses. 😉


He later began building the US commercial airline business, and the air mail service of the United States Post Office.

But in 1939 Colonel Lindbergh, who was not a lowlife but the most respected man in America,  began courageously to risk his fame, money and career to take on the Jews and President Franklin Roosevelt, trying to stop them  from getting us into World War Two against Germany.



“Our bond with Europe is a bond of race and not of political ideology. It is the European race we must preserve; political progress will follow. Racial strength is vital, politics a luxury. If the white race is ever seriously threatened, it may then be time for us to take our part in its protection, to fight side by side with the English, French and Germans, but not with one against the other for our mutual destruction.”


Lindbergh’s father, Charles Lindbergh Senior, had been a hero before him. A five-term US Congressman from Minnesota, he had attacked the Federal Reserve, the private jewish banking empire that was set up when he was in Congress, literally creating since 1913 all US currency, but lending to the American people their own currency at interest, which must be paid back to the Jews, who then stuff the interest in their pockets and buy up with unearned paper money, printed out of thin air, the American media, huge corporations and, directly or indirectly, the politicians.


Congressman Lindbergh said:

  • “This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth [a trust being an illegal business or financial conspiracy]. When the President [ = Woodrow Wilson] signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized…. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.”


Congressman Lindbergh also strenuously opposed the US declaration of war on Germany in 1917. President Wilson had the congressman’s pamphlet  “Why is Your Country at War?” seized, and even the printing plates were melted down.

By the way,  I always felt that Lindbergh chose for his famous airplane that name, “‘The Spirit of Saint Louis”…


…..not just for the great city in Missouri on the Mississippi River,


…..but because of Saint Louis, after whom the French-founded city was named.


He was the only king of France to become a saint, he was a ferocious and open enemy of the Jews, and he was a great ruler for 46 years, from 1226 to 1270.


…..But the most outstanding thing was this wise and courageous monarch had 12,000  Talmuds publicly burned in downtown Paris in 1243. 🙂


As Captain Ramsay points out in the book you are about to hear, many of the greatest men and minds in our civilization over the last 2,000 years have woken up to and courageously turned against the Jews as a mortal threat to our nations.

Well, one more of these outstanding achievers and patriots was Captain Ramsay himself!

For the sake of non-British listeners I will explain briefly explain just who this hero was, and what he sacrificed in the pure flame of his idealism for the ongoing struggle against world Jewry.

Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay was a Scottish aristocrat, descended from the Earls of Dalhousie, and was born in 1894. He attended the most elite private school in England, Eton, a five-year high school for boys 13-18, from which:

–19 British prime ministers have graduated, including the current one, David Cameron, but also


–the British spymaster who later wrote the James Bond novels, Ian Fleming;


— the writer of the world-famous novel 1984, George Orwell, about Big Brother,


–and both Prince William and Prince Harry in our time.

Prince Harry


After graduating from the best high school in Britain, he then attended the “West Point” of Great Britain, the royal military academy called Sandhurst.







As a captain in the British Army, he served in heavy combat in World War One, in the elite Coldstream Guards, the oldest unit in the British Army, often called just “the Guards.”

Badge of the Coldstreamers, as they are called.


In peacetime they are famous for guarding Buckingham Palace, and for the Changing of the Guard ceremony. (I am proud that my English grandfather’s ancestors served in the Coldstream Guards.)



Had my grandfather not moved to America, he might well have fought in France under Captain Ramsay.


In 1916 Ramsay received a severe head wound on the front lines in France fighting the Germans, and was transferred to the War Office in London. Here he met, fell in love with, and married, on 30 April 1917 Lady Ninian Crichton-Stuart, née Hon. Ismay Preston, daughter of Viscount Gormanston and widow of Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart MP, that is, Member of Parliament, who had been killed in the war. Captain Ramsay’s bride had already become mother of three children. The new couple went on to have four sons together, the eldest of whom died of pneumonia as a British officer in 1943 in South Africa.

Captain Ramsay and the Honorable Mrs. Ismay Ramsay arrive for the Eton-Harrow Cricket match 


As the war was coming to an end, Ramsay served at the British War Mission in Paris. He retired from the Army with the rank of Captain in 1920. He spent the 1920s as a company director, near Arbroath, Angus, Scotland, and became active in the Conservative Party, like our Republican Party.

In the 1931 general election, Ramsay was elected as MP for an area near Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. As a politician, even his Jewish enemies agreed he was, quote, ” likable, charming, sincere, earnest, engaging, and persuasive as a public speaker.”

But soon he would venture into dangerous waters for a politician — first, studying and exposing the communist and atheist threats to British civilization, secondly, exposing how, strangely, certain western bankers supported both causes which would tend to destabilize society, something normal business people never want.

Thirdly, he had to find out exactly WHO these anti-Christian and pro-communist, pro-atheistic bankers really were, and then expose them to the public.

Like any of us, he realized first only that something was wrong; that something was going on behind the scenes.

Then he realized it was not just misguided men with impractical ideas, but instead a hard-nosed conspiracy by very intelligent men who were also incredibly evil.


The final step was realizing these men were Jews, and then exposing them as a Member of the British Parliament.

This also led to a fervent desire to see Britain become friends with both General Franco’s Spain and with Adolf Hitler’s Germany, and oppose the plans of both Winston Churchill (his fellow graduate of Sandhurst military college), and of the American president, Franklin Roosevelt, to trigger a war against Hitler’s Germany, with Britain and America allied with the incarnation of evil, Joseph Stalin and arming his blood-dripping, communist empire to bring Germany down.

Any alliance between the white, Christian west and the Soviet Union, for Ramsay, was wickedness and insanity. But he came to realize the Jews are wicked and are insane!

Ramsay made every effort to stop the war and awaken his fellow Conservative Party member, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain [photo],

neville-chamberlainto the machinations of Franklin Roosevelt and of world Jewry to lure the British Empire into a war so that Jew-free Germany would end up crushed, the Soviet Red Army would conquer most of Europe, and Christianity and the white man eventually would be eradicated.

Like many others, he despised especially the Jew Leslie Hore-Belisha, the arrogant War Minister of Great Britain, who in early 1939 introduced conscription, that is, the military draft.



There was a popular British antisemitic song at the time, sung to the tune of “Onward, Christian soldiers,” that went like this, and I do apologize for my singing, but the words are important, and remember – this was a British song:




Onward, conscript army…you have naught to fear.
Isaac Hore-Belisha …will lead you from the rear.
Clad by Monty Burton [Jewish clothes- and uniform maker],… fed on Lyons’ pies [Jewish restaurant and tea shop chain];
Fight for Yiddish conquests …while the Briton dies.
Onward, conscript army, marching on to war.
Fight and die for Jewry… as we did before.


You must die for Poland…pay your debt of thanks
All your benefactors…international banks.
So place against the Germans…beneath the Jewish star
Onward toward the shambles…Goy cattle that you are!
Poor, persecuted Jewry”…will finance war again.
Forward for the slaughter… for the Hebrews’ gain.


Driven toward the shambles…like a flock of sheep
By lying propaganda…by their plans laid deep.
So for Israel Moses Sieff…you must fight and die
That Marks & Spencer’s [department store] neon sign…May still light up our sky.
Forward, on to Poland…10 million men shall fall,
That Judah’s reign of terror…May hold us all in thrall.


Here now you can hear a German big band playing as its leader, Erhard Bauschke,  sings it on German Radio across the English Channel to the listening British public, in the English language, to awaken as many Brits as possible to who really wanted World War Two. It is estimated that almost 1/3rd of Britons did listen to this station, which reflects the one-third that never swallowed Churchill’s propaganda, though they all rightly feared being arrested, as I will discuss below.



Returning now to our author, Captain Ramsay, who was a Member of Parliament in the Conservative Party which then was ruling the British Empire,  at no time after Britain and France disgracefully declared war on Germany, on September 3, 1939 was Ramsay ever  in contact with the now technically enemy government of the Third Reich, despite false accusations made by Jews, nor did even the lying Churchill government  dare claim it.

But his total innocence was not enough to stop his arrest, because he remained a symbol of rejection of the war by a war hero, a patriot, an aristocrat, and a popular Member of Parliament. Besides, Ramsay was a Scot — and the Scots have been among the bravest of British soldiers for 400 years. But Ramsay symbolized the mindset of many Scots: “I am brave — but I am not a fool! Germany is a threat only to communism, atheism, and Jewry, not to Great Britain!”

After Germany occupied Denmark and Norway, defeating French and British forces that had landed in Norway, and on the very day German forces began smashing victoriously into Belgium, Holland, and France,  Neville Chamberlain resigned as prime minister, and the half-Jewish Winston Churchill, whose mother was the swarthy American Jewess Jenny Jerome [photo],  came to power.

jenny-jerome-mother-winston-churchillOne of his first acts was to arrest Member of Parliament Archibald Ramsay and Royal Navy admiral Sir Barry Domvile, under an outrageous law called “Regulation 18b,” which said one could be arrested and held forever without any charges, lawyer, witnesses or evidence.

This shocking law, whose parallel in the US is the 2012 “National Defense Authorization Act,” promoted and signed by Barack Obama, was justified by a 1939 false-flag attack.  Communist members of the IRA — the Irish Republican Army — supposedly set off bombs in some cloakrooms in London. This was used to justify this new law, “Regulation 18b,” which violated every tradition of Great Britain, especially habeas corpus, the doctrine that no one can be jailed or imprisoned except on hard evidence of a crime and after a proper trial.

But now, all Churchill had to say to order the arrest of any British patriot was “he is a popular and influential man; he is for peace with Germany — but we want war. Lock him up.”


For four long years, with no charges ever filed against him, the sitting Member of the British Parliament, Capt. Archibald Maule Ramsay, was held at the horrible Brixton Prison, the subject btw of fairly recent scandals as well. And a thousand other wonderful British patriots were held as well.

Royal Navy Admiral Sir Barry Domvile wrote a book after the war, entitled, ironically, From Admiral to Cabin Boy, about going from glory and power to sitting in a jail cell, his new “cabin,” with no rights, while his country was bombing and destroying a Germany which was pro-British and only trying to stop Stalin, communism,  atheism and Jewry.

His fellow prisoner, Admiral Domvile of the Royal Navy, was actually even more prestigious than Ramsay, having been a distinguished destroyer skipper in WWI,  commanding officer of the battleship HMS Royal Sovereign [photo] 


…director of Naval Intelligence from 1927 to 1930, commander of a squadron, and President of the Royal Naval College [photo] in Greenwich, England.


Domvile visited NS Germany in 1935 and was invited to attend the Nuremberg Rally of September 1936 as a guest of the German ambassador, Joachim von Ribbentrop.




His fondness for Germany and her people led him to establish a pro-German organisation, the “Anglo-German Link,” whose membership peaked around 4,300 people. It was an “independent non-party organisation to promote Anglo-German friendship” whose intended purpose was:

“To foster mutual knowledge and understanding between the British and German peoples, and to counteract the flood of lies with which our people are being regaled in their daily papers.”

How embarrassing to the Jews, who wish to ridicule all antisemites as losers, that the King himself had dubbed Sir Barry a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, made him a Companion of the Order of the Bath, and a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George, among the highest honors a Briton can receive from the monarch.

by Bassano, vintage print, 21 December 1932

This is the same man whom the alcoholic half-Jew Winston Churchill, now called a hero who defended freedom and opposed a dictator, threw into Brixton prison for four and a half years with no rights, not even the basic right to a lawyer.


Here are some quotes from Sir Barry:

From that time onwards I had a strong suspicion that there was some mysterious power at work behind the scenes controlling the actions of the figures visibly taking part in the government of the country. I had not the least idea whence this power emanated, nor could I gauge its influence. I was in far too humble a position to make such lofty discoveries. Still, the feeling persisted. We always vaguely referred to this hidden control amongst ourselves as ‘The Treasury.’
This mysterious power I christened Judmas, because, as I discovered at a much later date, its source is the Judaeo-Masonic combination, which has wielded such a baneful influence in world history for many centuries.

JdN: A French 1902 carton depicts a Christian nation being led in chains by Masons and Jews; Masonry is Kabbalah for goys.



I have no regrets whatever for undertaking the voyage, as I should always have reproached myself if I had failed to do my utmost to draw attention to the contemplated betrayal of all true British interests. It is a matter for deep regret, however, that my misgivings have been only too completely justified by the passage of events.

Now, I mentioned near the beginning that one reason I wanted to do this audiobook was that I knew one of the key people whom Captain Ramsay worked with, and that was the distinguished American Tyler Gatewood Kent, who worked at the US Embassy in London, being in charge of secret communications.

Well, Mr. Kent found out, while decrypting and encrypting coded messages, as part of his embassy work, the shocking cables between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, proving clearly that President Roosevelt was plotting to start World War Two, urging the Poles to provoke the Germans,  all to get America into yet another world war, and crush the jew-free Germany. In fact, all the US embassies in Europe, including the ones in Berlin, Rome and Paris, sent their messages to the London embassy and then they went on to Washington, so Tyler Kent saw a ton of secret messages.

But Roosevelt was explicitly promising the exact opposite to the American people.


Because of the arrest of Tyler Kent and Captain Ramsay, he was able to get away with the infamous lie that he was for peace before the 1940 presidential election, when he ran for his third term.


On the date of October 30, 1940 at the Boston Garden, in Boston, Massachusetts, just days before the presidential election, this monstrous liar orated:

I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.


(Screenshot, then the video)



the 17-second video where he says it

Because Tyler Kent had the proof that Roosevelt was lying, and because it was an election year, and thus Roosevelt could lose reelection, and American entry into the war could be prevented, Tyler Kent made or took home carbon copies of key Roosevelt secret messages. He then got together in London after work with Captain Ramsay and a patriotic British organization called “the Right Club” to figure out how to get the word out to the British and American publics, including key politicians in America, that Roosevelt (who was part-Jewish via both his father, Roosevelt, originally Rosenfeld, and his mother, Delanoe) wanted a second world war and the crushing of Germany.

Most of the Right Club members hailed from the aristocracy or the middle classes. Quite a few were Members of Parliament, peers (earls, dukes,  barons, etc.) and officers in the armed forces. Others were active National Socialists and leading or founding members of established right-wing groups such as The Link, the Imperial Fascist League, the Nordic League and the British Union of Fascists. Others still were drawn from the ready ranks of socialites, dowagers, hangers-on, the lonely and the eccentric. Ramsay recorded their names in a big leather-bound volume he called “the Red Book.” A majority of members received the Right Club’s silver badge, which showed an image of an eagle killing a snake, often accompanied by the letters ‘PJ’, standing for a popular anti-Semitic motto of the time, ‘Perish Judah!’



The Red Book is now held at the Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide in London


None of these patriots wanted to see oceans of British war dead as in World War One, when 734,00 perished, achieving basically nothing.

The Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, on Remembrance Day, November 11th, recalling “The Glorious Dead”


Nor did these men and women want the British Empire to be defeated or bankrupted, or the United Kingdom invaded and occupied, as France would soon be, nor did they want the Soviet Union  to take over Britain and Europe, if Germany lost, nor did they desire the United States of the Jew-controlled Roosevelt to dominate Europe.

The US in blue, the British Empire in red, the German Reich in August 1939 in black and the USSR in grey outline.


Now, draconian British censorship laws ensured that Captain Ramsay could not go directly to the press with the scandalous Roosevelt-Churchill correspondence. But if Ramsay were to get up in the British Parliament…


and read the documents aloud into the Parliamentary Record, it would be impossible to deny their contents.


And if he had succeeded, history as we know it might have developed rather differently, with neither Churchill nor FDR in office come 1941.


Then Germany would not have had a two-front war, it would have had peace in the west, and it could concentrate on smashing the communistic, atheistic, mass-murdering Soviet Union.

Germany and its sphere of power in June 1941, just before invading the Soviet Union


Today as I record this audiobook, it is September 2015, and I remember the great crime of WWII, which began this month, 76 years ago, as bribed jew puppets in London, Paris, Moscow and Washington began the genocide of the heroic German people, ending the only six years of true happiness for the masses in the history of the human race — the peacetime years of the Third Reich under Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

One of the last members to join the Right Club was Tyler Kent, the American cypher clerk at the Embassy of the United States in London.

Captain Ramsay gave Tyler Kent the ledger called the Red Book, containing the list of Right Club members for safe-keeping, believing that the British would not dare arrest a member of the US Embassy, and then went on a brief, weekend fishing trip to Scotland while he mulled over the next moves.

But then prime minister Neville Chamberlain resigned, after the British defeats in Norway and France, the sociopathic Winston Churchill came to power, and his first goal was to arrest and silence all leading pro-German citizens of Great Britain.

Kent had already fallen under the suspicion of British intelligence for being pro-German, anti-Roosevelt, and perhaps copying top-secret documents from the embassy. On the fateful day of May 20, 1940, the day the war was really lost, because America would get into it 18 months later, the US ambassador, Joseph Kennedy Senior,  yes, the father of the future President Kennedy, who had very little or no choice, because Roosevelt suspected him correctly of also being pro-German, and could have fired him at any moment as US Ambassador to London, this Ambassador Kennedy agreed to waive Kent’s diplomatic immunity, and the British secret police rushed to Kent’s  flat or apartment [at 47 Cloucester Place in London].


The long and short of it was Kent was arrested, the lock on the Red Book was forced open, and then Ramsay was arrested three days later, when he returned from Scotland, at the urging of Maxwell Knight, the Jewish-looking MI-5 agent who investigated the Right Club.

maxwell_knight-MI-5-INFILTRATED-RIGHT-CLUBCaptain Ramsay was never tried for anything, because Churchill could keep him without any charges under Regulation 18b. But there was a trial — when Ramsay, who was still a Member of Parliament, hired a lawyer to sue the  The New York Times.

The Jewish-owned newspaper published an article on “Britain’s Fifth Column” in July 1940 which claimed “informed American sources said that [Ramsay] had sent to the German Legation in Dublin[, Ireland] treasonable information given to him by Tyler Kent.”

Ramsay sued for libel, resulting in a trial in July 1941.

The New York Times could not defend its story, having found no evidence that Ramsay had communicated anything to the German Legation, and it was found guilty. The Judge, however, awarded Ramsay just a farthing (¼d), about one dollar today, in damages.

As Wikipedia says:

Ramsay continued occasionally to put down written Parliamentary questions from jail, sometimes taking up the cases of fellow 18B internees. His eldest son Alec, serving in the Scots Guards, died of pneumonia on active service in South Africa in August 1943. Ramsay was finally released from detention on 26 September 1944, being one of the last few 18B detainees. He immediately returned to Westminster, to the Parliament section of London, to resume his seat in the House of Commons, causing at least one member to storm out of the chamber. His only significant action in the remainder of the Parliament was a defiant motion calling for the reinstatement of the 1275 Statute of the Jewry passed under King Edward I, Longshanks.

This was the final law enacted by King Edward, called “Longshanks” because he was so tall, before he threw the Jews totally out of England.


It ordered the Jews to wear a yellow badge to identify them, work at manual labor, and stop lending money at interest. They disobeyed, of course, they continued ritually murdering Christian children

Body of Little Hugh of Lincoln. one of thousands of white Christian children and adults tortured, whipped and bled to death by Jews in a black-magic (pain-based) ritual. The blood is dried to a powder and baked into matzoh, which is eaten by Jews at their Passover.



(as Israeli professor Ariel Toaff [photo] famously showed in his 2007 book Blood Passover) and Longshanks expelled them all in 1290, though unfortunately many merely went to Scotland, and did banking up there.


Ariel Toaff



Member of Parliament Archibald Ramsay did not defend his seat — he did not run for reelection —  in the 1945 general election.

And he probably felt — Why should he?

Germany had been crushed, the British Empire was bankrupt, the Holocaust was the new religion, the Soviets controlled half of Europe, the Americans under Roosevelt and Truman dominated the other half, all criticism of the Jews was totally taboo and the first waves of black and brown immigrants into Britain were getting ready to sail.

For the next 76 years, all the warnings of the great Americans Tyler Kent, Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford, and of the great Britons Admiral Domvile, Captain Ramsay and, for that matter, let me throw in the fifth Duke of Wellington, yes, the direct descendant of the victor at Waterloo, this duke who was a prominent member of the Right Club, the warnings of all these great lovers of country have all been coming true for the last 76 years. White people are having to learn their lessons the hard way, through pain and disaster.

In 1952 Ramsay wrote The Nameless War as both an autobiography and a plea to justify his actions. Much of the book consists of interpreting the whole of modern history as a Jewish campaign for world domination.

It quotes extensively from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and asserts that John Calvin, the Protestant leader whose religion had become powerful in parts of England, Scotland, Holland, Switzerland and many parts of the United States, had been a Jew whose real name was “Cohen”, not Calvin, that Oliver Cromwell [painting] had been “a paid agent of the Jews,” and that the entire English Civil War and the execution of Charles I were staged for the sole purpose of allowing the Jews to return to England. The book is still famous in white-nationalist circles around the world.

After a long and heroic life, and then a quiet retirement, Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay passed on to his reward in 1955, the year after I was born, having passed the torch via the book you are about to hear to the new generation.


…..Addenda 1) new German mood and 2) the 5th Duke of Wellington

NEW GERMAN MOOD. A German comrade from a small village called Nümbrecht, near Essen, a big city, told me that people are coming to him and mumbling “we need another Hitler.” He said:


“In Essen there used to be one murder or rape a month and now it is EVERY DAY, John. Forty years ago we had a handful of immigrants — Turks, Greeks and Italians — Mediterraneans — but they assimilated. I used to go as a boy and buy an ice cream cone from an Italian man — no problem. We liked eating foreign food, having a bit of foreign culture, and so forth — but these migrants now are very different.”

I asked him how many Germans were waking up as a result. He said

“At least ten percent. You cannot ignore rape and murder.  And reports and rumors are flying, such as a Christian refugee female (Christian Syrian) who was raped by Muslims right in the refugee center, or the German girl raped by three muslims in Donaueschingen, and they CUT HER EAR OFF.


As if it were HER fault to be raped and have her ear cut off!!!

What kind of a country do we Germans live in now???

Look at this George Soros website: exact instructions how to get to and sponge off Europeans!

FIFTH DUKE OF WELLINGTON. More on this friend of Captain  Ramsay:,_5th_Duke_of_Wellington


Arthur Wellesley, 5th Duke of Wellington

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Duke of Wellington
Born 9 June 1876
Died 11 December 1941 (aged 65)
Tenure 18 June 1934 – 11 December 1941
Spouse(s) Lilian Coats
Issue Anne Rhys, 7th Duchess of Ciudad Rodrigo
Henry Wellesley, 6th Duke of Wellington
Parents Arthur Wellesley, 4th Duke of Wellington
Kathleen Bulkeley-Williams

Arthur Charles Wellesley, 5th Duke of Wellington (9 June 1876 – 11 December 1941) was the son of Arthur Charles Wellesley, 4th Duke of Wellington, and Kathleen Bulkeley Williams.

He attended Eton between 1890 and 1895, and later attended Trinity College at Cambridge. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Lincolnshire Regiment, and in January 1900 joined the Grenadier Guards as Second lieutenant.[1] With the Grenadier Guards, he fought in the Boer War in 1900, but resigned his commission in 1903. He returned to active service as a temporary reserve second lieutenant in 1915, during World War I, and relinquished his commission in 1919, still a second lieutenant.

In 1934 he succeeded to the Dukedom; he was also a Justice of the Peace.

Wellington married Hon. Lilian Maud Glen Coats, the daughter of the George Coats, 1st Baron Glentanar in 1909. They had two children

Far right[edit]

The Duke was a supporter of several far right-wing causes. He was a member of the Anglo-German Fellowship from 1935 and served as President of the Liberty Restoration League, which was described by Inspector Pavey (an ex-Scotland Yard detective employed by the Board of Deputies of British Jews to infiltrate the far right) as being anti-semitic. When Archibald Maule Ramsay formed the ‘Right Club‘ in 1939, Wellington chaired its early meetings. Ramsay, describing the Right Club, boasted that

“The main objective was to oppose and expose the activities of organised Jewry.”[2] On the day that World War II broke out, the Duke of Wellington was quoted as blaming the conflict on “anti-appeasers and the fucking Jews”.[3]


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Arthur Wellesley
Prince of Waterloo
Succeeded by
Henry Wellesley
Spanish nobility
Preceded by
Arthur Wellesley
Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo
Succeeded by
Henry Wellesley
Portuguese nobility
Preceded by
Arthur Wellesley
Duke of Vitória
Succeeded by
Henry Wellesley


Tragically, his only son and heir, the Sixth Duke of Wellington, Henry Wellesley, died in the fratricide of WWII. He braved German machine-gun fire during a commando action  in 1943 in Italy, but ended up with three bullet holes in his helmet and perished.,_6th_Duke_of_Wellington


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