Letter to the Cobb Cty commissioners and Marietta City Council regarding the proposed exoneration of Leo Frank

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A whistleblower and former Marine NCO who will not be intimidated, “arrested without incident” (oh, you can count on an “incident”!) , or railroaded into jail by the federal or state pedophilocracies


This email went out to the nine county commissioners of Cobb County, Georgia, and a smilar version to the members of the City Council of Marietta, Ga., where Mary Phagan was raised and Leo Frank met his just desserts.

The last ride for the raping Jew 


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……Email to Georgia politicians considering Jewish demands they “exonerate” the savage sex killer Leo Frank 102 years later 



John de Nugent

301 S. Steel Street

Ontonagon, Michigan 49953

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cobb County Board of Commissioners
100 Cherokee Street
Marietta, GA 30090
(770) 528-3300

Re: Leo Frank “exoneration”

Dear commissioners:

I formerly lived in Roswell, and I know Marietta very well, right down to the glorious Big Chicken. 😉 I have many friends still in the Marietta/Cobb Cty/greater Atlanta area.

I am also a high-honors graduate of Georgetown and a former US Marine NCO with two daughters and granddaughters. I blog, and there are 1.4 million hits on my name on Google. I have been on the Discovery Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS and National Public Radio.

To be blunt, even the most vociferous “Leo-Frank-was-innocent” voices, Jewish and Gentile, are now wavering on this claim that Frank was not the killer, as I will show below. By that I mean the main historian/writer on the case, Steve Oney, and the main Jewish organization that had pushed for exoneration, the ADL, and its head, Abraham Foxman.

I deem this therefore is no time for commissioners of a Georgia county to make judgments about history, and trial law, and long-dead witnesses and victims, 102 years ago… unless Cobb County commissioners has a five-seater time machine, and you can fly back to the pencil factory on April 26, 1913 and see who-did-what at exactly 12:05 pm. 😉

¦ Respected Leo Frank scholar Steve Oney backpedals on Frank’s “innocence”


Steve Oney is the perfect Harvard man, with a scintillating Establishment resumé all round, and part of his perfection is a decent attempt (despite pressure) to write objectively, and as a Gentile, about Leo Frank, since Gentiles  might rightly suspect the impartiality of any overtly Jewish author on the Leo Frank case. Steve Oney is the author of the 2003 book

And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank.



His Leo Frank book (says Amazon) “won the American Bar Association’s Silver Gavel Award for best work on the nation’s legal system [oooh] and the National Jewish Book Award for history. (LOL!)

Early in his career Oney was a staff writer at The Atlanta Journal & Constitution Magazine. He has also worked as a senior writer at Premiere magazine and as a senior editor at Los Angeles magazine, and he has contributed to many other publications, among them Esquire, Time, Playboy, and The Wall Street Journal. His stories have been anthologized in The Best American Sports Writing, 2006 and The Best American Magazine Writing, 2008. Oney was educated at the University of Georgia and at Harvard, where he was a Nieman Fellow. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, designer Madeline Stuart. He is at work on a book about National Public Radio for Simon & Schuster.

gabriel-snyder-new-republic-editorOn the one hand, he writes (as follows), nolens volens, lucrative and “award-winning” Frankophilia for the Jewish editor Gabriel Snyder [photo] of The New Republic magazine …and for its heavily Jewish readership — and it is pretty much what he says in his judeophilic book (http://www.newrepublic.com/article/122542/distant-mirror-leo-frank-lynching):

“Historical research has all but proved that Frank was innocent of the Phagan murder and that the killer was Conley.

[…] The South was guilty of a horrific moral wrong and in the aftermath closed its eyes to the lynching.

On Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/234681540017528/permalink/234681543350861/)

2013 is the 100-year anniversary of Mary Phagan’s death and Leo Frank’s conviction for her murder. Leo Frank, a Jewish American [a fawning term: Jews ominously prefer “American Jews”]  was a superintendent in the Atlanta pencil factory where Mary Phagan’s body was found. His wrongful conviction and subsequent lynching in Marietta reverberated around the country.

The Jewish Studies Program at Georgia State University is honored to host Steve Oney and to recognize the Leo Frank case as a turning point in American Jewish history. Please join us! http://eventful.com/ atlanta_ga/events/ steve-oney-gsu-leo-frank-10 0-years-later-its-st-/ E0-001-060839691-3?utm_sour ce=facebook&utm_medium=eve nts&SREF=FBEvent

Now comes, however, the recent Oney-volution 😉


He operated a sweatshop. He employed teenage girls.

“…Frank, stiff and effete,” Oney said.

Testifying without cross-examination ” an option at the time for criminal defendants in Georgia ” Frank seriously damaged any hope of acquittal.

He was like a computer on the stand,” Oney said. “He used words like ˜data,’ that were completely foreign to people at the time. Jurors felt that he seemed afraid to confront his guilt or innocence.

To be kind, he was a cold fish.”


Oney said he’s “98 percent” certain Frank was wrongly convicted, but said there were some inconsistencies in his statements to police. There were also several girls who worked at the factory who said Frank made them uncomfortable.

Steve Oney is interviewed for the first 20 minutes here:


In this audio interview Oney seems to go a bit further. To the GPR [Georgia Public Radio] interviewer for “On Second Thought” radio, Celeste Headlee, Steve Oney says:

“I think there is an outside chance Leo Frank was guilty, and in the book I leave the door open. […], but you know, we’re never gonna know.

The evidence was unclear 102 years ago at the trial of Leo Frank, and it has only gotten cloudier. Time has not clarified it.

[Covering himself, he adds] If someone read my [2002-03] book, they would walk away thinking he was innocent.”

But does this represent his thinking in the the year 2015? Let me cite Steve Oney again.

The evidence was unclear 102 years ago at the trial of Leo Frank, and it has only gotten cloudier.”



And in this article (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/leo-frank-jewish-man-lynching-marietta-georgia-unsettled-100-years/) Oney goes even further than that (almost halfway down):

Substantial evidence points to Frank’s innocence, Oney says, but

“there are imponderables that are always going to be imponderables.”

And so the century-old case stays alive.

Definition of imponderable:  “a factor that is difficult or impossible to estimate or assess” or “incapable of being weighed or evaluated with exactness.”


…..to an Associated Press reporter Adam Geller (Jewish), who had inquired of me regarding Leo Frank.


Dear Mr. Geller:

I was forwarded your email regarding Leo Frank and the upcoming 100th anniversary of the carrying out of the orders of five court levels and three juries (coroner’s jury, grand jury and petit jury) to investigate, try, convict and punish the child molester, strangler and defamer Leo Frank, president of B’nai B’rith of Atlanta.

As trial lawyer and publisher Thomas Watson wrote, the Jewish newspapers had no objection to the execution of Jewish gangsters, but Frank was a member of the Jewish elite, the twice-elected president of B’nai B’rith Atlanta, and superintendent of a major factory,  and his victim a “mere” Gentile factory girl.

New York City council members, the NY Regional ADL director, and Catherine Smithline (Leo Frank’s grand-niece, grand-daughter of Frank’s sister, Miriam Stern) meet at Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Queen, NY, where Leo Frank is buried, on the centenary of the hanging in order to commemorate the “murder” [sic] of convicted sex killer Leo Frank



 Ahem, as for the March 11, 1986 pardon, it was without exoneration. The Priosn Board granted Frank a posthumous pardon “without attempting to address the question of guilt or innocence [and here comes the illegal bullshit] and in recognition of the state’s failure to protect the person of Leo M. Frank and thereby preserve his opportunity for continued legal appeal of his conviction, and in recognition of the state’s failure to bring his killers to justice, and as an effort to heal old wounds.” You cannot “pardon” a person just because he was lynched,m or to “heal [self-inflicted jewish] wounds” Jews should have not made a martyr out of a monster!



Proclamation time and appropriate “hurt” expressions 100 years later for this pitiful, weak and persecuted minority :



“Hate and bigotry ultimately took Leo Frank’s life, and this still happens today, 100 years later,” said Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley.



Rabbi Alvin Sugarman, who became the senior rabbi at The Temple [atlanta] in 1974 and today is rabbi emeritus, sees a wound that may require another century to heal completely.


The result of the rallying by the Jewish elite to Frank was an explosion of antisemitism in all ranks of Georgia society –in a region of the country that had been strongly philosemitic. (Southern Jews had supported the Confederacy and slavery, notably the Confederate Treasurer and then Secretary of State, Judah P, Benjamin.)

Are you aware that the major Jewish leftist newspaper Forward conceded on August 21, 2013, between the lines, that Frank probably was guilty?

The Leo Frank case, Mr. Geller, is about the foolish decision by the leaders of American Jewry to defend to the hilt a disgusting and patently guilty criminal who should have been cast out of the Jewish community.


Mr, Geller, did you also know:

1) The Original Trial Transcript: 3,647 Pages, MISSING

The original seven-volume Leo M. Frank murder trial transcript stenographed on 3,647 pages of legal cap paper was stolen from the Georgia State Archives in the 1960s and is still missing today, presumed gone forever after fifty years.

Why was this massive public document, the property of the people of Georgia, stolen? Hmmmm.

2) Frank’s own detectives decided he was guilty. 

The renowned (and Jewish) historian Albert Lindemann,

….with a Harvard PhD in history and a full professor of history at the University of California/Santa Barbara, admits in his book The Jew Accused


…on page 249 that both teams of detectives hired by Leo Frank and his dream team of top Atlanta lawyers to gather proof of his innocence came to the conclusion that

Leo Frank was guilty of the murder beyond any doubt.”

3) Did you know that in commuting Leo Frank’s death sentence, Governor John Slaton was a partner in the law firm that defended Frank, and that he illegally retried the case himself in a long document, and claimed that the blood on Mary’s dress in the crotch area was from her “period”?



Did you know that

*** from the book by Mary Phagan’s great-niece, Mary Phagan Kean

http://www.jrbooksonline.com/leo-frank/mary-phagan.pdf (p27)

“The Atlanta newspapers of 1913 show the law firm of Rosser & Brandon, 708 Empire, and the law firm of Slaton & Phillips, 723 Grant Building [photo], as merging. Then the 1914 Atlanta Directory shows the firm of Rosser, Brandon, Slaton & Phillips, 719 ”723 Grant Building.

They were also listed in the Atlanta Directory in 1915 and 1916. Slaton was a member of the law firm that defended Leo Frank.”

So attorney Luther Rosser, defending Leo Frank, moved in with Governor Slaton, who commuted Frank’s sentence!

 John de Nugent


After the Jewish Forward.com in NYC caved in, now the ADL’s chairman; Abraham Foxman also sounds the retreat on Leo Frank! My article on the 100th anniversary of Leo Frank’s death sentence seems to be changing the tide of history.


1) Foxman, worried that the ADL is too tied to the question of Frank’s guilt or innocence (and Frank was in fact guilty of

–anal and vaginal rape,


Weird Leo top-center at a Brooklyn beach



–planting evidence,

–bribing witnesses,

–attempted bribery,

–corrupting a public official – the GOVERNOR of Georgia!

— and seeking to frame two innocent Gentile employees for his crime and send THEM to the gallows!)

Leo Frank’s lawyer, the most expensive in Georgia, Luther Zeigler Rosser, said in his summing up of the innocent black janitor Jim Conley, whom Frank wanted to to swing for murder instead of Frank:


Conley is a plain, beastly, drunken, filthy, lying nigger with a spreading nose through which probably tons of cocaine have probably been sniffed.


Now Abraham Foxman suddenly is claiming the Frank case was NOT the impetus for creating the ADL.

This contradicts ten decades of ADLers claiming exactly the opposite!



Key lie:

“No, the Leo Frank case was not the impetus for the founding of the Anti-Defamation League.”

But in 1983, when Foxman was already a highly-paid ADL official,  “the word then” was that the Frank case caused the ADL to be set up. See the bottom here:




It is very significant that both Forward.com in its editorial and Foxman have backed subtly away from the thesis of Frank’s certain innocence.

                  1. leo-frank-1915Foxman this time, you notice, did NOT repeat the usual lie that Leo Frank was “innocent”!

He said only Frank had “a completely biased trial.” That is a small-sounding….. but significant reduction in the accusation!

Claiming “the trial was biased” (which even at that is not true) … is still not the same thing as saying Frank was innocent!

This is a pullback! rare-mary-phagan-blue-colorized

Leo Frank anally raped and strangled Mary Phagan, and then

…urinated on her corpse, leaving one of her 13-year-old little breasts hanging out — with a vicious bite mark on it…



No Italian would say it is “anti-Italianism” to condemn Al Capone, or Robert DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler.

But the Jewish establishment has chosen foolishly, and against the advice of their own Supreme Court attorney, Louis Marshall, to make a martyr of a filthy murderer, Leo Frank, whom even his own wife shunned for almost three weeks upon his arrest, and she refused to be buried next to him. 




If a Jew murders a ˜goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ˜goy.'” (Baba Kamma 113a)

The ˜goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

All children of the ˜goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)


Girls born of the ˜goyim’ are in a state of ˜niddah’ (menstrual uncleanness!) from birth.” (Abodah Zarah 36b)

If you eat with a ˜goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.”(Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

Sexual intercourse between the ˜goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

Even the best of the ˜goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)


 Your Judaism is a hate-filled cult of rape, torture and death.

Judaism must be banned under federal, state and local law — and ALL its active practitioners arrested for conspiracy to libel, steal, rape and murder:

–crimes against humanity

–crimes against peace

–and war crimes.

Judaism is not a religion; it is a dangerous worldwide sect of psychopaths!

 Thus say I, former Marine, the father of two daughters and the grandfather of two sweet granddaughters! My family came to America in 1635! jdn-biceps-blue-shirt-apollo-pa

 We must save our women and children, like my kids.


And since only two men were at the murder location and time, if you exonerate Frank, you
defame and slander the innocent black man, Jim Conley!

I hope you will see the light and not the green 😉 , unlike Governor John Slaton, who had to flee Georgia for eleven years from the ire of the people. Let us remember that we must all answer not just to certain voters and special-interest groups that can flash the cash, or bring us down, but also to the very Highest Court when we die, which can bring our souls to hell.

John de Nugent



…..See also


“KILL MOLESTERS”  This video deals with shocking child molesters of 1915 and 2015! It reports accusations against Leo Frank, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew of England, Chris Tucker, Charlie Gibson (of ABC News and Good Morning America)

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