More on the murdered white female cop; Planet of the Liars

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A comrade read my blog yesterday on the negro-killed female police Sergeant Rittmanic and replied with this detailed comment:


Anglin’s take on this story:

IMO, women should NOT be allowed to be cops or soldiers, no matter how “butch” they may be. Their biology as estrogen-fueled baby-producing machines precludes them from being effective in taking a human life when necessary. This is just the latest example of an incompetent female cop getting herself and/or her male partner killed or wounded. It’s “political correctness” gone mad.

So, the female cop who was shot was a lesbian, as you said – good catch! The Jew media did a very good job of covering that up – even Anglin didn’t catch it in his article. Here’s the proof:

I don’t know if the cop’s lesbian partner, Lyn Stua, is a transgender, though – maybe just a very “butch” dyke. But she is obviously a leftist, Trump-hating Democrat, as revealed by her Tweets:

So, I have a hard time feeling sorry for this female lesbian cop, whose incompetence likely resulted in her death and her white male partner’s critical head injury. In a way, this tragic story illustrates everything wrong with America in the year 2022 – a female lesbian cop killed by two feral, criminally violent blacks. I do feel bad for the lesbian cop’s white male partner, who is now in critical condition after being shot in the head. That is the real tragedy in this story.


I replied:

Thank you.

As my religion teaches, earth is a hell planet because the people who incarnate here lie, especially to themselves, and they pick and choose which truths they like and run with.

What could be more obvious than that women, with their small, soft bodies and compassionate instincts, are NOT cut out to be brutal killers?

It is all insane, the things going on now — but just more so than before.

This whole planet is, and has been for thousands of years, a place for literal schizophrenics to incarnate, people with minds that are out of control and that talk to them.

As Eckhart Tolle related, he was in the Tube (the London subway) and saw a strange woman seated in a subway car, talking out loud to herself. The other passengers gave her a wide berth.

She actually was arguing angrily with an annoying and abusive “person” who was her own mind. Eckhart then followed her a bit from a distance, fascinated by the spectacle of a woman having a fierce debate with an imaginary person.

What then struck him was that, on leaving the Tube, she entered his university building; she was a high-IQ, elite student just as he was.

It was a satori, a moment of sudden insight, as they say in Zen.

Earthlings are attacked by their own minds! 99% of them are low-grade schizophrenics!

What is a schizophrenic? Someone who talks to himself and believes totally delusional things.

What are earthlings? Exactly that.

Their minds are chattering about often pointless or highly negative stuff 24/7. They deny and even hate truths that would save their lives.

And they make terrible decisions nonstop about their health, money, relationships, loved ones and friends.

Here is an example of a person who lied to himself.

Since he is gone now, dead of lung cancer in his forties after smoking four packs a day, he cannot defend himself on this material plane. “Speak not ill of the dead” is an old and prudent expression of wisdom.

So I am taking out almost all identifying details.

I met this WN through someone else and as long as that other person and I were on good terms, likewise so was I with this person, who was under his powerful mental influence.

But when that influential person and I had a huge falling-out, provoked by him, btw, he began turning several people against me, including this person.

The first thing that struck me was that despite knowing me personally, all of a sudden, the Holappa-Porter garbage he had read and rejected as out of synch with the person he knew, suddenly became Gospel Truth!

Because he WANTED and NEEDED it to be true.

To justify HIMSELF in turning on me.

He became so hate-crazed, schizophrenic and convinced I was a “pussy” that he came to my door, ripped it open and did not stop until I pulled out my pistol (standing inside my own house as per the “Castle Doctrine” of “my home is my castle,” which states that I may legally shoot someone violently entering my dwelling to harm or kill me).

I aimed my .380 pistol right at his chest and he froze. (My .380 and a Cross pen out of steel that I would use for stabbing in the temple or eyeball to blind and kill)

As the crude Amerikaner expression goes, for him “this shit just got real.” 😉 He was one second from instant and certain death. (Btw, I reported this entire incident in great detail to both the sheriff and one of his deputies, and showed them the damage to my storm door.)

I could see in this chap’s wide eyes: “WHOAH! I was told this guy was a pussy.”

Ummm, since when are US Marines (and with three meritious promotions) “pussies”?

Since when is a guy living from hand-to-mouth in Ontonagon who got directly threatened by the White House and yet did not back away from his activities a pussy?

Since when is a guy who drove alone into Tennessee to run for Congress in 1990, a state with almost no active WNs, and caused an uproar there, a pussy?

I could go on.

He was nearly legally killed by me from him believing a lie that he knew was a lie.

He was lying to himself, harming himself.

Or rather his egoic mind was harming HIM.

Before that, he had been a flawed but good person, and a donor to me and others.

The real person was a good fellow. I remember the good he did. But his egoic mind, as with us all if we let it rule us, was a monster. It made him do monstrous things, of which the above was just one example that I personally experienced. He lied about his finances, he cheated on many women, he swore like a sailor, he slandered me, yet in his mind he was a fine Christian. 😉

Because he did not drink…. though Jesus’ first miracle was to make wine from water when a big wedding bash ran out of vino, and his mother Mary came to him in a fix.

I chided him and he told me: “But you see, in the original Ancient Greek [which he had never studied, though I have, getting two A’s in it at Georgetown!], the word doesn’t mean wine; it means ‘grape juice.’

I replied: “Well, the Greek word was oinos, meaning wine. I read the whole New Testament in koiné Greek.

“So you are saying his mother Mary threw a wedding reception with grape juice?”

“Unh, yeah.”


This delusion was kinda funny — but later his egoic mind almost got him KILLED.

Oh, and a woman living here locally, whom I had known for years, had quit her job there and moved 400 miles up north from Wisconsin to be his gf.

Then she found out about the other women. She became irate, but continued staying in his house because she needed a place to stay, for at least a while.

So he cut off her water, heat and electricity — in the frigid UP. Then his house, from which he had ejected her, “caught on fire.”


What a fine follower of Jesus — NOT!

Buddha: it is the egoic mind that causes suffering.

Earth is the hell where liars go.

They even knowingly lie TO THEMSELVES!

And then they wonder why the world is such a place of non-stop, abject horrors!

And now we are paying the jews to vaxx-genocide us!

If you are beginning to grasp this, then you grasp also why Jesus said, writhing on the cross, of the Roman soldiers who had flogged, crucified and mocked him:

“Father [God], forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Translation: Their egoic mind is making them do these things.

Normally, they are good people, often decent husbands and fathers, and brave soldiers.

Agapé in Ancient Greek means understanding, forgiving and yet sometimes punishing, but truly out of love.

Comprendre, c’est pardonner.


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free (paid by deep-pocket jews) and worthless — the miscegenating, nude-dating TV show “Adam Seeks Eve”


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“Our last hope — Hitler”


And while America remained racked by the Great Depression under Franklin Rosenfeld, part-Jewish via both his father and mother (she was the daughter of Warren Delano, a descendant of sephardic jews and an opium dealer), under Adolf Hitler Germany began eliminating the Jewish middle man, and turning around instantly, becoming a free, prosperous Great Power again in just five years!

It was Franklin Delano Rosenfeld who by executive order high-handedly had the Great Seal of the United States redesigned in 1935 so a Star of David appeared over the American eagle. Hard to get more blatant than that 😉 And so as Jesus said: “Let those who have eyes, SEE!”


The “old” Great Seal had a very random pattern of thirteen stars, symbolizing the thirteen rebellious colonies that fought for their freedom.

the first sketch in 1782s, approved by Congress






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By Rosenfeld’s executive order, the Great Seal was openly Judaized, and the sinister Freemasonic pyramid with a watching eyeball, seen here, with the Latin mottos “Our plan has succeeded” and “New World Order” was switched by FDR to the left side.

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When a second world war was forced upon Germany by Delano Rosenfeld, the Reich proceeded to smash 1939-41 every enemy that had stymied the old Germany in WWI!

It finally took the gigantic militaries of three superpowers three more years of extreme, all-out effort — the UK, US and USSR — to beat just ONE nation, National Socialist Germany!

And today — here is the truth — China is soaring. Why?

OH-SO-QUIETLY, and without admitting it to the jew-run West, China, dumping all marxist economic theory, is using almost ALL of Adolf Hitler’s key teachings on 

–preserving and improving the race (the Chinese marry UP, that is, Chinese women will marry a white man),

— the leader principle,

— the folk community and

— nationally planned, free-market economics

to become a superpower itself!

…to become a superpower itself!

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Carl Schmitt (r) with the great German novelist and “Blue-Max”/”Medal-of-Honor (“Pour-le-Mérite”) winner Ernst Jünger (l), who wrote up his WWI experiences in his In Storms of Steel



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pride in a great and ancient heritage — and hard work, practical education and strong family!

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China legalizes re-education camp for Muslims, bans Halal slaughter! Like Kosher, Halal has no place on our shores

BUT Chinese national socialism is heavily influenced by the jews, atheism, materialism and marxism, and is ANTI-WHITE.

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An actually very nice rap song by white Bretons about maintaining their celtic heritage…. The tribe of Dana in Celtic legends was an extraterrestrial people with extraordinary technology that was linked to the Celtic peoples:


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  1. Speaking of lies – the following is unrelated to this blog post, but has been bothering me for some time. I now have serious doubts about the validity of Elon Musk’s rocket launches and landings – especially the supposed landings of his spent booster stages, one of which supposedly landed on a small, unmanned floating “drone” launch platform, tossing about in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve already made my views about NASA very clear here, so I won’t go into that anymore, as you’ve requested. But now I suspect that Elon Musk’s SpaceX is doing the same thing. Here are a few videos:

    Note the fake cheering soundtrack, no sonic boom, rocket clearly goes through the clouds from one angle, illuminating them as it passes through them, but ascends into a clear blue sky in the other angle, scripted screaming assholes at about 3:22 reminiscent of the scripted “Harley T-Shirt Man” on-scene at the 9/11 attacks in NYC, etc:

    Beginning at about 1:26 in this video, I’d be willing to bet money that this is CGI, and not real:

    And in this video, starting at about 9:28, notice how the video feed from the drone landing pad floating in the Atlantic Ocean conveniently cuts out just before the third booster supposedly lands on it, then conveniently comes back on after it has landed. People have got to be really stupid to believe this shit:

    Here’s another video of a supposed explosion of a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket compared with real rocket explosions using the same RP-1 kerosene fuel. Notice how Musk’s rocket magically goes “poof” in a cloud of white smoke, with no flames and only tiny pieces of debris left of the gigantic Falcon 9 rocket. Blatant CGI:

    Musk’s supposed Tesla car in space was likely shot in a studio:

    Blatant CGI fakery and continuity errors in a supposed SpaceX Crew Dragon docking:

    My conclusion: Elon Musk and his SpaceX are total frauds, just like NASA. SpaceX is just the latest iteration of the ongoing NASA fraud, and Musk is now doing their dirty work for them. As I’ve commented in the past, all this talk about going “back” to the Moon and going to Mars is nonsense, and if it does “happen,” it will be done via CGI fakery.

    Also, the whole “Flat Earth” nonsense being spewed by numerous Internet trolls is a government-funded disinfo program designed to discredit any serious research into the fraudulent hoaxes of NASA and its private company offshoot, SpaceX. This is called a red herring or straw man argument. Present a totally ludicrous idea, and claim that your opponent believes it. It only shows how devious our government is, and the lengths they will go to, to protect their hoaxes. Why do they continue to foist these space travel hoaxes on us, and what are they hiding?

      • Musk claimed during a Saturday Night Live appearance that he has Asperger’s syndrome, which, if true, may explain his odd behavior, manner of speaking, and possibly also his mask-like facial appearance:

        Elon Musk managed to become the richest man in the world (aside from the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, of course) extremely quickly. Today, he’s worth about $300 billion, despite the fact that nearly all of his wealth comes from shares in his electric car company called Tesla, which has had numerous lawsuits filed against it for exploding batteries, fires, malfunctioning autopilot AI that has resulted in several people being killed, very few charging stations to charge the car’s electric batteries, numerous recalls, etc., etc. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a Tesla car on the road, although supposedly they’ve sold 2 million electric cars since 2012. There’s something very wrong with that picture.

        I think Elon Musk is just another well-paid front man for the Jewish power elite, who are pushing the “green” agenda that Musk is helping to promote with his electric cars. This, despite the fact that the components of electric car batteries are far more dangerous and toxic to the environment than gasoline. Musk also recently made the cover of Jew-owned Time magazine as “Man of the Year” for 2021, so that should tell us something.

        • Thanks…

          I hate to say this, but my feeling is that there is something creepy about him.

          I have known many Aspies in this day and age, and none that give off his vibe.

          He also made his initial fortune on PayPal, which, the last I checked, had about nine paragraphs (in the Wiki article about it) regarding fraud.

          It banned me for life in 2011.

          • He’s also a transhumanist with his borglike neuralink which would make us all into drone slaves for jewry. I don’t trust him.

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