Our current life and death struggle

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A lot is going on….

— Margi cancer developments; the doctors, who delayed treating her for five months while small tumors got bigger, now say it is too late for chemo and radiation; we are fighting now for her life with a brave local MD who has branched out to do alternative medicine, using massive doses of intravenous Vitamin C at $600 a month

— Antifa woman who claims she has a half-black daughter accosted me and Margi at the beach last night, and, saying she is “afraid for her daughter’s safety,” orders me off the beach (LOL !), then calls Margi a “c–t,” curses me out, causing a scene at our peaceful,  all-white beach, and she vows to “keep on harassing us”; she got my stern warning in response; we have photos of her, and the sheriff will get a complete report

— massive new hacking of my site and I am blocked from posting on it on all browsers except Tor

The enemy has always seen the tremendous danger I could mean for them.

More today or tomorrow, but please donate. It is now life or death for Margaret.


  1. Hi Jdn ,Margi. I often think of your struggles . It’s a pity you can introduce frying pan man to your antifa lady . I never saw a thing officer .

  2. Lol, things did not pan out for that crocodile. I thank you and Margi for all you do, and I pray the immunotherapy works !

      • Thanks for this link. I am watching the Rupert Sheldrake video, and it is very fascinating! He says even gravity and the speed of light are NOT constant! Wow. And what a resumé he has…. incredible that TED disavowed this video.

        But can you tell me how scalar waves could help Margi with her cancer?

        • Yes, once you know what the magician knows, it isn’t magic anymore, is it? Once you get started with Quantum Medicine, there’s no going back. It’s too good.

          With the TimeWaver, it can access the in Information Field where all knowledge is stored. Every emotion that you have ever had is stored there. Quite remarkable. There is even a Time Line module where the TimeWaver can treat you in the past for something that happened to heal you in the present! It can even balance things on the Time Line that haven’t happened yet as the Information Field stands above the Time Line (time is an illusion).

          There is an organ coherence module as well, that scans all of your organs, etc and can bring them back into balance with new information patterns.

          I can’t make any promises, but it’s worth a shot and is relatively inexpensive.


          Let me know how you make out. You could even try it for yourself.

          • It looks interesting,and thanks…. but this would take money (donations).

            We are barely hanging on financially as is. $80 or $150 are lots of money for us. I just bounced two checks (not my fault, actually — the direct deposit of my cancer caregiver check was delayed by one day), one check to our doctor for $60 and another to the State of Michigan for $18 for the renewal of my driver license. Neither check was paid, the two returned-check fees came to $64,.and I must also pay a $10 fee for the returned check to the State.

            It costs $1,600 a month to keep this website up:

            — $200 for the web hosting;

            — $800 for the website monitor for hackers; and

            — $300 for the webmaster

            If I were to go whole-hog on Margi’s care with alternative medicine, which is all out-of-pocket, at the current donation rates, this website and thus my entire mission to create a new white nationalism must end. It is not even mathematics, just the simplest arithmetic, namely addition and subtraction. 😉

            One thing must die, either this website or Margi if people do not send adequate donations.

  3. Maybe you remember me, I am the old retired doctor who had a blog you mentioned here about three years ago. I’m quite sad that your wife’s cancer apparently was not cured, and though cancer is not my field of competence I know that relapses are difficult to treat. I’ll do two things. First, keep my fingers crossed, second strongly advise you to read this : https://www.mycancerstory.rocks/single-post/2016/08/22/shake-up-your-life-how-to-change-your-own-perspective
    It is the story of a guy who had been told he had three months left with a small cell lung carcinoma and who survived and is still alive years later after a treatment based on fenbendazole.
    That is nothing classical, but it is apparently harmless and certainly worth a serious try if hope dwindles. Please just read the document I linked, and get more information (serious scientific work has proven the efficacy and somewhat explained how it works) using key words like fenbendazole cancer proof testimony etc.
    There may be some real hope there. Please do read and possibly try, I wish your wife and you all the best.

    PS I changed my email address and public name since we exchanged mails years ago. But I remain the same old MD.

    • Thanks very much. And I do remember you. 🙂

      We went out to a Tractor Supply store (LOL) and bought fenbenzadole, the dog dewormer (but without also doing Keytruda) and it had no effect. The squamous-cell tonsil cancer kept growing until it was the size of a ping-pong ball and it took the Mayo Clinic to save her from Stage IV cancer at the price of heavy chemo and radiation (34 sessions).

      We are actually doing this fenbenzadole right now (actually the human-drug version, mebenzadole) plus the immunotherapy called Keytruda, which is exactly what this Joe did.

      And it seems to be working. Before starting both (Keytruda and mebenzadeole) she was getting blood from the open lesion from the tongue cancer pooling in her mouth and having to get up several times a night, which is exhausting, to spit the blood out. Now that is over, as if the lesion were actually healing.

      Also, blood tests show her liver enzymes are stable after all this Keytruda, also a good sign. 🙂 But she feels very tired, which is a typical side effect of the drug.

      We are now doing also 25 grams weekly of intravenous Vitamin C, which comes to $600 a month. (Other IV-C advocates do 25 grams thrice weekly! — but we cannot afford that. 🙁 ) She is feeling much better at the 25-gram level, which even the health.gov website concedes often happens. Somer MDs believe that at high levels it actually fights the cancer as well, surrounding it in a cloud of hydrogen peroxide which starves the tumor.

      I will respond more fully in a bit. I am making Margi’s meds and preparing a liquid meat feeding (both via feeding tube) right now.

      The tragedy for our race is that with genocide and/or WWIII now very clearly looming, this cancer is devouring 5-8 hours of day now of my time. We need to beat this thing as fast as possible. We have an MD who can write prescriptions but does alternative things after spending decades as a regular hospital doctor, but it is all out of pocket for us.

      • Thanks for your reply. Glad to learn that you already knew about Joe’s strange dewormer treatment and that with simultaneous high dose intravenous vitamin C it does show some degree of efficiency. Hoping for the best, stabilization or cure !

        • Thank you. 🙂

          We were at the hospital the other day (where literally everyone is white– staff and patients 🙂 ) and a man named John, like me, and his wife were in the waiting area. She said that he was first diagnosed wiht leukemia in 1986, 36 years ago, and there he was, still around, living his life. 🙂

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