Putin has finally had it with IsraHell after its attack on the airport in the Syrian capital Damascus: Russia is working on a UN resolution condemning Israel

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Source: AFP  © Louai Beshara Syria suspended air traffic to the capital for several days after an Israeli airstrike on Damascus International Airport on June 12.

Attack on Damascus airport: Russia works on UN resolution condemning Israel

[Source: on the German RT website https://test.rtde.tech/the-near-east/141490-attack-on-airport-damascus-russia/ Note that RT is a Russian-government news agency.]

Russia is campaigning for the UN Security Council to condemn the latest Israeli attack on Damascus airport. The draft states that the attack was carried out in violation of international law, undermined regional stability and violated the sovereignty of Syria and “other countries”.

Russia is preparing a draft resolution in the UN Security Council blaming Israel for the recent rocket attack on Damascus International Airport. This was reported by the public broadcaster  Kan  in Israel on Sunday. The June 12 attack was Israel’s largest attack on a civilian target in Syria, effectively shutting down Damascus airport for several days.

Israeli officials have since confirmed to the Israeli broadcaster that Russia is working on the resolution. However, they doubt that the resolution will be passed, since the US also has a veto right in the UN Security Council.

The draft said the attack was carried out in violation of international law, undermined regional stability and violated the sovereignty of Syria and “other countries” – an obvious reference to the airspace of neighboring Lebanon, from which the attacks which have been launched recently against Syria were started. Lebanon has recently filed multiple complaints with the United Nations after Israeli jets violated its airspace to launch an airstrike on targets in Syria.

In a statement, Russia’s Foreign Ministry previously condemned Israel’s attack on Damascus airport in the strongest possible terms, calling the Israeli aggression against Syria a “provocation” that violates “the fundamental norms of international law.” Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister last week summoned Israeli Ambassador Alexander Ben Zvi to express Moscow’s concerns about the airport attack.

Efraim Inbar, President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security (JISS),  believes the Kremlin used the United Nations international forum to express its displeasure at the airstrike on Damascus airport. Inbar warned that Russia’s move at the UN could signal a change of course by the Kremlin leadership on Israel’s “freedom of movement” in Syria. According to the Israeli army, the Israeli attacks on Syria are mainly aimed at preventing the expansion of the alleged “Iranian influence” in Syria and preventing arms shipments via Syria to Hezbollah. According to its own account, Israel has so far practiced a mechanism with Moscow according to which Russia has not reacted to Israeli airstrikes if they were against Iranian targets in Syria. Moscow has repeatedly rejected this account of the situation.

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