Spiritual reading: use this day to cultivate joy; inane and insane: near FISTFIGHTS in US House and Senate

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November 20

There will be a little respite from the intensity that many of you have felt over the last few days. It is a break, a space in which you can collect yourself, breathe and let go of anything dark you have accumulated in the last few weeks.

But it will probably feel more like the eye of a hurricane than the calm after the storm. So take advantage of the relative peace and quiet to clear negative energies, to rest, but above all, use this day to cultivate joy.

This is the food that is most likely to sustain you over the upcoming and potentially challenging times. You need to lay in a store of it whenever the opportunity arises, and today is just such a one.

Listen to music that makes your heart soar, read poems that fit you perfectly, gaze into the eyes of those you love most (if they allow it!), or at least look at their photos, dance if you can free yourself, run, jump, contemplate all the great good fortune you have been blessed with, walk in the most beloved spots in nature you know.

Whatever it is that jump-starts you to joy, to ecstasy, do it. And do it today, for tomorrow may well not give you much room for that.

In addition, stay warm. You have to be careful not to lose juice right now, even in the most mundane of ways. So keep yourself warm and well fed and well rested.

Above all, remember that you are—none of you—alone. It is so easy to feel isolated, especially when the energies become more and more intense, to feel that you are carrying an inordinate share of burden. But your world is rapidly filling with those of you who share consciousness and commitment to holding the light. You are doing it, together.

And as each of you builds a crescendo of joy and light, it becomes simpler for the next one. You are receiving the blessings of others’ courage and dedication just as you are passing yours on to others.

So remember that you are intimately connected, to those you know and to thousands upon thousands whom you have not met, but whose souls you share this journey with.

Love, enjoy and reach for happiest of hearts today, for yourself, for the others in your tribe, and for the planet.

We send deepest blessings.



…….Violent threats by Congressmen to each other on live hearings

I am 69 and never before have I seen such disgraceful behavior in the Congress of the United States, both in the House and in the Senate. Bernie Sanders had to remind two senators, “You are United States senators!”  Truly, America is now a decadent society.

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