The real WHY behind the white South African genocide tragedy

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Powerful music video by Bok van Blerk about white South African Boers agonizing about leaving their own country after almost 400 years (sung in Afrikaans but you will very clearly get the idea from the action). The Boer phrase “Tyd om te trek?” means “time to leave?”






This is a 10-minutes extract from the stunning documentary ‘War of the Flea’ from director Rian van der Walt published in 2011. It contains shocking information on the genocide that is being carried out under ANC rule (The African National congress is a black semi-communist party that has misruled South Africa since 1994) in the “new South Africa” against the white minority of the ‘Afrikaners’ by farm murders, or in the Boer language, plaasmoorde . It was shown at an international conference in the European Parliament in February of 2012 in the presence of farmers spokesman Henk Van de Graaf and hosted by Philip Claeys, member of the European Parliament for the Flemish (Dutch-speaking) Vlaams Belang political party, which is well-known for opposing Third World immigration into Belgium and defending Flemish interests in the northern half of the country. (I met two of they key Vlaams Belang leaders in 2006 in Washington DC.) The full movie is 93 minutes.

Before I continue, Americans (in our deliberately dumbed-down and numbed-down country) have only the vaguest idea who the white Afrikaner people of South Africa are. There are about four million of them and a half-million other whites, mostly of British ancestry. It is at the bottom of Africa, has a climate like California, and is about twice the size of Texas.

According to Wikipedia’s article here, version of March 23 2013, and the source of the racial-breakdown map below, the white South African population fell from 22% in 1⁹11 to 16% in 1980, and now is 9%. Tribal groups are in various colors; blue-green represent the so-called “Coloured” areas of mixed-race mulattos (people like Obama); blue shows Hindu Indians; red represents the pure-black areas; and yellow represents the really pitiful, tiny islands where whites form a majority. An estimated 66,800 Whites have been murdered since the black-power government of the racist Nelson Mandela, a member of the Communist Party of South Africa, came to power in 1994.


The hard-working Dutch came in 1652 under Jan van Riebeeck.

The British came around 1795 and began pushing the Dutch north and inland. When gold and diamonds were discovered in their new territories, the British Empire followed them and declared war twice, finally crushing the very brave Dutch resistance.
The Parliament, Cape Town
By then the Dutch called themselves Afrikaaners or Boers (“farmers”), speaking a new language called Afrikaans, mostly Dutch but with some Low German in it, and with a simple grammar. (Many words are similar to English.)
Comparison of South Africa and the US East Coast
In the 1940s the Boers united politically under the National Party and took power away from the British whites. Then after assuring Afrikaaner rule, they separated the races (black, mixed and white) very strictly under a policy called “apartheid,” meaning “a system of living and working apart.”
Blacks were to become citizens of separate tribal homelands, and work in their homelands or in white South Africa as guest workers. The Boer government poured huge amounts of money into the economies of the homelands, called bantustans, to keep the blacks happy, peaceful, making money and not flirting with communism.
But in 1994, under massive international pressure, the Boers or Afrikaaners handed power over to the black majority, having in the meantime built up the wealthiest country in Black Africa under white rule. Since the black takeover, under the communist-leaning African National Congress party, South Africa now leads the world in the categories of murder, AIDS and rape, and the white population has declined to 9%. ( Many of the affluent whites have left for the US or Australia. The poor whites cannot afford a plane ticket out, and they are not welcomed into other white countries due to political correctness. (Under US immigration laws, for example, they are considered “Africans” and the quota for Africans is usually filled.)

One of the most famous Afrikaaners for Americans is the Academy Award-winning film star Charlize Theron.






Here she is on CNN speaking Afrikaans to CNN’s Piers Morgan to show him how her language sounds. (Afrikaaners consider her, however, a traitor, and for several things, among them adopting a black baby.)

[The atrocity photos further down in this article are being shown to you only because they are the REALITY for white South Africans today — and because they could be our reality in America tomorrow. As Confucius said 2,500 years ago: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” May these photos awaken your entire nervous system to accept that we must fight for our human rights by forming and joining an ORGANIZATION to fight every day, with every waking thought, for our white survival, or we-will-DIE, individually and as a race of people, just as the Afrikaaners now are dying. They trusted the liberals, turned power over, and now they are in HELL.]

An elephant in South Africa tangles with a crocodile.

* * *




by an Afrikaaner


When you see this… (a giant Mexican rally in Los Angeles in 2007)


….and this…(Mexicans claiming America is theirs)



… should fear mightily, because that is very much like this…





…blacks demanding total power in South Africa in 1985…



…and like this…

And it is only a matter of a short while before you start seeing pictures like this…

Zimbabwe: Farmer murdered on his property after handover to Black majority rule.

Or this…

South Africa: Farmer murdered and tortured in his fields. Note how he was burned. This was post-1994 when S.A. (South Africa) was handed over to Black majority rule.

Or this…

In the “New South Africa” — shot point-blank as he slept in his bed.
Don’t believe it? This happened in South Africa for the same reasons as it is happening here:
We allowed Blacks into our country to work. We tried to control the influx with work permits. Remember the “Pass Laws” that once were so vilified in your controlled American media? Well, they were just work permits – Green Cards. [It’s not true that we took the land from the Blacks, but that’s a subject for another article]. Nevertheless, the Blacks kept coming in, illegally, now they rule the land and the Whites are at their mercy.
Blacks crossed the Limpopo River illegally, risking crocodiles, to get into white-ruled South Africa under apartheid, which provided law, order, jobs and black tribal homelands.
We actually tried to suck the Blacks out of our mainland (our white core areas) by giving them homelands – this was the policy of Grand Apartheid— but the controlled international media, the UN, the Kissinger-Schultz-and-Cohen dominated American State Departments, and the British governments would have none of this type of self-preservation on the part of the Whites. The end result is that the Whites had to hand over government to the majority of the population which by then was overwhelmingly Black, and the fate of the minority Whites is amply illustrated by the pictures above.
Principle #1: The majority population in a territory will ultimately determine the nature of that society, regardless of who was there first.
Nelson Mandela destroys his pass book.
Therefore, unless you American whites wish to suffer the same fate, you need to demand that your US borders be closed, that your soldiers be brought back home and put on your border.
The only legitimate function of government is to protect the borders of its country. “They’re breaking the law because they’re coming in illegally” be damned;It doesn’t matter if they come in legally or illegally: it’s a matter of demographics. Unless you repel this conquest through immigration, you will become extinct in your own country. Your skin is your uniform.
Look at the demographics pictured below:
18 Years and older – U.S. Census 2000…
I know that there are protests that Hispanics contribute to your economy and that they do jobs the Whites will not do. However, Tony Dolz, a candidate for the California State Assembly, said it very well and accurately:
“Three percent of illegal aliens do low-paid stoop agricultural labor; the remaining 97% take jobs that Americans want and need.”
The most recent Pew Hispanic Center’s study indicates that 97% of 12 to 20 million illegal aliens are working in construction, hospitality, manufacturing, restaurant, administrative and service jobs. Are these jobs Americans won’t do? “
In South Africa, our leaders perceived that the sector of the Whites who would be most affected by non-White labor would be the working class. Therefore, a type of “affirmative action” was implemented to reserve a certain amount of blue-collar jobs for Whites. This was called “Job Reservation” and attracted terrible criticism from the international media and especially the American and British governments.
In America today, White students and poor Whites have great difficulty obtaining jobs. Even on farms, Whites report how they were laid off in favor of Mexicans.
But in America it is not only the lower-paid jobs that are being taken by either illegal aliens, naturalized Hispanics or jobs being “outsourced” to non-white countries. If you call most Internet companies you will be greeted by a friendly voice from Bombay or other Indian location, because America’s computer jobs are being outsourced to India. Now Americans, who have just obtained computer degrees, are left with huge student loans to repay, and no jobs. And college loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Uncle Sam wants his pound of flesh!
It does not matter whether all these non-Whites are in the country illegally or legally. The point is that they are competing with Whites for living space and jobs. Time magazine frequently crows about the new, mongrel face of the American in 2050, and we are all supposed to be gleeful at the demise of our race and the inevitable demise of our culture and the civilization we brought the world. Will we walk quietly into the night of extinction and oblivion? Wake up, White America! You had better identify as White people, become a Folk, not just a peepul, a real nation, and fight now, or soon it will be too late.
–Extinction creeps up on Whites worldwide through invasion, rape, miscegenation and ethnic cleansing
–We are being displaced and replaced, even in our quintessentially White hereditary territories
–our genes are recessive, and are dominated by non-white invasive species
–we are dying out!

Finland: Finns are commanded to “Accept a new perspective” in this billboard.
Miss Switzerland, Nancy Kabika has Indian, Haitian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Balkan, Austrian and American roots. Attractive, yes, but this is a something completely different — no blond, blue-eyed Nordic Swiss!

In 1993 Time magazine crowed that in 2050, Whites would be in the minority in the USA: this inaccurate computer composite of the races presently in the USA would represent “The New Face of America.” But in September 2008, CNN announced that that date has been brought forward eight years to 2042. However, according to Prof. Virginia Abernethy, who was involved in the Census, the numbers of Hispanic immigrants is under-reported by some 40 million. Thus we can expect that date to be even earlier.

Not only is the demise of the Whites unlamented, but the response is that there is thus a need to train more non-whites for roles in middle management!

South Africa – Survivor of brutal ethnic-cleansing: Beautiful, innocent White child raped and battered. She suffered dislocated bones and internal injuries. Who is defending our children and ensuring that they have a safe habitat to grow up in – anywhere?
Everywhere Whites are on the retreat, so that worldwide, we ALL are like the Afrikaaners, an…
The Media tells you that your non-white invaders are
“just decent people trying to make a living. They pick our cabbages, take care of our elderly, and they take care of our children.”
The Blacks in South Africa did the same… but now look at what their children are doing to our children;
This White baby was wrapped in a newspaper and set alight.What kind of monster does this? But this is not a “Hate Crime,” because only Whites can be guilty of “Hate crimes,” right?

Hanged schoolboy. They broke into the house, killed the mother, waited for the children to return home, killed them, then waited for the father to return, and killed him too. Nothing was stolen. This is typical of the killings that have been going on in South Africa.
But we white South Africans deserved it, right? We had apartheid, and you don’t, so this sort of thing won’t happen in America? Is that what you think or hope?
Look at what Mexican leaders are saying already:
“We have an aging white America … They are dying …We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.” – Jose Angel Gutierrez, professor, University of Texas, Arlington and founder of the La Raza Unida political party (note they don’t mind being openly racist: La Raza Unida = “The United Race”)
“If anyone’s going to be deported, it’s going to be you! … Get out! We are the future. You’re old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you – leave like beaten rats. You old white people, it is your duty to die. Right now, we’re already controlling those elections, whether it’s by violence or nonviolence. Through love of having children we’re going to take over.” – Augustin Cebada, information minister of Brown Berets, shouting at U.S. citizens at an Independence Day rally in Los Angeles. the Brown Berets are the para-military soldiers of Aztlan (; this is the equivalent in the US of the military arm of the ANC, Umkohnto we Siezwe.)

South Africa, 1985…

USA, 2006
Whether Democrat or Republican, your government is your enemy: it has presided over the browning of America.
South Africa’s last governments were traitors too: They handed us and our land over to a communist, Black government, though we had never been defeated: there were also no guarantees or safeguards for the Whites, and now you see the results. Other of your enemies are: the Media, the big corporations, David Rockefeller, the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation, George Soros, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Congress*, et al.
The exact same entities were also our enemies, being prime funders of the ANC. Your government will not protect you from this invasion and the coming extinction of your race. Beware! Do not put your faith in your government. It is controlled by the enemies of your race, and by white-skinned race traitors who sell you out for financial gain and personal ambition.
William Raspberry, a prominent black columnist, once said: “It is hard to think of whites-only groups formed for the benefit of their members that could gain our approval. Perhaps an organization of white LA police officers formed to help its members improve their attitudes towards minorities . . . . It’s always illegitimate for white men to organize as white men.” [William Raspberry, “Dubiously Exclusive,” Washington Post, Nov. 24, 1995.]
Every day experience tells you that this is absolutely true.
Wake up White America — you are in dire straits! We’ve seen it all before in South Africa. We had a traitorous, sell-out government too. You are targeted for annihilation. Don’t believe it? … just look at what our South African government did to us. Yours is of the exact same ilk, and has been for decades. Republican or Democrat, they are all tools of the anti-White New World Order. None have stemmed the non-white tide, and they have been achieving the demise of White America. The longer you wait, the more desperate the odds become.
F.W. de Klerk, last White President of SA – handed over the country to a communist, Black Government De Klerk is now wined and dined by the likes of the Trilateral Commission
George W. Bush granted amnesty to thousands of illegal Mexicans — America’s F.W. de Klerk, or perhaps he equates to our previous sell-out, P.W. Botha
Barak Obama, the new Nelson Mandela, or perhaps due to his long association with the militant Black nationalist, Rev. Jeremiah (“God damn America”) Wright, he may equate to the current SA president, Jacob Zuma.
F.W. de Klerk handed over the country to communist Blacks — and without any guarantees of safety for the country’s Whites. For this he received the Nobel Peace Prize.
Is this what peace looks like? Try PIECES!

South Africa: Beautiful, young white woman butchered.

South Africa: White man, attacked in his house as he slept, and Murdered in his own bathtub. Note how they slashed his wrists as he tried to protect himself.
South Africa: Forensic diagram of torture methods used in the thousands of Farm Murders and very frequently in urban murders that together constitute the current ethnic-cleansing being conducted in South Africa.
Now in October 2012, with a Great Recession in progress, when will race riots break out? You read what La Raza Unida and the Brown Berets say about Whites. Do you feel safe where you live?
The only solution is for Whites to form White safety zones, where we can live and work in safety. We need our own habitats, free from the presence of invasive species and interspecies competition.
In preserving species in nature, as soon as a threat is perceived, vigilant scientists and authorities work to control the numbers and ‘immigration’ of invasive plant, insect and animal species when they interfere with the habitat or peaceful existence of native species.
Some examples of invasive species are 1) Bighead and Silver Carp (both Asian), which compete with native mussels and fish for plankton, and could become a dominant species in the Great Lakes; 2) the brown tree snake (Indonesian) which has invaded Guam and through its voracious appetite, exterminated nine out of twelve native bird species, and two out of eleven native lizards; while burgeoning populations of 3) European mute swans eliminate habitats for crabs, fish and other wetland dependent species through their over-grazing of bay grasses. They also trample the nests of the endangered least terns and black skimmers, destroying their eggs and chicks, thus driving the native species from their nesting site on Barren Island, Maryland.
These beautiful but invasive mute swans kill mallard ducklings and Canadian-geese goslings. The interspecific competition between mute and tundra swans, has driven Maryland’s wintering tundra swan population from their native habitats. Authorities also then work to preserve the habitat of endangered species and to breed back their numbers so that they are no-longer endangered: examples are the spotted owl, the polar bear, and the white rhino which is almost off the endangered species list.
Swedish victim of non-white assault and gang rape
So the invasion of these species is being combated and curbed, yet when non-Whites invade White habitats, aggressively raping, assaulting and murdering the host Whites, Whites are expected to make way and accept their extinction. Why should we accept this disconnect in logic when it comes to Whites?
Non-Whites have no such qualms and practice ethnic cleansing on a regular basis in their native lands with impunity, yet Whites have their hands tied, are prevented from expelling the invaders, and are barred from even complaining by the proliferation of “hate speech” laws. Enough! We are the minority race of the world, and we are an endangered species, faced with imminent extinction.
We cannot allow ourselves to pass into the night of oblivion in this way.
Draw the wagons into a laager: The ratio of Whites to non-Whites simply cannot decrease any further!
Battle of Blood River 1836 – a White victory
The alternative is this…
Brave Dirkie Uys – dies defending his wounded father
Or this…
Massacre of Bloukranz
The majority population within a territory will ultimately determine the nature of that society, regardless of who was there first.
When non-Whites gain numbers in White areas, they prey on Whites.
When Whites are in the minority, we get killed!
What self-respecting species submits voluntarily to extinction?
Even Whites have a right to continue to exist as a species.

“It may already be too late to avoid a future annexation of the Southwest by Mexico or the evolution of a Mexican-dominated satellite state. This is not to say Mexican people are better or worse than any of God’s children. It is to say that millions of ethnically and culturally homogeneous people will seek self-determination in a land they will increasingly feel justified in claiming as their own. Especially when the natural weight of demographic change is accompanied by the soundtrack of radical demagoguery which seeks to legitimize and moralize this phenomenon as a ‘reconquista’.” – Ronald F Maxwell


Some of the organizations alleged to employ illegal aliens, and then have their low wages and medical care subsidized by the welfare departments (food stamps, housing and emergency-room care), all from YOUR tax dollars – Taken from:

Department of Defense, Department of the Air Force, Department of the Army, U.S. Marine Corps, Department of the Navy, U.S Forest Service, U.S. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement!), State of Georgia, IDAHO MIGRANT COUNCIL, Kansas Dept. of Motor Vehicles, USPS, Pennsylvania Unemployment Agency and Welfare Department, Fairfield County Recycling, Long Beach Veterans Hospital, University of California, Bell Chase Naval Air Station, BMW, Cargill Inc., Cargill Meat Packaging, Chevys, Hehr International, Honeywell, Walmart, Kmart, 99 Cent Store, Ralph’s Grocery Store, Wells Fargo Bank, First Federal Bank of California, MASTERGUARD CORP., Michelin Tire Of NA, McDonald’s, Wendy’s International, Foster Farms Dairy/Chickens , National Beef Packing, Office Depot, Home Depot, Pep Boys, Big Lots Stores Inc, Quantum Business Engineering, Richard Leeds Intl., Sears, Sysco, Target, Tyson, Hoag Hospital , Holiday Inn , Hilton Hotel , Denny’s, Industrial Filtration TNT Logistics, Wabash National, Hamilton Aerospace Technologies, Inc., SIGMA ELECTRIC, Sigma Electric Manufacturing, Liberman Broadcasting, Thibaut , Western Sequoia Corp.. TCB International Inc., Quality Pork Processors Inc., Netpixel ,Tri City Steel, Inc. , Dacoa Inc., Dowling, Thomasville Upholstery Inc, Fisk Electric, Foamex International , University of Southern California Facilites Management Services, Apple One Employment Service, Excel , KONOS, Inc., JR Cigar…

=====My comment

I studied Afrikaans in the 1980s, which was not hard for me since I speak fluent German, and even corresponded with Jaap Marais of the HNP.

I remember an American book years back about the Afrikaners, The White Tribe of Africa. This book and this title about a “white TRIBE” inspired me to conceive that those whites who are not doomed must form a new international white tribe, a truly new ethnic group. Those white individuals with healthy racial instincts around the world must form a new Folk with new ways, customs and values.

This tribe must be like the Jews in positive aspects such as a fierce solidarity and pride in our people’s millennial accomplishments. And this tribe must determine that it will survive whatever the cost, just as the Jews have — and this may mean we must let the surrendering, doomed, defeatist Whites, the cowardly, brainwashed and degenerate Whites, just go off into their own oblivion, drops of milk in a black sea, just as the Jews for 3000 years have let their own apostates assimilate into the surrounding peoples and disappear from their midst forever.

The goal of the SOLUTREAN TRIBE is either to entirely liberate the countries we Whites founded and built up by our blood, sweat and tears — or alternatively we shall survive like the Jews as a feared and respected minority within darkening countries.

Thus we will be around — by one strategy or another — in another five hundred and a thousand years, and we will prepare for our decisive moment to resurge and take back our homelands.

We will think in centuries, not months and years. That is the vision of Solutrea.
============Americans pop brewskis, Michelle flies to Spain on vacation, while white Afrikaners starve

The Afrikaners are a relatively recent white nation that began in the 1600s around the same time as white America. Hardworking, armed and courageous Protestant French (Huguenots, such as the ancestors of white leader Eugene Terre’Blanche, recently murdered by two black employees), north Germans (such as the ancestors of the revered 19th-century leader Oom Paul Kruger), a smidgen of white Portuguese, and, most of all, the Dutch, intermarried and this created a new white country down in southern Africa.

Their language, Afrikaans, is a kind of simplified Dutch with many German and some French elements. Many words are very, very close to English, because the ancient Anglo-Saxons came from the same area of Germanic Europe.

The grammar is amazingly easy, and the spelling is logical — much better than English!

Some Afrikaans:


My Afrikaner heart/My Afrikanerhart

stand fast//staan vast

I feel love for our folk/Ek voel liefde vir ons volk

Some humor, where you can hear both the British white South African accent and the Afrikaans accent, showing the two meanings of the English word “look” (see — or appear)

As I wrote at the top, in the 19th century the British Empire began conquering Afrikaner lands, especially after gold and diamonds were discovered in them, and for fifty years the British whites dominated the much larger, brutally conquered white Afrikaner population. (Over ten thousand women and children had perished in British concentration camps, causing a worldwide scandal in the press around the globe similar to the Abu Ghraib scandals a few years back that besmirched America’s name. Jews were behind both atrocities.)

And it was the ROTHSCHILD-RULED British Empire that then created a disastrous multiracial country, whereas the Afrikaners or Boers wanted to GET AWAY FROM THE BLACKS.

A true Afrikaner woman and singer told me that the singer here is a spineless liberal, but so are most whites everywhere. The words to the song, however, were written by a true patriot, and glorifying the Afrikaner struggle against the Rothschild-British conquest. …. It gives me goosebumps. How about you?

Stand fast, stand fast, South Africa!

I think the times when he yells in a gravelly, raucous voice are the most spellbinding.

Because I understand Afrikaans fairly well (partly because I had studied German, a related language) I want to say how much I love the common Germanic expression:


It means: You are a man, so FIGHT LIKE A MAN.

After WWII, the Afrikaners’ new political party, the National Party, UNITED them. They swept into power in a major election and began setting up apartheid, racial separation. The South African economy boomed under white rule, and blacks had the highest standard of living in all Africa. In every military battle with the ANC, the Afrikaaners won. They even built their own atomic bomb!

Yet in 1994, after the Afrikaner leadership had been infiltrated, the despicable president and race traitor FW De Klerk turned over white-ruled South Africa to the black majority against the wishes of most whites — except the US government of the white race traitor Bill Clinton.

The descent into hell began, the catastrophe which the Afrikaners had predicted, into Black African-style chaos, murder, rape, AIDS and blatant political corruption and screaming-to-heaven incompetence.

I had seen videos before of Afrikaner poverty, and of the terrible rapes and murders of whites by blacks. But outright starvation…. This is the next stage in white genocide.

Let us remember that unless the Solutrean movement succeeds, soon the white population in America will also begin to plummet. Seventy-five million white baby-boomers will begin to die off, BOOMSDAY, and then the US population will drop like a stone to 20%, an aging and PHYSICALLY FEEBLE demographic surrounded by tough young blacks, mexicans and chinese.

You are looking at OUR future — in a few decades or even sooner, unless Solutrea arises.

* * *

The Afrikaners are starving – pictures



Dutch, Flemish students visit Afrikaner squatter camp; foreign journalists increasingly interested in reporting on the growing ‘poor-white problem’ in South Africa…

AfrikanerPoor_SarieRossouw_starving to death Eagles Nest Squatter camp no food aidAugust 30 2010 — South Africa’s 3-million Afrikaners are in increasingly desperate straits, with nearly one-third now living in dismal squatter camps where they are denied government benefits, government food-aid and medical care – and by law, are also denied access the job market…

Picture: Pretoria squatter camp resident Sarie Rossouw is slowly starving to death…

She lives with her husband Hennie in a Pretoria squatter camp and is badly malnourished. She has only been visited once by a social worker this past year. Her frail husband Hennie, 70, tries to look after her as well as he can, but it’s difficult without health-care and no regular food supplies.

Pretoria has more than 70 squatter camps housing unemployable working-class Afrikaners, and they are consistently denied government-issued food-stamps and survival-benefits from the ANC-regime.


Solidarity trade union’s charity Helping Hand said in a recent letter to SA President Jacob Zuma that without urgent government subsidies and food-aid, many Afrikaners will start dying of starvation and poverty-related diseases – very soon.

Reports of babies and elderly Afrikaners dying of malnutrition are already emerging this year, amongst others reported by Dutch investigative journalist Saskia Vredeveld in her documentary “Poor whites in South Africa’, filmed in Coronation Park near Johannesburg and screened on Dutch IKON-TV earlier this year. She reported details about the death of a newborn Afrikaner baby – from hunger.

Solidarity’s letter also includes a series of pictures taken of some of the more than 650,000 homeless, impoverished Afrikaners.

There is growing interest from abroad in the so-called ‘poor white’ problem. Dutch investigative journalistSaskia Vredeveld and Australian photo-journalist Dean Saffron were only the latest of a long line of foreign journalists who have reported extensively from Afrikaner-poor camps this year.

And this month, a group of DutAfrikanerPoorWelcomeInnKrugersdorpSquatterCampPicPaulBennettFacebookch and Flemish students also visited the Eagle’ s Nest-squatter camp in Pretoria North. They visited the camp with its 100 poor residents and played a traditional Afrikaner sport called “Jukskei’ with the residents as part of the Dutch-South African Society youth-exchange programme. Dr Danie Langner, executive director of Helping Hand, said it was ‘very important for (foreign) students to be exposed to all the realities in South Africa, including the large number of Afrikaners who are now falling into permanent poverty and destitution. The students experienced at first hand the reality of the (more than 650,000) Afrikaners who have to survive without water, electricity or food-supplies each day. This squatter camp’s hundred residents live in horrific circumstances in which they are exposed to the elements each day”. The three-week visit by the Dutch-speaking students was sponsored by four universities, the Afrikaner League, the Afrikaans Language- and Cultural society, the Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations, Solidarity and the Foundation for the Empowerment of Afrikaans.


Defenseless elderly Afrikaners slowly starving to death…

Sixty-three percent of the residents in Pretoria’s 77 white squatter camps and tent-towns alone, are older than 60 years. There is only one social worker for every 4,000 South African resident. A total of 2,100 cases of dire poverty amongst whites are currently being investigated in the town Centurion by its Council for the Elderly. In Pretoria, an average 1,000 cases are reported of whites being abused and left uncared, in dismal conditions. Yet the government’s National Youth Development Agency (the former Umsobomvu Youth Fund) still rules that disability benefits are not granted to such impoverished, elderly Afrikaners.Senior citizens find it increasingly difficult to live alone in their homes. General frailty, rising living expenses and vulnerability against crime are some of the reasons why they seek alternative accommodation. Old-age homes are only an option for those who receive a state pension, are frail and do not own property or have alternative sources of income. Senior citizens who receive a private pension, however small it may be, are not subsidised by the state and must pay the full unit cost in an old-age home, unless they are frail. The monthly unit cost could amount to R4 000,00 to R5 000,00 per person. Many of these elderly frail people end up in squatter camps.

The government’s social-welfare agencies also refuse to dispense food-stamps to destitute Afrikaners – even to the blind Mrs . Maria Schoeman, below:

Afrikaner poor Maria Schoeman elderly whites malnourished in

AfrikanerPoor_SquatterCampShacks Aug2010

Above: these squatter huts are occupied by whites – more than 96% are Afrikaans-speakers – writes Solidarity ‘s charity Helping Hand – which has 640 branches countrywide — to pres. Jacob Zuma. “Serious health problems are caused by the lack of water- and sanitation-services.”

AfrikanerPoor More than 70 squatter camps with poor whites in Pretoria alone Aug2010

Above: For the first time since the 1930’s, poverty and homelessness has increased dramatically among white Afrikaans-speakers especially. In greater Pretoria alone, there are more than 70 squatter camps for whites and countrywide, more than 640, housing more than 650,000 Afrikaners, reports charity. There are 3-million Afrikaners in South Africa.

AfrikanerPoor Jurie_Susan Austin live in a pumphouse 2x2 Solidarity Helping Hand charity Pic Aug2010

Above: Jurie and Susan Austin live in a 2 X 2 m pump-house and beg on the streets to survive each day.

AfrikanerPoor Martin Venter Gert van Vuuren live underneath this tree Squatter camp Eagles Nest Pretoria

Above: Martin Venter and Gert van Vuuren live underneath this tree.

AfrikanerPoor Elsie Botha lives in a refitted watertank Eagles Nest Pretoria Helping Hand charity

Above: Elsie Botha lives in this adapted water-tank.

Below: Australian photojournalist reports on Krugersdorp municipality’s attempt to forcibly-remove 400 Afrikaner squatter-camp residents to a black township:

Afrikaner Poor AustralianPhotog Dean Saffron Report 1 Afrikaner Poor AustralianPhotog Dean Saffron Report 2 Kruger Robert and Debbie

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This article from a leftist magazine, aside from some politically correct remarks about the supposed horrors of white rule and apartheid (and, after all, why did 100,000 blacks a year sneak from up north down INTO South Africa under white rule???????), is accurate and heart-rending:


SOURCE: a website ( by a white South African who remembers how the country looked under apartheid: safe, rich and clean. 100,000 blacks a year illegally and very voluntarily entered South Africa, swimming past crocodiles on the Limpopo River, to get into the country, working and living there under apartheid, which was racial separation (“aparthood”).

Blacks and whites worked together but lived in separate locations. The original apartheid plan, destroyed by the Jews who took over behind the scenes, was to create separate ethnic states (like US states), not just separate neighborhoods, all under an efficient white-run federation.

The prime minister who wanted total geographic separation — with semi-independent black countries — Hendrik Verwoerd, was suspiciously assassinated right on the floor of the parliament in the 1960s.

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Monday, December 29, 2008


Amongst the emails I found a batch from some crank, with a batch of pictures mainly from the lower Fox Street end of Johannesburg, near the old Anglo-American head office. With these pictures he was trying to persuade me that the city was actually wonderful and I was just a liar etc. etc.
Well, as anyone who is familiar with Johannesburg knows, of course the part of the city around the AAC offices and lower Fox Street is almost (but not quite) the same as it always was.
In fact, one could actually say that the whole city used to look a bit like that.The fact that private enterprise has managed to more or less keep that one section like it was, merely emphasises the mess of the rest of the city!
Anyway, the one valuable thing that my crank friend did send me, was a picture of a ‘rescued’ building in Marshall Street. This, he said, was proof that the city was being rejuvenated.
My original picture looked like this: (taken in 2006)
According to my IDASA friend, the same corner now looks like this: a cheap restaurant, which nonetheless has a coat of paint:
Now, I thought, let’s give credit where credit is due. That is an improvement, even if that is a ‘restaurant’ in which I would not want to eat.
But then to my astonishment, the very next picture my IDASA friend sent me was this one, which is the building right next to the ‘refurbished’ eatery. You can see the end of the ‘restaurant’:

Oh dear, it seems as if the slum was not quite eradicated after all! Tough luck, IDASA sock-puppet, try again next time! Still, thanks for the effort.

These pictures above, by the way, should be clickable through to larger size and better definition. I will soon be starting to replace the pictures on the rest of the site in the same way, so that those of you who want better definition pictures will be able to get them without having to email me.

I would like to do an update on the images (that is, if the electricity stays on in Jo’burg long enough to recharge my camera batteries) the next time I visit. Anyone who wants, in the meantime, to take any pictures and send them to me at the above email address, please do so and I will post them.
I have just added a whole batch of new images to this blog. There are far too many to fit on one page, as I have done till now, so I have split them up into their own pages.
Please visit them — you won’t be disappointed — and each page as a link back to this “Death of Johannesburg” Main Page so you can navigate back here and and have a look at the next set.

The new galleries are:

Three Castles Building, Marshall Street

A Drive Down Anderson Street

The Cartlon Hotel

The View from the Gauteng Legislature

A Drive Down Jeppe Street

The Johannesburg Bus Depot

The Jewish Museum, The Great Synagogue and OK Bazaars

Joubert Park – Then and Now

A Drive Down Marshall Street

Oppenheimer Park: The Vanishing Springbuck

A Drive Down Troye Street

Death of Johannesburg – Eloff Street and Others

Von Wielligh Street and Others

This is What Remains of the Wits Drill Hall….

When the Queen of England visited South Africa in 1947, the official reception for her was held at the Wits Drill Hall, 95 Anderson Street.For decades, the Wits Drill Hall was a famous venue and even a tourist attraction in central Johannesburg.
Councillor Carol Milner, Ward 66, City of Joburg [Johannesburg] has sent me the following pictures and commentary: “95 Anderson Str, Joburg CBD has been like this for a at least a year. We have told the Council and told us that they will be using it for Emergency Services but it’s still standing (or barely).”

Welcome to Bree Street, Johannesburg, Where Gold (Used) to Lie in the Street, Now, it’s Just Rubbish

Bree Street is one of the main thoroughfares running through the city centre of Johannesburg, from east to west. It runs right through the CBD, and used to be one of the major economic centres, as well as being a residential area.

Today, as you can see, it is a slum, another shattered, filthy, ruined monument to the “New South Africa.” Pictures courtesy of MZ, who made this hell-run down Bree Street. Thanks MZ – send more (and that goes for any reader anywhere else as well).





Frank talk about average white people from John de Nugent

As Nietzsche said, if it does not kill you, hardship can make you stronger, OR MORE OF A COWARD. 😉

Asking what we can do to wake people up about SA is like asking what will get people to do something about Obama squatting in the White House and yet not being a US citizen, and that a black bolshevik in Hawaii was his real father, a porn novel writer, all of which Republicans and others have known for FIVE YEARS NOW?

(I ran blogs on this in the summer of 2008 and found that many Republicans knew all about this in the fall of 2008. I talked with several top local Republican activists, and they both knew all about Frank Marshall Davis, the real biological father of Obama.)

Or it is like asking what we can say to get people to do something (like arresting Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz for mass murder and treason) about an “American” government that methodically planned and carried out the murder of 3000 Americans and others on 9/11 (and remember that only 16% believe the 9/11 Commission report, according to a 2006 CBS/NY Times poll).

The brutal truth is that reincarnation ( is a REALITY but for many a partly dismaying reality. The Jews are partly right, esp, the Lubavitchers, that most gentiles are literally former cattle in a previous life, former rabbits, deer, sheep, pigs, and other creatures of prey. Their first instinct is to run, scatter, hide and not stand and fight as a wolf, dog, eagle or bear will.

My nature is a bit different. 😉


This thief, coward, and black sheep of the Hitler family actually moved to America and spoke out against his uncle during Germany’s war to survive and save the white race. We must accept that such creatures exist, and they will always go with the side they think will win, looking out for “Number One” — themself.


In fact, this is why there has to be a military draft in time of war, because many men literally will not fight, and certainly not volunteer! —  unless their wives, children and mother are being attacked literally in their very presence. Then and only then will they fight — WHEN IT IS TOO LATE. The time to stop the blacks in South Africa was back in 1994!  The South African Army was all-white, tough and combat.tested, with advanced weapons and amazing skills,  and furious at the black takeover! But no one budged. No one gave THE ORDER.


In the Third Reich, the Field Gendarmery (military police behind the front lines) were needed to keep men from deserting. An estimated 20,000 Germans were executed summarily by the Feldgendarmerie, that is, on the spot, with a rope around their neck for desertion.

Reincarnation explains so many things………..and one of them is that no matter how bright or capable a person is, from tying his shoes to mastering a car or computer, his heart and soul may not have evolved at all beyond the self-centered, timid, beast-of-prey stage. There is no love of truth (wherever it may take us, or however terrifying), no heroism, and no nobility of soul.
Maybe they are affable toward you — when they are in the mood. ;) wink
However, unevolved humanimals will do the right thing only if peer pressure or legal, police or economic power forces them.
If Hitler had not established the Feldgendarmerie to hang deserters, Germany would have collapsed in 1943, right after Stalingrad, and all of the continent of Europe would have become bolshevik, then England and America. If Stalin had united all of Europe and its industrial power in the service of bolshevik power, he would have been unstoppable. (This was a point that General Léon Degrelle of the famous Waffen-SS made in his memoirs, which of course Margaret and I translated in 2005-07 in toto for The Barnes Review magazine.)
In a way, Hitler had a counter-horror filter: Either fight the bolshevik horror as a man — or face the horror of a noose around your neck and hanging from a tree with your tongue dangling out and swelling. Every deserter got a free placard ;) wink over his chest reading: “I, a coward, ran while German women were raped by Bolsheviks.”
Being a major did not protect this coward in downtown Berlin in April 1945, and the “field gendarmes” also grabbed the cowardly soldier behind him, whom you can see hanging from a proverbial lamp post. A sign around his neck says: “I made a little deal with the Bolsheviks.”) Behind him another German soldier hangs. These punishments kept other men fighting, and saved Germany’s honor. There was no collapse, as with the Italians.
The entire purpose of the God videos (here:, right side under the video, under “Eternal Solutrean Agency”) is to evolve enough people for victory to the divinely awakened stage, where they cease to be intelligent animals, worrying about me-me-me, and think only we-we-we, a nation under God, made great by sacrifice.   They will WANT to do the right thing, KNOWING that if they lay down their life like Leonidas for the Folk, they go immediately through the tunnel of light to awaiting and cheering angels and relatives who welcome them: “Enter, hero, into glory.”

This harsh but ultimately wise measure helped keep the whole Wehrmacht fighting to the last breath, and this 1) saved the lives of millions of German women and children, who were able to flee from the Soviets westward and 2) this enabled Germany to end the war on an honorable note, like the 300 Spartans, not collapsing but fighting to the death or at least to the last bullet and canister of fuel.

And this is why humans are omnivores, who can eat both meat like a wolf and plants (grain and  vegetables) like a deer.

The occultists understand this.

This is the beginning of wisdom in dealing with people.


====================A WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN ASKS WHY?

A woman asked this question as a  comment underneath this blog:

liza April 22, 2013 at 11:45 am

Where is the rest of the world now?

This was in the same vein as this comment, also from a white female:

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: WordPress <>
Sent: Thursday, 25 April 2013, 7:06
Subject: [John de Nugent] Please moderate: “ENGLISH Black robber shoots white baby between the eyes; beautiful Estonians and their music”

A new comment on the post “ENGLISH Black robber shoots white baby between the eyes; beautiful Estonians and their music” is waiting for your approval

Author : Stella (IP: ,
E-mail :
URL    :
Whois  :
Dear John, my comment regards your shocking coverage of the White Baby who was shot by a Black Punk.  I sent this to all my contacts.  It was only after i sent it out did I read that you write: 

“He did not attent Christian school, nor was he home-schooled (like others the DHS lesbian jewess Janet Napolitano calls terrorists.) 

John, it is obvious that Napolitano is an Italian name – therefore, why did you include “jewess”?  It denotes anti-Semitism and although I am not Jewish, I found what you wrote most offensive – and for that, I am sorry because your message had to get out. I fear i will get a backlash because I had not caught that specific sentence. 

FYI:  I am a conservative before I am a Republican – and upon reading more of your information, I found it disturbing.



My first thought was:

This is the kind of naive, sheeplike humanimal and Republican “conservative” that America is full of.  It never occurs to her that however unpleasant, the truth is the truth is the truth, and that the one simple reason I called Napolitano Jewish because she IS Jewish! 😉

But that is a truth she does not like. It is inconvenient. It might mean having to fight the powerful Jews.

The main thing is that my antisemitism (and I am a true, radical antisemite, being also against the Arabs, Chechens, Armenians, Pakistanis, etc, etc, ,, i.e., the whole Middle East bunch, as the part-neanderthals that they are — is “disturbing” to her refined feelings.

Semites ARE part-neanderthals mixed with long- faced, brunet Old Mediteraneans, a good stock found across Europe and among the the original Egyptians and the Minoan culture.

Below are scientific models of pure Neanderthals: sharply receding forehead, protruding nose and mouth, round face…. (Armenians today are actually closest to pure Neanderthals, not Jews.)  The world’s most dangerous, terroristic, violent and fanatical religions come from the Middle East, which author Michael Bradley called the “toxic lozenge.”



This is indeed a classic letter from a sweet humanimal [see more on my term of “humanimals” below], all confused by the facts. *;) wink How I have gone ahead and ruined her whole day. 😉

 I am going to write her just a short and tactful email, since she did write me respectfully, she sounds like a decent person, I (anjd for that matter Adolf Hitler,as he stated himself in Mein Kampf) also once thought that antisemitism was a sign of a crude person, ·and I wlll attempt to burst her bubble gently. Who knows, maybe a potential supporter down the road …or maybe not.

But this is the problem with democracy, that the majority are like her and always have been. Therefore no political system based on the majority can work, because reality IS often offensive to those who had been sheep, cows, rabbits, and other animals of prey. Their only instinct when trouble arises is to RUN!

Look, for example, as these British whites, simply running away! Not standing and fighting for their homes and neighborhoods, nor embracing leaders willing to lead them in the fight!

See more on this below.

And now back to the Liza who understandably is dejected over the fate of white South Africans.

 Most of the white world is just most of the whites in South Africa, who in the 1980s and early 1990s followed De Klerk and then the fake alternative, the Conservatives. They laughed off the warnings of Jaap Marais and his HNP (the “Restored [True] National Party”), and they scorned the heroic and sincere Eugene Terre’Blanche and the Afrikaner Resistance Movement. When he had girlfriend problems (like any human) or once fell off his horse, well, time to laugh at the man, snicker at the man trying to save them,  just as as the jewspapers had urged. Push a button and the average slob does as their jewspaper tells them.

When a white leader arises to oppose the Jews, let me tell you, whites normally do NOT support him. Like cattle, they keep on chewing their cud.


Hitler came to power ONLY because he had infinite determination AND ALSO the Great Depression intervened in 1929, causing the Germans to lose their jobs, to then literally starve, and finally begin committing suicide. An estimated 400,000 Germans committed suicide in 1932, just before Hitler came to power.

In 1928, BEFORE obviously the Great “Black Friday” stock market crash of October 1929, his NSDAP party, as well-run as it was and as skilled a speaker as Hitler was, got a pitiful 2.6% of the vote.

But in 1930, AFTER the Crash, Hitler got over 30%.

The issue is not do whites deserve their fate. Yes, they do. The vast majority are cowardly, irresponsible, naive, swallowing lies with amazing eagerness, and looking out for their money and pleasures, drinking beer and watching football on television while KNOWING that their nation is dying. They bobble their pink little grandchildren on their knees and tell themselves that they “love” them, but then they do nothing, even when a leader arises and loudly and respectfully calls them to their duty, demanding they help him to to prevent a world from coming about where those very same granddaughters will be raped by blacks, and those grandsons will be set on fire with gasoline, or if “lucky”, just lose their job to a Chinese or Hindu.

How can a white grandparent say he “loves” his grandchildren, or his nephews and nieces, when he does not care what world they will live in? LOVE is to search for, find and then follow a leader to the death! Love is not tickling a grandchild for your own amusement!

The question is this:

Do whites deserve these idealistic leaders who arise over and over to sacrifice everything, who are defamed and harassed, threatened, jailed and bankrupted, and finally often even lose their very lives (as we just saw with Eugene Terre’Blanche, or saw in the 1960s with Hendrik Verwoerd in the RSA and George Lincoln Rockwell in the USA), in desperate attempts to awaken and save them?

The first thing we must do to save our race is END forever the jew-taught, insane folly of fake democracy and fake equality, neither of which have ever existed in any real world. These are toxic myths used by the Jewish foe to destroy any society so no true elite of wise, selfless heroes and idealists arises to rule. but history has shown one thousand times in the past and now in the present with South Africa, America, Germany, France, Canada, etc. etc., that — and not the average white, however good his heart may be, is not born to think and rule but to feel and follow. If you ask him to put himself at risk to do the right thing, the average person always will refuse, usually with a flimsy excuse, and then suffer disaster after disaster.

Does this mean whites are evil? No, it means that reincarnation is correct. Most people were literally cows, sheep, rabbits and the like in earlier lives, and their nature is still that way. They are disappointing only in the way that a rabbit makes a lousy wolf. but they make excellent rabbits., 😉 Most people make good followers but terrible leader or even just original thinkers. They are still humanimals.

Adolf Hitler was nicknamed “Wolf” by his closest friends, and how fitting that was.

We all reflect who we were, and most of us were higher mammals in recent lives. Who are the famous “old souls”? They, on the other hand, already rose to the human stage many lives ago and have learned something important in each of those lives. They are fully human.

Here is a webpage on this topic of reincarnation:

Here is a video I did with an excerpt you should really see, raising the whole issue of humanimals. As this video (see below the segment 26:39 to 28:01, letting the video spool forward for a minute, then going to that time period) shows, a huge percentage of the people living today are on their first or second human life, and resemble in behavior the exact kinds of animals they were in their prehuman stage. What is typical of a humanimal who was a prey animal in a recent life is inexperience, naiveté and on in many cases, running from reality, acting like the animals they recently had been.



Does God love such people? Of course, but when given a chance to rise above their primitive way of thinking and feeling, they must use their free will and grow, or die and learn the very hard way and then go forward to their next life sadder and wiser.

Someone asked me if, in a recent incident in RSA where blacks drowned a white boy in boiling water, he deserved it.

I am sure that in that specific life he did nothing to merit such a horrible death.

But 90% of whites have both done bad things in earlier lives and then “gotten away with it,” and also failed to do the right thing when the lives and happiness of others, and even the future of their country depended on it, and on many serious occasions this was the case. Sometimes it all comes home to roost, these unpaid karmic bills, in one shocking incident.

Look at whites today around the world. They say and do nothing as one by one, blacks, Muslims, Mexicans and others rape or kill them. I often run on my blog such horrifying cases around the white world of victims of clearly racist crimes by sadistic non-whites.

This whole video deals with such a case in Tennessee, the Christian-Newsome murders:

But how many whites in Knoxville, Tennessee joined or founded any white group after this crime?

And, to be brutal, if I had broached the topic of white rights the day before the murder with either young person, Shannon Christian or Christopher Newsom, is it not likely, given how 90% of whites are, that they would have looked at me in disgust and scorn and walked away from the conversation, rejecting me as a hateful racist and glorying deep inside in their left-wing, liberal “goodness”, that smug holier-than-thou-ism that makes them feel so proud and lofty for “rejecting hate”?

The truth is that God is a tough-love being, and if a person rejects advice, he gets reality.

The white South Africans are good people, but so are the white Germans, Canadians and Americans. But none of these whites consist mostly of heroes.

They all go low-profile when dangerous duty calls.

And this is why heroic leaders are so very, very, very important. They make all the difference in whether a nation lives or dies, for they bring out the goodness that in most people merely slumbers. They evoke the greatness that transforms mediocrity into excellence, weakness into strength, cowardice into courage, slavery into revolution and defeat into victory.

No Easter Bunny will save you, me or the white race, just sacrifice and struggle, fighting under a good leader and with loyal devotion, appreciating and even loving those who take up the heavy responsibility of leading us through hell and suffering back to life.

Who knows what tomorrow brings
In a world where few hearts survive
All I know is the way I feel
When it’s real
I keep it alive.

The road is long;
There are mountains in the way
But we climb a step every day.

Love lift us up where we belong
Where the eagles cry
On a mountain high.
Love lift us up where we belong
Far from the world we know
Up where the clear winds blow.

Some hang on to “used to be”;
Live their lives looking behind,
When all we have is here and now
All our lives
Out there to find.

The road is long;
There are mountains in the way
But we climb a step every day.



Recent donations:

400 Swiss francs and 70 Australian dollars

And $US5….. That helps too.

John de Nugent

681 Canal Road

Apollo PA 15613



    • Honestly, everyone is patting me on the back for running, and no one is sending campaign donations. (Then the WNs have the gall to call the Jews “cheap“!;-))

      My blog today reflects my personal experience that most whites are deeply disappointing, and that applies to 99% of my readers as well.

      The founder of VeteransToday is a half-Jew, Gordon Duff. I respect him and his work but I am the most ferocious racial antisemite on the planet, and I am a vehement national socialist.

      I have written Duff several times and received no reply.

  1. death to whites
    If u dare. post it .
    Whites are going to be exterminated soon … I am in europe ..
    sleeping with white women every day… History is coming to hunt u…
    Ha Ha Haaa.

    With hate
    from INDIA

    • Actually, your IP address says

      It looks like all the white women you see are on porn sites while you live with your momma…. and fantasize about a beauty and skin color you will never have.

  2. I honestly hate “the new” South Africa and I hope to bring the Caucasians here and erase the South African state, leaving the racists blacks to go back to being Stone-Age hunter/gatherers.

  3. Charlize Theron is hated by her own people in South Africa
    because she sponsors the African National Congress,
    which is a communist party and advocates the killing of all
    white people. The fact that she adopted black children is like
    a fashion statement or buying a Ferrari.

  4. The problem for the South African whites is that if you are over a certain age and dont have certain skills or the right amount of money then it is very difficult to get into any other country. A lot of the South African whites would like to get out but just dont have a way to do it. They are living in fear everyday. Your house has become your prison. And just what do we require to get into Russia. Most Afrikaners are of Dutch descent but they cant even get in there. So what to do.

  5. Thanks Ivan, many of us have great respect for Vladmir Putin
    he is truly a great leader, setting an example of what a leader
    should be.
    This is a good eye openet for people who do not know what’s
    happening in the world today, read it and learn, this is the truth.

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