Trump almost seals the nomination; Jewish war on the Kennedys

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…..Trump stomps Cruz out of the race!

It was heartening to see Trump crush the lying, slimey, snake-oil salesman Ted Cruz – who then dropped out — in yesterday’s Indiana primary!

I would remind Herr Drumpf that if he thinks he can sneak like John Kennedy into the White House and THEN move against the Jews, well, John Kennedy, trusting his “luck o’ the Irish” would last forever, dithered and dithered about making his move for years, and the result was after 34 months in office (Jan. 1961-Nov. 1963) that he was murdered just three days before he planned to attack (to first, take down Lyndon Johnson, his own Vice President and a crypto-Jew).

Trump had to get out of his SUV, leave his own motorcade, and walk unprotected through a ditch and up a hill to get to his own venue last week — due to hateful leftist demonstrators blocking the road and whom the cops coddled.




I would remind Trump also that the Jews were “on to” General George Patton and murdered him too.

My fear is that even if Trump is allowed to survive and win the presidency, then he will continue trying to kiss the Jews’ murderous butt as president and then they take him out too before he can make his move.

I am about to publish a major study in German on Vladimir Putin of Russia, who has now created a new National Guard, a military force consisting entirely of pro-Putin military.  It is clear that Putin is a careful chess player and  wants, understandably, to “get his ducks in a row” before he moves against Jewry.





The Jewish War on the Kennedys



First reaction (on Facebook):”Amazing article. Things falling together.”

John Kennedy was a man’s man, a WWII war hero, he understood as a former Navy officer himself the military wasted lots of money and the bureaucracy could run wild. He used this salty language because “we must occasionally use wild words as part of the assault by thinking on unthinking.”

The Jewish war on the Kennedys

For those who understand, it comes as no surprise that JFK was assassinated deliberately and exactly on November 22, 1963, on the 53rd anniversary of the day the planners of the evil Federal Reserve first met in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1910. (

The “Federal Reserve” is an involved financial scheme designed so that private Jewish banks after 1913 could issue, lend and control all the money in America. Every dollar is not just printed but borrowed from the Federal Reserve, this private Jewish bank consortium, and each dollar must be paid back at interest, which until the Internet began to spread the truth almost no American understood ” except for a few whom the media called “conspiracy nuts” and “antisemites.”

President John Kennedy was planning to abolish the Fed, print “greenbacks” like Abraham Lincoln back in the “Civil War” (that is, print US Treasury money, not “Federal Reserve” notes) and thus free America from a total Jewish financial takeover.

A 2012 book by Michael Collins Piper, author of the magnificent Final Judgment (which solved once and for all the Kennedy assassination “ the pdf is found hereFinal_Judgment), wrote a new work with the sarcastic title Confessions of an Antisemite. It issarcastic because Piper has no apology or “confession” to make, and he is no “anti-semite,” but instead knows from a life of experience and study that it is the Jews themselves who are “anti”, anti everybody else living on this earth, and their judaism is a cult of mind control, murder and tyranny that has been fundamentally anti-Gentile for thousands of bloody years.

Confessions of an Antisemitedetails the conversations that ambassador Joseph Kennedy, JFK’s father, and a wealthy banker and film investor, had conducted in 1956 with a wealthy Hollywood agent, TV executive (and later anti-Jewish activist) named DeWest Hooker, discussing how to destroy Jewish media and financial clout in America.

DeWest Hooker at 70. In the late 1940s Hooker, an extremely handsome, aristocratic-looking man with broad shoulders and brilliant blue eyes ” I conversed with him in 1985 and again in 1989 ” appeared in every national magazine as the model for Hathaway shirts and wore a patch over one eye, as all older readers will recall. Hooker was also the lead male model for Chesterfield cigarettes.)

Kennedy Senior told DeWest Hooker, who had gone on to make lots of money as an agent for MCA (Music Corporation of America, run by the Jewish CEO, Lew Wassermann), and was angling to create Jew-free TV programming:

“We [meaning patriotic non-Jews] lost World War Two, and the Jews won.”

This meant they used WWII and the politicians Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin to destroy their greatest enemy, Hitler, and his nation of Germany, which had freed itself from both Wall Street and the corresponding financial area of central London, a few blocks full of banks and stock brokers that formally is called “the City of London” “ a small neighborhood where literally even the Queen must get permission to enter from the “Lord Mayor” of said “City of London.” (The other fellow is the Mayor of London, who runs a city of eight million, but not the financial district, “the City of London.”)

Hitler by 1939 had rescued Germany totally from the Great Depression and was not borrowing any money from Wall Street or the City of London ” both controlled by Jews ” but instead trading, bartering and swopping goods with other countries.(Winston Churchill later confessed to his private secretary, the bisexual part-Jew, Robert Boothby: “Germany’s unforgivable crime before the second world war was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.” ” Winston Churchill to Baron Robert Boothby, quoted in the Foreword, 2nd Ed. Sydney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next War, 2001.

Robert Boothby (1900-86) was private secretary to Winston Churchill, who like him and other aristocrats was part-Jewish as well (through Winston’s American-Jewish mother, the dusky-complected Jenny Jacobson). Boothby was a Conservative member of Parliament for 62 years, and was made a Baron in 1958, despite seducing the wife of the then future prime minister Harold MacMillan, and sleeping with many men, including a male Jewish gangster, Ronald Kray. Basically, Jews like Boothby (or Shapiro) can do whatever they want once they control the money and media in a country.

The Wikipedia article on Joseph Kennedy Senior,,_Sr, has TEN PARAGRAPHS on the very strong pro-German, pro-Hitler and anti-Jewish views and actions of the Kennedy patriarch as shown when he was a Hollywood investor and then US ambassador to Britain.

The article fails to mention that Joseph Kennedy’s hatred of Jews went back to a double-cross, theft and murder committed by a Jewish partner in the whiskey-smuggling business during Prohibition. Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky had some Kennedy whiskey smugglers murdered and a Kennedy truckload full of whiskey hijacked that was coming down through upstate New York from Montreal, Canada.)


Wikipedia again (,_Sr)

Throughout 1938, while the Nazi persecution of the Jews in Germany and Austria intensified, Kennedy attempted to arrange a meeting with Adolf Hitler.[29] Shortly before the Nazi aerial bombing of British cities began in September 1940, Kennedy once again sought a personal meeting with Hitler, again without the approval of the Department of State, “to bring about a better understanding between the United States and Germany”.[30] It has been surmised that Kennedy also had personal reasons for wanting to avoid war; “He feared for the lives of his three eldest sons, Joe, Jack and Bobby, all of whom were or soon would be eligible to serve.”[31]

¦ ¦.When the American public and Roosevelt Administration officials read his quotes on democracy being “finished”, and his belief that the Battle of Britain wasn’t about “fighting for democracy,” all of it being just “bunk”, [he was forced to resign in 1940 as US ambassador to Britain] ¦

Throughout the rest of the war, relations between Kennedy and the Roosevelt Administration remained tense (especially when Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., vocally opposed President Roosevelt’s unprecedented nomination for a third term, which began in 1941). Kennedy may have wanted to run for president himself in 1940 or later. Having effectively removed himself from the national stage, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., sat out World War II on the sidelines. However, Kennedy did stay active in the smaller venues of rallying Irish-American and Roman Catholic Democrats to vote for Roosevelt’s re-election for a fourth term in 1944. Former Ambassador Kennedy claimed to be eager to help the war effort, but as a result of his previous gaffes, he was neither trusted nor invited to do so.[34]

Due to his philanthropy and a close friendship with Francis Spellman, Archbishop of New York (later Cardinal), during this time, Joseph Kennedy was invested as a knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, an honor which at that time he shared with just a few dozen Americans.

With his own ambitions to achieve the White House ..destr[oyed], Joseph Kennedy held out great hope for his eldest son, Joseph Kennedy, Jr., to seek the Presidency. However, Joseph Kennedy, Jr., who had become a U.S. Navy bomber pilot, was killed over the English Channel while undertaking Operation Aphrodite, a high-risk, new way to use heavy bombers to strike German missile sites in France, in 1944. His bomber accidentally [sic; see below] detonated early, before Kennedy could bail out. After grieving over his dead son, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., then turned his attention to grooming his second son, John F. Kennedy, for a run for the Presidency. After serving as a member of the House of Representatives beginning in 1946, and then a U.S. Senator beginning in 1952, the younger Kennedy entered the Presidential election in 1960, and won it.

Evidence of Anti-Semitism

Kennedy’s friend Charles Lindbergh was an antiwar spokesman for the America First Committee.

Joseph P. Kennedy was (for a while) a close friend with the leading Jewish lawyer, Felix Frankfurter, who became an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in January 1939 and remained in this position until 1962. Frankfurter helped Kennedy get his sons Joseph Jr. and John admitted into the London School of Economics in the late 1930s, where they studied under Harold Laski, a leading Jewish intellectual and a prominent socialist.[35]

According to Harvey Klemmer, who served as one of Kennedy’s embassy aides, Kennedy habitually referred to Jews as “kikes or sheenies”. Kennedy allegedly told Klemmer that “[some] individual Jews are all right, Harvey, but as a race they stink. They spoil everything they touch.[30] When Klemmer returned from a trip to Germany and reported the pattern of vandalism and assaults on Jews by Nazis, Kennedy responded, “Well, they brought it on themselves.[36]

On June 13, 1938, Kennedy met with Herbert von Dirksen, the German ambassador to the United Kingdom, in London, who claimed upon his return to Berlin that Kennedy had told him that “it was not so much the fact that we want to get rid of the Jews that was so harmful to us, but rather the loud clamor with which we accompanied this purpose. [Kennedy] himself fully understood our Jewish policy.”[37] Kennedy’s main concern with such violent acts against German Jews as Kristallnacht was that they generated bad publicity in the West for the Nazi regime, a concern that he communicated in a letter to Charles Lindbergh.[38]

Kennedy had a close friendship with Nancy Astor. The correspondence between them is reportedly replete with anti-Semitic statements.[39] As Edward Renehan notes:

As fiercely anti-Communist as they were anti-Semitic, Kennedy and Astor looked upon Adolf Hitler as a welcome solution to both of these “world problems” (Nancy’s phrase) ¦. Kennedy replied that he expected the “Jew media” in the United States to become a problem, that “Jewish pundits in New York and Los Angeles” were already making noises contrived to “set a match to the fuse of the world”.[40]

By August 1940, Kennedy worried that a third term as the President for Roosevelt would mean war. As Leamer reports, “Joe believed that Roosevelt, Churchill, the Jews, and their allies would manipulate America into approaching Armageddon.”[41] Nevertheless, Kennedy supported Roosevelt’s third term in return for Roosevelt’s support of Joseph Kennedy, Jr., in the run for the Governor of Massachusetts in 1942.[42] However, even during the darkest months of World War II, Kennedy remained “more wary of” prominent American Jews, such as Associate Justice Felix Frankfurter, than he was of Hitler.[43]

Kennedy told the reporter Joe Dinneen:

It is true that I have a low opinion of some Jews in public office and in private life. That does not mean that I ¦ believe they should be wiped off the face of the Earth ¦ Jews who take an unfair advantage of the fact that theirs is a persecuted race do not help much ¦ ¦.

(Influence on his son JFK)

¦.his presence in John F. Kennedy’s [1960] presidential campaign had to be downplayed. Having him in the spotlight would hurt John, making it look as if it were his father who was running for president.

However, Joe Kennedy still drove the campaign behind the scenes. He played a central role in planning strategy, fund-raising, and building coalitions and alliances. Joe supervised the spending and to some degree the overall campaign strategy, helped select advertising agencies, and was endlessly on the phone with local and state party leaders, newsmen, and business leaders. He had met thousands of powerful people in his career, and often called in his chips to help his sons.

His father’s connections and influence were turned directly into political capital for the senatorial and presidential campaigns of John, Robert and Ted. Historian Richard J. Whalen describes Joe’s influence on John Kennedy’s policy decisions in his biography of Joseph Kennedy. Joe was influential in creating the Kennedy Cabinet (Robert Kennedy as Attorney General although he’d never argued or tried a case, for example[47]).

And now read this, chapter 52 from Michael Collins Piper’s very newest book, The Caiaphas Complex (Caiaphas having been the Jewish high priest who condemned Jesus Christ TO CRUCIFIXION):

* * *

Remembering Joseph P. Kennedy

Another of the famous “Anti-Semites”

(That is, he was an Opponent of War”)

During the 20th century (and now the 21st century) those Americans who stood in opposition to needless foreign wars were (and are) generally referred to as “anti-Semites,” since “as the facts show ” Jewish elements have been at the forefront pushing for U.S. intervention in foreign squabbles at the basis of which generally lay Jewish interests. And as anyone who knows the history of the Kennedy family is well aware, the charge of “anti-Semitism” has been repeatedly leveled at Joseph P. Kennedy, the founder of the esteemed liberal political dynasty. In truth, Joe Kennedy’s real “crime” was to oppose the intrigues of the Jewish forces to embroil the United States in the Second World War. Here’s an account of Kennedy’s efforts to stop the genocidal conflict that tore apart modern civilization.

[being added now]

Joseph P. Kennedy, when he was a blond Irish-American teenager at the prestigious Boston Latin School

As early as 1935, Joe Kennedy told a friend, “I have four boys, and I don’t want them to be killed in a foreing war.” [JdN: As it turned out, one was, his oldest, on August 12, 1944, and the second-oldest, JFK, nearly died a year earlier, on August 2, 1943 when his PT boat out in the Pacific Ocean was sliced in half by a Japanese destroyer.]

US Navy lieutenant and skipper John Fitzgerald Kennedy, far right, with the crew of PT 109; these patrol boats were high-speed watercraft with huge engines and armed with torpedoes and heavy machine guns.

With that principle in mind, Kennedy spent the next six years working to prevent the United States from becoming embroiled in what became the Second World War.

And then ” after the war actually erupted ” Kennedy worked energetically behind the scenes to stop the war and achieve a negotiated peace that would have saved tens of millions of lives.

A Wall Street speculator, and dabbler in real estate and whiskey, Kennedy was appointed Ambassador to the Court of St. James by Franklinh Delano Roosevelt in 1938. FDR considered the appointment quite hilarious ” the idea of naming a stalwart Irish-American as “his” ambambassador to Britain.

Although FDR respected Kennedy’s abilities, it was largely because Kennedy was known as one of the most influential American Catholic business leaders that the appointment was made in the first place. FDR viewed Kennedy’s appointment as largely a sop to the Catholic vote. The president believed that having this Irish Catholic in London would help overcome the resistance to U.S. involvement in Europe from the anti-British Catholic voters of the Northeast.

Little did FDR know that Kennedy would, in fact, emerge as a major thorn in FDR’s drive for war. FDR’s son James later remarked that “Father never dreamed that Joe might put ideology above loyalty. He felt that if a policy disagreement ever arose between them, he would simply shift Kennedy to another job.”

In fact, because Kennedy was very much a man of principle, it was precisely for this reason, as we shall see, that Kennedy, in the end, was unable to bring himself to publicly bring down Franklin Delano Roosevelt and expose his behind-the-scenes manoeuvering with British intriguer Winston Churchill that brought America to war.

Kennedy was very much his own man, so much so that The Boston Post once said of Kennedy that his only drawback was that “he is too regular to be a politician. His expressed insight into human nature would probably cause a riot on the stump.”

Shortly after becoming ambassador Kennedy wrote to nationalist US Senator William Borah (R-Idaoh):

The more I see of things here [in England], the more convinced I am that we must exert all of our intelligence and effort toward keeping clear of any involvement. As long as I hold my present job, I shall never lose sight of this guiding principle.” As historian Michael Beschloss thus commented, “At the outset, therefore, Kennedy’s purposes were opposed to those of his patron in the White House. .. Kennedy was striving to influence the president, the Congress and his countrymen to bar from American foreign policy the alternative of war.”

In a draft of a speech that he sent to the State Department for clearance, Kennedy said: “Perhaps I am not well-informed of the terrifically vital forces underlying all this unrest in the world, but for the life of me, I cannot see anything involved which would be remotely considered worth shedding blood for.”

Upon reading the speech, FDR muttered to this Treasury Secretary, top-ranking Jewish leader Henry Morgenthau, that “The young man [Kennedy] needs his wrists slapped rather hard.”

[Summarizing the rest of the chapter in Piper’s book] After Kennedy gave an anti-war speech his son John, the future president, then studying at Harvard, wrote “while it seemed to be unpopular with the Jews, etc., it was considered to be very good by everyone who wasn’t bitterly anti-fascist.”

In 1939, after the war did break out between Britain and France and Germany. and, as Piper writes,

“British prime minister Neville Chamberlain called his friend [Kennedy] to his office and, with tears in his eyes, Kennedy read Chamberlain’s speech to Parliament. Kennedy then called FDR via trans-Atlantic telephone. According to historian Michael Beschloss, “Roosevelt could barely recognize the choked voice from across the Atlantic ¦ Over and over Kennedy cried, ˜It’s the end of the world, the end of everything.'”

Of course, what Kennedy meant was the end of Western civilization and traditional values, and a new age of Jewish control, barbarism, violence, constant war and enslavement.

In the fall of 1940, shortly before the presidential election, FDR summoned Kennedy to the White House, and apparently threatened Kennedy with some blackmail. Some suggest Roosevelt tossed him an IRS file on his tax affairs. In any case, Kennedy endorsed FDR for re-election, shocking all his friends, and left government service. The war came to America, and one son died and another nearly died.


The Kennedy family in the late 1930s in Hyannisport, Massachusetts

========JFK on Hitler and his Reich


Kennedy’s 1945 Visit to Germany

By Mark Weber

In late July and early August 1945, just weeks after the end of the war in Europe, the 28-year-old John F. Kennedy visited war-devastated Germany. Accompanying him on this tour was US Navy Secretary James Forrestal (whom President Truman later appointed as the first Secretary of Defense).

Kennedy recorded his experiences and observations in a diary that was not made public until 1995. (It was published under the title Prelude to Leadership: The European Diary of John F. Kennedy, Summer 1945.)

These diary entries show the youthful Kennedy’s wide-ranging curiosity and eye for telling detail ” attributes that were also manifest in his two best-selling books, While England Slept (1940) and Profiles in Courage. Earlier in 1945, he had attended the opening session of the United Nations organization in San Francisco, and had visited Britain to view the parliamentary election campaign, covering both events as a journalist for the Hearst newspaper chain.

In Berlin, Kennedy noted upon his arrival there on July 28, “The devastation is complete. [The] Unter den Linden [boulevard] and the streets are relatively clear, but there is not a single building which is not gutted. On some of the streets the stench ” sweet and sickish from dead bodies ” is overwhelming.” For the Berlin population, he reported, “The basic ration is 1 1/2 pounds a day ” approximately 1,200 calories (2,000 considered by the health authorities for normal diet ” the ration is only 900 calories in Vienna).”

Nuremberg 1945

Kennedy made several diary references to the ferocity of the Soviet Russian occupation of Germany. “The Russians moved in with such violence at the beginning ” stripping factories and raping women ” that they alienated the German members of the Communistic Party, which had some strength in the factories.” “Raping and looting” by Soviet troops “was general,” Kennedy also reported. “What they didn’t take, they destroyed.” Elsewhere he wrote: “The Russians have pretty well plundered the country, have been living off it ¦ The Russians have been taking all the able-bodied men and women and shipping them away.”

He also took note of the impact of the devastating British-American air attacks: “According to our naval experts, the bombing of Germany was not effective in stopping their production, and production increased three-fold during 1942-1944.” Right until the end, Kennedy also reported, an adequate food distribution was maintained in the German capital: “The feeding in Berlin was extremely well organized, even in the most severe blitz.”

US Navy lieutenant John Kennedy traveled with Admiral James Forrestal;

JFK seemed destined to something higher to all who knew him.

Kennedy and Forrestal also visited Bremen, an important north German industrial and commercial center, and a major port city. As Kennedy reported, the Russians were not the only occupation forces to carry out wide-scale looting in Germany: “The British had gone into Bremen ahead of us ” and everyone was unanimous in their description of British looting and destruction, which had been very heavy. They had taken everything which at all related to the sea ” ships, small boats, lubricants, machinery, etc.”

He also noted misdeeds of US troops. “Americans looted town [Bremen] heavily on arrival,” he wrote. “People do not seem to realize,” he added, “how fortunate they have been in escaping the Russians. As far as looting the homes and the towns, however, the British and Americans have been very guilty.” In Bremen, Kennedy wrote, the Germans’ diet “is about 1,200 calories ” ours being 4,000.” In spite of everything, “none of the [American] officers and men here seem to have any particular hate for the Germans.”

A German Schnellboot

Kennedy met and spoke with US Navy officials in Bremen. Because he had been commander of an American torpedo boat in the Pacific ” the famous PT-109 ” he had a special interest in the German counterpart ” the Schnellboot or “E boat.” After looking into the matter in some detail, Kennedy concluded that the German version was “far superior to our PT boat.”


Hitler’s Place in History

After Bremen and Bremerhaven, Kennedy and Forrestal flew to Bavaria, where they visited the town of Berchtesgaden and then drove up to Hitler’s mountain retreat, which was “completely gutted, the result of an air attack from 12,000 pound bombs by the R.A.F. [British air force] in an attempt on Hitler’s life.”

The Berghof in 1936, in peacetime ¦..

After the American bombing, in May 1945 ¦..

They then entered a special tunnel ¦..

[walked toward the elevator] ¦ ¦

¦.ascended [via the famous brass elevator]

¦ ¦through solid rock up into Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” higher still in the mountains.

Just after this visit, Kennedy wrote a remarkable commentary in his diary, dated August 1, 1945, about Hitler and his place in history:

“After visiting these places, you can easily understand how that within a few years


Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived.


“He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him.

He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.”


Less than a year after this European tour, Kennedy was elected to Congress in Massachusetts, beginning a political career that took him to the White House, and which ended suddenly with his death on November 22, 1963.

From The Journal of Historical Review, May-June 1999 (Vol. 18, No. 3), pp. 30.


President Eisenhower, who as an Army general had led the effort to crush the Third Reich, was very averse to hiring former Hitler scientists for the US space program. but John Kennedy reversed that policy. One of the key scientists he favored was Wernher von Braun, here with his V-2 rocket team at the Baltic coastal town of Peenemnde

And below you see von Braun with President Kennedy. (Btw, I am friends with a son of Wernher von Braun, David Scott, a “love child” that von Braun had with an attractive American mistress. Also, my grandfather John Thomas Colwell, during his 25-year career as a federal auditor, was sent to Huntsville, Alabama to audit the rocket program being developed by von Braun and met and went over the books with him, finding him a charming man. My daughter Ingrid also played with von Braun’s great-niece Amrei when we lived in Alexandria, Virginia, where Wernher von Braun is also buried ¦.)

Werner von Braun chats with President Kennedy with Air Force One behind a throng of Air Force and Army officers


The goal of the Kennedys, father and sons, was to pretend to be liberal, pretend to be pro-Jewish, and then get the power via the White House to destroy the Jewish-controlled Fed, which the experienced and successful banker Joseph Kennedy Sr. saw correctly as the ultimate financial source of all modern Jewish powerthe power to print money and either lend it or not, the power to trigger depressions and foreclose on businesses, hoes and cars, the power to cut off credit, and thus the power to bankrupt their patriotic enemies and complete the Jewish takeover of our media, our politicians (who always desperately need campaign money) and our entire nation.

Joseph Kennedy Junior, the patriarch Joseph Kennedy Junior, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, July 1938.

Joe, husky, smart and strong, and the eldest, was chosen by his father to run for president, but he died in a “mysterious” plane explosion in WWII after President Roosevelt and his father had come to nearly open conflict. Roosevelt threatened to destroy the pro-German, pro-Hitler Kennedys using an IRS investigation of Joseph Kennedy Senior’s hidden whisky income during Prohibition. On August 12, 1944, when Joe Junior as a US Navy pilot was guiding an experimental B-17 toward Germany, following 300 ft (91 m) behind him in a de Havilland Mosquito “to film the mission” was Colonel Elliott Roosevelt, USAAF, son of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Suddenly, the plane exploded in mid-air.

There is no “Kennedy curse,” but instead Jews ” allied with Roosevelt, Johnson and others ” have been killing the secretly anti-.Jewish Kennedys one by one. In the photo below, JFK, killed in 1963, Robert, killed in 1968, and Teddy, who suffered a “small plane crash” on June 19, 1964 in which one of his aides and the pilot were killed. Ted was pulled from the wreckage and spent weeks in a hospital recovering from a broken back, a punctured lung, broken ribs, and internal bleeding. After Robert was killed, Ted was the last brother alive, and began drinking heavily, engaging in self-destructive behavior (leading to Chappaquiddick), and the little brother, now a US senator, began voting exactly as the Jews ordered to stay alive.

As DeWest Hooker revealed to Piper, the patriarch, Joseph Kennedy Senior, had taught John and Robert all about Jewish power. Together, with cunning, they all were working toward a massive strike against the Jews from the power of White House, all the while hiring and using various Jews such as press secretary Pierre Salinger as a “cover,” and pretending outwardly to be total pro-Jewish liberals. The patriarch even asked through Hooker the head of the American Nazi Party, former US Navy commander George Lincoln Rockwell, to put out the slogan “Nazis for Nixon, Kikes for Kennedy” to trick Jews into believing that JFk was their friend, pro-Jewish and pro-Israel ” unlike his father. With the antisemites attacking JFK, the trick worked ” and the Jewish vote in NY, NJ and Florida, plus favorable Jewish media coverage nationwide, helped Senator John Kennedy beat Vice President Richard Nixon in 1960 and enter the White House.

“John-John,” the only son of JFK and Jackie Kennedy, named by People magazine “the sexiest man alive” in 1988 and an extremely nice and humble man ( knew a New York woman who knew him), died in a “small plane crash” on July 16, 1999 when his Piper Saratoga crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. (His wife and sister-in-law were also killed) JFK Junior had aroused Jewish suspicion ” by 1) getting a law degree, 2) discussing entering politics, 3) creating in 1995 an INVESTIGATIVE magazine, 4) naming it “George” after George Washington (suggesting John-John wanted to restore America as the Founding Fathers intended it) and 5) through this magazine creating the reporting staff to investigate who really killed his own father John and uncle Bobby, with the Kennedy family motto being “don’t get mad, get even.”

As a chilling sign of the use of kabbalistic black magic in all these Kennedy killings and constant “accidents,” every single major Kennedy killing or attempt has occurred when the Little Dipper (with the North Star at the end) is located due north of the victim, and the feared Zodiac sign of the Scorpion is to the south of the victim.

As bizarre and foolish as this all seems to us, in the superstitious minds of Jewish satan-worshipers this alignment of the stars somehow creates a more favorable moment to successfully kill ” and most important of all ” also get away with the crime. Robert Fischer, a former research scientist at Dupont, did a major study on this in 2007.

FYI, Ursa Minor, the proper name, is commonly known as the Little Dipper because its seven brightest stars seem to form the shape of a dipper (a ladle or scoop). The star at the end of the dipper handle is Polaris, the North Star.

Depicted below: The Little Dipper (above) and the Big Dipper (below).

The feared sign of Scorpio (below) is located due south of the victim on the horizon when each major Kennedy has died or nearly been killed. Joe was killed in 1944, John was supposed to die in Florida in 1960, then three attempts were planned in November 1963: in Chicago on November 2 (the whole Chicago trip was canceled at the urging of Attorney General Robert Kennedy, his brother), again at Tampa-McDill Air Force Base on November 18, where Kennedy was present, and finally the heinous yet successful murder in Dallas, Texas on the 22nd of that month.

*** Robert Kennedy Junior opens up after 45 years

On a separate note, the family of Martin Luther King was rightly convinced that James Earl Ray did NOT murder MLK and that he was framed by the FBI. They even visited the white Southerner in prison!

The book “Affair of State” makes it crystal that the FBI murdered King after he turned against the Vietnam War, just as it had murdered JFK and Malcolm X, and would soon go on to murder RFK and later John Lennon, shoot and paralyze George Wallace, and possibly Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.
If you have charisma, fame, fearlessness, hate the System, and can start a mass movement opposed to the Jews, they will seek to murder you.

If you have charisma, fame, fearlessness, hate the System, and can start a mass movement opposed to the Jews, and have big money or access to it to boot, they will seek to murder you. It is that simple.


Teddy, then a US senator from Massachusetts, was supposed to die in a plane crash in 1964, Robert was killed in 1968, and JFK Junior was killed in 1997.

In all six cases the constellations were lined up with the Little Dipper due north and the sign of Scorpion due south. The odds of this are 4.9 million to one. This proves clearly that some group worshipping Satan, truly serious students and PRACTITIONERS of black magic, were involved. After all, if one wanted to kill a Kennedy, the head and body of any Kennedy, being mere mortals, were just as vulnerable to a bullet or pre-arranged plane crash on any given day of the year.

It had to be someone who believed deeply in the occult and the black arts ” some group that insisted that they be killed on such supposedly “ominous” days, believing in a kind of black astrology that taught that certain zodiac times would “ensure success” for serial murders. One must remember that the Kennedys were among the most popular and also richest families in America; Bobby Kennedy especially was known for getting vengeance on Kennedy enemies; so it was no small feat to keep killing them and getting away with it.

All stories about the womanizing by the Kennedy father or brothers, however disappointing, must be seen in the context of deliberately weakening their popularity after their death so no one demands with any more real passion that the Kennedy murders ” including a President of the United States and a US senator who was on his way in 1968 to becoming President! “ be cleared up.


And no one has the right to judge the marriage of another who has not been a fly on the wall seven days a week in their car, kitchen and bedroom. As Jesus Christ said (in Matthew 7:1):

“Judge not, lest ye be judged. By the measure with which ye judge others, God shall judge YOU.”

How many husbands living in a long and iffy marriage could have resisted Marilyn Monroe if she were alive right now and, in a hotel in a city far from home, “came on” big-time to THEM? As comedin Chris Rock pointed out, super-hot women do not “come on” to average guys, but if one did, how many men ” on a business trip to a city far away ” would resist a brief fling if the wife could never find out? Though adultery is wrong, many would not resist. And this goes for unhappily married women too, if Brad Pitt or some other movie star “hunk” came on to them when “out of town” and in another city from where they live. The harping on the Kennedys as womanizers appears to me more and more as a deliberate campaign with ulterior motives. And if Bill Clinton got to give a major speech at the 20102 Democratic convention, then we need to be suspicious of focused attacks on the Kennedy men. At least they were interested in women! ;-)

Bobby and John Kennedy don’t know where to put their eyes as they meet Marilyn at the home of a movie producer in Manhattan, shortly after the movie star sang a sexy “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to him from a mike at a big rally on May 19, 1962. at Madison Square Garden in New York. My parents met and slightly knew ackie Kennedy (born Jaqueline Boiuvier). She was a nice woman (photo below), a good mother, dignified, well-dressed and pleasant, but not very smart, very small-chested and actually rather plain from the side. My mother, Constance Colwell Nugent, (see photo below) met her in the 1950s at a high-society party in Newport, Rhode Island (my family moved in those circles) and told me years later (I was born in 1954) that “people think she talks so little in order to seem mysterious, but really it because she’s not terribly bright.”

Jackie was a nice girl, she took French courses at my alma mater, Georgetown, and she was desperate to marry a rich young man ” even a KNOWN skirt-chaser like Jack Kennedy “ after her father, “Black Jack” Bouvier of Newport, drank away the inherited fortune. This was common knowledge in high society when I grew up near Newport, Rhode Island. Jackie took the miscarriage of Patrick Kennedy in 1963 very hard, she and JFK became closer over the loss, and reports say the couple was considering having another baby when he was horrifyingly killed in her presence, and she memorably dove onto the trunk of the limousine to fetch a chunk of his brain and skull. For all JFK’s affairs, they loved each other and their children.

As Jackie Kennedy stares, grief-stricken, in the blood-splattered dress she wore when her husband was killed, the vile Jew Lyndon Baines Johnson winks at an assistant, who winks back, after he took the oath of office and seized the presidency. The Jewess Lady Bird smiles too. LBJ then, via channels, gave Zalman Shapiro of Pittsburgh the green light to keep cranking out the uranium in Apollo,. Pa. for the illegal theft and assembly of materials for the Israeli atomic bomb. While Johnson was president (opening up Third World immigration, favoring blacks, losing the Vietnam War and creating the welfare state and high inflation), his fellow Jew Zalman Shapiro and company dumped the radioactive, cancerogenic waste all over southeastern Armstrong County, Pa. on the trusting goyeem. (“Goyim” is the Hebrew word for “cattle,” but in Jewish parlance usually means “Gentile” that is, non-Jew.)

My later mother, the beautiful Constance Colwell Nugent

Returning to the carefully chosen astrological “killing times” for the six Kennedy murders/”accidents”, scientist Robert Fischer sent me these images:

(My explanation of his words) The first image, in laymen’s terms, means that as the earth turns, certain stars cross certain north-south and east-west lines at certain fixed times. Observing them, one can create a sidereal clock based on star movements, whereas our normal clocks run on sun time, that is, the 24-hour cycle of the earth spinning around the sun.

As you can see, the persons, times and locations are all different, but one thing is the same ”

“the sidereal times in the column on the far right. ¦..

This chart shows a time cluster for all six different attacks on six different Kennedys, all taking place at nearly the exact same sidereal time.



The Israeli version of the CIA, called the Mossad, has a motto is by way of deception shalt thou wage war.

It knew that:

1) the family patriarch, Joe Kennedy Senior, was strongly antisemitic, and as US ambassador had tried to keep American from joining WWII on the British side;

2) his son, John Fitzgerald Kennedy had written very favorably about Hitler in his published diary;

3) JFK had defended Republican US Senator Robert Taft in his bestseller, Profiles in Courage, for denouncing the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials (the trial and hanging in 1946 of the 11 top German leaders who had served in the Hitler government) as a farce;

4) as president, Kennedy had done all in his power to prevent Israel from building The Bomb.

Now here is an additional corroboration to Pipers book,,,,,

From William Kunstlers 1995 My Life as a Radical Lawyer, where we learn that Kunstler represented the nightclub and striptease joint owner Jack Ruby, a Meyer Lansky ally, who silenced Lee Harvey Oswald and got Ruby off death row:

Now here is what Kunstler wrote about Ruby.with the sentence below about the Fair Play for Cuba Association as pure obfuscation and half-truth. Ruby was not afraid of any pro-Cuba association leading to a pogrom against the Jews!

He was afraid that Oswald, unless gunned down, would prove his innocence, which would then shift the investigation to Kennedys real enemies. On orders of HIS boss, Meyer Lansky, Ruby silenced the totally innocent, set-up eccentric Oswald.

Now watch Kunstler, a supposed liberal who nevertheless hated both Kennedys, blast this very Aryan-looking and antisemitic family

Awww, poor Castro, who himself is reported to be partially descended from sephardic Jews.

The motive was to get Israel the bomb. The Mossad organized the killing of JFK, which put in the crypto-Jew Lyndon Baines Johnson (mothers maiden name: Baines, a name as Jewish in Texas as Cohen or Goldberg).

¦..the Power of any President over American Jews and Israel

MJ Rosenbergwas for four years in the 1980s a leading official of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the veritable 900-pound gorilla among all the pressure groupsin Washington DC thatdemand US support for Israel.

Rosenberg, now a writer forTikkun,a Jewish liberal magazine that criticizes Israeli behavior toward Palestinians, had a conversation in the 1980s with Thomas Dine, Executive Director of AIPAC,and Dine reveals in the article below, entitled “AIPAC Surrenders: It Will Always Surrender When A President Challenges It”,what American Jews fear most from an American president “

“ thatthe President of the United Statesgoes past the Jews onto national TV and openly states to the American people that 1) American Jews are Israel Firsters, not patriots, 2) that Israel’s polices are harming world peace and 3) they are endangering the vital interests of the United States.

And this is exactly what the closet antisemite and brilliant television performer John Fitzgerald Kennedy was capable of doing at any time as President from Inauguration Day, January 20, 1961 until November 22, 1963 in Dallas, when the Jew Lyndon Baines Johnson had him murdered.

The full article by M.J. Rosenberg, found in theTikkunmagazine issue of January 8. 2013, is found here:


Sometime in 1980 or thereabouts, during my four year stint at AIPAC, the powerful organization that is the main component of the pro-Israel lobby, I asked Tom Dine, its executive director, if a president of the United States could ever change Israeli behavior even in cases where U.S. national security interests were clearly at stake. [ ¦.]

How, I asked Dine, could the United States get ever get Israel to actually yield occupied territory if it became clear that the Arabs were ready for peace? [ ¦.]

[Dine replied] ¦if a president pushed hard enough, and told the American people that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict wasdamaging U.S. interestsand that he had a plan to end it; that it required ending the occupation in exchange for peace and that the plan would guarantee Israels security while enhancing ours; and asked the American people for support, he would prevail.

He elaborated: By that I mean AIPAC would have no choice but to support him.We can never defeat a U.S. president who reaches over the heads of AIPAC and Congress and goes to the American people directly and invokes the national interest.

It is why any criticism of the lobby that even hints at the lobbys putting Israels interests above Americas produces such fury, hence the recent hysteria over my use of the term Israel Firster.

American Jews (with the exception of a tiny, tiny minority) will not tolerate the suggestion that they are anything but loyal Americans. Hence opposing a president in favor of the prime minister of Israel, after the president invoked the U.S. national interest, would not be sustainable. In that situation, the lobby would back down. And with it Congress and, then, the Israeli government (which depends on U.S. assistance to survive).

Of course, the other option the Jews had was just to kill the President of the United States.

Email from JFK assassination researcher Robert Morrow of 1/18/14:


Jan 18 at 11:58 PM

The 1998 documentary A Closer Look at LBJ by Lyle Sardie is now up on YouTube! Very valuable rare footage and interviews of people linking Lyndon Johnson to the JFK assassination: Madeleine Brown, Billie Sol Estes and Doug Caddy.

From Robert Morrow 512-306-1510

Lyle Sardie has posted his documentary into 12 sections on YouTube:




A REVIEW by John Delane Williams

LBJ: A Closer Look is both a video and a book of research materials produced by Lyle Sardie [1,2]. While there is overlap on some material each presents information relating to LBJ’s involvement with the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Conjectures of LBJ’s involvement have recently intensified, notably due to the determination that a previously unidentified fingerprint on a box on the sixth floor which was determined to be that of Mac Wallace [3,4], a reputed hitman whose major employer was Lyndon Johnson [5].

The Research Materials

Billy Sol Estes

LBJ: A Closer Look, the book is a spiral bound limited edition that surprisingly has no writing by its compiler, Lyle Sardie. Five separate sections are in the research materials, which in total are mainly a collection of newspaper articles. The first section contains material on Billy Sol Estes. Included are four perfunctory letters from Johnson to Estes, presumably to show a relationship between the two. The newspaper articles chronicle Estes schemes, including his selling non-existent anhydrous ammonia tanks, and his illegally securing cotton allotments. Estes relationship to LBJ aide Clifton Carter is described. An article from the March 23, 1984 Dallas Morning News is included in its entirety [6], which implicates LBJ, Clifton Carter, Malcolm Wallace and Estes in plotting the murder of Henry Marshall, an Agricultural Department employee who was investigating Estes. A letter from Douglas Caddy [7], an attorney for Estes, to Stephen Trott, An Assitant Attorney General is included. The letter mentions 17 murders by Wallace, including JFK.

Mac Wallace

The second section contains materials on Malcolm (Mac) Wallace. The first group of articles concerns the murder of Doug Kinsler, a local golf pro who was rumored to have relationships

with Wallace’s wife and also with Josefa Johnson, LBJ’s sister. (Wallace was also rumored to have been involved with Josefa.) Wallace was convicted of murder with malice, but received the rather astonishing sentence of 5 years probation. Several other documents are included; one such document is a 12 page interview of Bob Long, the prosecuting attorney in the Kinser case [8]. Long contended that a lawyer for Wallace, who sat in on the first three days of the ten day trial, was a cousin of one of the jurors: “They let this guy on the jury know that he was a friend of Wallace’s. That’s all there was to it. Of course, he hung the jury” [9, p. 3 of 12].

Henry Marshall

Several documents relate to the death of Agricultural Department Investigator, Henry Marshall. Marshall was investigating the schemes of Billy Sol Estes at the time of Marshall’s death. The autopsy report stated that Wallace suffered five gunshot wounds

to the abdomen and chest, with three of the wounds being rapidly incapacitating. He also had bruises on the left side of his head and had carbon monoxide in his lungs, also an incapacitating situation [10]. Despite the implausibility of any finding but homicide, Marshall’s death was officially termed a suicide, and a year later a grand jury did not overturn the earlier decision [11]. A letter by Homer Garrison, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, went through the evidence and showed how unlikely it was that a person with a near fatal dose of carbon monoxide would then dispose of the materials used in the poisoning, sustain a serious brain injury that caused his eye to protrude, and then shoot himself five times with a bolt action .22 rifle, using only his left hand, with at least three of the shots to be quickly incapacitating [12]. Only in 1984, with the testimony of Billy Sol Estes that Marshall was killed on the orders of then Vice President Lyndon Johnson, by Malcolm Wallace, to hide LBJ-Estes connections, was the cause of death changed to homicide [13]. A 14 page article [14] detailed the death of Marshall and the political furor surrounding his death. Also described is the way in which Wallace got away with the murder of Doug Kinser-threats were made against the families of jurors.

Lyndon Baines Johnson

The section on Lyndon Johnson contains cordial correspondence between LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover. Newspaper articles include material on the infamous box #13, which through apparent irregularities helped steal the 1948 Democrat nomination for Senator for LBJ from Coke Stevenson [15, 16]. The memorandum that some claim [17, 18 for example] changed the impetus of the Vietnam war from an early withdrawal to an extended war effort, National Security Action Memorandum #273 is included [19]. Other newspaper articles include potential areas of scandal for LBJ; Bobby Baker and the TFX [20]; the Estes case [21]; and the Walter Jenkins revelations [22, 23]. Compared to the other four sections, the LBJ section is thinnest in material and substance related to the JFK assassination.

Miscellaneous Materials

The most important document in the last section is 23 pages regarding an application to submit new evidence to the Assassinations Record Review Board by Barr McClellan, a Texas attorney who gave counsel to Edward Clark, who in turn was LBJ’s personal attorney. McClellan played a role in getting “Big Oil” to pay off Clark in the form of an oil well. According to McClellan’s letter, Clark planned the assassination for LBJ. Clark in turn enlisted Mac Wallace to do the assassination. The application contained six exhibits 1) the fingerprint match between Mac Wallace and the unidentified fingerprint on Box “A” on the sixth floor of The Texas Schoolbook Depository; 2) The 1984 Grand Jury decision to change Henry Marshall’s cause of death to homicide, said to indict LBJ, Mac Wallace and Cliff Carter (all then deceased); 3) Affidavit of Clark’s complicity in the assassination; 4) Clark’s application for his well for his payoff; 5) the Caddy letter detailing the murders by Mac Wallace; 6) a memo reviewing Wallace’s security clearances [24]. Even for someone who has pinpointed LBJ as a being a principal in the assassination [25], the material in the application by McClellan is breathtaking. The research documents taken in toto seem to help make a compelling case for complicity in JFK’s assassination by Johnson.

The Video

Whereas the written documents require the reader to cognitively relate them, as Sardie adds no material on his own, the video deliberately builds a case against Johnson. First, a review is made of Johnson’s rise to power with prominent mention of ballot box #13. Then Loy Factor tells his story through Glenn Sample and Mark Collom [26]. Factor is interviewed on film in a hospital shortly before his death in 1993. Factor claimed that Mac Wallace hired him for his markmanship for an unspecified job that turned out to be the shooting of JFK. Wallace was said to be shooting from the position on the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository which has been called by the Warren Commission and others as Oswald’s “assassins lair”.

Madeleine Brown [see 27, 28], who claims to have been LBJ’s mistress and the mother of his son, whom LBJ supported until LBJ died in 1973, was an associate producer of the film and she related some of her story in the video. She stated that an attorney who did work for Johnson, John Cofer, also represented Wallace in the Kinser trial and Estes when he was tried for the cotton allotment fraud. Estes reputedly wanted to take the stand and tell the whole story, but was prevented by Cofer. Madeleine Brown saw LBJ, Estes, Wallace and Cliff Carter in conference at the Driskoll Hotel just months before the assassination.

Doug Caddy related that Estes told him that Bobby Kennedy offered him immunity if he would testify against LBJ, which offer Estes refused. Estes pointed out that Eddie Rinehart, Foreman of the jury that ruled George Marshall died from suicide, was appointed as a postmaster on the recommendation of Johnson one year after the Grand Jury deliberations. Audiotapes were made of Johnson’s involvement in the various nefarious activities that usually involved Estes, LBJ, Wallace and Cliff Carter. While in prison, these tapes were in the possession of Lyle Brown, who listened to them. Estes, Carter and Lyle Brown met on September 20, 1971. Carter feared for his life; he was found dead the next day. It was reported that Carter died of natural causes. The inference made on the video was that this was another of those strange deaths related to the assassination.

A press conference held in Dallas on May 27, 1998 is also featured. Walt Brown [see 29, 30] featured the fingerprint evidence identified as being from Mac Wallace. Some researchers are not convinced that the fingerprint is from Wallace, despite a 14 point match. A surprising non-acceptor of the fingerprint evidence is Glen Sample. The finding of Wallace’s fingerprint at the precise point that Sample said Wallace was at which would hence strongly enhance Sample’s version of events. Sample [31] claims not be convinced by the evidence so far.

While individual reactions vary, I find the book to be somewhat more useful than the video, which some might see as showing a degree of anti-Johnson bias. If the conjectures regarding the Wallace-LBJ connection with the assassination of Kennedy hold under further scrutiny, does this end the search for JFK’s killers?

My sense is that it would give light on one of the arms of the octopus, but there would be much more to learn. It also leads to the clamor for Billy Sol’s story and audiotapes as well as wishing to view McClellan’s manuscript and his other evidence.


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31. Sample, G. (1999). Men on the Sixth Foor Website.

From The Fourth Decade: A Journal of Research on the John F. Kennedy Assassination. (1999). 6, 4, 3-6.


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9 Comments on The Jewish War on the Kennedys

  1. You have written the best ever analysis of the sinister Jewish war against the Kennedy dynasty: cogent, concise, thought-provoking, enlightening and stunningly plausible. It should be circulated and recirculated far and wide to alert the prospective victims of the planned Jewish world hegemony to the cunning and ruthlessness of their enemy in time to devise a defense and permanent elimination of the menace, Canadian Reader

    • As the rabbits control cops via ˜carrots’ of “envelopes in their lockers” or ˜sticks’ against their family/children, [and other various bribes], one must not leave out their main weapon: MO MONEY, MO MONEY, and a tool to tax their “UN-Federal Reserve-LESS” slaves via IN-flation, on a whim.

      See JFK’s Executive Order 11110 to take their Golden Goose; [Kennedy was] my all time favorite hero!

  2. A fascinatingly thought-provoking and surprisingly convincing analysis. And I say this as someone who doesn’t usually give much credence to most conspiracy theories “ i.e., that 9/11 was planned by the CIA/Jews, etc., and not by Muslim terrorists. Your historical research seems to be spot-on “ I couldn’t find any of the usual exaggerated “facts” and drawing of highly absurd conclusions in your essay, although I do think the astrological alignments, as interesting as they are, will raise a lot of eyebrows.

    Off topic, in your profile picture above you look remarkably like the late actor Robert Shaw who played the double agent Red Grant/Captain Nash in “From Russia with Love” “ a great actor in perhaps my favourite Bond movie.

  3. Anthony, 9/11 wasn’t just ˜planned’ by Israeli & U.S. jews & their goy servants. It was also pulled off by them. I suggest you do some more research on the subject. Search: Alan Sobrosky, Larry Silverstein, the Dancing Israelis, Israeli security firms, Building 7, Dov Zeikom, Urban Moving Systems, and Michael Chertoff. It doesn’t get any more obvious than 9/11. ˜Conspiracy theories’? Oh, you mean like 19 guys w/boxcutters bringing down 3 steel framed skyscrapers at the speed of gravity all in the same day ? Yeah ¦ok. By the way, at least 9 of those ˜Muslim terrorists’ are confirmed alive.

  4. Excellent!
    What do you think, Sir, of the theory which said that Gordon Novel, now deceased, was the real umbrella man?
    My great grand-mother, from my mother side, was a (poor) jewess. So, if I do not agree entirely with all and every thing in your very rich site, I neverless share many of your opinions.
    Excuse my broken English (I lived for a couple of years in Texas and in New Mexico, but I am back in France, my native country for, about thirty years).
    I wish you the best, and my compliments again,

    John F. Gille, PhD (Marseilles 1973), ufologist

  5. JFK speaks to the ADL in 1963

    Notice he did not kiss up to the Jewish lobby, unlike his intimidated successors. As I have amply proven, JFK was secretly as anti-Jewish as his father and was murdered by the equally secret half-Jew Lyndon Johnson because Kennedy was blocking the illegal Israeli plan to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Any Kennedy connaisseur can tell that JFK was merely going through the´motions in this speech, which was about America, not the American Jews, the ADL or Israel, all of which he secretly despised.

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