Trump was the second Reagan-type who talked tough, then wussed out; black insolence; join me on lively, free-speechy VK; spiritual reading

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Denzel Washington doing some classic black-male cockiness, though this time for a good cause


……The 1980s Reagan delusion



…..Free speech and vocabulary on the Russian VK


The number of my VK friends has soared from 200 to 1200…..and only half are gold-digging females 😉

My VK friend Oksana, like Melania, knows a billionaire when she sees one 😉

(These brainless, bimbo gold-diggers have VK home pages with no political posts or anything at all against or even about the System, the news, wars, vaccines, chemtrails, Ukraine, migrants, etc., just pix of themselves and their great derrières and chests. Then two hundred broke Mohammeds and other Arabs post how beautiful they are. 😉  Serves them right. This female humanimal messaging attracts the male humanimals.)

American expellees from Faceberg especially are now flooding onto VK, as are our British and Continental comrades, posting and commenting both in their own languages and also in English — which many young Europeans understand well.

(Btw, Vladimir Putin’s government bought VK years ago….. It is seriously into free speech.)


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  1. So…I searched on your blog and you mentioned the Ashli Babbitt case prior, but already over 2 years ago.
    So I presume you haven´t seen this video yet. If you already know it, your analysis would still be interesting.

    Now it is said that the whole shooting was fake. To me the video seems plausible.
    What are your thoughts on it?

    I often – too often? – see the Babbitt-Case promoted on soft sites like Gateway Pundit. Now they are also often writing about her mother(maybe fake as Ashli?) Micki Witthoeft. Hm. TBH this woman also seems suspicious to me…the comments there also say a lot.

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