ENGLISH Was Jackie Evancho torpedoed by Simon Cowell? and Internet censorship via "copyright infringement" scheme

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Despite writing 25 times on jdn.com that if the site was hacked (by Jews, who else?), readers should come here, to jdn.org, the “mirror site,” 80% of my readers became non-plussed when the event finally happened — and went away. It is amazing that one can say something

25 times, in bold, italics and

large font

and it still not sink in. 😉

I guess I need to put it in Las Vegas flashing neon signs the next time! 😉 The concept of a mirror site still remains murky and mysterious. 😉 A mirror site is a clone of the main website if it is hacked: same blogs, pix and videos. It is basically the same website, but it ain’t DOWN!

One supporter confessed to me that he only looked at the pictures and videos and read the headlines. So he missed the 25 notices about the mirror site…….

This is white America, Anno Dei 2010. 😉

The other problem was the Jews also hacked my main email address: john@democratic-republicans.us. Emails sent to it kept bouncing back to people. One nice supporter contacted me on Facebook, worried, and asked if I had been “holocausted”! 😉

I have now updated my Contact page on jdn.org — and will do so on jdn.com once it is fully repaired.

Here is the new Contact page, which I use to also put out a message:

* * *

Contact John de Nugent

213 Ekastown Road
Sarver PA 16055 USA

[north of Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania]






John de Nugent (Pittsburgh)

* * *

If this email address does not work, then the government of Israel, Jewish sayanim in gentile countries, or a Jewish-controlled agency of a Jewish-controlled gentile government, committing the felony of violating freedom of speech and destroying my property, has hacked this email address once again in fear of both the factual truth and the resonance of my message.

Then write me at one of these email addresses — or all three.


My very distant ancestors on both sides came from France, actually from Normandy. They were Vikings, “North-men,” who had learned French. They arrived in England around 1160, and then went to Ireland. I visited the cemetery at Verdun, France in 2004, where 600,000 brave and patriotic French and German boys died in World War One — for absolutely nothing — except for the fact that their real masters hated them

and wanted to make millions in obscene profits as millions of innocent men horribly died.

Who is told today that in 1915 the Kaiser of Germany begged the Allies to end the bloodshed and that all soldiers should just go home honorably in peace, stopping the madness?

Canadian soldier’s corpse. Rats ate cadavers quickly. Often, bombardment blew buried bodies right back out into the air. Hundreds of thousands suffered post-traumatic stress syndrome, then called “shell shock,”‘ and were never the same afterward.

My great-uncle Herbert was gassed and spoke with a croak for the rest of his life. I asked him once “Why did we fight the war?”

He answered in his croak: “John, President Wilson told us that it would be ‘the war to end all wars.'”

In 1917 the Americans were lured in and 100,000 of our boys died in misery too. It led only to communism and to World War Two. When will our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines stop dying in Jewish-planned wars? Automaker Henry Ford (http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-references-gentile-ford-overview.html) booked a whole ocean liner in 1916 full of Americans to sail to Europe and urge our white European cousins to end the slaughter in the trenches.

In 1916 Ford led an ill-fated mission to stop the slaughter of World War I. He assembled a disparate coalition of clergymen, writers, politicians,pacifists, and businessmen, chartered the Norwegian ocean liner Oscar II and sailed for Europe in hopes of inspiring the neutral powers to mediate a peace treaty. His coalition squabbled among themselves, and the forces for war proved too strong. Ford returned to America a somewhat discouraged but wiser man. He never lost his distaste for foreign wars, however, and spoke out against them and the hidden forces that foment them in no uncertain terms.

Mme. Rosika Schwimmer, one of the leaders of the Peace Ship project, was a Jewish diplomat and pacifist who, according to Ford, was more intelligent than all of the others aboard the ship put together. She tells the story of her first meeting with Ford, where he said “I know who started this war – the German-Jewish bankers.” As he slapped some papers hidden in pocket of his coat, he said, “I have the evidence here – facts! I can’t give them out yet because I haven’t got them all. I’ll have them soon!”

In an interview with a New York Times reporter on Christmas, 1921, Ford gave some further insight into his education in the ways of the world while he was on the Peace Ship. “It was the Jews themselves who convinced me of the direct relationship between the international Jew and war. In fact, they went out of their way to convince me. On the peace ship were two very prominent Jews. We had not been at sea 200 miles before they began telling me of the power of the Jewish race, of how they controlled the world through their control of gold, and that the Jew and no one but the Jew could end the war. I was reluctant to believe it but they went into detail to convince me of the means by which the Jews controlled the war, how they had the money, how they had cornered all the basic materials needed to fight the war and all that, and they talked so long and so well that they convinced me. They said, and they believed, that the Jews started the war, that they would continue it as long as they wished, and that until the Jew stopped the war it could not be stopped. I was so disgusted I would have liked to turn the ship back.”

USMC First Sergeant Dan Daley, a double Medal of Honor winner, in WWI (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Daly). The bravery of our fighting men should be used only to protect our borders from illegal and violent immigrants!

As a former Marine (1977-79) and National Guardsman (1980-81), forever and still on guard for our Constitution, and liable even on “inactive-duty” to military service again at any time, I subscribe with my very life to the vows in this video:


Silly point: I have heard dummies say “Hitler was for the Aryans, yet he himself had brown eyes and dark hair.” Dark hair, yes (like Himmler and Hess), but he had deep blue eyes (also like Himmler and Hess), though they often photographed as brown because they were quite a dark blue.

My peepers also, being dark blue, often appear brown on photos.
Btw, that adorable little Jackie Evancho, the 10-year-old opera sensation of Ukranian heritage from here in Pittsburgh, has the same blue-brown photo issue. Her eyes, like mine, often look brown except when natural light is shining on them indirectly, and usually in out-of-doors shots. I raise the issue because I just read that sadly only 22% of all white Americans now have blue eyes, down from 57% in 1900.
I can certainly tell you why this happened in New England: southern Italians marrying the Irish and English. There went the blue eyes.

Here Jackie is, a pure, adorable angel, in 2009:

Here is a video of her at the America’s Got Talent competition, where her eyes look sometimes brown. In any case, she is doing a supernaturally beautifully job!


Many were outraged that she did NOT win the America’s Got Talent Competition. I suspected well in advance that this might happen and the reason in my mind was that the producer is Simon Cowell, a crypto-Jew, and his goombas are open Jews.

AND she sang two Catholic songs in Latin about Jesus and Mary!

Simon Cowell, producer and creator of “America’s Got Talent”
Ken Warwick,co-creator of “America’s Got Talent” with Simon Cowell
Brian Friedman, creative director
* * *
Cowell is notorious as a judge for his blunt and often controversial criticisms, insults and wisecracks about contestants and their abilities……His father, Eric Philip Cowell, was a [real] estate agent developer and music industry executive, and his mother, Julie Brett (ne Josie Dalglish), is a former ballet dancer and socialite.[2] Cowell’s paternal grandparents, Joseph Cowell and Esther Malinsky, were English Jews,[3] [in other words, the father was a Jew].
Very many of Jackie’s songs are Christian, which must grate on this Jew, such as the renditions of Pie Jesu and Schubert’s Ave Maria,

[I could not get this YouTube to embed.]


and here, O Holy Night

Pie Jesu and Ave Maria are both in Latin, and most people didn’t understand a word Jackie was saying. This is a girl who very securely marches to her own drummer. Both songs are actually funereal prayers, one being addressed to Jesus and the other to His Mother. ….. And, I suspect, now you know, as Paul Harvey used to say for decades on the radio, “the rest of the story.” I think the Jew Cowell, and Friedman, etc. cannot stand such a blond, blue-eyed, Slavic Christian angel girl winning.
(Having said that, the overtly Jewish judge Howie Mandel seemed smitten with her to the point of making a fool of himself. Question: Why is there not one white American judge of “America’s Got Talent” the three but instead two Brits and a Canadian Jew?)
Of course, maybe those who called in to vote are so primitive that they wanted to hear only yet another pop song sung in English, as the “winner” named Michael Grimm did. It certainly helped that Grimm puts on the dog about how humble he is and how he loves his grandparents…. and it also helps a LOT that he sings, although a Southern white boy from Mississippi, ovetly in a gravelly African-American style. His whole shtick seems to be “I am a Southern white boy who sings black.” Jews gotta love that spectacle, especially from a son of Dixie.
In any case, seeing him as the winner (and I do admit his talent) and the ethereal and incredible Jackie Evancho lose the final competition, and as a victim of electronic vote fraud myself (http://johndenugent.com/news/english-kitten-hitlers-kitlers-stalk-america-tennessee-1990-miracle/), I wonder about the honesty of the voting that gave the black-music-white-boy the edge over the blond phenomenon from Pittsburgh.
Evancho with her “LOSING” performance of Ave Maria (and she did miss a breathing and seem just a tad nervous, which I might have been too at age 10 with 20 million people watching me)

Grimm’s “WINNING” performance….


In any case, she will likely go on to great things, unless she gets a slimy, psychopathic Jew agent who destroys her character, and Michael Grimm will become yet another vocalist fatally weakened by trying to be black. In other words, and I hate to say this, a clever whigger.
Jackie Evancho reviews in Wiki:

Christopher Hahn, General Director of the Pittsburgh Opera said Jackie’s performance of O Mio Babbino Caro was “Spellbinding. It’s very unusual for a young child to have a voice that sounded so rich and developed.” [19] “I thought she was just lovely, sweetly compelling.”[20] “She is compelling,” said Hahn.

“It is quite unusual to hear a young girl with that level of warmth and roundness.”[21] Hahn called Jackie’s performance of Pie Jesu strong, with seamless delivery. “Her phrasing was lovely, which she needed for that piece.”
Composer Tim Janis said “[Jackie’s] voice is so pure and natural, there’s no flaw in it. People say ‘I can hear her potential coming,’ but no, it’s here, it’s now.”[22] “She is just truly blessed with a voice that’s phenomenal”[23]
America’s Got Talent judge,
Piers Morgan said that Jackie has more talent than any act he’s seen after witnessing her version of Ave Maria: “I have never seen an act, on this show or the British show or any of the other talent shows in the world, with more potential than Jackie Evancho. That was perfection.”[24]
Claudia Benack, Assistant Professor of Musical Theater at Carnegie Mellon University said that “[Jackie] has an unusually adult feel for the repertoire…I think she’s very good.”[25]Etta Cox, a jazz singer and instructor at the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Downtown Pittsburgh said: “Her voice just doesn’t fit her body. I’ve never heard a voice like that in a 10-year-old, and I’ve been teaching voice for many years. The maturity of her voice is incredible for someone her age.”[26]

Sooner or later, there will be pressure for Jackie to get a Jewish agent, I do fear, and then to do nasty music. I can just hear the Jew agent now:
“Jackie, listen, kid, you got a great voice. BUT singing Catholic songs in Latin about Jesus and Mary is what lost you the competition! AND THE MILLION BUCKS. [GLANCES AT PARENTS]. You gotta do some popular stuff now that Hollywood and Newyawk will like.”
In the same way, the gorgeous young Nordic American actress Dakota Fanning, of Irish and German heritage, was told to stop doing such nice movie roles.
And so her recent movie has “her first lesbian kiss.”
Dakota Fanning back a few years ago, still a pure little angel — like Jackie Evancho is today:
And Sandra Bullock, whom Margaret knows (and also she knew her late parents), recently performed an inane, out-of-the-blue lesbian kiss (there you go again) at an awards ceremony and then adopted a black baby.
She has to atone for her then husband Jesse James having a Nazi uniform and tattoos.
Sandra also has to atone big-time and repeatedly to the Khazars for having a German mother.
But remember, ALL gentile females, movie stars or not, to the Jews are mere shiksas — in Hebrew “pieces of meat” or “unclean things.”
(Hebrew is a language of constantly ambiguous meanings, where the vowels in the word are not even written out, thus to add to the confusion.
It would be as if English were written like this:
[same sentence]
t wld b s f nglsh wr wrttn lk ths.
Correspondingly, the word Goy in Hebrew means cattle and also gentile…..)
As the father of two daughters, the deliberate corruption of our girls (although mine turned out fine) by Jew agents an mentors makes me sick with rage.
My daughter Ingrid in 1998 in Winthrop near Boston. She now has a master’s degree from Duke and is a successful professional, married, no kids. How will the de Nugent name from the 1100s be carried on with two childless daughters?
Pedro Varela, the heroic and persecuted white nationalist publisher in Spain (now facing two years imprisonment in Jew-Occupied Spain for publishing dissident books), told me how Spain and Italy now have the lowest birth rate in the EU, even lower than Germany! I just cannot imagine how Latins of all people can be in the slightest fulfilled in their lives if they remain childless.
Pedro Varela
When growing up in Rhode Island as a WASP among Italians (and Irish and French Canadians), all those Catholics were legendary for their huge and close families, always arguing and shouting but staying together, thick as thieves if any outsider attacked.
WASPs in contrast are infamous, INFAMOUS, for dropping out of touch with their closest kin. They will move 3,000 miles away from their aging parents for a trivial promotion.
I remember in 1990 that during the buildup to Bush I’s Gulf War, a white, WASPy female American reporter at a news conference remonstrated with Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, then the Saudi ambassador to the United States, for the fact that female American GIs were not allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia, or walk around unless escorted by a male, and had to dress all buttoned up and not even show their wrists!

Bandar retorted with a question:

“Is it true that in America you abandon your own mother and father to a nursing home and visit them a few times a year?”

That shut her up.

(Or the parents move to Arizona or Florida, away from their kids…..)

And such coldness and radical individualism are why the WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants)– who founded Rhode Island, such as my ancestor (both maternally and paternally), Thomas Angell, an assistant to Roger Williams back in 1635 — that this WASP stock is now just 17% of the population of their own state.

(Btw, it is now, shockingly, 11% Hispanic = mestizo.)

My mother, ne Constance Colwell, descendant of the first New Englanders

On the left, my beloved grandfather John Thomas Colwell, BROWN-EYED, and I believe he is my guardian angel today. (My once naturally blonde, blue-eyed grandmother, Elizabeth Angell (Colwell), is seated to his right at the family home, built in 1790. She was a direct descendant of Thomas Angell of 1635, co-founder of Providence, as was my fathers fathers mother by another Angell line. An Angell, who wrote the series Fraiser, died on 9/11.)




September 21st, 2010
Censorship of the Internet Takes Center Stage in “Online Infringement” Bill
Legislative Analysis by Richard Esguerra

Senator Patrick Leahy yesterday introduced the “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act” (COICA). This flawed bill would allow the Attorney General and the Department of Justice to break the Internet one domain at a time by requiring domain registrars/registries, ISPs, DNS providers, and others to block Internet users from reaching certain websites. The bill would also create two Internet blacklists. The first is a list of all the websites hit with a censorship court order from the Attorney General. The second, more worrying, blacklist is a list of domain names that the Department of Justice determines without judicial review are “dedicated to infringing activities.” The bill only requires blocking for domains in the first list, but strongly suggests that domains on the second list should be blocked as well by providing legal immunity for Internet intermediaries and DNS operators who decide to block domains on the second blacklist as well. (It’s easy to predict that there will be tremendous pressure for Internet intermediaries of all stripes to block these “deemed infringing” sites on the second blacklist.)

COICA is a fairly short bill, but it could have a longstanding and dangerous impact on freedom of speech, current Internet architecture, copyright doctrine, foreign policy, and beyond. In 2010, if there’s anything we’ve learned about efforts to re-write copyright law to target “piracy” online, it’s that they are likely to have unintended consequences.

This is a censorship bill that runs roughshod over freedom of speech on the Internet. Free speech is vitally important to democracy, which is why the government is restricted from suppressing speech except in very specific, narrowly-tailored situations. But this bill is the polar opposite of narrow not only in the broad way that it tries to define a site “dedicated to infringing activities,” but also in the solution that it tries to impose a block on a whole domain, and not just the infringing part of the site.

We note that the DMCA already gives copyright owners legal tools to remove infringing material piece-by-piece, and to obtain injunctions requiring ISPs to block certain offshore infringing websites. The misuse of the existing DMCA provisions have had a tremendously damaging impact on fair use and free expression. By comparison, COICA streamlines and vastly expands this; it would allow the AG to shoot down a whole domain including all the blog posts, images, backups, and files underneath it. In other words, it’s not just possible but probable that a great deal of legitimate, protected speech will be taken down in the name of copyright enforcement.

It is designed to undermine basic Internet infrastructure. When a user enters “eff.org” into their web browser, what responds is a domain name system server that tells the users’ browser where EFF’s website is located on the Internet. This bill would have the Attorney General prevent the players in that domain name system (possibly including your ISP) from telling you the truth about a website’s location.

And it’s not clear what a user would see in this situation would it look like a “404 message,” that simply says a site or page could not be found, without explaining why? Would users receive some kind of notice clarifying that the site they were seeking was made inaccessible at the behest of the government? Generally speaking, the bill forces all the Internet “middlemen” to act as if a part of the Internet doesn’t exist, even though that page may otherwise be completely available and accessible.

COICA sends the world the message that the United States approves of unilateral Internet censorship. Which governments deny their citizens access to parts of the Internet? For now, it is mostly totalitarian, profoundly anti-democratic regimes that keep their citizens from seeing the whole Internet. With this bill, the United States risks telling countries throughout the world, “Unilateral censorship of websites that the government doesn’t like is okay and this is how you do it.”

The bill’s imbalances threaten to complicate existing laws and policies. The bill includes poorly drafted definitions that threaten fair use online, endanger innovative backup services, and raises questions about how these new obligations on Internet intermediaries are intended to fit with existing US secondary liability rules and the DMCA copyright safe harbor regime. Moreover, it seems easy to get on the blacklist the bill sets up a seemingly streamlined procedure for adding domains (including a McCarthy-like procedure of public snitching) but in contrast, it seems difficult to get off the list, with a cumbersome process to have a blacklisted domain removed.

And what do we get in exchange? Not much, if the goal is to actually limit unauthorized copying online. The bill gives the government power to play an endless game of whack-a-mole, blocking one domain after another, but even a relatively unsophisticated technologist can begin to imagine the workarounds: a return to encrypted peer-to-peer, modified /etc/hosts files (that don’t rely on the domain name system for finding things on the Internet), and other tools, which will emerge and ensure that committed pirates have a way to route around the bill’s damage to the DNS system.

To us, COICA looks like another misguided gift to a shortsighted industry whose first instinct with respect to the Internet is to try to break it. There are still many questions to be answered, but one thing is for sure this bill allows the government to suppress truthful speech and could block access to a wealth of non-infringing speech, and the end result will do little to protect artists or mollify the industries that profit from them. Stay tuned for more analysis, information, and steps you can take to fight Internet censorship.


When I lived in the Wash DC area, some of the black sections had horrible infestations of bedbugs. It is unfortunately no laughing matter. If just ONE family in an apartment building gets them, from laziness and poor hygiene, those critters can crawl through the walls and infest every OTHER apartment in the building!
Sometimes the entire building house has to be emptied, and every piece of furniture fumigated, all because ONE BLACK FAMILY does not stay clean.
Third Worlders also are bringing in these plagues. Bedbugs were nearly extinct in America a few decades ago. Laws against reselling mattresses helped prevent them. Many people avoided buying used furniture for that reason, too.


Now look at this item from Edmonton, up in frosty Alberta, Canada, which used to be all-white and spotless:

In the end, every white nation, by invisible Jewish decree that is never stated but is always felt, is to descend to Third World level and become another Zimbabwe or Brazil.

White clean, white, spotless Scandinavians such as Henrik Holappa are expelled from North America.
And white South Africans in fear for their very lives cannot get in.
What we get is Hindus, Somalians, Mexicans and Kenyans. They even infest the White House.

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