UPDATED Esquire on the man with the world’s highest IQ, who has publicly come out as a white nationalist

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(New material: Scroll down 1/6th to “Esquire on Langan”)

 Chris Langan is the man with the world’s highest IQ, and he has now come out against white genocide, as well as against atheism.

Wiki on his views:


(In Google Images, they seem to be making his hair black. The smartest man on earth should be a Jew, a POC, or be a white with black hair and brown eyes. No Nordics!)

Langan being interviewed on some of his key theories:

……Esquire on Langan



…is probably not what you’d expect

NOVEMBER 1, 1999 


By some accounts, Christopher Michael Langan is the smartest man in America. He is certainly the smartest nightclub bouncer in America, endowed with an IQ that has been measured at 195, give or take a few points, a score that puts him on a par with the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and René Descartes, three of the brightest minds in human history.

A great minotaur of a man with a basso profundo voice, Chris is six feet tall and weighs 275 pounds. A former cowboy, construction worker, and Park Service firefighter, he has a fifty-two-inch chest, twenty-two-inch biceps, a cranial circumference of twenty-five and a half inches—a colossal head, more than three standard deviations above the norm.

*** This is standard amongst Nordics, esp. the high forehead

Wernher von Braun and another guy with a high forehead


Known in his younger days to play a mean lead guitar, Chris has light-blue eyes, a dry-look Elvis pompadour, and a bit of a chip on his shoulder, something you come to understand once you hear his story.

“It ain’t easy being green,” Chris likes to say, resigned yet undiscouraged—the cocky, perverse, somewhat defensive assuredness of a person who has always been the smartest in any group, perhaps the loneliest, too.

The distribution of IQs through the population forms a bell curve, with the very smartest on one side, the severely disabled on the other. The IQ of the average human is about 100. The IQ of the average college graduate is about 120. IQs like Chris’s exist among us at a rate of roughly one in one hundred million. In a world designed for average, folks like Chris don’t always fit very well.

Forty-two years old, he pulls down $6,000 a year. He lives in a tiny, cluttered one-room cabin overlooking a field of heavy machinery in Eastport, Long Island—a short drive from the tony Hamptons—which he shares with his cat, Ramona, and his 1985 shovelhead Harley-Davidson, parked near the sink in his kitchen.

Thanks to the magic of the World Wide Web, Chris knows he is not alone. Over the last fifteen years, about a dozen affinity groups for people with superhigh IQs have been formed. More exclusive than Mensa—which accepts those with a minimum IQ of 132, one of every fifty people—clubs like the Triple 9 Society, the Prometheus Society, and the Mega Society (with IQ requirements of 148, 164, and 176) provide electronic fellowship to an eccentric, far-flung population known as HiQ Society. Though the clubs, like all subcultures, have become a petri dish for ego squabbles and political infighting, they nevertheless supply the comfort of fraternity in a world that doesn’t think fast enough, doesn’t get the reference, doesn’t get the point.

Welcome to the HiQ Nation. Walk a mile in the shoes of genius. Physicians and Ph.D.’s, bar bouncers and postal workers, cosmologists, philosophers, mothers, and mimes, their brain powers haven’t exactly taken them to the places you might expect.

Chris’s mom was a spirited young woman, the black-sheep daughter of a wealthy shipping executive, who frequented San Francisco’s City Lights Bookstore, rubbing shoulders with the Beats. His dad, the story goes, died of a heart attack before he was born. To this day, Chris isn’t sure if his mother was telling the truth.

Chris began talking at six months of age, reading at three years.

*** Same here

Read the ingredients off an A-1 steak-sauce bottle in my high chair and my parents stopped chewing. 😉



He skipped kindergarten through second grade, started his schooling in third. Though his IQ was never tested when he was a child, he says, “it was simply recognized that I was some kind of kid genius. My schoolmates saw me as the teacher’s pet, this little freak.”

When he was five, his mother—who’d in the meantime married and divorced a struggling Hollywood actor and given birth to two more sons—married a mean, hard-drinking tyrant. “He figured the best way to raise three boys would be to set up his own military platoon,” Chris says. “Living with him was like ten years of boot camp, only at boot camp you don’t get the shit beaten out of you every day with a garrison belt, and in boot camp you’re not living in abject poverty.”

At six each morning, his stepfather would sound reveille on a bugle, line up his little soldiers at attention, heels cocked at 45 degrees, thumbs along trouser seams. He’d stand before each of the boys and feign a punch, usually a right jab that he’d stop an inch or two shy of their noses. If one of the kids flinched, he would sock him for real. Chris’s body was always covered with welts. The fresh ones were pink and red, the older ones black and blue, the oldest green and yellow. “I looked like a Jackson Pollock painting,” Chris remembers.

By the time he was twelve, Chris got into lifting weights. “When you’re the littlest and the smartest, and you’re wearing rags, and you come to school with a fat lip and all these marks on you, you’re treated like scum by the rest of the kids. I just decided enough was enough. I developed my strength, worked on my hand speed. I learned how to beat up kids that were twice my size. I got a reputation for being a tough guy. By that time, I was mostly doing independent study—they didn’t know what to teach me anymore, but nobody was going to take me out and put me in college on the fast track, so I just did what they told me. I went to study hall and worked on my own, taught myself advanced math, physics, philosophy, Latin and Greek, all that. Meanwhile, all the parents were taking their kids out of study hall because they didn’t want them anywhere near me. They thought I was going to beat them up.”

One morning when he was fourteen, Chris awoke to a flash of white light, followed by intense pain across his eyes. He jumped out of bed half blinded. Just home from an all-night drunk, his stepfather had wrapped his garrison belt around his fist and punched Chris while he slept. Since he was four years old, Chris had never once talked back. It was always, No, sir, Yes, sir; he’d never even said boo. Now he just went mental. Chris flew at him, knocked him across the room, against the wall, out the door. He beat down the old man in the front yard, told him never to return. He didn’t.

Chris’s adulthood continued in much the same vein. He got into college on a scholarship. He lost the scholarship when his mother forgot to sign the financial forms. He took a year off, earned money fighting forest fires, enrolled at another college. Then his car broke down in the middle of winter. He had no money to fix it. He had to walk fifteen rural miles in the snow every day or face failure. At neither school were officials willing to give him a break.

“There I was, paying my own money, taking classes from people who were obviously my intellectual inferiors,” he says. “I just figured, Hey, I need this like a moose needs a hat rack!”

“I could literally teach these people more than they could teach me, and, on top of that, they have no understanding, they don’t want to help me out in the least. To this day, I have no respect for academics. I call them acadummies. So I guess you could say that was the end of my formal education.”

*** We had special schools for character

And there they learned to be workers, reliable, sturdy, and sociable, not loners holed up with books all day, ending up as nerds making $6,000 a year  with a 1 in 100-million IQ, and incels who don’t know how to talk to a girl.


Good article, if, natürlich, slanted….


One graduate was the actor Hardy Krüger:


Over the years, Chris developed what is known in the literature as the double-life strategy.

“On one side, you’re a regular guy,” he says. “You go to work, you do your job, you exchange pleasantries. On the other side, you come home and you begin doing equations in your head. You kind of retreat into your own world—you make it work for you the best you can.”

When Chris isn’t busy doing temp work as a bartender, or training such summer luminaries as writer Tom Wolfe at the local health club, or wrestling with spoiled, flush-pocket drunks, or chatting up the young ladies—the very young ladies, his self-avowed major weakness—he is often found hunched over his homebuilt computer, drinking tepid tea from a spaghetti-sauce jar, working on something he calls the CTMU, his Cognition-Theoretic Model of the Universe.

The result of ten years of solitary labor, the CTMU—pronounced cat-mew—is, says Chris, a true “Theory of Everything,” a cross between John Archibald Wheeler’s “Participatory Universe” and Stephen Hawking’s “Imaginary Time” theory of cosmology.

Simply put, the CTMU explains the meaning and substance of reality. It resolves—once and for all time, he says—“many of the most intractable paradoxes known to physical science while bestowing on human consciousness a level of meaning that was previously approached only by religion and mysticism.”

A culmination of the modern logico-linguistic philosophical tradition, the CTMU “reunites the estranged couple consisting of rationalistic philosophy and empirical science.” Though Chris has invited criticism of his theories from all quarters, he has yet to hear a valid argument against his conclusions or computations. Neither has he found a publisher.

“There are a lot of bad breaks you can get in the real world,” Chris says philosophically. “A lot of very smart people are going to get a bunch of those breaks—it’s the law of averages, you know? It’s just going to happen. And I was one of the people it happened to, simple as that. I’m not complaining, I’m just telling it like it is. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to be ordinary. Not that I’d trade. I just wonder sometimes.”





A comrade wrote me:
Good article by Anglin on Christopher Langan.

I especially agree with this part:

“His IQ is estimated to be between 195 and 210.

The interesting part of the novelty was that instead of becoming very rich on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley, Langan spent most of his life working at blue-collar jobs. He is now a horse breeder.
I’ve said that I am certain there are many such men, with very high IQs, who look around at the world and decide that “success” is a waste of time and they’d be better off just taking it easy.
There’s very little room to get involved in anything “intellectual” in our society, so most or all of the people who are really concerned about striving for high status are midwits.”
Although my IQ is nowhere near Langan’s (it’s around 135), this still resonates with me.
Why strive to achieve great things (new inventions, scientific discoveries, etc.) in a world dominated by anti-White genocidal Jews and their brain-dead leftist lackeys?
I’ve always wanted to be an inventor, but when I look at our Jew-run nation and world, I wouldn’t want to do anything to help them consolidate their power.
Any invention I created or scientific discovery I made would only be stolen by the Jews, to be used as a weapon against us.
Case in point: Philo Farnsworth, the American inventor of the television, who grew up on a farm in Utah.

I’ve read that he was aghast at the garbage his brilliant invention enabled to be pumped into American living rooms, and that was many years ago, in the 1950s or 1960s, when TV content was still squeaky-clean by today’s degenerate Jewish standards.


Note in the above Wiki article how the Jew David Sarnoff of RCA tried to buy Farnsworth’s patents, and later sued him – typical of how they try to steal everything created by Aryans. Because of his constant and costly legal battles with the Jew Sarnoff, Farnsworth had to leave the U.S. for “Nazi” Germany in 1934, in order to find a company that would properly utilize his invention:

“After sailing to Europe in 1934, Farnsworth secured an agreement with Goerz-Bosch-Fernsehen in Germany. Some image dissector cameras were used to broadcast the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.”

Unfortunately today, there is no National Socialist country for someone like Philo Farnsworth to flee to, and all technological and scientific advances today are immediately stolen by the Jews, in order to increase their power and further enrich themselves at our expense.
So why bother doing anything? I struggle every day to find the motivation. Sorry for the pessimism today.

……My reply

Why did national socialism succeed?
Partly because so many gifted Aryans whom the jews had blacklisted suddenly got work, commissions, jobs, promotions, honors and money under Hitler.
I have run this before. Margi’s bf in the 1960s was a white man who was a very gifted, realistic painter, but the big Jew galleries would not carry his work.
After they broke up, he married a Jewess, began painting race-mixing orgies, and now he is making the big bucks. But he was starving when he depicted beauty!

NS was the great unleashing of white talent, and our most brilliant kids getting character formation, not secluding themselves with books, video games or Star Trek.

High-IQ young people learned to love their folk, desire to serve it, to marry and have children, passing their genes on!

Not like today — dying as resentful, lonely, childless nerds, shunned by a cruel Jewish world!
This was a society that protected the gifted!

And they especially were taught humility. You are nothing; your folk is everything!

No one IS special. Only your deeds count! Even a street sweeper can be great if he does his job with pride! 🙂

Or a mom with four fine kids!


  1. Christopher Michael Langan
    2h ·

    I’d hate to see this get buried in the Comments section of my last post.
    Comment 1: “Our society will never be homogeneous. You’re never going to be shut of any group of people you don’t care for. You’re going to have to get along with and deal with them as fellow citizens.”

    Response 1. Others who don’t want to get with the same program as the US majority don’t qualify to come here. The US majority has priority because they’re already US citizens. It’s their country. They get to say who gets in and who doesn’t. Anyone who disagrees can #^<% off. Understood?

    C2: "I'm referring to those who are already here. If they're citizens too, it's their country also. Understood?"

    R2. No, I find confusion impossible to understand. It sticks on the way down. It can be very cogently argued that AntiFa/BLM "citizens" should be deported. Insofar as that's better than clogging the prisons with them (or executing them as terrorists), I'm in favor.

    Perhaps Africa or Israel has a use for violent communist agitators. Maybe the Islamic World can use more "behead the infidels!" fundies. (Lord knows it breeds them like flies.) Perhaps Mexico and Guatemala need more drug-running gangsters. But as for the American majority, we have too many of them and need to get rid of them. Their ideologies and behaviors are totally inconsistent with the founding principles and documents of the United States and antithetical to our welfare, and that's the end of it. They don't belong here and never did.

    C3. "You have no legal basis to do such a thing."

    R3. The "legal basis" of American jurisprudence is the US Constitution. Any government which has operated in violation of its tenets is illegal. This voids all of its actions, including the admission of America-hating, Christian-hating, White hating Third World garbage. Do you follow?

    All of this communistic cultural-marxist scumbaggery has left us in a terrible position – we must turn back the clock and right the wrongs done by fake/phony politicians, perfidious "dual citizens", globalist rats, moles, and prostitutes, deep state traitors, and other miscreants occupying high government office on the strength of stolen elections and the like.

    It's not rocket science.

          • https://photos.app.goo.gl/yUAay4ofNfHzwraT8
            Io mi sento davvero nel 1923.
            Anche se mi sento “incastrata” qui in Italia.
            Mio marito continua a dirmi che vuole lasciare questa nazione,questa regione perché lo so che si sente fuori posto come Ex austriaco.
            Ha una mentalità che non è Italiana.
            Ama viaggiare ma non vive solo per il divertimento,per le feste.
            È preciso,leale,severo come un tedesco.Non cambia idea facilmente!!
            L’unico(a parte sua madre)a non aver ceduto al vaccino.
            Eh si…mi ricorda te,la tua vecchia vita,non ha chissà quale titolo di studio a causa della povertà della sua famiglia ma è intelligente.
            Sa fare tante cose.

          • Transl:

            I really feel like it is 1923, even if I feel “stuck” here in Italy.
            [] keeps telling me that he wants to leave this country, this region, because I know he feels out of place as a former Austrian. He has a mentality that is not Italian.
            He loves to travel but he doesn’t live just for fun, for parties.
            He is precise, loyal, stern like a German He doesn’t change his mind easily !! He is the only one (apart from his mother) who did not succumb to the vaccine pressure.
            Oh yes … it reminds me of you, your former life, also in this way that he did not get to study at university due to the poverty of his family, but he is intelligent. He knows how to do many things.
            Thanks for this photo. 🙂
            It reminds me how even when the masses are miserable, as the Germans were in 1923, this does not mean that they will respond.

            It takes more than misery. In six weeks after this Nuremberg photo I was in jail, not chancellor! 😉

            Maybe it is []’s Austrian genes and background, or even a previous life there, or even he was an Ancient Roman before. The old Romans were more like Germans than Italians…. harsh, disciplined, martial, resolute…. a race of soldiers, many blond, who obeyed instantly and refused to surrender.

            Our phenotype today does not always reflect who we are inside, or who we will be the next time. 🙂


          • E un fucile e munizioni sufficienti per la difesa della casa non sono sufficienti per condurre una lunga guerra civile. È necessaria una pioggia di proiettili. Altre nazioni devono essere coinvolte direttamente per noi per prevalere. Continuo a scrivere di Russia e Cina e i miei lettori ne capiscono solo a metà il motivo. 😉

  2. [] Ma in questa nazione siamo rovinati.
    È questa la verità.
    Il tempo dei Romani è finito.
    Qui sparano solo stronzate e parole a vuoto.Sono bravissimi in questo 🙁
    Pochi sono disposti a difendersi bene.
    Capisco quello che vuoi dire..

    • Transl:

      But in this nation we are ruined.
      This is the truth.
      The time of the Romans is over.
      Here they just shoot bullshit and empty words, they are great at this 🙁
      Few are willing to defend themselves well.
      I understand what you mean ..

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