Will Trump be indicted for “treason” by the Jewnited Snakes regime?

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What we have seen with the trials of the January 6 arrestees, as attorney Robert Barnes has laid out, is that a Washington DC jury (composed of Blacks, Jews, gays and libtard Democrat whites, or intimidated, cowardly conservatives) will find any white Trump supporter guilty, and the facts are utterly irrelevant. These DC juries are hanging juries.

But Trump is getting only what he deserved. He angered the Jews by his MAGA message and his acid remarks in December 2015 to the Washington Republican Jewish Forum, then sucked up to them, which they rejected with contempt.

Beyond that, the fool listened to war-mongering neo-cons, abrogated sensible nuclear treaties with Russia, and armed to the teeth the Jewkrainian government, creating a direct and mortal threat to Russia’s national security.

We are now close to a thermonuclear WWIII because of Donald John Trump and his one-way love affair with the Jews.


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