Aldous Huxley’s antisemitism

February 16, 2017 John de Nugent 0

Aldous_Huxley_and_Anti_Semitism   Brave New World From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the novel. For other uses, see Brave New World […]

Inside the school of death

February 12, 2017 John de Nugent 0

Florida School for Boys From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Florida School for Boys Postcard illustration, date unknown Location Marianna, Florida United States Coordinates 30°45′36″N 85°15′18″WCoordinates: […]

Fasces in US symbolism

December 25, 2016 John de Nugent 0

Fascist Lincoln? Those are indeed fasces on either side, bundles of rods that symboliye the authority of the State since Roman days. against law, constitution, […]

Top 10 Ancient Alcohols

November 27, 2016 John de Nugent 0

Top 10 Ancient Alcohols ABRAHAM RINQUIST NOVEMBER 27, 2016 Top 10 Ancient Alcohols   Humans have been drinking alcohol for millennia. Anthropologists believe that alcohol […]

Hitler’s bunker — how it really was

October 29, 2016 John de Nugent 1

The room where Hitler ended his life after 21 years of service.   ….. Hitler DID commit suicide and join his soldiers in […]

Billy Bush, betrayer of Trump, Dan Senor — and the Bush family drug cartel (by Robert Morrow)

October 13, 2016 John de Nugent 0

William Hall “Billy” Bush ….Billy Bush, the man who betrayed Donald Trump You see that same weird, mongolo-Jewish-Ashkenazi Bush look (from Despite the […]