Holappa and mind control; the White House threat of November 2015

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Holappa leaves interview with Norwegian television, head down and sheepish after denouncing his own comrades to the leftist enemy. Supposedly his book in Finnish extensively attacks me. 
Former Marine Corps major William Bates Fox runs this patriotic website (http://www.amfirstbooks.com) and subrented a room at my Sarver house from me in 2009-11.
His viewpoint is not national-socialist but pro-white, paleo-conservative constitutionalist.

Major Fox in Nicaragua in the 1990s


(This arrangement helped me pay the rent, gave me more physical security, and gave Fox convivial and benevolent surroundings instead of a hostile-liberal-landlord situation — the bane of every WN activist, and a horror which we experienced four times in 2014.)
And Major Fox got to know Henrik Holappa as well as anyone could.
He also visited Holappa, with Margi and others, twice at the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility in Batavia, New York State.
I sent him the following:
From: John de Nugent [mailto:  john_denugent@yahoo.com   ]
Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2016 12:56 AM
To: Major USMCR William Bates Fox; Major USMCR William Bates Fox
Subject: Fw: Holappa crawls to the Jew enemy
Subject: Holappa crawls to the Jew enemy
This is the man who defamed me all over America and Europe.

*** Major Fox replied:

From: “americafirstinstitute@yahoo.com” <americafirstinstitute@yahoo.com>
To: “john_denugent@yahoo.com” <john_denugent@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, 9 June 2016, 5:49
Subject: The Henrik Holappa tragedy

Dear  John:
Thanks for keeping me updated regarding the sad news about Henrik Holappa.
I am glad you have gone public with the likelihood that an MK-ULTRA program (or something similar) was inflicted on you as a child by malevolent forces. 
In the long run our movement can only benefit from the truth, to include revealing the unspeakably evil measures used to mind-control and otherwise manipulate and damage people who could make a positive contribution to America.
Best regards,
*** I replied:

Hi, Bill.

I think what makes my case unique is that I had the force of will to rebel against it. Others are “smoothly” indicted into the program and become its totally compliant tools.

I am not sure if you saw my follow-up blog on the Holappa case, but in it my position is evolving.
Margi, and others, have raised the possibility that Holappa was an agent from the beginning…. or at least (I suspect) by the time he came to America in June of 2008.
Stan Hess, who as you know is in Coeur d’Alene, called and thanked me for this blog, [].
When Holappa was filling out his long story for the political-asylum lawyer Valerie May of Pittsburgh, he mentioned as part of his persecution being arrested by the Finnish SUPO (political police) and held for three days in a cell with fluorescent lights that were on full-blast for three days.
SUPO headquarters in Helsinki, Finland
SUPO symbol 
supo-logo-suomen_poliisin_miekkatunnusSupposedly this was to “prevent suicides.” At least, it would aid the guards to see what you were up to as a prisoner, such as either hanging yourself or merely lying there.
As I read this — and as you can see, I came to the conclusion that I was put in a Manchurian Candidate program myself, I thought:
This sounds like special treatment. I do not think they leave the lights on for three solid days for every pickpocket or burglar they pick up. 
And somehow it made me pensive, Bill, it evokes something in me myself, but I could not put it all together at that time.
Holappa did tell me that the SUPO had inherited all the Soviet secret-police, KGB mentality of the Finlandization period of 1944-91, such as crushing dissidents.
We know that the Soviets also had a mind-control program,and brought in psychiatrists to use drugs and other things on “dissidents.”
So why not use it in 2006 on a white nationalist they had in their clutches?
So, and here I can only speculate, it is possible that Holappa was Manchurian-Candidated back in 2006 already.

(On the right should be options to rent or buy the movie. Yes, the hero is the black movie star Denzel Washington but the movie is not about race or blacks at all.)
When he told on my radio show in March 2008 about the Somali gang rape of a Finnish woman that awakened him (as he hinted, it involved the atrocity of forced female circumcision!), I felt that no one can know this story and then still think muslim immigrants are wonderful. No one could be that liberal as to not be horrified. And he had a sister himself….
In any case, now I wonder if, as I said, he was not actually inducted into mind-controlled initally during his first three-day arrest in Oulu in 2006.
There was a strange listlessness about Henrik that one also sees in David Duke. In the many hours that he and I would walk the dogs and roam over the hills of Sarver, I truly never felt that he was connecting emotionally with me at all.
I remember then, when I read his 2011 book Wrongfully Accused, (https://archive.org/stream/WrongfullyAccused-ThreeHundredAndTwenty-eightDaysInAmerica/WrongfullyAccused-henrik-holappa-2010-autobiography_djvu.txt) that same distant quality to his writing, as if he were going through the motions.
What MK means is you are somehow dead inside.
And I am proud that I, one of the few, ran away for home at ten and ceased to be dead.

The best Manchurian Candidate is of course one who does believe as we do, but will obey any command to destroy us, his own friends and comrades.

Well, he will not succeed, and neither will his jew masters.
Another friend wrote me:
It is indeed possible that the SUPO had information linking HH with some major crime and forced him to spy for them. Seems unlikely but cannot be excluded from possibilities. [] It is also strange that Finns would drop all charges against him when he was deported back to Finland.
I replied:
Yes, I would agree that he was probably discouraged by his life, and having a [personal detail that would embarrass someone else], and especially it would bother him that his own Finnish Resistance Movement voted him out as leader.
His career and life were stalled.
But indeed, why were all three threatened indictments against him dropped? Something is fishy, and it was even back in June 2009.

ZOG never drops prosecution except to get something.

In my view, because of the constant harassment I have suffered since especially 2011,  I am a high-priority ZOG target, and so, of course, is the Nordic Resistance Movement in the Scandinavian countries.



Anyone who gets a threatening call from the White House can draw this conclusion.



Printout of the traced call from the Ontonagon County Telephone Company. It is official, and a copy of the readout was just given by me to Ontonagon County Sheriff Dale Rantala.: The origin of the phone call to me yesterday, 11/23/15, at 3:27:39 pm, was the telephone number (202) 456-1414, and that number is THE WHITE HOUSE.

¦..Suspended again for 30 days on Zuckerbook [and subsequently deleted]

¦.right after getting a phone threat from the White House (see below), I just got a 30-day ban on Facebook for a post in German ” supposedly calling Muslims “Eselficker” (donkey-fuckers) ” that I did not make at all



And even if they were Eselfickers, what is wrong with that? It would be part of their culture! 😉


¦.Listen, this is MY country, Fagbama from Kenya!

A sympathetic yet puzzled reporter with www.americanfreepress.net in Washington DC asked me why on earth the White House would threaten me and two friends.





I replied:

Well, first of all, it was indeed totally precedented, and typical negro-thug, third-world-dictator behavior. I have never heard of any such threats before by the WH itself, and I have been in this Cause for 36 years. https://johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/


The FBI, yes. Usually, they are the thugs who come to you and make a verbal threat.


Example (going WAY back):  George Lincoln Rockwell (here with some plagiarizer and whoring preacher named King) used to get donations from a factory owner in California.


Suddenly they stopped. Rocky sent two supporters over to ask him what happened. He said the FBI came and threatened him with the IRS, saying “It is not the donations you have made so far, but the size of the donations you COULD make.”





Later, the FBI defamed Rockwell to an expelled member named Patler, incited him to hate Rockwell, and so the hate-filled nerd ambushed him and shot him with an M-14 file, killing the ONLY leader with huge charisma and fearlessness the Cause had in the Sixties. 


My blog [below] goes in detail into possible triggers.

1) my attacks on the gay-financed NPI (this is my main explanation ” Obama and his crew being fags, and we saw with [mutual acquaintance and big writer] how unstable, resentful and volatile fags can be) 

2) exposing possible importation of ISIS into US at night by Obama regime

3) I have moved to the whitest (and due to Swedes and Finns, the blondest) area of the US (99%) and with the highest percentage (2/3rds) of vets “the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (https://johndenugent.com/white-safety-zones/)




4) I advocate an alliance of white patriots with RUSSIA



But the feds have been after me since 1990, when I ran for Congress and got 26.7%% of the vote in the GOP primary as an open Nazi. https://johndenugent.com/wn-biography-of-jdn/

McAtee Nugent WSMV TV Nashville

Then I was the one who interrupted the Holocaust Museum opening in 1993, and Bill Clinton, Elie Wiesel and the president of Israel had to talk over me.




5) I confronted the US Army Corps of Engineers at a November 2012 public meeting over the NUMEC nuclear-fuel scandal ” a town in Pennsylvania called Apollo where every family household has at least one cancer death due to an illegal Israeli operation to make uranium and then smuggle it over to their Dimona nuclear bomb facility; the Israelis dumped radioactive waste at night in the water, the woods and literally down the toilet.


https://johndenugent.com/videos-of-jdn-speaking/ Scroll down 2/3rds to “NUMEC”

(and see https://johndenugent.com/the-jewish-war-on-the-kennedys/wikipedia-on-shapiro-and-numec/)


Then Homeland Security (using a muslim-named ICE official in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) arrested a young Finn, Henrik Holappa, who lived with us for ten months, applying for political asylum after we paid $2K for his lawyer ¦ I saw them arrest him with three steel chains around his body, and he spent 87 days in the federal detention facility in Batavia, NY, then expulsion from US soil for ten years. 


It is probably an accumulation of many things ¦.

Most of all, Mike Delaney is up here too and so you have two ultra-hardcore, intelligent NS people with people and IT skills.

Mike Delaney in IT in 2007, before www.911missinglinks.com, www.prothink.org and www.trutube.tv 



And we are working on a big economic thing ¦. [taken out].

Obama is deliberately trying to impoverish all lily-white areas. He closed the paper mills, copper mine and shipbuilding just in the last five years. He does the same in Appalachia.

And I financially backed Jack Sen with over $600 at a critical moment, a charismatic British nationalist with English, American and Indian connections who now has 48 million hits on his name on Google, ran for Parliament, and is now holding a big luncheon for his new organization, British Renaissance, on Sunday! He just gave a fantastic speech to the British Democrats Party of former MEP Andrew Brons last weekend.





With the former Home Secretary!





Sen’s new book!  https://johndenugent.com/english/threat-from-white-house-my-friend-jack-sens-book-is-released/  It is excellent, and when Jack asked me to do so, I added my own essay to it.


British Renaissance ” I am recording a video today for their luncheon http://www.britishrenaissance.org




Still, it’s not all roses ¦

br event dinner jack senHow sad of a situation are we in?

We’ve had to move the venue several ˜miles’ out of town due to harassment, hire out 3 vans to transport people arriving by train, employ 3 former military servicemen to handle ˜the gate’, …. []

The Home Secretary recently banned American WN Matthew Heimbach from speaking at this luncheon, and he is excluded from Britain now for five years! http://www.europeanknightsproject.com/theresa-may-bans-matt-heimbach-entering-uk-speak-british-renaissance-summit/




And the pro-faggot NPI excluded him as well!

Well-funded “National Policy Institute” rents Nat’l Press Club, has openly “gay” speaker, and bans Christian WN because he is against homosexuality

11/10/2015 //

NPI speaker Jack Donovan, an open and flaming homo who teaches “masculinity”


“Yeah, I’ve been a top [sexual position, the thruster] for years. I basically fuck men like they are women ” but I’m glad they’re not.”  https://johndenugent.com/images/jack-donovan-roosh-forum-gay-1024à—474.jpg


We need masculine men, feminine women, and more white babies!


¦..I am not okay with the faggot takeover!

I oppose ” as a fmr trained member of Marine Corps intelligence ” the enemy takeover of white nationalism ” by the proven techniques of 1) agents, and 2) bribes and blackmail of genuine believers. 





¦..I am not okay with the pedophile takeover!



[iframe src=”https://www.sonnenrad.tv/media/embed?key=1beec40931f13441ab3b6df052043200&width=720&height=406&autoplay=false&autolightsoff=false&loop=false&chapters=false” width=”720″ height=”406″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”]

¦..Recent cover of Out magazine

epa05019904 A handout cover image released by Out Magazine showing a portrait of US President Barack Obama on the cover of the magazine's Out 100 issue as their 'Ally of the Year' in New York City, New York, USA, 10 November 2015. According to a release from the magazine it marks the first time a sitting US President has been photographed for the cover of an LGBT publication. EPA/OUT / HANDOUT HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

Why do they hate and fear me?

Because I have zero desire to live as a slave on my knees. and I will never sell out and make any deal. My ancestors in 1635 came here from England for FREEDOM!


Rapid fire at 20 feet in pouring rain; hey bad-ass, this could be your skull!


Thomas Angell, my ancestor (via two family lines) of both my mother and father, came to Rhode Island in 1636 with the English gentleman Roger Williams. And he gave part of his apple orchard in 1638 for the first Baptist Church ever in the thirteen British colonies.

Why? Baptists believe it is wrong to baptize children, saying the choice of religion should be left to adults and their free will! The Baptists fled to America for FREEDOM!













John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent There seems to be a real NEED to explain this away. 😉

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent [to a nerd] For now the fifth time (and take a course in reading the English langage after this), the caller ID AT THE PHONE COMPANY also said the White House number, and the person who called all three of us had ACCESS TO THE PRIVATE CELLPHONE NUMBERS OF TWO CRITICAL FRIENDS-SUPPORTERS. No frigging “spoof card” can do that!https://johndenugent.com/images/dees-sheeple.jpg



John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent One more such stupid remark and you are blocked.

Dan Allan

Dan Allan lol ¦I was just trying to help you. Block me for all I care.

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent DONE. 😉

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Dweeb1: But the White House never calls ME! 😉

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Dweeb2: Hey, I post good shit too on Facebook! 😉 https://johndenugent.com/ ¦/keyboard-warriors-trolls.jpg



John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Did you interrupt President Bill Clinton while inaugurating the Holocaust Museum? https://johndenugent.com/ ¦/jdn-bullhorn-stage-millions ¦



John D. Nugent
The weekly Washington City Paper, 1993 



John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Did the Discovery Channel do a hitpiece on you? ¦..HOSTILE, LYING VIDEO BY DISCOVERY CHANNEL

A Discovery Channel program from February 2010 ” contradicting two earlier Discovery Channel documentaries (“Homicide at Kennewick” and “Ice Age Columbus”). Four hostile non-whites show up, and sit within three feet of me, having no bodyguards on such short notice. (This explain the pistols.) The British, half-Jewish, bisexual host, Olly Steeds, ridicules the scientific fact (proven by skeletons, tools, weapons and carbon dating) that whites came to the Americas thousands of years before the Amerindians, and attacks me as a dangerous man. Four hours of interview with JdN are edited down to four hostile minutes. (After the Alan Colmes FOX show, the Jews do not like to do live shows with me which they cannot edit afterward.)

February 24, 2010 Discovery Channel hatchet job on me

https://trutube.tv/ ¦/John-de-Nugent-Hostile-And-Lying ¦

“Heinrich Himmler sat in this castle in a chair made of human bones. ¦. And John de Nugent believes in the same ideas.”
John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Dweeb3: No, but I posted “like” on a Facebook graphic. So why doesn’t the White House call ME? wink emoticon

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Dweeb4: Ehh, Nugent’s just inventing it!https://johndenugent.com/ ¦/fat-american-eating ¦


John D. Nugent Dweeb5: Yeah, well, I didn’t know all that stuff about you. 😉

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Well, try r-e-a-d-i-ng the links I post to my b-l-o-g, or at least looking at all the pretty pictures. 😉


¦..Wonderful video on a heritage to protect!

(French w/English subtitles)

¦ ¦Feds close bank accounts and credit cards of USAF drone whistleblowers!

four-harassed-usaf-drone-operator-whistleblowers“We are former Air Force service members,” the letter begins. We joined the Air Force to protect American lives and to protect our Constitution. We came to the realization that the innocent civilians we were killing only fueled the feelings of hatred that ignited terrorism and groups like ISIS, while also serving as a fundamental recruiting tool similar to Guantanamo Bay. This administration and its predecessors have built a drone program that is one of the most devastating driving forces for terrorism and destabilization around the world.”

Elsewhere the former drone operators have described how their colleagues dismissed children as “fun-sized terrorists” and compared killing them to “cutting the grass before it grows too long.” Children who live in countries targeted by the drone program are in a state of constant terror, according to Westmoreland: “There are 15-year-olds growing up who have not lived a day without drones overhead, but you also have expats who are watching what’s going on in their home countries and seeing regularly the violations that are happening there, and that is something that could radicalize them.”

By reliable estimates, ninety percent of those killed in drone strikes are entirely harmless people, making the program a singularly effective method of producing anti-American terrorism. “We kill four and create ten,” Bryant said during a November 19 press conference, referring to potential terrorists. “If you kill someone’s father, uncle or brother who had nothing to do with anything, their families are going to want revenge.”

Haas explained that the institutional culture of the drone program emphasized and encouraged the dehumanization of the targeted populations. “There was a much more detached outlook about who these people were we were monitoring,” he recalled. “Shooting was something to be lauded and something we should strive for.”

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/drone-pilots-bank-accounts-credit-cards-frozen-feds-exposing-murder/#YlSV2c3lyTOZ3XIJ.99

¦ ¦Why did the WH call and threaten me?

I can only speculate why the White House called to “warn” me and two major supporters.

I now think it was real, and probably from a high-level fag.  It was incredibly bizarre, unprofessional, and Third World-like. Within 20 minutes, I, Mike Delaney of Trutube.tv (a friend and neighbor) and trucker Jamie Anderson, a key supporter, all got the same basic phone call. Judge for yourself.


As I reported then:

I just got a threatening phone call from the White House ¦. on caller ID it said “WHITE HOUSE SW”

No joke.

And Mike Delaney [photo w/sign] of Trutube.tv and Jamie Anderson, a successful truck driver and supporter, got calls TOO.



All within the last half hour, from the same white man, around 40, with a deep, official-sounding voice.


[Sorry, envy-eaten dweebs, it was not some pimply Jewish teenager, or some black WH phone operator on her lunch break. 😉 ]


Jamie and I cutting wood for the new TruTube.tv office


Jamie and Mike were asked the identical question:


“Do you know John de Nugent?”


Upon their identical answer “Yes” he said

“We want you to know we are watching him.” [click]


I was asked:


“Are you John de Nugent?”


Upon answering “Yes” he said

“We want you to know we are watching you.” [click]

And I answered:
“Good! Just watch me!” 



But part of it, I suspect, is the new religion of Virtus I am creating: Virtus being Latin, the language of ancient Rome meaning manliness and virtue.


If anyone knows the power of religion (and of money, really of both), it is the Jews, and then the Muslims and Masons!


And what they fear is a man who, facing our final and total genocide, can teach others to fight the genociders, ready to die if need be (and reincarnate) to take them down.


The person who called me and two others COULD have used call spoofing for the caller ID part, but
“had absolutely no way to change the phone number,
“or to fool the phone company; and
“how did he discover the private cell phone numbers of Mike Delaney of Trutube.tv and of trucker Jamie Anderson?

Only a government, foreign spy agency or phone company can get private cell phone numbers.

AND It would have to be someone who DARES to misuse the term “WHITE HOUSE” without fear. It is a felony to misrepresent oneself as a federal agent or agency. It would take a lot of cojones and foolishness to misrepresent oneself as being the White House. 😉
I do wish to apologize at this time to the scoffing and jealous trolls who will hate me even more ” now that the White House is harassing me and not them. 😉
Printout of the traced call from the Ontonagon County Telephone Company. It is official, and a copy of the readout was just given by me to Ontonagon County Sheriff Dale Rantala.: The origin of the phone call to me yesterday, 11/23/15, at 3:27:39 pm, was the telephone number (202) 456-1414, and that number is THE WHITE HOUSE.
Closeup (with dots added) for the receiving and calling numbers, I being the recipient ” the “Called Party Number,” at (906) 884-6689.
The “Calling Party Number” was (202) 456-1414:
So who is at (202) 456-1414?
Contact page at Fairy Barry’s website
Fagbama’s homepage
Other possible reasons why someone at the Obama White House would hate me:
1) the NPI under Richard Spencer of the Rockefeller-run University of Chicago is a gay takeover of American white nationalism, and I have exposed this gay coup more than anyone else!
Obama is overtly pro-gay and likely bisexual himself; he bathed the WH in rainbow colors after the Supreme Court banned states from banning “gay marriage”

UPDATED William Finck, Mike Delaney and Brett Light on homophile Richard Spencer and his NPI; Normans and Jews; superb movie “The Road”


2) I have blogged on how Obama is flying in ISIS fighters at night from Germany to the Harrisburg, Pa. Int’l Airport and to the Dover (Del.) AFB from Ramstein AFB in Germany!!!
The non-US citizen Barry Soetoro is flying in Islamic State fighters on Air Force jets at night into Dover AFB and into Harrisburg PA airport via UPS cargo planes, then he buses them out at night on the interstates and distributes these ISIS fighters around the US. “Barack Hussein Obama”
is de facto the man behind ISIS, the Islamic State. [See further below!]
3) Obama’s animus against me goes back to 2007, however. During the Bush presidency the Finnish kid we took in 2008-09 was not disturbed and even gave speeches, but under Obama (5 weeks after his inauguration) he was arrested, put in solitary for 87 days and expelled with a ten-year ban. https://johndenugent.com/ ¦/jdn-henrik-holappa ¦
After all, even a total pervert like Obama probably resents me running the nude photos of his communist, slutty and Jewish mother. 😉
FAIRY BARRY, your time will come! It is “I” who am “watching” YOU!

And remember, Barry, to cover your fudgepacking lifestyle, you murdered three of your fellow black fags in the fall of 2007!https://johndenugent.com/ ¦/obama-gay-body-language ¦


Your victims Barry:


And in January 2011 you also murdered Ashley Turleton, a white wife and mother, and chief of staff for a Long Island NY congresswoman, by burning her alive in her BMW in her garage on Capitol Hill:


John D. NugentAnd the most you can do, Fairy Barry, is kill my body, but not before I defend this body I am currently using: Ya gotta make a martyr out of me first! 


¦..Amanda Blackburn, RIP


I never met her, but I feel for her and her family.


Two Black Men Arrested on Rape-Murder Charges in Amanda Blackburn Investigation

Russ McQuaid and Amanda Rakes, Fox 59 (Indianapolis), November 23, 2015

Two men have been charged in the murder of Amanda Blackburn, a pastor’s pregnant wife who was shot during a home invasion robbery on Nov. 10.

In a press conference Monday, Prosecutor Terry Curry announced 18-year-old Larry Jo Taylor, Jr. and 21-year-old Jalen Watson were charged with murder in connection with the investigation.

Sources confirmed to FOX59 early Monday morning the two men, and a possible third man, will also be charged in three additional burglaries, including a rape at the Westlake Apartments.

According to court documents, Taylor and Watson “as well as a third man “are accused of entering Blackburn’s home on the morning of Nov. 10 in addition to two other burglaries in the area. Sources confirmed to FOX59 the third man is 24-year-old Diano Gordan, who is being held on a parole violation.

Authorities said the men referred to themselves as “The Kill Gang.”

Watson and Gordan left Blackburn’s home with her credit card to drive to an ATM. According to officials, Taylor stayed outside the house and was later picked up by the other two men. Taylor is alleged to have admitted to witnesses he killed Amanda, who was home with her 1-year-old son. She was 12 weeks pregnant when she was killed. Her cause of death was determined to be a gunshot wound to the back of the head. She was also shot in the left arm and upper back, said police.

Her husband, Pastor Davey Blackburn, discovered his wife’s body after returning home from the gym that morning.

John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent They raped and murdered her. Her minister husband came home from the gym and discovered his wife’s corpse.

John Steele Im so glad Christians are getting theirs for letting the subhumans read, breathe, and become “free”.

They used to teach these scum arithmetic, now they teach them the only law of life and the only true commandment. ¦


Like · Reply · 1 · 11 hrs
John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent “Jesus saves” but only the soul. We as white men must save the body.

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent And the blacks moan and moan about the Klan ¦.whose most marked function was punishing the rape and murder of white women by black men!

John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent What a beautiful women this Amanda WAS ¦.
I wonder if her minister husband is going to pussy out about this and tell everyone: “The Lord took her.”
Bull-SHIT! The LORD did not take her wife.
White cowards, moderates, liberals, leftists and antiracists indirectly killed his wife!

It reminds me of my “moderate” dad, the Marine combat veteran of two wars, and how blacks robbed him as he lay dying in a hospital at age 84 ¦.. https://johndenugent.com/ ¦/the-day-blacks-robbed-my ¦/

Lew Jenkins

Lew Jenkins I believe he has already said that he forgives them and doesn’t want them to suffer like his Lord and Savior ¦..I’m not bullshitting. At least that’s one article I read that he was quoted in. If true, he needs to grow some balls and start embracing some hate for his enemies.

John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent Well, a grim analysis of “Christianity” as opposed to what Jesus really taught, is it furnishes a positive cover story for cowardice.
But at least the perps were caught ¦
Lew Jenkinsabsolutely and i do feel bad for the guy. just not the type of reaction i would have for these jackoffs
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

¦..Singer Miley Cyrus pretty-much sells soul to Satan on stage

¦.and here her daddy is a Kentucky country boy ¦. Satan walks this earth. It is indeed some kind of End Times.


We’ve grown to expect Miley Cyrus to be half naked most of the time, but this takes things to a whole new level! During the opening night of her new tour, the singer ¦
Kinga Agoston

Kinga Agoston The Holy Book is right:

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. ¦

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.”II Timothy 3:1-5
Will Hall

Will Hall when you have zero talent, you must resort to other tactics to get attention.

Vidar Stephenson

Vidar Stephenson All she needs is a cloven hoofs and horns! 😉

Valerie Chapman Esterhuysen

Valerie Chapman Esterhuysen She seems to be sick in her head. No person in their right mind does things like this.

Mikhelin De Zideri

Mikhelin De Zideri This tribal penis of the Sub-human race, copied from them influence the ugly modern tribes in our country

Mikhelin De Zideri's photo.
Brian Tyler Slugantz

Brian Tyler Slugantz Kentucky isn’t as good as people probably think it is. There is dope, niggers, rap music, race traitors, race mixers, on every street corner.

Markus Schenk

Markus Schenk Ihr Vater muss sehr stolz auf sie sein.

Michael Weitzmann

Michael Weitzmann This is so wrong. Everything wrong incarnated in one person.

Mark Hayman

Mark Hayman the real problem “ she hangs out with groids, she is totally groid infected.

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Modest talent, chest, and looks ” a star only because she degrades our race.

Johannes Erasmus

Johannes Erasmus Illuminatis weird perverted children

Tobias Walter

Tobias Walter i wonder what kind of drugs she is takin..

Lily Valli

Lily Valli What a sick, twisted freak! She needs psychological help!

Rebekah O'Lawlor

Rebekah O’Lawlor She needs to be put out of her ¦..demonhood, misery, stopped from breathing.

Frederick Fromm

Frederick Fromm What a degraded skank!

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Christine Hellenic

Christine Hellenic wonder how many passengers she has, a scary demon

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John Maelstrom
John MaelstromThe Muzzies are right about one thing, the US is the Great Satan. I mean I’ve known this for a long time and our creation and backing of ISIS was like the cherry on top. But THIS? This is the cherry balanced on top of that cherry.
Johannes Erasmus
Johannes ErasmusThe “New Jerusalem” [American] is now ” Babylon the Great”!

¦..Mudlim “refugees” rape 72-year-old Austrian woman in her backyard

Migrants stage a demonstration in front of Macedonian police, as they wait to cross the border from Greece to Gevgelija, Macedonia November 22, 2015. Picture taken from the Macedonian side of the Macedonian-Greek border. REUTERS/Ognen Teofilovski TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
Migrants stage a demonstration in front of Macedonian police, as they wait to cross the border from Greece to Gevgelija, Macedonia November 22, 2015. Picture taken from the Macedonian side of the Macedonian-Greek border. REUTERS/Ognen Teofilovski TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

72-Year-Old Woman Raped in Her Own Backyard by Muslim Refugee in Traiskirchen, Austria

A 72-year-old woman was raped in her own backyard in Traiskirchen, Austria. The ¦
John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent Thank you for this item, Kinga Agoston.

John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent I can only observe once again, after the thousandth rape-beating-injury-murder crime story of this type, that if this old lady is like most Austrians and Germans (or Americans and Brits), before this educational incident she never would vote for any “rightwing” party.

“I would never vote for those Nazis!”

John D. Nugent

John D. Nugent As the Germans say, “Wer nicht hören will, muss fühlen.”

“If you won’t hear you must feel.”

With the majority, only tragedy pierces the veil of brainwashing and cowardice.

And only a heart attack or diabetes makes them lose weight! They waddle around like fat pigs until their karma catches up with them!
When I first got into this movement in 1978, there were lots of stories back then “Black rapes white church lady” ¦. I have read so many hundreds of these stories since then.
The problem is cowardice.
“Gee, I sure hope SOMEONE ” but not me ” does something about this! But I have to stay low-profile!”
So 3% of the US population CONTINUES dictating to the rest, who think “every man for himself.”

3% are united and 97% are disunited.

“Habib,” a mudlim on German Facebook, lets it all hang out:

“To all germans. [sic] If you Germans no longer like it in Germany, then just leave or go kill yourselves. After all, Germany belongs to us foreigners now, and that’s it. You Germans have no more rights. You are all just dick-suckers and child-f—ers.”

A French lady comrade wrote me regarding her experiences with Muslims:

This mediocrity of theirs feeds a powerful inferiority complex, pushing them to lamenting permanently their victimhood, and I experience it every day. As soon as any current event is discussed on any open social network (eg Youtube/Facebook) if one examines the fundamental issues these ˜people’ come immediately at you with their speech about everything they think they can accuse the West of, and also everything that they argue Islam invented. It is totally impossible to dialogue with the Muslims I meet because their complexes are so numerous they howl kin rage at any and all truths.

The physical ugliness, the spiritual ugliness, the ugliness of their muslim ˜history’ which makes you want to just walk away, in short ¦ I can confirm there is no possible victory for us in any kind of agreement to redistribute territories between us and them.

They do not like life because that life has made them just ugly.

So we have no choice but to send them back where they come from, they and their collaborator friends.


¦ ¦Reports Obama flying in ISIS at night

I received a report that Obama is flying ISIS fighters at night from Ramstein AFB in Germany to Dover AFB in Delaware. They go through no customs, just get on buses at night and are distributed all over America.

Here is a report on “Syrians” landing at Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) International Airport.


Here is the Establishment media “debunking” first ¦.

Officials: No refugees at Gap

Syrian refugee rumors were sparked by viral video


Rumors sparked by a viral video of Syrian refugees being housed at Fort Indiantown Gap are unfounded, according to Gap officials and state and federal elected representatives.

The video, which has received more than 225,000 views on Facebook, purports to show a bus carrying refugees that were allegedly flown to Harrisburg International Airport in a United Parcel Service plane.



The eyewitness claimed that last Thursday, he saw at least 30 buses filled with people ” allegedly Syrian refugees ” flown into the country through the Harrisburg International Airport on a United Parcel Service (UPS) cargo plane.

In the video, the narrator drives behind at least two buses on a highway near Harrisburg in Pennsylvania ” as road signs show. As he drives behind the buses, the narrator says he saw buses lined up, waiting for the refugees at the airport. The refugees were escorted hastily under the cover of darkness from a UPS cargo Plane into the buses.

“These buses just came in on a UPS flight from Harrisburg International Airport ¦ they had FBI escorts ¦ They snuck [sic] em’ [the refugees] out of there,” the narrator says.

He emphasizes that the UPS cargo plane was supposed to be “parcels only,” yet refugees were brought into the country in it under the cover of darkness.

image: http://cdn.inquisitr.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/syrian1-670à—446.jpgSyrian Refugees In Europe

Syrian Refugees Demonstrate [Image via Mstyslav Chernov/Wikimedia]

However, some debunkers have noted that it is not possible to confirm from the dark video that the buses were actually filled with people, let alone Syrian refugees or ISIS terrorists smuggled into the country from a UPS cargo plane.

It also appears from the narrator’s statements that he was not getting off a plane when he saw the alleged Syrian refugees. He said he was at a doctor’s appointment nearby when he witnessed the people being smuggled into the country. But it is not clear how he was able to get past security at the airport to see the people being escorted off UPS cargo planes and loaded into buses.

“They snuck [sic] em’ out of there. Bus number 245 ¦. Why is [sic] hundreds of people being snuck [sic] in on a UPS flight? ¦ UPS people! This is no lie. We caught them red-handed sneaking people in.”

Others have also pointed out that the license plates of the buses and other particulars ” such as route numbers ” were visible at a point in the video. This gives the impression that the operators of the buses were not trying to hide anything or smuggle anything into the country.

Snopes notes that it seems unlikely that the U.S. government would use UPS ” a private company ” to smuggle refugees into the country when it could use government-funded companies, such as USPS.

Despite questions that analysts have raised about the authenticity of the video and the narrator’s claims, many viewers appeared to find the claims credible.

“Please help spread this information?”

“Not refugees; the word is terrorists! Obama hates America.”

“I have a DHS memo saying that $32,000 worth of UPS uniforms have been purchased during the last 30 days on EBAY. Could there be a connection, here?”

“They are saying that USPS uniforms were stolen ¦ going viral about it ¦ I think this has some connection ¦ going to spread [this message].”

“Why wouldn’t this be true? Obama did the same thing not long ago with all the ˜unaccompanied children.’ I will never use UPS again.”

But others expressed doubt and some wondered why the “eyewitness” did not trace the buses to the point where the alleged refugees were dropped.

“Where did the buses drop the people?”

“This is ridiculous. All you have is some video of taillights of a bus.”

“People are very gullible.”

[My comment: The criticism is deflectable. The driver may have been too scared to follow these buses  for mile after mile, fearing FBI or someone would pull him over and make him disappear, which would have been extremely easy. Would  you follow a bus full of ISIS at night to their final destination?] 


“These buses “ probably about 30 of them “ lined up on the outside of a UPS flight at Harrisburg International Airport ¦ We caught them red-handed, man, sneaking in people,” the video narrator says.

The shadowy video offers little evidence for its claims, showing only glimpses of the rear of a bus on a public highway. However, it led to rumors that refugees would be housed at Fort Indiantown Gap, perhaps due to memories of the Gap’s refugee resettlement camps in the 1970s.

Gap spokeswoman Angela King-Sweigart said there are no refugees currently housed at the military base, and there are no plans that she is aware of to house them in the future. The rumor was also disputed by Pennsylvania Rep. Russ Diamond [Jew] and by Shawn Millan [Jew], communications director for U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent.

“We had not heard these rumors until approached by the Lebanon Daily News,” Millan said in an e-mailed statement. “We learned that no Syrian refugees are at Ft. Indiantown Gap.”

Several officials also said it is very unlikely that refugees would be transported by a UPS flight.

“UPS is a cargo airline and has not been involved in passenger flights of any kind into or out of Harrisburg. Suggestions to the contrary are based on misinformation,” Susan Rosenberg [Jewess], UPS public relations director, told mythbusting website TruthorFiction.com.

President Barack Obama’s decision to continue accepting Syrian refugees into the United States after terrorist attacks in Paris has ignited a national controversy. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf issued statements supporting the refugee policy, while many Republicans “ including Dent, Diamond and U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello “ have expressed safety concerns and said the government should pause to reevaluate the refugee screening process.

“[W]ith recent events in France and elsewhere, we must now step back and properly assess whether these Syrian refugees are in fact refugees, or embedded agents of our enemies,” Diamond said last week.

Supporters have described the refugee screening process as thorough and safe and have characterized attempts to refuse refugees “ including women and children “ as contrary to American values. Despite attempts to link safety concerns with the Paris attacks, most identified attackers have been determined to be European citizens, not Syrian refugees, according to multiple media reports.

Diamond said it would be difficult to stop the federal government from bringing refugees to Fort Indiantown Gap if it decided to do so. He hopes that state and federal elected officials would be told if a group of refugees was brought to the area.

Lebanon County Administrator Jamie Wolgemuth said the county likely would not even be made aware of refugee arrivals at the Gap.

“We wouldn’t typically be notified of anything like that, unless they did it as a courtesy,” Wolgemuth said.

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