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…..Discussion with a young comrade about the essay below:

MC: Your article on reincarnation with Trump really seems like it could make a big impact. The resemblance between him and Patton is insane; they have almost exactly the same face.


But the part that really made an impact for me was thinking about how reincarnation could really seem to give a more complete diagram of our history in being alive. Do you have a source on the more precise nature of how people reincarnate from the most simple forms of life, eventually all the way to human? That seems like it would be a big breakthrough in showing a concise picture of how life works on the large scale, and what our real individual pasts are in reincarnating all the way throughout thousands of years. I also think the past life bit really helps with giving a purpose, since if I could only know what my purpose in reincarnating was back then, I’d probably have a better idea of what I need to do now. It counteracts that trend that I feel like is the opposite of the atheist nihilism and despair, with how the hippie type of spirituality can sort of give a mental space for being complacent too, if ‘Everything will be all right eventually anyways, since nothing will really risk my existence’. Although on the philosophy angle that sort of is countered by how not having principles somewhat means there is not much of a real ‘you’ that is surviving, since you don’t define yourself by anything, I think the reincarnation really helps there still.

JdN: Good observations, and I use them and answer you in this blog: https://johndenugent.com/english/white-people-elected-trump-dont-forget-that-mr-ego-with-three-kids-married-to-jews/

MC: I wouldn’t be so sure that the one implication you made of being “Literally Hitler” reincarnated really went over the heads of everyone reading, it’s totally possible for people to just not respond because it is awkward to respond to a claim like that.

JdN: I recognize that. 🙂 And that it is scary…especially for all those who forget that he beat his head against the wall for nine years with people.  In May 1928 he got 2.6% of the vote.


People, however, expect Magic Hitler 🙂 ….a god, but actually a god would have won the war. 🙂

Nor do people deserve a god, especially not a god who saves them while they just sit on their butt. That is Fantasy Hitler. 😉

MC: It’s kind of hard to believe, though, since you don’t really seem to look much look like Hitler.

But yeah, Hitler had problems.

The ‘war on two fronts’ criticism was always the one that made him seem the most stupid even when I thought the Holohoax was real.

JdN: Actually, I have many specific traits.

People also do not understand reincarnation, that we just do NOT look a lot like our parents in our last life, but instead, and obviously if ou just think about it, like our current parents. 🙂

I look less like them….


Painting in the Berghof



and more like them:



There are exceptions — the very strong resemblances —  such as Patton-Trump, or the Huston-Leininger case…..



or the Carl Edon-Heinrich Richter case.


I have an essay with the many striking physical similarities, but I have not released it yet.

MC: Although I’ve read up on some reincarnation evidence, I’ve never really looked into any explanation on how exactly traits carry over. I have heard of some cases where there are pretty amazing proofs of it though. Like having birthmarks where you received a killing wound.

Well, I guess I might be able to see something like that whenever you manage to finish that 95%-done translation.


JdN: ….of that one book on reincarnation and the afterlife that was only in German, ah yes. ¦

The problem is that 1/3rd of it is rough translation into English by Germans who were English teachers and it is just not the way we would write it.

MC: It’d probably be more easy to judge comparisons using a black-and-white picture of you, I guess, since most of Hitler’s pictures are in black and white.

Although you still look pretty different, but it’s not a big deal, I guess.

JdN: I am going public with all this only when everything else is ready. But I will get you the essay.

MC: I mean, it wouldn’t really matter that much to me if you are not ‘Literally Hitler.’

MC: The bigger thing I wondered if you had an essay about was with government types, since it seems like you disagreed with having a dictatorship. Since it seems like you tended to agree more with some of the Founding Fathers on some issues.

JdN: He [Hitler] was from a peasant family in that life, because his mission was to rouse the worker masses.

I agree with dictatorship only as the Romans did it, as a state of emergency thing only.

Our own US law actually has a total presidential dictatorship ready.

Just read the 2012 NDAA.. ¦

MC: Yeah, Obama can still technically declare martial law.

JdN: Yes, in this life, I am an American and proud of it.

Obama can declare martial law ON HIS OWN, hold people forever without charges, lawyer or trial and torture them, using US troops on US citizens.

The Gestapo never did any of the horrific and degrading tortures the US routinely uses.


They literally spanked, did stress positions and waterboarding (as US troops most certainly also did in WWII, Korea and Vietnam).

MC: The problem with assassination ¦ how can Obama just go and do that with drones?

JdN: I am soo glad that nightmare nigger is almost out of there.


I and Margi translated a 100-pp multi-part article  ”The Truth About the Gestapo”… No one ever suffered PTSD or permanent injury from Gestapo torture or was raped, electrocuted, given a faked execution, starved or frozen or heated to roasting.

Abu Ghraib was a nightmare far worse than anyone realizes. They project always their wickedness on to their victims — ”The Jew cries out as he hits you.”

MC: I think your “white reserves/reservations” idea is probably the closest thing I’ve heard to something that could genuinely happen to solve the problem with white demographics. If done by people actually voting for their area to be a white reserve.

JdN: How can they deny it when the premise is there with the Indian reservations?

MC: Since all these ideas like, ‘Send all blacks back to Africa, deport all Mexicans’, just will not work in places like California [where he lives] or especially with blacks who in a way, really “Dindu Nuffin” when they got brought over here primarily by Jews to be slaves.

JdN: Right ¦. How can it be right for Indians to preserve their folkhood, culture, way of life and genes, and wrong for us?


MC: So actual reparations, as you said, could be a real selling point. Since although it’d restrict black people’s movements a bit, it’d also be free, eh? And the places that are made black reserves would not be allowed to be changed back, I guess, unless they all migrated out.

JdN: Well, in my 62 years of life experience, most Blacks are just Good Time Charlies who just wanna have fun, and have NO ILLUSIONS about how smart or hard-working they are (not!)

I intend to cause a crisis with the white reservations idea and soon. Here, MC, is the as yet unreleased essay on the physical and specific traits I share with who I was before….. but it is part of a package deal that is coming out all at the same time.. and it goes back to when I switched from being an Irish noble who moved to Austria to being an Austrian peasant kid.


There are many detailed traits that are almost identical and also very rare. Most of all, I know it, and I have known it since I was five, realizing to my dismay that “I” was the most vilified man on earth. 🙂


It is a very dangerous assertion to make in every sense, that I was Hitler.

MC:Yeah, for a lot of people if they believed it.

JdN: For WNs, it may seem like outrageous hubris.

MC: If people treated you as being Literally Hitler, and as Absolute Evil, that could be bad news for you.

JdN: For some of the public, it might make me seem insane.

MC: And for others, if they believed in reincarnation and also in the Holohoax, you would be a one-man threat to world peace 😉

But, yeah, for most people you would just seem totally insane. 😉

JdN: But for the believers that I was “Back, and As Evil As Ever,” it would cause them to want to kill me so I do not gas the poor six million Jews again 🙂

You know, every time I ever spoke I got a standing ovation… No one has seen me give a speech since 2007.

MC: Well, I’m ok with a Shoah if it’s only of the criminal rapist/pedo Jews, which wouldn’t be all Jews, obviously ¦.. although it’d probably be a lot of people, stil.

JdN: Of course, had I done it — the Holo — the Palestinians would have built me a big statue by now. 🙂

MC: Yeah, they are getting Shoah’d pretty badly themselves, and I wish it was just a ‘meme’ or joke, and not really real.

JdN: Imagine an America, Europe and Palestine Jew-free? 😉

Anyway, I have been working now since 5 am and now it is 7 P-m 🙂 The essay contains info that almost NO ONE HAS SEEN, but it will not be released until the whole presentation is ready.

After all, Hitler in this life must also do something spectacular, though some people do get to have lives where they just coast along. 🙂

MC: I’m looking at it now.

JdN: Remember, Joan of Arc did not get burned at the stake in every life, you know. 😉

That gets old after a while. 😉

The greatest problem for me has been that I am a POLITICIAN AND NOT A RELIGIOUS LEADER BY NATURE, so I have to reinvent myself. And I hate all religious escapism, so it must be an activating religion that makes us MORE powerful in this world.


MC: Well, I’ve been reading it, and you look similar in at least a few spots, like your foreheads being a bit similar. A lot is untranslated, but obviously the images are the same as they would be in an English version.

JdN: You can put the passages in German into www.translate.google.com

MC: Yeah I guess so.

JdN: It is also about the two bumps over the eyebrow ridge.

The exact same DARK-blue eye color, same height, 5’10”, rings under the eyes.

MC: The google translate helps put it into context.

JdN: Most of all, however, the personality things… a passionate love of children, chivalry toward women, voracious reading, love of military excellence, and on and on and on.

MC: But yeah, both pictures seem very blue with the eyes.

JdN: My eyes, like his, are so dark-blue that they often photograph indoors as brown.

Usually, it takes sunlight from outside entering the window to make my eyes look blue, and then it is DARK blue, like blue slate. Only Germans have this. It  is said to be the original Aryan color. Light blue = blue plus gray.

It is also the nordic outer eye fold.

MC: I have recognized there is a general thing with the part above the eye.

MC: That it is the outer lid jutting out a bit more with blond people.

MC: Is there any reason it’s translated half in German right now? Do you write them in German first? He sure looks a lot different without that mustache.

JdN: Hi, sorry, just got an important call I had to take from a big donor and great comrade.

Sometimes I write in German, which I began studying at five when the stamp experience happened.

It really troubled me that my dad said what a bad man Hitler was, because I felt as soon as I saw the stamp that it was somehow an attack on me..and then, like, what the heck was I even doing in America?! 😉 I felt like I had parachuted into America, an air drop baby, and felt German all my life.

I loved everything German, every woman I married or dated was of German blood, and I still am in love with ze old Fahzerland. 🙂

This essay is about physical traits and hardly touches that aspect — that I was a germanophile at five and, believe me, to the total amazement of my dear old — very baffled — and very anglophile mom and dad. 😉


…Learning from the past (aus der Vergangenheit lernen)



Kommentare auf deutsch: “Lieber John, ich habe gerade Ihr Video gesehen und bin tief berührt von Ihren Worten DANKE dafür, mit Tränen in den Augen sehr bewegend! Alles Liebe, R.”

Ich antwortete: “Liebe Kameradin, vielen Dank für diese höchst erfreuliche Mitteilung! John”

“Sehr gerne, lieber John. Meine Worte kommen aus dem Herzen. Nie zuvor habe ich eine ergreifendere Ansprache gehört.”

“”Es hat begonnen! Auf zur großen Schlacht gegen die Krieger von El(Engel)-Schaddei (Schatten)! Sammelt euch, sucht verbündete und stürzt dieses System! Heil Hitler! VERBREITET DIESES VIDEO, TEILT ES UND HELFT MIT! NATIONAL SOZIALISMUS JETZT!!! FàœR ALLE Và–LKER DIESER WELT!!!

Wow! Das war eine echte Rede, eine echte Präsidentenrede! Und mir gefiel sehr, wie Sie über die Dritte Welt gesprochen haben!”

…..Hitler’s mistakes in Russia (Hitlers Fehler in Russland)

Hitler’s great mistake in Russia; the breadbasket obsession



……Baritone voice in private, tenor in public Hitler and Kennedy both

Baritonstimme privat, Tenorstimme oeffentlich





I had the strangest experience at around age five when I first saw a picture of this man. I had discovered a framed stamp at my grandfather’s house whicH displayed him as chancellor of the German Reich. I found myself just staring at it in some strange feeling of connectedness for 15 minutes until my father came upstairs, scolded me for ignoring him and confiscated the framed stamp, telling me Hitler was a “bad man, a very bad, bad man” (which is what Roosevelt had told American GIs such as my father).

AH stamp2

Right after this, again at the age of five, I began studying my first foreign language, German, in great earnest, and was able to hold a little conversation a year later in German with a lady from Deutschland on a flight from Providence to Pittsburgh to see my great-grandmother, n e Berlin, at her home in Greensburg.

It was one of those inexplicable occurrences — seemingly silly, a stamp with an unknown foreign leader impacting a mere five-year-old — a strange event….such as actually many people have, but they usually do not talk about it.

But such mysterious feelings mark the person.

I felt neither affection nor hatred for Hitler gazing at his visage, just distance, as if that man represented something somehow important but that had to stay firmly in the PAST someone perhaps to be inspired by, to

be learned from, and then resolutely moved beyond.

I felt and I feel that we must look FORWARD. (And this leads me further on to Thomas Jefferson.)

Two main things in Mein Kampf turned me off one, the concept of the genius-dictator, which Hitler called the F hrerprinzip. Certainly, the giving of total power to a genius can work wonders, but what happens when he insists on a disastrous decision?






And that disastrous decision was my second turn-off — Operation Barbarossa, June 22, 1941, which was NOT meant to liberate Russia but to chase out the Soviets and then install a German occupation regime in the east, taking their land and making them slaves of Greater Germany.

No one could persuade Hitler to change that policy, which was of long standing. He had enunciated it in Mein Kampf in 1925, reiterated it in the Second Book in 1928, and ordered it implemented in Operation Barbarossa in 1941. It was not until September 1944 that he completely changed gears and allowed the Russian patriot, General Vlassov, to establish a Russian National Liberation Army, but by then Germany had suffered the debacle at Stalingrad and was already doomed and in full retreat. Seven months later Hitler was dead, and the unlucky Vlassov was later strangled by order of Stalin.

Lesson? Even a genius, and whatever his sincere love for his people, and his previous achievements for them, must never get absolute power — where a High Council cannot overrule him for the sake of the nation’s survival.




Wider Willen beschloss de Nugent im Januar 2013, auf einen ganz spezifischen Vorwurf des Finnen einzugehen, den jener überall online unterbreitet, und den Sachverhalt der vielen auffälligen körperlichen, psychologischen und charackterlichen à„hnlichkeiten zwischen dem deutschen Kanzler 1933-45 und sich selbst zu erörtern.


Augenfarbe: nicht hell, sondern so dunkelblau, dass auf vielen Innen-Aufnahmen (d.h. ohne ambientes natürliches Sonnenlicht) die Augen vor lauter Dunkelheit des Blaues braun erscheinen:

Adolf Hitlers tiefblaue Augen — Nahaufnahme-Ausschnitt aus einem Video, wo Hitler gerade aus einem Flugzeugfenster schaute und das Naturlicht von draußen auf seine Augen hereinflutete. Es geht hier darum, die Dunkelheit von Hitlers blauen Augenfarbe aufzuzeigen.


JdNs identisch tiefblaue Augenfarbe

JdN-brick-wall-shot summer-2009

Hier das beste à–lgemälde von Hitler, und es sei auf den Aussenwinkel seines linken Augenlides verwiesen (größer als beim rechten Auge):


Und jetzt wieder mal auf dieselbe Stelle bei diesem schon oben gezeigten Foto des JdN:


“V”-förmiger Strahl beidseits der Stirn mit zwei Bossen oberhalb der Augenbrauenmitte

Colonel von Below, adjutant of Hitler, Hitler, Herman Goering, and female aviator Hanna Reitsch

März 1941: Adolf Hitler verleiht Flugkapitän Hanna Reitsch das Eiserne Kreuz [2. Klasse] Mitte: Hermann Göring
März 1941: Adolf Hitler verleiht Flugkapitän Hanna Reitsch das Eiserne Kreuz [2. Klasse]
Mitte: Hermann Göring

Daniel Craig als 007



Screenshot aus Berghof-Farbvideo






AHconversingparty86A - Copy





Feingezwicktes, gerades Nasenbein





Markanter, obwohl nicht übermäßiger Kinn



Körpergröße: beide Männer 178 cm

Schräge Augenlid-Aussenwinkel (nordisches Charakteristikum, d.h., ein “Schrägdach-Effekt”.

Typisches Haus mit steilem Schrägdach wegen des Schnees auf der Oberen Halbinsel von Michigan, wo de Nugent jetzt wohnt; so sind nordische Augen…mit schrägen Aussenfalten


Diese Eigenschaft der Außenfalte ist das Gegenbild zur mongolischen Augen-Innenfalte) und auch schräg nach unten weisende Backenknochen. (nicht in der waagrechten Gestalt “–” sondern in der schrägen “/” ä)

(Der konvaleszierende Frontsoldat Hitler nach schweren Oberschenkelverwundung 1916 in einem Berliner Krankenhaus; man bemerke auch die “Dunkelheit” der Augen in dieser Innenaufnahme)




Zum Vergleich: Ein Ostasiate vor und nach Schönheitschirurgie zur Entfernung der AugenINNENfalten


1) Scharfe, wegstehende, steil nach unten weisende Backenknochen, 2) etwas schräge Stirn (alle Männer haben eine leicht schräge Stirn im Vergleich zu Frauen, deren Stirn — so wie bei Babies — eher senkrecht ist; bei AH und JdN ist diese Schrägheit viel ausgeprägter) und 3) die “Marionettenlinie” (vertikale Hautfalte vom Kiefer aufwärts, zwei cm vom Kinn zurückversetzt).

Standardbriefmarke während des Dritten Reiches

AH stamp2


Auffällige Augenringe bei àœbermüdung




Bei Wegfallen des damals modischen Zahnbürstenschnurrbärtchens hätte man bei ihm, wie bei mir eine markante Kluft in der Nasenrinne gesehen. Sein Bärtchen überdeckte sie, sowie die langen Stirnhaare die etwas fliehende Stirn überdeckte.


jdn-Schwarzes gerichtete Kamera


Ein nicht körperbezogenes Detail: JdN wurde erst 1978 Nationalsozialist, beschloss jedoch schon 1975 nach Bereisen der halben BRD und à–sterreich, unbewusst angetrieben, sich in einer bayrisch-österreichischen Grenzstadt am Inn niederzulassen.

100 Kilometer trennen Kufstein und Braunau auf der Luftlinie.


Kufstein am grünen Inn/Tirol an der bayrischen Grenze


Braunau am selben grünen Inn an der bayrischen Grenze


De Nugent, ein Britisch-Amerikaner ohne jeden Kontakt in seiner Kindheit zu Deutschen, fragte sich seit dem fünften Lebensalter, warum er sich für alles Deutsche — Sprache, Geschichte, Rasse und insbes. das Dritte Reich — mit großer und nie ermüdender Leidenschaft interessiert und begeistert hat.

De Nugent erklärt es folgendermaßen:

1) Man muss davon ausgehen, dass das schlimme Schicksal der Deutschen und anderer Arier in der Nachkriegszeit die Seele des Adolf Hitler bedrückt — d.h. die Seele, die 1889-1945 Hitler war und jetzt nicht mehr “Hitler” ist oder heißt, da er im folgenden Leben andere Eltern, andere Genetik und womöglich auch andere Nationalität haben könnte. (Ein Hitler könnte sich unmöglich im heutigen Deutschland ein zweites Mal entfalten, denn die Deutschen sind seit Mai 1945 das unfreieste Volk auf Erden, wo ihnen fast alles Gesunde, zumal in der Politik, streng verboten ist.) So müßte dieses Wesen, falls es wie gesagt noch immer sein Volk liebt, eigentlich jetzt wieder inkarniert und irgendwoanders aktiv sein. In weiteren zwanzig Jahren mag es wegen vieler Faktoren für einen neuerlichen Rettungsversuch Deutschlands und der weißen Menschenart zu spät sein.

Das heißt überhaupt nicht, dass jenes Wesen von 1889-1945 nun genau dieselbe Person wieder geworden ist, oder dasselbe Aussehen aufweist. So hat die Reinkarnation niemals funktioniert. In der Zwischenlebenszeit überlegt sich die Seele immer seine Fehler und Charaktermängel, und somit ist nicht im Baby-Alter wieder dieselbe Person, die vorher starb. Es hat, es soll, es muss eine Weiterentwicklung im Jenseits stattgefunden haben.

Siehe dazu Michael Winklers Meisterwerk zur Reinkarnation Die spirituelle Welt:


Und für einen reinkarnierten Hitler, der genauso aussähe, würde sein Leben in jedem jüdisch beherrschten Lande in größter Gefahr sein. Hitler jagte dem Judentum ja mehr Angst ein als alle Antisemiten der Weltgeschichte vor ihm.

Die Kerngruppe der Juden, die mächtigen orthodoxen Lubawitscher, glauben alle selbst fest an die Reinkarnation, und würden nach so einem gefährlichen, nun wiedergeborenen und dabei identisch aussehenden Feind selbstredend Ausschau halten, ihn auch leicht ausmachen und sofort töten.

Hitler Anno 1927, aber über modernes Photoshop nun in Farbe und ohne Schnurrbart


Die Lubawitscher sind steinreich, glauben felsenfast an die Kabbala (eine satanische Judenmystik) und an die Reinkarnation, die jedoch arischen Ursprungs ist, wie auch die Messias-Lehre, Himmel und Hölle, und die Existenz der unsterblichen Seele.


Wenn die reichen und rachsüchtigen Lubawitscher verlangen, vom jeweiligen Staatsoberhaupt oder hohen Politikern empfangen zu werden, dann wird das immer gewährt, und sie versammeln sich rabenartig und zuhauf im Präsidentenbüro und umzingeln fast den Staatsführer.

[Quelle: http://www.dejanlucic.net/Jewish%20Manipulation%20of%20World%20Leaders.html]

Bush mit Lubawitschern


…mit Obama


mit dem deutschen Bundespräsidenten 2004-10 Horst Köhler


Israels Premierminister Netanjahu traf sich in New York mit dem Weltführer aller Lubawitscher, Menachem Schneerson, und wurde vom Oberrabbiner gratuliert: “Seit unserem letzten Treffen hat es viele Fortschritte gegeben.”


Lubawitscher mit Wolfgang Schäuble

Bei der Wiederverkörperung würde nur das Wesen ähnlich sein, eine à„hnlichkeit, die darauf beruht, dass sich Seelen in der Zwischenlebenzeit nur langsam verändern. Höchstens könnten einige körperliche Merkmale an den früheren Körper erinnern, da das verhältnismäßig beständige Wesen der Seele sich auch körperlich ausdrückt. Man erwartet zum Beispiel oft mit Recht von einem Mann mit “kantigen Gesichtsauszügen”, dass er auch ein “kantiges” Wesen hat. Andere Menschen sehen naiv und sanft aus, mit rundlichen, molligen, pausbackigen, kindlichen Gesichtszügen, und sind auch oft so.

In der Reinkarnationsdoktrin sagt man eigentlich, der Körper sei die “Ausformung” der Seele und drücke sein Wesen und Karma aus, und spiegel die charakterliche Veranlagung wider.

Otto von Bismark (Altersbild): martialisches Aussehen als die Ausformung eines martialischen “Eisen- und Blut”-Wesens


Jedenfalls stellt die Reinkarnation, wobei es hier darum geht, eine denkbar kindische falsche Vorstellung davon zu zerstreuen, gar niemals eine Klonung oder “Fotokopie” des alten Körpers dar. Man erwarte also nicht die identischen Gesichtszüge. Die neue Person ist eine alte Seele, die in einem ganz neuem Körper umhüllt ist, die sich in einem neuem Lebenskapitel befindet, die mit neuen Eltern, Geschwistern und Begleitumständen ausgestattet ist, und womöglich mit einem neuen “dharmischen” Lebensauftrag beliehen wurde, den er oder sie in der Zwischenlebenszeit aufgrund neuer Schuld, neuer Belohnung, und veränderten Weltumständen von Oben erhalten hat.

Es ist nicht derselbe Mensch, zumal weil er hoffentlich im Jenseits zwischen den irdischen Lebenszeiten eine Menge dazugelernt hat! Es kommt im besten Falle ein geläuterter Mensch zurück.

2) Die BRD besitzt überhaupt keine Freiheiten mehr — weder Meinungsfreiheit noch den privaten Waffenbesitz. Eine bewaffnete Revolution zur deutschen Selbstbefreiung ist also im Grunde schwer vorstellbar (außer Russland beliefert die Deutschen aus der Luft, so wie England und die VSA 1941-45 die antideutschen Partisanen mit Fallschirmpaketen belieferte und bewaffnete). Auch wird das verräterische Marionettenregime niemals zurücktreten, da es sonst vom Volk eigenhändig oder von neuen Tribunalen zu Recht hingerichtet werden könnte.

Amerikaner hingegen besitzen zu Hause haben 300 Millionen Privatwaffen, und immer mehr üben als Familien-Miliz oder größere Kampfgruppe gegen den Juden-Staat.

John de Nugent mit seinem Walther; es gibt Hunderte von Waffenshops alleine im Bundesstaat Pennsylvanien



The John Hay Library in Providence, Rhode Island, contains much of the personal library of the courageous German genius who tried for 25 years (1920-45) to warn the entire West about the danger posed by satanic judaism… It is part of Brown University, and is located near the corner of Prospect Street and that Angell Street which was founded by my ancestor, Thomas Angell, in the 1600s.

The rest of Adolf Hitler’ private library is found today at the Library of Congress, and I knew the African-American from Louisiana who worked there in the Hitler section. He lived just three apartment doors down from us at the Glebe House in Alexandria, Virginia.


He was a tall, very educated, courteous, well-dressed and handsome man with a mustache. He also spoke excellent French with me, had a French last name, and invited me and Margi three times to visit him there at the Hitler section.

(I think this reinforced my view 1) that there was something unusual going on in my life, and 2) that American blacks, ironically, understand both Hitler and his opponents, the Jews, much better than many whites, both for instinctive and experiential reasons.

Many of the collected papers of the Third Reich were captured intact in 1945 by the Americans ” the Germans made NO attempt to destroy them because they had NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF ” and were kept at the Torpedo Factory in that same city of Alexandria, Virginia where we lived 2005-08. (It also was the boyhood city of Robert E. Lee.) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torpedo_Factory_Art_Center).

The factory was converted into an artist studio complex after 1974, and here my first wife (we were married 1976-89 and had two girls) worked and still works as an artist, while I traveled 1987-92 raising money for the WN cause via estate work; she is married now to the almost next-door neighbor from then ¦. :-))

“Congress stored documents [there]; the military kept German war films and records in sealed vaults.” (from the fourth paragraph here: http://www.torpedofactory.org/history.htm)


If you never saw this, this video is my view of NS for the whole planet, and learning from mistakes of earlier lives.
As for me, my destiny is to found a new Aryan religion. Our soul is wanting; for we have had more than enough facts to act on since Bush II. The Jews, Muslims and Masons are all unified and fanaticized by a highly organized religion.
I too am here and finding America very weird. *;) winking But what counts is that here is the power to change the world.
John de Nugent




….to a mocker


Dear comrade:

My site is being hacked daily. They were deleted off the proper page:  https://johndenugent.com/category/english/video-audio/ 
Here are all the videos, where they have been since 2010:
You assume, comrade Vogt, in childlish reverence, that Hitler was a sort of god or demi-god.
A god, however, would have beaten the mortals Churchill (a drunk), Roosevelt (a man of modest IQ who got C’s at Harvard), and Stalin, a nut who shot hundreds of thousands of his best officers, and insanely used WWI-style human-wave attacks against German machine guns from 1941-44.
These three very flawed leaders nevertheless beat your “god,” Hitler, and Mussolini and Hirohito.
A god would have been promoted above corporal (E-4) in four years at the front.  My father was in combat in the Pacific and made staff sergeant in two years (E-6).

A god, comrade Vogt, would have not botched the Beer Hall putsch of November 1923. He would have seized the train stations, newspapers, telephone and telegraph offices, and certainly not released his enemies in the Bavarian Cabinet “on their word of honor.” He made every mistake an amateur can make, and it got 19 men killed.

A god would have done much better than 2.6% of the vote in the May 1928 Reichstag election, and yes, Hitler was household name, known to everyone by that time for the putsch and tril, and the stormtroopers on every street.
90% of even the right rejected him. 2.6% of the vote is pitiful, Only the Great Depression saved Hitler’s career. what he had until then was a political cult — and support that was a mile deep but an inch wide.
A god would have invaded Russia to liberate it, and partnered with its suffering and already extremely antisemitic white people, not sought to re-enslave it as part of a German lebensraum plan (advocated clearly in Mein Kampf),and thus he would have agreed to General Vlassov’s offer, made twice, to create an independent, five-million-man Russian National Liberation Army and to liberate Mother Russia together.
Hitler was a brilliant and good-hearted man with flaws and limits.
Honestly, comrade, the human race does not deserve better than Hitler. It is 90% selfish cowards and carping critics.
It ignored the pleas of Martin Luther, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Adolf Hitler and many other great men to do something about the Jews.
All it does is call them nuts and point out their real or imagined flaws.
Btw, how do you explain this direct telephone threat from the White House to me, to Mike Delaney of TruTube and to a key backer? Has you ever heard of any WN is any country receiving a threat from the office of the head of state?
If you do not read it, then please do not reply, and go on worshiping a Hitler who never existed.
Mankind does not deserve gods to rule them.
Now, would you like to help me?
I wish to add that this is a modification of my standard reply. The world rejected Hitler when he was alive, and even the Germans until they were starving. Why not reject him in his next life as well? Look at yourself? What activism have you ever actually done?
I have done 38 years of activism and made the most extreme sacrifices possible. Did you survive the MK-ULTRA program without being broken? I did, comrade Vogt. https://johndenugent.com/english/my-personal-triumph-of-the-will-over-the-secret-federal-mk-ultra-and-manchurian-candidate-programs-for-the-kids-of-the-elite/
Let me warn you: if your response is sarcastic I will just delete it. and I will never reply to you again. Read every link I sent you and then think about everything I wrote.l If then you have a thoughtful response, I will read it. But your email must start with these words: “Thank you for responding; I read everything you sent me.” And your reply afterward will indicate if you are speaking truth.
This is your chance to spiritually grow up, stop worshiping the incontrovertibly failed Adolf Hitler, and appreciate that we all are here, great and small, to struggle and grow.
And no, God does not owe the white race anything. We have no right to demand He send us a god.
John de Nugent

PPPS  If you are honest and sincere and desire to help, then I will address your other questions.

There are very good reasons why I stopped writing my religious book, and btw, it has three chapters, not two.
It is the indescribable cowardice and apathy of the reader that prevents my vital book from being completed.  And you say “why are you blaming your readers?”
1) because it is true
2) read the original title of Mein Kampf before you tell me Hitler only felt love toward the Folk. He did feel love but also disgust. How can you save a people who refuse to assist you in the slightest? And now, thanks to chemtrails, female hormones in the food, and constant cell phone use, plus the effect of antifa on holding meetings, hate-speech laws, and Israeli-trained cops, many of whom at the top are secret pedophiles, satanists and jews, it is twice as difficult now in 2016 as it was in 1923.
Read this, and then tell me Hitler only felt love. Then I know you are dishonest.
Inline image 1


Hitler originally wanted to call his forthcoming book Viereinhalb Jahre (des Kampfes) gegen Lüge, Dummheit und Feigheit, or Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.Max Amann, head of the Franz Eher Verlag and Hitler’s publisher, is said to have suggested[6] the much shorter “Mein Kampf” or“My Struggle“.

Now when he spoke of “ Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice,” was he referring to Jews? No. Then guess to whom he WAS referring? To his fellow Germans!
I will complete my book, launch my religion, and it will doubtless be with no help from critics or no-longer supporters like you. That karma is on you. Jews give and give and give and give to their organizations.
And btw, comrade Vogt, never, ever call me “dude” again. In fact, I expect an apology for using that disrespectful word if you write back, or I will not read whatever you write.
I am a warrior covered with scars; I have been through almost 60 years of hell at the hands of this jewish government. Has the office of the head of government called your phone and threatened you? Were you thrown on the street four times in 2014? Very recently, did Facebook delete your account with 2,438 friends with no warning at all? Did the former security chief of the Israeli embassy in Washington contact you with a veiled threat? Did suddenly nine Jews appear inside your website and start deleting things?
And you call ME “dude” from your safe little keyboard.  You will be judged.  
I am spending this time not for you but because it will be part of something else. Let the human race take a hard look at itself.
The link I sent you — JdN AH — is just raw data…. and of course potentialy simply explosive (in conjunction with everything else that will come out simultaneously).

Ironically, it will unite both Hitler worshippers and Hitler demonizers — in hating John de Nugent.

Suppose Hitler was just a man as I contend? *;) winking Neither rock star nor god, neither angel nor demon? Great, perhaps, but flawed, and needing to grow as we all do.

Suppose in his life before Hitler he was a brave and brilliant soldier who loved the fine arts?

[Excerpt from]

The cosmogony of Virtus ” how God, various gods, and our world of suffering came into being


A hundred other reformers and warriors for the good got little or no support from the masses. Tesla invented free energy over a hundred years ago, yet we still drive polluting gasoline-engine cars, which pollute our air and cost $50+ a week to fill up the tank, creaking old technology from the 1890s! The man died in poverty in 1943 in a Manhattan apartment full of birds! He should have gotten two Nobel Prizes at least, one for inventing AC, alternating current, and the other (sorry, Marconi) for inventing radio!
So we earth humans have no right to whine if we suffer. As a whole, we are a selfish, stupid and cowardly race who despise truth tellers.
We are, sorry, basically a white-trash planet. Individuals can acquire good karma here, and in fact especially on such a difficult, Wild West planet, but never expect the masses to appreciate them, who consist of young souls coming up a reincarnation conveyor belt from the lower beastworlds.
Now, the “gods” in which all our ancestors (of all races ” white, yellow, brown and black) have believed and either loved or feared are not the Great Spirit, not God with a capital G.
They were and they are aliens and transdimensional beings, who are either good, bad or inbetween, but they did not create the universe, nor are they all-wise and good.
They were real and they are real, but are never to be worshipped in place of the real God.
As the Buddha, an enlightened white Aryan with blue eyes, said, just ignore them, leave them alone, and purify your own life. Get on the noble path.
And in reality, we all are transdimensionals, because we all transfer over from the many dimensions of the “dead” ” people who are not alive HERE in our dimension ” and we enter this dimension, and incarnate on this planet.
In reality, no one ever dies for even one second. We just go somewhere else.
What are we really, the humans on this planet earth?
To be honest, with a few wonderful exceptions, we are young souls, who in earlier lives were animals, and we need to keep the good qualities we had as those animals ” while adding a higher consciousness and an awareness of the good, the brave and the beautiful.
Adolf Hitler retained the warlike resolution of the wolf, and was in fact nicknamed “Wolf” by his closest friends in the Wagner family. His German name, Adolf, originally was “Adelwolf” in Old High German, meaning “the Noble Wolf.”
So his nature was fierce and alpha-wolf, the natural leader of the pack.
In his last life he was an Irish nobleman from County Westmeath, Count Laval Nugent, 1777-1862 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laval_Nugent_von_Westmeath), and as a Catholic could not serve in the British Army. Instead, he became an officer in the military of Catholic Austria. He learned German, he began to love the German and Austrian people, he became a patron of the arts, and he rose from lieutenant to field marshal, he won the highest award of the Austrian Empire, the Order of Maria Theresia, and he was given a castle by the emperor near Zagreb, Croatia, then part of the Austrian Empire.
His wife was Giovanna Riario-Sforza, 1797-1855, (of the ancient and powerful Sforza family, dukes of Milan), and daughter of the Marquess of Coleto and Beatrix von Lausitz.
Her bust sculpted by the Dane Thorvaldsen (1770-1844, the greatest sculptor of his time and a Danish national hero; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertel_Thorvaldsen) in 1822
They had five beautiful children.
Count Laval Nugent was a tremendous collector of the arts, he promoted the Croatian language, he entered the Croatian Parliament, and he created in Trsat Castle, which he restored, the first museum in the nation of Croatia. (Most of the collection now being in the capital, Zagreb, by decision of the Tito communists, who also had the bones of Count Nugent and his wife removed from their mausoleum and thrown in a common grave in the Rijeka cemetery.)
The onetime Nugent Mausoleum today, down on the lower level with the two doric pillars. On the doric temple up above it, the Croatian words on the frieze, “Mir junaka,” mean “”the peace of the hero” and refer to the count/field marshall/bearer of the medal of the Maria Theresa Order, Laval Nugent.

As the Croatian Wikipedia article on the count states (translated)

Count Laval Nugent began the restoration of the medieval Trsat castle in 1837, which was the first such restoration in Croatia, establishing therein also a museum in his desire to merge his passions (for art, for his and his wife’s family heritage, and his fascination with the Frankopan dynasty of Croatia that once owned the castle).
The “Nugent Museum” was to combine the mausoleum of the Nugent family with his great collection of art, created from family sources and from purchasing Frankopan art. The idea was realized in the official opening of the Nugent Museum in 1843.
The collection included a dozen ancient sculptures and 1,500 ancient Greek vases (excavated near Naples, and now found in the Archaeological Museum of Croatia in Zagreb ),as well as thirty ancient Greco-Roman busts, a coin collection, bronze sculptures, Renaissance and Baroque furniture, a collection of documents, a collection of prints depicting people who were in direct contact with the Nugent family, a separate collection of Frankopan items (furniture, documents, weapons, a series of portraits of family members) and more than 200 images taken from the collections of the noble Italian family d’Este (of Ferrara and Modena) and Foscari (in Venice).
With this collection in Trsat, [the coastal city of] Rijeka was for a time a cultural center of European importance. [ ¦.] The bulk of the collection is now in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb and the Maritime Museum of the Croatian Coast. Regarding the importance of the collection, in 1894 the historian Ferdo Sisic, who transferred 86 crates of art from the Nugent Museum in Trsat to Zagreb’s Croatian National Theater (today the Archaeological Museum), enthusiastically welcomed them with the words: “This is a legacy that has raised particularly the value of our museum, as it is now, presumably, after the Hofmuseum in Vienna, the first museum in the [Austro-Hungarian] Empire, especially due to the [ancient] sculptures.”
Website in English of the Archeological Museum in Zagreb: http://www.amz.hr/home/departments/collections/the-greek-and-roman-collection.aspx
Head of a Roman woman, probably the Empress Plautilla (lived AD 185-212), from the Count Nugent collection
Roman coin with a profile of Plautilla
Roman glass vases from the Count Nugent collection, found in the Naples area
Greek ceramic vases
Greco-Roman statue of a woman
This is why Hitler in many ways acted so Irish ” like an Irish-Norman aristocrat, not a drunken Irishman ” and had dark hair and blue eyes, and became a magical, spell-binding speaker, a very un-German thing. He was NOT a typical German, nor was his party, sporting a blood-red flag (like the communists!), a Hindu swastika (there was nothing traditionally German about this symbol), and bearing a name with the words “socialist worker” in it, in any way a typical right-wing party.
Similar chin, bags under the eyes, blue eyes, cheekbones, and ridge over the eyebrows as Hitler
Castle Dubovac of Count Nugent
This Croatian stamp features the castle.
He also bought this castle, Trsat in Rijeka, Croatia, where he is buried:
The same castle, upper-left.

Now you know how I was an Irish nobleman, Count Laval Nugent, who moved to Austria.
Having fallen in love with the Austrians and Germans, and understanding there must be an Aryan working-class movement (as Trump has done), I came back as the Austrian peasant AH.

That having not fully succeeded, and with time for our race now running out, I came back as a Nugent again — into my own bloodline –to save our race via America this time.
And the occult Jews sensed who I was, even as a child.