Jews, stop killing Margi!

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I have said it over and over — why did Margi get throat cancer just when she got her inheritance — finally releasing us from grinding poverty and enabling major new projects — AFTER living a model life, never overweight, always getting regular exercise, always eating health foods for 40 years (at great expense, btw) and never, ever smoking or drinking?

I cannot KNOW that the Jews are somehow slow-killing her, but the indicators for this theory keep mounting up. More on that below.

And that is the whole point of assassination by poison, that they can call you a conspiracy nut if you complain without totally definitive proof about being killed!  And the malevolent, or gullible, or just stupid majority believe the mockers!

It is so terrible to see someone you love in constant pain, losing weight (30 pounds) and crying. and to see her money going down, down, down that could have led to a better life, and doing big things for our race without having to beg anyone!


Since 2005 Margi has been there for me in good times and bad (mostly, to be really honest, bad since I became a public activist once again in 2007). 

 This photo was taken in my room in 2012 a Jew-owned, druggie, barfight & black-whore-filled motel-from-hell in Natrona, Pennsylvania, called “The Boathouse”…..I  shot major videos, for lack of a better location and funds, in this very room of mine, praying that the Jew owner would not be listening outside the door. 😉


When I first moved into these horrible quarters, I was so shocked at my poverty and surroundings that I could not sleep for about 60 hours (even after the exhausting physical work of moving a whole house — tons of stuff — with two paid teenage helpers, into paid monthly storage). Finally, a friend named Zach told me a trick:

“Listen to your absolutely favorite music as you lie in bed.”

It worked! I fell asleep, but I still got a wicked urinary tract infection due to the stress and had to get some prescription meds. (This had actually happened to me once before, back in 1977, when I had to leave my beloved Austria.)

Anyway, the point is that Margi, who was over in Europe then — we had separated for a while after arguments, many of them triggered by financial worries  — came back from lovely visits in Europe with my friends and comrades in Spain and Germany (plus Bulgaria) to share once again my very, very difficult life.

Well, I have gone all over this suspicion that the jews are slow-killing her before…..such as here:

Margi’s throat cancer a Mossad hit?

Now here is the latest thing, and it is no proof, but to me it seems very suspicious.

First of all, there is massive proof that “Smartmeters,” wireless Internet AND a constant barrage of cell-phone waves all can be used to harm people, including brain cancer, other cancers, mental confusion, irritability and anxiety.

***  I won’t go into that here. but here are some links:

Wi-Fi in Schools

Possible solution:


And there is massive proof the Jews fear me — for the potential threat I represent, not the power I have at this moment — probably more than any other WN on this earth.

Who else got a telephone threat straight from the White House (23 Nov 2015)?


Or saw his website being used openly by the President of Russia, Putin, to warn the Republican nominee for president, Trump, on September 11 of 2016 against being assassinated by THE JEWS?

Never mind the 15 million search results on Google. Or the perception that John de Nugent is the only WN with a presidential background, distinguished family, high education (Georgetown, with high honors), distinguished military experience (both Marines and Army infantry), profound religious commitment and understanding, huge knowledge base in many areas, a dignified (non-Trumpian 😉 ) way of comporting himself — and a personality and appearance the masses — as we see just here in Ontonagon — are attracted to, both men and women, the young, old, the vets and the young secretaries.

Or that he is creating a RELIGION, the very thing that indoctrinates and unites the Jews!

As the great WN lawyer and activist Sam Dickson of Georgia said to me 30 years ago while driving toward Marietta,

“John, until we have our own shul  [“Hebrew school” carried out before bar mitzvah, a fanatical indoctrination of the young Jews in the supposed greatness of their people and faith — and in the claimed wickedness of their goy enemies] we will never beat these Jews.”

Dickson. far left, listening to Professor Kevin Macdonald 


(Very good recent interview with Sam:

Anyway, back to the wireless Internet and cell phone threat.

Margi moved back here in May of 2018 after her aged parents pased on from living in their house in Asheville, North Carolina, by then already sick herself from cancer and having just gotten the diagnosis.

It was to a little white house (see the white dot) just one block off Lake Superior.

The two dots together are her house and garage. It is no big high-rise apartment building where you would also get wireless Internet from your neighbors.

Her 2002 car and mine (the big 1996 Crown Vic with a giant engine, which used to belong to a constable, and can go 1-60 mph up a mountain road in eight seconds, as  I once determined.) Beware this car and me in it, even aside from the weapons I always carry.

I spent months fixing the house up for Margi, who was getting weaker and weaker.

Scraping off nasty wallpaper….

I took a break  from scraping wallpaper to comment live on Facebook on the Charlottesville car-killer crisis.


So anyway,  Margi rightfully did not want wireless Internet on in her house for the good reasons stated above. (I use Ethernet cable, not wireless, on my two computers, too.)

Her two new computers all run off the Ethernet cable (and they go much faster that way, too.).

So I turned the wireless button on her router to “off” — and this made the blue wireless light go off.  

As a result, even my smartphone does not work at her house, just off Lake Superior (90 miles across to Canada), and my phone often not even work for phone calls (I use ATT) and especially I never, ever get wireless Internet for websites, Skype, etc. at her place.

Near her house

Margi at the beach this summer — perfect, really good figure before she lost 30 pounds to cancer.  Margi has always eaten with great discipline and only excellent foods, bought at a healthfood coop — 58 miles away.  😉

Location of Ontonagon — not a lot of wireless coming off that lake 😉

The UP of Michigan (97% white)

But I discovered that at night, when Margi sleeps and rests from her cancer and the treatments in her bedroom, the god-damn wireless comes on anyway! My phone suddenly works! And yet the blue light is still OFF on the router!

Spectrum’s Netgear R6300V2 router.


Here, in close-up, you can see the blue light ON (second from the right). It is the icon that looks like

((( ο )))

But always on Margi’s router it is off, and so the space is just black. 

So anyway, I came over from my house. located at 306 South Steel Street in Ontonagon….

…to visit her at her place.

Margi was lying down in bed in her bedroom, and I wanted to show her, on my smartphone, something to cheer her up. I was forgetting as i did so — I get upset, I admit it, when she is suffering — that my smartphone does not get the Internet in her house and normally I show her Web stuff on her own computers. But then that means her getting out of bed.

So anyway, I turned my smartphone on, and went to my own site with this great video, a mother cat bravely protecting her kitten, since Margi loves her own cat, Princess.

I like Princess too.

Princess, on the left on the walk-way, seeing a trespassing chipmunk. 😉


(I’m Margi’s flower-bearing chipmunk. 😉 )

So anyway Margi suddenly exclaims:



is the wireless


Agape, I went out of the bedroom — and over to the router location, and there it was, the wireless was in fact still turned OFF! So why was I getting Internet? Normally I never do at her house!


Evne though I have been saying and suspecting it for months, there suddenly was the seeming proof!

The Deep-State jews, I can only assume, are turning the wireless on Margi’s router ON — and doing so without the blue light going on!

The proof was this:

I was obviously getting wireless.

And actually, as I saw by checking out a few websites, I was getting wireless at a blazing speed, too!… at my site, at, and also at my German site,



Ok, well, then, this is it. I can only assume the jews have been blasting Margi with high-energy wireless for months now, especially at night when she sleeps.

And I noticed a number of times that I myself felt really irritable over at her house, and she got testy with me too, and we had a few pointless argument over absolutely NOTHING.

And several times I said to her:

“I FEEL something evil is in the air in this house, Margi!”

Was it the wireless Internet, on some kind of special instructions sent to the modem, jacking up somehow a kind of frequency designed to cause some inexplicable tension to erupt “out of thin air” between us?

Read this sometime!

The Washington Post admits CIA electronic warfare against dissidents — and even apolitical victims

So  now what do I do?

Write Spectrum, and demand via a lawyer they stop illegally turning her wireless on secretly?

Sue them for aggravating her cancer?

Do I line her whole house with its cute wallpaper or nice white walls with some kind of dorky shielding?

What do you suggest, readers and supporters?

In any case, I have one word for the Jews.



If you succeed in murdering my Margi, you will pay,

and you will pay dearly.

It will be and eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

I am at heart a really nice guy, and the proof is that over the last two months, knowing this, two old and fierce enemies have approached me anew, and I have had kind and conciliatory words for them both. We left on good terms.

I am ready to forgive and willing to move forward together — to save our race, our freedom, our children.

We are again brothers.


But if you touch a loving, beautiful woman like Margi, O Jews, a woman with huge, kind blue eyes who literally hand-carries houseflies out of the house rather than swat them   😉 a woman who shows mercy and kindness to everyone,


Hear, O Jews, that Ye Shall Pay.


But then again, you never cared about or ever spared white women and children, anyway.

. The hellstorm, 1945


Why should you start now, and avoid the just punishment for three thousand years of your murders?



What is one more white woman for people like you to kill?




a year ago



You can attack me, Jews, man to man.

But do not attack my woman. You bastards.


Remember, of the Marines they say — no better friend, and no worse enemy.

If you slow-kill her, I will use her agony and martyrdom to build such a movement that I can finally do to you what I really should have done long ago when I had the chance but was too merciful.

And remember,

you Jews laughed at me then too. 😉

This video was from my German website (German with English subtitles). .


This is a very funny joke, Jews.



















…..Who really was and is JdN?


Hitler’s Landsberg prison cell in 1924

Why it should be beyond obvious to not look exactly like Hitler


I dyed it black so you maybe, just maybe finally “get it.” My goal the last time was a worker-and-farmer movement, with even a communist-like red flag, and a party with the name “socialist workers” in it, so I had to look average myself, and like a working-class man.  

Same mindset, same cheekbones, same sloping forehead, same twin bulges over the inside of the eyebrows, same v-ridges in the upper forehead and creases along either sides of the forehead, same height, same eye color, same marionette facial line back from the chin — and the same military leanings, and an uncanny ability to speak both fluent German and Austrian dialect with no American accent.

Even my compositional style, just as with Mein Kampf back then, is way-to-long paragraphs and concepts far too advanced for the average Joe. ;-= Hey, I admit it — I am too wordy. 😉
I often actually think in German, and my style in English occasionally shows it.
And I never kiss my readers’ butt, but instead I openly pour out my scorn like the mustache guy on all WHITE whiners, WHITE excuse-makers, WHITE cowards and WHITE bumblers!
This was, in fact, the real me coming through ibn the bitter and sarcastic original title of Mein Kampf!

4.5 Years of Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice — A settling of accounts [with my enemies]

…and a certainty since age 5 on that I WAS THAT MAN, AND — gulp 😉 —worse, much worse, that I WAS THE REBIRTH, a soul GIVEN A NEW CHANCE, of the MOST HATED MAN on this earth. 😉 Shit! 


with unique, rare, solid, dark blue eyes – not an Irish or Polish light-blue, not a blue-green, and not blue-gray either. Solid, deep blue. 


Captain Chesley Sullenberger, a Texan of Swiss-German ancestry who did the miraculous January 2009 water landing of his jetliner into the Hudson River, saving all 155 passengers from certain death  after a bird strike destroyed both his engines, had these same dark-blue German eyes.

This undated photo, supplied by the U.S. Air Force Academy, shows cadet Chesley “Sully ” Sullenberger, the US Airways pilot who safely ditched his disabled jetliner on the Hudson River in New York. He graduated from the academy in 1973 and served in the Air Force from 1973 to 1980 and flew F-4 Phantom II fighter planes. (AP Photo/USAF Academy)

I strongly urge everyone to see this very, very Aryan movie:

Then you will know our race, led by the best, can still do anything, and magnificently,  under pressure.

Here is some humor — but the serious point is this:

The whole Hitler approach may have turned the Germans on — a highly militaristic, stern, soldier-like people and the Spartans of the white race — but all those uniforms, heel-clicking, and the sieg-heiling turned the rest of the freedom-craving white world OFF ;-(

The Hitler strongman image, face it, was a huge turnoff to the freedom-loving Americans, who are genetically a heavily keltic people (meaning the common English people, and of course the Irish, Scots, Welsh and the southern Germans).

Hitlerism, the one-man rule, the dictatorship, was seen as a step backward in Western Civilization into the Middle Ages, and as a slap in the face to what the Founding Fathers wanted — freedom of speech and a limited government.

Even the young John Kennedy, secretly very antisemitic like his dad, disliked the Hitler approach, while also admiring the man’s achievements.

One-man rule went very much against our Anglo-Saxon grain, our fear of megalomaniacs, and the famous dictum of Lord Acton:

“All power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

We all know the Ancient Romans were no liberal, peacenik hippies. 😉 Nor were they opposed to powerful leaders.

But for five hundred years even the Romans banned one-man rule and kings — establishing even a dual presidency — two consuls — two rulers — and even those two were closely supervised by the Roman Senate.

SPQR: Senatus Populusque Romanus — “the Senate and the People of Rome”


So this time around, the flavor of National Socialism has to be modified, but the core ingredients are exactly the same!

The Aryan folk community is invincible — and must live again!



guts and glory!

And, Jews,

this time the world!




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  1. Jews attack you in a way, that is hard to detect at first. It is known that they give throat cancer to people who speak the truth.

    Try to cut down all carbohydrates because tumors need 20percent more energy than normal cells!
    Eat borax ( to change the pH value of the body so that cancer can not grow (cancer is in many ways like a fungi).

    Attack the jews back with the truth!
    8=h Holocaust
    9=i IS
    6=f Fake
    8=h History

  2. If the Jews try to kill Margi by radiation (and your discovery makes that very likely) can she not move to a remote place where that radiation does not reach and can you not keep her location secret ?

  3. John, read psalm 109. There may be religious jews who pray prayers, perhaps on a routine basis, to curse those who they see as being the enemies of the jews. So it is possible that these curses can weaken the immune system of someone. And so people who are involved with any sort of political activism should make sure they have spiritual protection, so they are not subject to the curses of the ethnic groups who they may be speaking out against. It is also important for people to pray for each other. Peoples words create ripples in the energy field all around us that broadcasts through the universe like radio waves. You can easily deflect curses though by saying they have no power over you, but regular prayer is important. Ultimately the curses of jews are powerless, people just have to be aware the curses are in their books and so they might be doing them, there are many curses in the book of psalms.

  4. John,

    I’m using Andrew Anglin’s email address to post this message to your site, since you’ve banned all fake email addresses, including the ones I was using. Hopefully this message will get through your blockade – don’t know whether Anglin will also receive a copy. I don’t care if you post this message or not, as long as you read it, because it has some information which may help Margi.

    Regarding Margi’s throat cancer, you’ve said that she’s always been a “health nut,” eats only organic foods, etc., and are puzzled as to how this could have happened to her. So, I’m wondering if she’s been using any type of spices, herbs, or supplements for any length of time. The reason I ask is that I, too, am a bit of a health nut, and about a year ago, started using curry (Turmeric) powder on the chicken that I eat almost every night. I started doing this because I had read that Turmeric and its main ingredient Curcumin were supposed to be healthy, reduce inflammation, etc. I was really shaking it on, so that the entire chicken breast was completely covered with this Turmeric powder before cooking it. I never even stopped to read the label on the McCormick “curry” powder I was using, because I figured that it couldn’t be anything but that, and curry powder was supposed to be healthy.

    Around September of 2017, I started experiencing strange physical problems – shortness of breath, a pounding heart, a total lack of energy, sleepiness during the daytime, irritability, etc. I would climb a flight of stairs at work and be winded at the top, with leg muscles aching, although I’ve always been in good shape, have worked out most of my life, and have never experienced such problems. So, I used a blood pressure / heart rate cuff on my arm, and found that my blood pressure was very low – as low as 90/69 (120/80 is normal), but my heart rate was extremely elevated – with a resting pulse rate as high as 118, whereas before September 2017, my resting heart rate was in the mid 60s.

    These physical problems went on for about a year, until, thinking that I was dying, I finally went to a doctor, who did an EKG and diagnosed me with atrial fibrillation. Many other tests followed, to try to find the cause of the atrial fibrillation, but no apparent cause was found. My heart and lungs looked healthy, except for an extremely elevated BNP blood level in the 1200s (BNP levels in the 300s are normal). BNP is a protein secreted by the heart when it’s under stress, and a level over 800 can indicate heart failure. What really puzzled me was why my blood pressure was so low, since it used to be around the normal 120/80, and I couldn’t find anything about atrial fibrillation being associated with low blood pressure – rather, it’s usually associated with obesity and high blood pressure, neither of which I’ve ever had.

    I researched many possible causes for these physical problems, and even speculated that the Jews had somehow put a Kabbalistic curse on me for making anonymous online comments exposing their evil deeds. I also turned off the Wi-Fi on my Internet router, thinking that it might be the cause of my problems, but this had no effect – the symptoms were still there.

    My evening dinner cycle was/is: two nights of chicken followed by one night of fish. I don’t eat red meat because it’s fibrous and too hard to digest, and it actually putrefies in your lower intestine as your body keeps it there trying to digest it, which gives off free radicals that damage DNA and eventually cause colon cancer and other types of cancer. Clint Eastwood said in an interview many years ago that his doctor advised him never to eat red meat because of this. I noticed you said Margi is now doing a “carnivore diet” with zero carbs, but your body needs some carbs to stay healthy, because humans have always been omnivores, with nuts, seeds, and fruits in our diet, not pure carnivores like cats or dogs. It’s why we have small canines and flat molar teeth rather than large canines and sharp molars like cats and dogs, which are suitable only for ripping away chunks of meat. And don’t eat red meat, because despite what Anglin says, red meat is very unhealthy due to its fibrous, nearly indigestible nature, and the fact that it putrefies in your lower intestine much too long, releasing DNA-damaging and cancer-causing free radicals in the process. Red meat also contains way more hormones and antibiotics than chicken or fish, due to the size of the animal involved.

    But anyway, I’d noticed that on the nights I ate fish instead of chicken, my symptoms seemed less severe, although still there. I don’t use curry powder on the fish, but never made the obvious connection that perhaps the curry powder was the cause of my problems, still believing that Turmeric was supposed to be healthy. I had read some time ago that Turmeric can cause miscarriages in women, but being male, I never worried about it or really researched it in any depth.

    The other night, I finally twigged on the idea that perhaps the curry (Turmeric) powder was the cause of my problems. Duh! So I finally read the label on one of my McCormick spice bottles, and it listed the main ingredients as: Coriander (also known as Cilantro), Fenugreek, and Turmeric. So, Turmeric was not even the main ingredient on this “curry” powder. I then used (not Google) and did searches on Coriander side effects, Fenugreek side effects, and Turmeric side effects. I discovered that all three of these spices lower one’s blood sugar (leading to possible hypoglycemia and a lack of energy, in addition to a fast or irregular heartbeat) and all three spices lower blood pressure, and that Turmeric also caused a dangerous abnormal heart rhythm in at least one person. In addition, Turmeric has caused DNA damage in laboratory animals, can prevent the absorption of iron (leading to anemia), and acts like the female hormone estrogen, which can worsen any hormone-related cancers in women, cause miscarriages in women, and lower testosterone and sperm movement in men, causing infertility. The sister of a woman I know was a heavy user of curry powder, and had three miscarriages in a row, until she finally stopped using it on my advice, and finally had a healthy baby. So, Turmeric is real healthy stuff, right? I wish I had researched it further before using it almost every night for a year!

    Anyway – the long story short is that I stopped using that “curry” powder several nights ago, and will never use it again, and I’m feeling better already. I’m now 99% sure that it has been the cause of my problems, based on my strange low blood pressure alone, and my lack of energy (probable hypoglycemia), and it also likely caused my atrial fibrillation. Hopefully, it hasn’t permanently damaged my heart – time will tell.

    The whole point of my long-winded message is to emphasize that so-called “healthy” spices, herbs, and supplements are often not healthy at all, and may in fact be very dangerous to one’s health. If Margi has been taking any such spices, herbs, or supplements for any length of time, you should go to and type in: side effects, and discontinue their use if you find anything like the information I found about that “curry” powder. While there may not be anything which says, “may cause cancer,” any spice, herb, or supplement which weakens the body’s immune system in any way can eventually lead to cancer. So, please ask Margi about any spices, herbs, or supplements she has been using for any length of time, and research them thoroughly.

    Best wishes,


    • Wilmot Robertson, whom I knew, was complaining about Irish liberals already in his magisterial The Dispossessed Majority in the 1970s, a go-to book for the Movement back then.

      I think Anglin is missing, or at least not addressing in that article, the twin facts that the Irish 1) have been through horrendous atrocities for CENTURIES at the hands of the vile, psychopathic Judeo-Norman ruling class of England (which has also brutally misused the common people of England as well!!!.. just think of King Edward Longshanks INFAMOUSLY firing arrows into his own soldiers during a melee in order to also kill the Scots)


      2) the Kelts themselves are somewhat right-brained, artistic, poetic, romantic and blindly combative. The Catholic Church reinforces this with its fundamentally delusional mindset.

      As a result, until 1920 not one keltic country was free. Every single one had succombed to the Romans or the Teutons. (France has lost, despite great valor, every war since it decapitated its Frankish nobility in the 1790s. WWI, the exception, was only won by US-WASP intervention.)

      However, the Scots prove that with a VERY strict religion such as Calvinism, Kelts can be outstanding businessmen, scientific inventors, and soldiers. Andrew Carnegie and Alexander Graham Bell come to mind.

      My great-grandfather Waddell was a Scot, a Presbyterian elder, and ran an immaculate, spotless, disciplined household and a successful Ford dealership in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, raising also my father after his parents divorced.

      Kelts, Slavs and Mediterraneans all need strict discipline and then they can be high performers. Teutons are naturally disciplined but cold, quiet and aloof. They are therefore natural rulers, but can and should loosen up a bit, too. 😉

      I am a pan-Aryan, and it is time to emphasize what we have in common now.

      It seems Andrew Anglin, though, is always bashing someone. 😉

  5. My deepest feelings and concerns go out to you and Margi.Regarding the sources of electromagnetic radiation and cancer, you might contact Dr Martin Pall, retired professor at Washington State University. Martin is an expert in the new G5 modality and can give you much valuable information that may well clear up the source of Margi’s cancer being or not being from the G5.Martin is a very cooperative individual and I’m sure he will give you the benefit of his great reputation and knowledge.Many other people can help you, too.I would contact Deborah Tavares of California, she’s talked and written much about the G5 situation. Deb is a great sort and I’m sure she’ll be of great help to you.
    Again, my deepest wishes for successful resolution of this nettlesome problem troubling Margi.

    • Dear comrade,

      Thank you for this helpful information and your expression of sincere caring.

      I looked up Dr. Pall:

      I see from a Facebook post:

      Dr. Martin L. Pall, PhD, renowned retired professor emeritus of biochemistry and medical sciences, Washington State University, will present scientific evidence and medical findings showing how cell towers and Wi-Fi technology are impacting the public’s health.

      I will look up Deborah Tavares as well.

      Thank you again.


    • Some say this. I am not sure if there is any proof. But it was definitely the most philosemitic branch of Protestantism, endorsing usury and the chosen (“Elect”) concept.

      The Old Testament was of course very stern and nationalistic, based on power, rewards and punishments. For a dreamy people like Keltics, it was not all bad. 😉

  6. Search for:
    Depletion of Iron From Tumor Cells Prior To Vitamin C Therapy Quells Cancer

  7. John, I’ve sent you reference to a recent article by Bill Sardi. Look it up, it’s provocative and important. Bill writes on timely subjects and invites contact and discussion on his subjects of interest. If I can be of further help in getting your information on the subject of cancer treatment by natural supplements, don’t hesitate to write. Natural treatment of cancer is a growing topic and I’ll try to get you up to speed in the fastest ways possible without overburdening you on reading assignments.
    Best of luck on your journey,Bahmi

    • Dear friend,

      Margi is more than up to speed with natural cures. She has a nutrition dcegree, had a flourishing nutrition practice in Washington, and has tried for six months many holistic cures, some at huge expense out of pocket and uncovered by insurance.

      None have worked.

      I think there is ANOTHER FACTOR going on here, as stated.


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