Medical practice of Swiss M.D. Thomas Binder, denouncer of the Corona hoax, stormed by SWAT team with machine guns; Binder locked up in a psychiatric ward; German female lawyer — same fate

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It is a frightening precedent that could soon be used across Europe: a well-known sociocritical doctor was arrested in Switzerland and taken to psychiatry because he publicly criticized the measures taken in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Such plans recently were openly discussed in the central German state of Saxony. But now they have become a bitter reality in the once-free Switzerland of William Tell.

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Critical doctor arrested by SWAT

In Wettingen , the Aargau police arrested the 58-year-old doctor Thomas Binder with a large contingent, including SWAT with machine guns and road and train station barriers (!).

The accusation: He is said to have uttered “threats against the authorities” via Twitter.

This and a “presumably unstable psyche” were enough to arrest the family man — and send him to a psychiatric ward!

Shortly before his arrest, Binder released a call for help on Facebook and Twitter: 

“In front of my practice there is a SWAT team from Aargau. They are here to arrest me. Help!”

Thomas Binder, MD ⏳ @Thomas_Binder


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“Confusing statements” about coronavirus suffice for psychiatric ward

Anyone who follows Thomas Binder on his social media channels knows that the doctor is an uncomfortable presecce and critical mind who bothers those in government. Again and again he appeals to people’s personal responsibility and advocates critical questioning of current events. For this he was repeatedly branded as a “conspiracy theorist”. In the wake of the Corona crisis , Binder also wrote down his thoughts on this. As a doctor, he had to come up with plausible arguments that were directed primarily against the scaremongering and the coercive measures to contain the pandemic.

That seemed to be enough for the authorities to classify him as an “enemy of the state” and “danger to public safety”. Unspecified “threats”, a suspected “unstable psyche” and the only suspected “possession of weapons” then apparently justify the large-scale deployment of a heavily armed special task force. According to the authorities, Binder “made confusing statements about the corona virus”, including “denying” it.

Binder was torn from his family and then taken to a psychiatric hospital. According to the police, the investigation into the exact circumstances of the “threats” has started. The public prosecutor’s office in Baden has opened a criminal investigation. Does this look like the future for all critics of the Corona virus or skeptics about other goings-on in Europe?



….. Female lawyer arrested in Heidelberg, Germany — also locked up in psychiatric ward


Attorney Beatrice Bahner filed a lawsuit before the German Supreme Court against the Corona lockdown, saying it was creating a police state. Result: a SWAT team arrested her! 😉

My translation of an article on the anti-vaxx website (

Attorney Beate Bahner was forcibly sent to a psychiatric facility

Attorney Beate Bahner was forcibly sent to a psychiatric facility on the evening of Easter Sunday. The lockdown is now used by some people to completely undermine our Constitution. Is Germany now a land without law?

(Hans UP Tolzin) The Heidelberg lawyer Beate Bahner, known for her constitutional complaint against the clearly unconstitutional Corona lockdown and her public objection to the current state measures, was, according to my information, arrested by the police on Easter Sunday evening in appallingly brutal circumstances and under degrading conditions, and likely was sent to the Heidelberg Psychiatric Isolation Ward.

Bahner has won three cases before the Federal Constitutional Court and has written five books on German medical law.

This was reported to me by a friend of Mrs. Bahner who had received a voice message from her. The audio recording seems to be real, but since I do not know Ms. Bahner personally, I went to the Heidelberg University Hospital (telephone number 062 2156 4466) at 9:38 p.m. this evening (Easter Monday) and got in touch with the closed department and from there with Mrs. Bahner.

Then a lady csme to the phone under this name. She confirmed to me that the audio is real and that I can publish it.

Since reports also come from Switzerland that a Corona-critical doctor has been arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital, I have to assume that the audio is genuine and that Ms. Bahner is really being held at the psychiatric hospital in Heidelberg against her will.

For purely political reasons!

In view of the unprecedented stripping away of almost all fundamental human rights by the current federal government, this incident cannot simply be accepted by the public. We require an explanation and, if necessary, appropriate consequences for the people involved and responsible:

– the police officers involved
– the judge possibly involved
– the psychiatrist involved

I had already announced that I would be in front of the Criminal Police building on Römerstr. 2-4 in Heidelberg at 12:30 p.m. (Her interrogation is to take place at 1 p.m.) 

After the events of yesterday, I hereby call on all people in Germany who still value their fundamental rights to come there at 12:30 p.m. and show their solidarity with Ms. Bahner.

If she does not appear there, I will go to the university clinic next and ask to be admitted to see Mrs. Bahner.

I want to know on what legal basis, and on whose order, and on what psychiatric advice she was locked away in such horrible circumstances.

I hereby demand that:

  1. Ms. Bahner must be released immediately
  2. The officials involved apologize to her publicly
  3. the persons responsible must be named and held accountable

With this action, the Heidelberg police have crossed a line. From now on EVERY citizen who is critical of the lockdown measures can be arbitrarily arrested and locked away in a psychiatric ward at any time!

If we don’t stop it NOW, it may be too late to prevent the government from doing forced vaccinations against Corona later on.

Please call the police and the university clinic, ask about Beate Bahner, and what exactly she is accused of and which psychiatrist and which judge signed the admission.

Everyone come to the criminal police department in Heidelberg, Römerstr. on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. 2-4.

Bring your courage with you!

Before it is too late!

Guest wrote on 4/14/2020 at 5:37:52 AM

How can I help you? I live in Schleswig-Holstein

Guest wrote on 04/14/2020 at 03:11:15

I am not surprised. A friend of mine was sprayed with pepper spray and beaten up on the guard by police officers, was a vengeance.

Some people do well not to call the police under certain circumstances. The lawyer here is learning that. In any case, she looks quite astonished.

I don’t want to play down that or anything. I just mean, experience others too, not just on the occasion of Corona. Also for various other reasons.

Guest wrote on April 14th, 2020 at 00:09:40

The link did not work with with. I found this on YT.

Attorney Beate Bahner Arrested and in Psychiatry (Voice Message)


  1. I’d say that happened to me in the USA on May 26 (day after Memorial Day) 2020. .
    The law is for people who are suicidal or homicidal, and I have never been either.

    I saw a line of about 6 people standing outside 6′ apart, wearing masks, including an N95, in a public park; they were waiting to be admitted through a building to an outside swimming pool. I started telling them facts…
    The pool coordinator came out and told me I had to leave. If I was delusional, it was in thinking that there is Freedom of Speech in Dunedin, Florida in the USA.

    I had walked away and two Sheriff officers came to arrest me; the Sheriff prefers mental health arrests, I think, because no due process is involved, no fair hearing.
    You’d think the ER and mental facility would be a check and balance; you’d think the insurance company would be a check and balance. In the state of Florida such facilities make at least $2.1 billion/year on their mental-health arrests, including, in one recent 12-month period, 37,000 children.
    I filed a complaint with the Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services; the ER claimed I had threatened to kill someone; the mental facility claimed I was talking about politics too much.

    I was just citing 1958 and 1968 pandemic statistics which showed at that time, even with cooked books, that those pandemics were 7x the magnitude of whatever was scaring those people.
    I didn’t realize the City had required them to wear the masks and stand 6′ apart; it was before our county mandate for same.
    I had felt a moral responsibility to say something to those people.

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