My latest, best Leo Frank article: Rich Jews try out their media war machine by indicting a whole state

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Confederate cavalry under Nathan Bedford Forrest on the attack

I have now done many major audio and video renditions of the Mary Phagan-Leo Frank case since 2013.

This is the latest!


*** (You can peruse this long list of my articles and audiobooks, which have truly helped turn the tide on this case to the point some major Jews and authors quietly semi-concede that Frank likely was guilty of rape,  murder and framing others, and thus that we WNs have been right about him all along.)


John de Nugent

Mary Phagan murder and Leo Frank case: all my articles, videos and audiobooks:

Glory to Mary Phagan and the White men who avenged her Honor

08/25/2013 // 36 Comments

White Christmas: A holy day that only offends the evil; saluting U.S. Senator from Georgia, Tom Watson, the first major and effective white nationalist of the early 20th century; list of my Mary Phagan-Leo Frank articles

The Last Word on the Centennial of Leo Frank’s Lynching

Concerning the little known Mary Phagan murder case that went viral in the media again in 2015, I have invested nine calendar years of my life (2010 – 2019), gathering never before seen in the 21st century research information, musty newspapers from the early 20th century onward, dusty legal records from 1913-1915 and primary sources of the Leo Frank case (census records, hand written letters, photographs, and much much more.) Please listen to each of the 5 audiobooks I have created in 2015 from Tom Watson’s five-part magazine series on the case from 1915.

Please listen to them and consider making a big donation to transform the greatest works of Western Civilization that educate people about the Jews into audiobooks. This is an enormous task that will easily honor of the hero of the 20th century: Adolph Hitler.

I give you the last word on the Leo Frank Case: Five Separate and Unique Analyses.

January 2015: Watson’s Magazine, January 1915, booklet-sized article, by Thomas Watson, transformed by me into an audiobook one hundred years later, in January 2015:

March 2015: Watson’s Magazine, March 1915, booklet-sized article, by Tom Watson, transformed by me into an audiobook in March 2015:

Mary was an exceptionally pretty, industrious, quiet and virtuous girl who, despite many male admirers, had never dated anyone. Here her grand-niece holds an oil portrait of her at her grave in Marietta Cemetery.

In this Monday, Aug. 3, 2015 photo, Mary Phagan Kean holds a portrait of her great aunt, Mary Phagan as she poses for photo next to her grave, left, in Marietta, Ga. “She’s my family. She’s my history. History is what makes you who you are,” she says. Phagan Kean was 13, herself, when a teacher asked if she was related to the girl murdered at the National Pencil Co in 1913. (AP Photo/David Goldman)
In this Monday, Aug. 3, 2015 photo, Mary Phagan Kean holds a portrait of her great-aunt, Mary Phagan, next to her grave, left, in Marietta, Ga. ““She’’s my family; she’’s my history. History is what makes you who you are,”” Mrs. Kean says. Phagan Kean was 13 herself when a teacher noticed her name and asked if she was related to the girl murdered at the National Pencil Co. in 1913. 

Her brother, a US Navy sailor, is depicted in the upper-right corner. The family would weep even twenty years later thinking of her terrible demise. 


“Why must the beautiful die?” — by Stephen Foster


Like the death of John Kennedy or Princess Diana, the murder of Mary Phagan convulsed the masses with grief – and rage.

Ah! may the red rose live alway, To smile upon earth and sky!
Why should the beautiful ever weep?
Why should the beautiful die?
Lending a charm to every ray
That falls on her cheeks of light,
Giving the zephyr kiss for kiss,
And nursing the dew-drop bright —
Ah! may the red rose live alway, To smile upon earth and sky!
Why should the beautiful ever weep?
Why should the beautiful die?

Long may the daisies dance the field,
Frolicking far and near!

Why should the innocent hide their heads?
Why should the innocent fear?

Spreading their petals in mute delight
When morn in its radiance breaks,
Keeping a floral festival
Till the night-loving primrose wakes —
Spreading their petals in mute delight
When morn in its radiance breaks,
Keeping a floral festival
Till the night-loving primrose wakes.

Lulled be the dirge in the cypress bough,
That tells of departed flowers!
Ah! that the butterfly’s gilded wing
Fluttered in evergreen bowers!
Sad is my heart for the blighted plants —
Its pleasures are aye as brief —
They bloom at the young year’s joyful call,
And fade with the autumn leaf:
Ah! may the red rose live alway, To smile upon earth and sky!

Why should the beautiful ever weep?
Why should the beautiful die?


August 2015: Watson’s Magazine, August 1915, booklet-sized article, by Tom Watson, transformed by me into an audiobook in August 2015:

September 2015: Watson’s Magazine, September 1915, Leo Frank Jew Pervert, booklet-sized article, by Tom Watson, transformed by me into an audiobook in December 2015:


October 2015: Watson’s Magazine, September 1915, Leo Frank Jew Pervert, booklet sized article, by Tom Watson, transformed by me into an audiobook in December 2015:
Will be released soon!
Please Listen to Margi’s 2015 Audiobook Transformation of Mary Phagan Kean’s 1987 book, ˜The Murder of Little Mary Phagan’

Margi’s 2013 audiobook transformation of the first book ever written about the Leo Frank case in 1913!!

The actual audiofile:
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ENGLISH Mary Phagan ” the NEW video; the Big Jews have started their slow retreat on Leo Frank 08/30/2013 //

ENGLISH 100 years after the leading Atlanta Jew official Leo Frank murdered Mary Phagan 03/19/2013 //

08/25/2013 // 2 Comments

Exactly one hundred years ago, despite orchestrated Zionist outrage and media hullabaloo, the Jewish rapist and murderer Leo Max Frank ” a high official of [ ¦]


Christmas: A holy day that only offends the evil; saluting Tom Watson, the first major and effective white nationalist

12/25/2015 // 1 Comment

Cardedeu church in El Salvador ¦..Merry Christmas! I just heard on NPR [National Public Radio] that the retail Christmas season sucked for most retailers this [ ¦]

GERMAN Vor 100 Jahren Aufstand der Amerikaner gegen die Juden; Neger erreichen schnell die Duldgrenze der Weißen 08/23/2015 //

Jews glorify Georgia governor they bribed to let Jewish sex killer off 07/26/2015 //

GERMAN 29K Ansichten des Hit-Videos “Ausrottung der Promi-Kinderschaender” ” nun mit deutschen Untertiteln; der jüdische Weißenhasser Kimmel kotzt sogar Linke an! 05/18/2015 //


It has been fascinating as well as appalling for me to see how the Jews lied in 1913-15 to try to get an obvious rapist-murder of a child off, just because he was a Big Jew and well-connected. (He was the president of B’nai B’rith of Atlanta.)

Arrogant ADL kike lawyer Charles Wittenstein got Lying Leo a posthumous pseudo-pardon in 1986, 71 years after the people righteously hanged him.


I also realized that the 1913-15 Leo Frank media campaign was a dry run for something else — getting us into World War One by blasting the Germans.

This final article below by major Georgia press mogul Thomas E. Watson shows the full extent of the mendacity and defamation to which the Jews were willing and happy to go to vilify the character of their opponents, both crusading publisher Thomas Watson himself and the entire South.

And I shed my own light and analysis on what the success of this campaign says about whites — why national socialism and its leadership principle alone can save us  –– because as Watson himself wrote with a sigh:

“White people will believe anything.”

And so “democracy” is AND has ever been a cruel, total and catastrophic illusion.

The cunningest, most psychopathic liar always wins under democracy.



Because even the best of our race in terms of education and idealism 1) are overwhelmed by emotion and sweep the facts aside, and 2) they simply cannot fathom the depths of the jews’ wickedness, because this genocidal evil is so very far outside their ken.

Our best Aryans simply cannot believe or imagine how much the Big Jews are “the grand masters of the lie,” as Schopenhauer said — a line which Adolf Hitler quoted constantly.

The good Reverend Charles Parkhurst, a fervent, sincere Christian supporter of the lying Jewish pedophile rapist Leo Max Frank [sic], who after the violent rape-murder of a girl, sought to frame two of his own loyal employees and send them to the gallows for his crime!



A Canadian wrote me after reading the article below:


Dear Mr. de Nugent,

The chronology of events in your blog is one of the best articulations of events that I have ever seen. Your storyline really makes it easier to understand what has led to our predicament now. This is key to fixing any disease, understanding the details of how we got there.
I was very happy to see that you have the detailed account of the Leo Frank and Mary Phagan story. I had heard about that from Jim Rizoli recently, but it was very vague and I was looking for more details, and your blog certainly provides that. Every success as brazen as this story emboldened the perpetrator to ramp it up another notch.
My wife recently brought home from the library where she works, a video that we watched titled “Nebraska”, by the jew Alexander Payne.
The only reason we watched that is because I try to understand what propaganda they are now peddling, and this really shocked me, but these shocks are good because they make our job of exposing this easier.
Here is my summary of this third-rate trash and what it is intended to do: They pronounce it a “work of art” and give it an Oscar award. To give it the “look” of art and history they make it in black and white.
The white people are all portrayed as total idiots, and half wits, always squabbling and totally without any culture or anything positive.

All the scenes of the towns or countryside are always run down and dilapidated. In one scene they visit a gas station that one of the old guys used to work at, and asked the new owners if they remember “so and so”, and the new owners could not answer in English because they only spoke Spanish, and then finally they had no memory of the former white owners. In the end, the white guys were portrayed as being very happy because one of them got a new pickup truck.
The film is a total waste of time that leaves the viewer without any positive thoughts about white people or anything that they have ever done. This is how the anti-German propaganda started, and was continually ramped up until even the Germans, from on their knees, tell us, well, “we got what we deserved”. [See below for the media blitz the jewspapers gave the Germans and German-Americans to get us into WWI.]
But as Dr. William Pierce warns, “when lemmings detect a change in the wind, they will do as lemmings do; they will all turn at the same time.”
This moment will most likely happen soon.
I replied:
Thank you for your encouraging and enjoyable response.
Yes 100 times, this conformist trait of the masses can also work for us! As soon as AH was made chancellor in January 30, 1933, the German public massively moved toward him, truly believing this idea:
“Our last hope”
They had gullibly believed the jewspapers up to the last second that he was a homo, coward, nut, fanatic, or cunning agent of someone else (Rothschild, Wall Street, Stalin or Mussolini) — and then once he was a “winner” the public flipped, just like a woman impressed by a successful man’s big car and house….. who shows no interest in a broke guy who is intelligent, good-looking and nice.
I am creating a new Aryan religion, because, my esteemed comrade, we don’t have ten more years.
Once they put in the cashless society, and embed the chip under our skin, think about it, it is all over right there.
You cannot buy food if they close your cashless money account.
Then they know where we are, what we say and what we do every second.
As with the conquering Borg on Star Trek, “resistance is futile.”
As for this movie “Nebraska,” what I have perceived is that we can forget the notion that the white race will die out. No, that would be too good for the Aryan rivals. Hell no, the goal is to make us hated, disarm us, and exterminate us in agonizing ways, preserving just a few Aryan women and boys as sex slaves for the top Jews.
Judaea delenda est.


1930s detective novel alluding to the case – and pushing the two theories the jewspapers nationwide have been spouting since 1913 how the elite Jew did not do it




Watson’s Magazine, October 1915

Article by Thomas Watson

“The Jews Indict a State — the whole South traduced”

read by John de Nugent





As the narrator and as co-curator of the massive website, I would like to offer an introduction to this, the last major Thomas Watson article dealing the infamous Leo Frank case, on the Jew’s innocent young victim, Mary Phagan, and on the brave white men who avenged her death.


You know, when really strange things happen, there may just be an even stranger force behind the scenes.

This was the important point made at the beginning of a 1923 booklet written by the German playwright Dietrich Eckart and his protégé, the young Adolf Hitler. The booklet represents a kind of formal retelling of some meaty discussions they had had about the power of organized Jewry to secretly cause rather bizarre things to happen.

The booklet was called:

Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin–

A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me


Dietrich Eckart

This was translated by Dr. William Pierce (for whom I worked between 1981-84).

[You can read the whole thing here, and the two men’s take on the Old Testament: ]

[NN (NARRATOR’S NOTE): The speaker is Adolf Hitler.]

“Yes!” he cried. “We’ve been on the wrong track! Consider how an astronomer would handle a similar situation.

Suppose that he has been caretlly observing the motion of a certain group of celestial bodies over a long period of time. Examining his records, he suddenly notices something amiss:

‘Darn it!’ he says. ‘Something’s wrong here. Normally, these bodies would have to be situated differently relative to one another; not this way. So there must be a hidden force somewhere which is responsible for the deviation.”


And, using his observations, he performs lengthy calculations and accurately computes the location of a planet which no eye has yet seen, but which is there all the same, as he has just proved.

But what does the historian do, on the other hand? He explains an anomaly of the same type solely in terms of the conspicuous statesmen of the time. It never occurs to him that there might have been a hidden force which caused a certain turn of events.

But it was there nevertheless; it has been there since the beginning of history. You know what that force is: the Jew.”

Jewish actor Liev Schreiber and onetime Boston Globe editor Martin Baron 



I am just shocked at the amount of sheer lies and hatred which, as far back as the year 1915, the Jewish newspapers all across the United States were able to spew on the State and people of Georgia – and then upon the entire South.

Imagine what a blizzard of defamation it would be today, were a prominent Jew lynched for rape and murder. Add to their total newspaper control the modern Jewish domination of the other means of public influence: television, movies, radio, school textbooks, teaching positions and college professorships, social media such as Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, and websites.


You can easily imagine, after learning as follows below about the intensity and nationwide extent of the 1913-1915 campaign of vilification of the people of Georgia — a media hysteria which Thomas Watson exposes and decries in the October 1915 article that I will be narrating — how the same media machine could be unleashed just two years later, during World War One, in the year 1917, on the equally innocent and faraway Germany.

In fact, I now see the Jewish Georgia-bashing from 1913-1915 as a kind of practice, a trial run, of the Jewish PR war machine for future uses.

The Germans were then known worldwide as one of the most honest, decent, gifted, useful and humane nations on earth. Yet suddenly they were slandered by the Americans jewspapers nationwide as nun-raping “Huns,”as soldiers who chopped the hands off babies, and as brutal monsters setting out to conquer the world. And as always, as always, the ever-gullible American majority swallowed the Jews’ lies hook, line and sinker. Off we marched to war, quote, “to stop the Hun.”

The millions of loyal Americans of German descent suffered terribly under this vilification. They then formed 1 in 3 citizens, they were the number-one ethnic heritage in the belt running from Pennsylvania through the Midwest, and had become a highly respected segment of the population, known for their skills, thrift, order, cleanliness, and law-abiding and industrious nature.

Yet overnight they found themselves viewed as suspicious people, as possible enemy agents, as sympathizers with America’s new enemy, Germany on the other side of the Atlantic, and as a kind of evil seed, with a gene for brutality. Decades of good relationships, friendships and dealings with neighbors went right out the window.

These are some of the many American products invented by Germans:

Heinz Ketchup in 1900

heinz-ketchup-1876Anheuser-Busch beer



Westinghouse Electric stock


Bausch and Lomb telescopes, binoculars, glasses, contact lenses and other optical goods


Breyer’s Ice Cream


….and Schwinn Bicycles in Chicago; Ignaz Schwinn, son Frank and wife on a bicycle built for three


German immigrants gave America the Christmas tree,


…..Broadway musicals, cole slaw, hot dogs, hamburgers, beer…


…..great baseball stars like George Herman “Babe” Ruth

Here shown with Ty Cobb (r)



…..kindergartens, graduate schools, the social security system, labor unions and public schools divided into classes by age groups.

Choral societies, gym or phys-ed in schools, and hiking just for fun and exercise are also German. Americans as a rule just did not go for walks before then — Americans walked to get from point a to point b. But Hans the German and his family would dress up on Sunday to go to church, then, to the puzzlement of other Americans, would walk around and around the city and its parks as a family, dressed in their Sunday finest, then end up at a beer garden, eating, listening to oompah music, greeting friends and dancing.

Many Germans in America became great scientists, engineers, military officers, business executives and skilled workers and farmers. A German volunteer in the American iolution, Baron von Steuben, saved the whole Continental Army at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania by teaching the demoralized troops, who had suffered several defeats by the British, strict discipline, saluting their officers, proper personal hygiene in the field, how to built correct latrines, and most importantly of all, at a time when a rifle could only fire one round per minute, how to fight and win with the bayonet. Those American volunteer country boys would have lost the American Revolution to the British professional soldiers without the German discipline taught by Baron von Steuben.


To this day, over 50 million Americans are of German heritage, and many are secretly quite proud of it! This pride needs tot be mobilized!

german-american-census-map- 1980

As for the Germans who stayed in the Old Country, in Germany, they of course gave the world the gasoline, diesel, jet and rocket engines,



…..the superhighway,  called in German the “autobahn,”…


Hitlers Autobahns

Autobahn bridges


…contact lenses, television, audiotape and of course Johann Gutenberg gave the world the greatest mass-educational invention of them all, the printing press.


But under the hammer blows of the 1917 jewish media hysteria against all German people, a tool used to “psych us up” to get involved in World War One, Americans turned rabid with hate for German immigrants. They were ordered to not speak German, and their children not even to learn it. Tens of thousands of German clubs, choral societies, and public-school courses in German were closed by state law.

Hamburgers were ludicrously re-named as “Salisbury steak,” German shepherds as “police dogs” or “Alsatians,” and sauerkraut became “liberty cabbage”!!!




Bartenders even took pretzels off the bar!

The average Joe just could not imagine that behind his favorite newspaper lurked an alien force, or that he was being lied to by professional liars, by a race of liars, by a people skilled for thousands of years in psychological warfare, defamation and smear campaigns.

The German was portrayed as a gray-skinned “Hun” with bloody fingers and bayonet.


Portraying blacks as monkeys is not okay today, but portraying white Germans back then as hairy black apes raping blondes was constantly promoted.


Over in Britain, and in its “Dominions” such as Canada and Australia, jewsmedia propaganda was just as shameless. Germans are depicted spearing babies on bayonets (upper-left on the poster below), shooting prisoners, and molesting female civilians. The credulous public gobbled it all up.



The real topic in this, the final Tom Watson magazine article about the Leo Frank and Mary Phagan case, is how the Jews unleashed a focused, massive media campaign to punish Georgia and the South, one which revealed their impressive capacity to demonize any group of whites whom they want to defame for not obeying the dictates of the self-Chosen People.

The Jews’ explicit targets, as discussed in this final Watson article, after the lynching of Leo Max Frank had taken place two months before,  were 1) the “Knights of Mary Phagan,” an ad hoc group that strung the convicted child killer Leo Frank up,  2) the successful young prosecutor Hugh Dorsey, who two years before had persuaded a jury that Frank was guilty of murder, 3) the crusading publisher and former Congressman himself, Thomas E. Watson, 4) the Southern people of the State of Georgia, and 5)  the whole South as a culture, region and people within the United States.

I realized as I read in Watson about this post-lynching media campaign that this represented a major new phenomenon. The South was seen as having rebelled against Jewish overlordship in America. The Leo Frank post-lynching newspaper campaign showed the Jews doing a coordinated media strategy for a kind of trial “punishment” campaign. Frank had already been lynched, defying what the New York Times wanted, so now it was time to punish some uppity goyim. 😉

After this practice media blitz of 1915, it was the Germans who in 1917 were being dragged through the media mud, and, as Thomas Watson wrily noted in an earlier article,

“White people will believe anything.”


From 1933 on, when Adolf Hitler came legally to power, it was “the evil Germans” once again, and the new “Kaiserism and militarism” was now “Nazism.”

This new hate campaign has become truly permanent, lasting over eight decades now, right up to the present day, with endless stories bombarding us of how the supposedly psychopathic “Nazis” (a word that phonetically and actually amounts to “not see”!)  started WWII, committed a claimed gas-chamber Holocaust of the Jews, how they attempted to brutally conquer the world and invade Britain and America, how they ruled by scapegoating innocent ethnic groups, how they despised anyone who did not have blond hair and blue eyes, how they snuffed out human freedom in German-occupied Europe and were just all-around “sinister Krauts.”

Even women in the SS were tried as vile murderers — though they were strictly guards and did not harm anyone.


They were hanged en masse though before crowds of Poles.


From 1960 to 1994 there was an additional media drumbeat, designed to destroy white apartheid rule in South Africa, and at the same time, a newpaper, tv, and movie campaign raged against the white South of the United States, as exemplified by the movie “Mississippi Burning.”




This regional South-bashing has now evolved into a nationwide white-bashing attack where the media scream about so-called “white privilege,” which means Northern whites also are racist criminals, or at least they benefit today from the racist crimes and exploitations of their ancestors.

A recent video depicts Whites as having life so easy, and people of color as victims being held back by a wall of discrimination.


White girls are shown running on a track carrying a huge jarfull of money, while the black and brown athletes are not even allowed to run yet.


And the older white males are seen passing the baton of their white privileges and riches on to the younger white males.

Every white, btw, is caricatured as having blond hair, and being a sort of Nazi-German or Swedish-looking Aryan, unlike the reality that most whites are and always have been brunets going back to the Stone Age.


Just eleven years ago, there was briefly another demonization campaign.

I co-experienced it vividly with my French second wife; this was the 2003-04 French-bashing period, a two-year space in time of calling French fries “freedom fries,” French toast “freedom toast,” and other absurdities. In the US House of Representatives dining room, literally, on the menu, french fries were in fact renamed “freedom fries.”


And why all this? Because France refused to believe without evidence that Saddam Hussein had any “WMDs,” “weapons of mass destruction,” and thus it refused in 2003 to join the US and Britain in their foolish, illegal, immoral and counter-productive invasion of Iraq.
The worst offender in 2003-2004 was the neo-con FOX News Channel, whose pro-Iraq War personnel and guests overwhelmingly consisted of what are called “chicken hawks.”


What is a “chicken hawk”? It is, for example, FOX News personalities such as the closet homosexual Shepard Smith, Sean Hannity, the comedian-commentator Dennis Miller, Bill O’Reilly [photo] ….


Miller and O’Reilly


…and all the other war-mongering super-patriots who have never served in any military uniform, yet want others to go off and fight, and defamed the French nation as cowards and, quote, “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” for not joining in that insane invasion and occupation.

Shield (coat of arms) of Nogent-le-Rotrou

They thus caused immense moral and financial harm to our own country, a catastrophe of blood and destruction in Iraq, and the rise of radical Islam in that country which at least had been secular, modernized and free of muslim extremism under Saddam Hussein.

It was thus at the worst moment of the French-bashing by FOX that I decided to proudly reassert my distant (and partially) French ancestry by retaking the family name “de Nugent” from the ancestral city of Nogent-le-Rotrou in Normandy.

And I pay tribute today to my French friends who ALL warned me ” as an American and former Marine ” after the truly horrible experiences they had suffered as French soldiers themselves in fighting Arabs in the Algerian War of 1953-1960 ” that it is folly to try to occupy ANY hostile Arabic country.

It is never, ever worth the stupendous cost in ethics, in treasure and in ruined reputation to occupy a Muslim nation.

Let the people there fight each other to the end of time, as they have done for thousands of years; we as white, Christian Westerners must butt out of the hornet’s nest of the Middle East!


Mohammed with a Koran


The worst thing personally for me at that time of the French bashing was the horrible effect on my then wife, Brigitte, to whom I was married from 2002-05. Brigitte was a nice gal, a great cook, and very French in so many wonderful ways, but we were just incompatible, and the marriage was annulled to save divorce expenses.

Seen here in 2003 in a Rhode Island seafood restaurant



What happened was that during the worst of the French-bashing Brigitte was leafing through a French photo magazine called Paris Match at a Borders Bookstore on School Street in downtown Boston, Massachusetts.

Borders, 10 School St, Boston, MA 02108 Telephone: (617) 557-7188; located then where teh large white dot is, center-right


I was not there — otherwise it would not have happened — but some lout deliberately walked up behind her and elbowed her sharply in the back from behind! Brigitte was shocked but thought perhaps somehow it was an accident.

Then the guy came back behind her and rammed her again from behind wiht his elbow. At that point a male customer noticed the incident, shoved the magazine he was holding back in the rack and squared off at the jerk, who hurried off, coward that he was.

So, yes, she was physically attacked just for being FRENCH. I was stupefied that any white male would just go and hit a five-foot-tall white woman, even aside from her being my wife!

Unfortunately, at the store (and the whole Borders bookstore chain has since gone bankrupt, along with many other stores during the Jewish-caused Great Recession), the in-store cameras were all trained on the cash registers (typical – they worried about the money), and not on the aisles. :-(.

I really began to hate FOX News Channel’s “chicken hawks” after that, who labeled the French as “cowards” and “surrender monkeys,” but then would physically attack a tiny white female from behind whose only crime was reading a magazine in French. What kind of pathetic loser needs that kinds of self-esteem boost: “I successfully hit a woman from behind!”?

And now we have see, since 2014, the exact same jewsmedia now demonizing the Russia of Vladimir Putin, and the Syrian government under president Assad.

In every case, however, whether it is

–the Georgians in the United States of the years 1913-15,

–the Germans of 1917 or 1939,

–the American Southerners under segregation in 1959,

— the white Rhodesians and South Africans in 1979,

— the French of 2003, or

–the Russians of today,

….when Whites who have been bombarded with, and brainwashed by propaganda get to actually meet these targeted, defamed, media-demonized white individuals or the people of these vilified white nations, they are surprised — or even shocked — to experience first-hand how actually quite friendly, honest, and decent they are, and not at all the hate-filled, cowardly, treacherous, brutal and reprehensible thugs the jewsmedia depict them as.

Today, the situation is both much better and much worse. The Internet is a beehive of truth about Jewish lies, and is reaching the more intelligent and aware minority of the population.

But the average Joe, who never reads bo0oks or thinks critically, just plods along, beastlike, is more brainwashed than ever by tv, movies, video games and filthy music. Unfortunately, he is the majority.

Jewish management of top American tv and movie companies


As Dr. William Pierce said over 35 years ago in his magisterial listing of every Jew that runs every media company, entitled “Who Rules America?” [ ],

THERE IS NO GREATER POWER in the world today than that wielded by the manipulators of public opinion in America. No king or pope of old, no conquering general or high priest ever disposed of a power even remotely approaching that of the few dozen men who control America’s mass media of news and entertainment. [….]

We must oppose the further spreading of this poison among our people, and we must break the power of those who are spreading it. It would be intolerable for such power to be in the hands of any alien minority with values and interests different from our own. But to permit the Jews, with their 3,000-year history of nation-wrecking, from ancient Egypt to Russia, to hold such power over us is tantamount to race suicide. Indeed, the fact that so many White Americans today are so filled with a sense of racial guilt and self-hatred that they actively seek the death of their own race is a deliberate consequence of Jewish media control.

Once we have absorbed and understood the fact of Jewish media control, it is our inescapable responsibility to do whatever is necessary to break that control. We must shrink from nothing in combating this evil power that has fastened its deadly grip on our people and is injecting its lethal poison into our people’s minds and souls. If our race fails to destroy it, it certainly will destroy our race.


I would only add this one key point: Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf made it crystal clear to his readers that democracy cannot work because the average white person, who forms the vast majority, lacks the education, interest and ability to understand great economic, military and political issues, and he also lacks the character to do something about the problems of the nation if doing so puts him at great risk.

It is time to stop flattering people as the politicians do and hold up the mirror to them of how time and again, the masses have embraced politicians spouting overt lies, rejected the plain truth, or if they recognized the truth, yet they said and did nothing — and provided no support for the heroic few who were speaking out. Disaster has been the result.

Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh are perfect examples of famous, beloved, revered American heroes who, however, were dropped like a hot potato as soon as they began raising the number-one issue facing America, the Jewish takeover of the country.

They issued loud, clear, famous warnings to the whole nation, and they were rejected or ignored. And now the disaster is upon us, because “Americans do not want to hear the truth,” as Henry Ford, very frustrated, once said.


Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson are perfect examples of presidents who lied their way into landslide victories. Part-Jew Roosevelt turned the world over to communism and part-Jew Johnson turned America over to Blacks and Mexicans.

Roosevelt won the presidency in a landslide in 1932


“How would you like to have fun with Eastern Europe, Uncle Joe?”




Roosevelt’s protégé Lyndon Johnson murders John Kennedy (


….then the high-treasonous,  murdering kike wins the presidency in a landslide in 1964


LBJ signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for the blacks


…and in 1965 the Voting Rights Act for the blacks


…and the same year the Immigration Reform Act for the Third World.


Therefore, ironically,

democracy itself is

the enemy of the people,


who are hopelessly manipulable.

A true elite must arise instead from the people, as happened in Germany in 1933, to govern them with love, firmness and honor, to ban all political parties, as George Washington wanted, 

(see 1/5th down at the Washington photo)

Weepy, hanky-out Ford testifies against Kavanaugh; George Washington fiercely against all factions and political parties


….and select rulers who, as in the “Century of the Good Emperors” in ancient Rome, carefully select their successor after decades of observation and training for their honesty, tremendous ability, love of ALL the people, charismatic and leadership skills.

Rome had four superb emperors in a row under this system, as was shown by the great British historian Edward Gibbon.


This system is what Adolf Hitler wanted for the white world — the rule by a wise, well-trained and vetted leader, and plebiscites where the people can vote to express if they approve or disapprove of how the country, society, economy, culture and education are being run.

Marcus Aurelius, emperor, general and philosopher


This is what Adolf Hitler did — hold regular and honest plebiscites — and he got over 90% of the vote.

The average man does not know or care about the big issues, but he does knows if his life is better and safer — or worse and more dangerous. He may not have the solutions, but he definitely feels the problems that happen in his own life.


As Thomas Watson himself said: “White people will believe anything,” and thus democracy is impossible and becomes a jew-run disaster.

Democracy: Rothschild money, media and military manipulating the mentally mediocre masses.

The majority always believes the liars,

it always rejects the truth,

and it always has for thousands of years.

An Athenian democratic jury orders philosopher Socrates to drink poison for insulting the gods.

Zucchi, Antonio; Socrates Drinking the Hemlock; National Trust, Nostell Priory;

To ask the average Joe how to run the country is like asking a child how to drive a Ferrari.

Is the child evil or stupid because it cannot drive a car ? No.

Is the average Joe evil or stupid? No, also, but his forte is his work, as a roofer, cop, carpenter, engineer, waitress or doctor. He may be an excellent roofer, truck driver, lawyer or tree surgeon. He may excel at raising his kids, keeping his house neat, and running his family affairs. And these are all vital things that society needs.

But the average man, whether he went to college or not, is not cut out or trained to understand the details of national and international issues, many of which also involve secrets.

Man installing rails for solar panels on residential house roof
Man installing rails for solar panels on residential house roof

And this lack of aptitude or interest applies even more to most women than it does to most men. The female world revolves around their friends, family, kids and perhaps also outside work – their relationships.


I’ll end with this story: Two guys are on their work break. The one is doing a crossword puzzle, and asks the other: “Hey, what are synonyms for ‘ignorance’ and ‘apathy’?” The other guy says: “I don’t know and I don’t care!”







Now let me move on to a short review of key elements of the 1913-1915 Leo Frank and Mary Phagan case before I read the audiobook of the final Thomas Edward Watson article of October 1915, which, again, is entitled “Rich Jews Indict a State — the whole South Traduced.”


During the early morning hours of Sunday, April 27, 1913, the body of thirteen year old Mary Phagan, an employee of the National Pencil Company in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, and a native of nearby Marietta, was found strangled, battered, bloody, and filthy, down in the basement of the pencil factory by the night watchman, the negro Newt Lee.



Although several men were arrested, including Newt Lee, and Jim Conley, a sweeper employed at the pencil factory, the main person arrested and charged with murder was Leo Frank, the factory’s Jewish superintendent from Brooklyn, New York.
Frank was indicted for the murder of Mary Phagan by a grand jury on May 24, 1913. His black janitor Jim Conley became the key witness for the prosecution, with massive evidence and witness testimony both supporting his eight-hour statement to the jury, where the finest lawyers in Georgia, hired to defend the Jew, cross-examined the janitor but could not poke holes in his truthful story.

While the investigation drew on, the local newspapers abounded with stories relating to the case in general, and to Leo Max Frank in particular. By the time the trial against Frank began, on July 28, 1913, public opinion against the accused was immense. In the courthouse, after three weeks, the jury on August 25, 1913 unanimously found Frank guilty of the murder of Mary Phagan and the next day he was sentenced to hang by the rope until dead by the presiding judge, Thomas Roan.

Immediately following the trial, Frank’s high-dollar defense team requested a new trial. The presiding judge denied the appeal. Another motion for a new trial was denied by the Georgia Supreme Court in February 1914. Beginning in June 1914, Frank’s defense appealed to the Fulton County, Georgia Superior Court to set aside the guilty verdict. The Fulton County Superior Court denied the appeal, as did the Georgia Supreme Court (in December 1914) and the United States Supreme Court as well (in April 1915).

After the trial was over, the lawyers for Frank claimed there had been a mob atmosphere, which Thomas Watson and others hotly denied.

But the case was appealed by the Frank legal team before many higher courts that were not subject to the influence of any hostile crowd at all, including the US Supreme Court, and they all found against Frank, as had previously three juries.

The first was the coroner’s jury which voted for his arrest, then the grand jury which voted for his indictment, and the petit jury of twelve men who convicted Frank of the despicable murder of a female child.

Now however in the real world could a supposedly antisemitic Atlanta mob — a mob that never existed — have ever influenced the US Supreme Court way up in Washington DC, a two-day train ride and 635 miles north of Atlanta, to make it turn the case down?

 photo trip-atlanta-washington-dc-2.jpg

Union Station, Washington DC
 photo washington-dc-union-station.jpg_2.jpg

As my late friend, the white nationalist Pauline Mackey, watched, then a little girl, President Teddy Roosevelt inaugurated the beautiful Greco-Roman station in 1907.

 photo union-station-washington-dc.jpg.jpg

The Train Concourse in 1915, when the SCOTUS rejected both Leo Frank appeals


As all five court levels had upheld the original decision of the petit jury in Leo Frank’s case, Frank then applied for clemency with the Georgia Prison Commission in order to get his sentence commuted from death to life in prison, hoping to then wangle a new trial and get off that way. But this application too was denied.

Lastly, Frank applied to Governor John M. Slaton for “Executive Clemency.”

One day before Georgia Governor Slaton was to leave the Office of Governor, and just two days before Frank was to hang, Governor Slaton did commute the death sentence to life in prison. Governor Slaton’s decision did not correspond with public opinion, though.

Approximately two months following the Governor’s commutation, on August 16, 1915, Leo Frank was kidnapped from the state prison in Milledgeville, taken to Marietta, close to Mary Phagan’s childhood home on a farm, and there was lynched by a group of angry citizens, among them some of the leading men of Georgia, including an ex-governor, the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, two sheriffs, lawyers, and businessmen.


In 1986, the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles, under heavy Jewish pressure, pardoned Frank “in recognition of the State’s failure to protect [his] person” but nevertheless did not attempt “to address the question of guilt or innocence.”

I would like to make four points about this case.

  1. The posthumous pardon the Jews got for Leo Frank in 1986 was without his exoneration. It merely said he should not have been lynched, not that he was actually innocent. The Jews are only partly right; he should have been properly and legally executed, by the hangman and inside a Georgia prison as per the ruling of five levels of the court system — county, state and federal — and as per the wishes of three juries, the coroner’s jury, the grand jury — which had three jews on it, btw – and the trial jury [photo].


Leo Frank murder trial jury, August 1913



But a vast Jewish campaign of media hysteria, bribery and threats had delayed the carrying-out of the sentence imposed for a vile rape and murder of an especially virtuous, conscientious, proper, chaste (and also beautiful) female child.

2. On Sunday April 27, 1913, the day after the rape and murder of Mary Phagan,  when Leo Frank was being questioned by the Atlanta police at the second-floor window of his business office located at the National Pencil Company factory ….


…..he told the Atlanta police that the timecard of his negro nightwatchman, Newt Lee, was punched perfectly every half hour as it should have been on the evening of Saturday, April 26, 1913.

The Atlanta police noticed an extraordinary nervousness in Leo Frank when they came to his home at 8 am that Sunday. Previously he had refused to answer the phone, which had rung at length twice around 3 am from police headquarters.



Newt Lee


But the next day the Jew Leo Frank produced a forged timecard that left an hour of time unaccounted for on Newt Lee’s time card.

That trick had artificially provided enough time for Newt Lee to have gone to his home and disposed of any evidence, and lo and behold, when the police went to his residence, why, they also found a blood-soaked shirt planted at the bottom of an ash barrel.

(What was an ash barrel? People burned their own garbage in early 20th-century Atlanta as there were no mass waste-management services and garbage trucks at the time.)

3. Leo Frank claimed he did not know the name of Mary Phagan, even though he had paid her wages directly to her in person every single week over the one-year period in which she worked for him in the machine department, which was located opposite his office.

Frank’s own accounting ledger indicated he had personally paid her some 50 times during that period.

Leo Frank also had to walk right next to Mary Phagan’s work station by a matter of a few paces when he needed to reach the only bathroom that was located on the second floor of the factory, and this bathroom was located inside the machine room, which was known colloquially as “the metal room.” This was the room where Mary Phagan worked, adding metal caps to the ends of pencils.


Other employees testified that Leo Frank called Phagan by her first name, that is, “Mary,” and at other times had put his hand on her shoulders in a creepy, skin-crawling manner that for her was too close for comfort.

4. It must be emphasized also that the racist, judeo-supremacist and anti-Gentile Hebrew Leo Frank tried to frame two of his loyal black employees, first his negro night watchman, Newt Lee, who had no part in the daytime crime other than discovering the body that night as he made his rounds. Then, when that despicable frame-up of the first innocent black man failed, Leo Frank turned on his unwilling accomplice after-the-fact, James “Jim” Conley.

And now the audiobook of Thomas Watson’s October 1915 article, published in Watson’s Magazine, “Rich Jews Indict a State.  The whole South Traduced.” This is the last of the series of articles in this magazine, careful pieces dedicated to educating the public about both murder-trial law and the truth of the Leo Frank case.

There can be no doubt that without this brilliant and courageous publisher, who put out both this monthly magazine and also his weekly newspaper, The Jeffersonian, and the great respect Watson enjoyed as a veteran trial lawyer, the rapist-murderer Leo Frank would have gone scot-free and and then snickered over the grave of little Mary Ann Phagan.






The Rich Jews Indict a State! The Whole South Traduced.

In the Matter of Leo Frank.

by Thomas E. Watson, Watson’s Magazine, Volume 21 Number 6, October 1915

[Narrator’s note: One, this word “traduced” is a nice old word from Latin that our ancestors once used from time to time before TV dumbed us down. It means “to harm someone’s reputation by spreading lies about them.”

Two, I am skipping over the beginning of this article, which deals with the problems that Tom Watson and others perceived in immigration by non-WASPs into America. A WASP is an abbreviation meaning a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, that is, someone of British ancestry: English, Scottish, Cornish or Welsh.

There was a widespread fear of the Roman Catholic Church, of Catholic immigrants, and of Germans, Irish, Italians, Poles, etc. into a country which had been all-British in the South and mostly British in the rest of the United States until the 1850s.

This immigration of Catholics was a major concern on the part of Watson and of many others back then, but today, all these different kinds of Whites have assimilated into the mainstream of American life, intermarried with the WASPs, and formed a white American society without any more huge divisions between Catholic and Protestant.

Moving forward now, Thomas Watson then says:]



This new combination of rich Jew, Roman [Catholic] priest and the mighty Hearst newspaper [chain] has arraigned the State of Georgia at the bar of public opinion; and so artfully persistent has been the propaganda of misrepresentation that hundreds of editors and preachers, totally disinterested, have been swept off their feet.

These honest but deluded defamers of Georgia have broken the bounds of temperate discussion; and their abuse has become so indiscriminate that it spares no state in the South, and it calumniates both the living and the dead.

The former Confederate States of America


We Georgians, particularly, are [said to be] a mean, low-down lot, and always were, because our forbears were the sweepings of London jails.

Since our ancestors were criminals ”a sort of Botany Bay and Devil’s Island settlement ”it is natural that we should be a disgrace to the Union, and a reproach to the human race.

Even a Virginia paper can bring itself to publish the following:

The guilt or innocence of Leo M. Frank in the matter of the murder of Mary Phagan has absolutely no bearing on the crime committed by these savages in Georgia.

Frank had been confined in this prison for life because a fearless Governor preferred to commit political suicide and endure social boycott in the state of his nativity rather than permit the hanging of a man who had been convicted on the questionable evidence of a criminal negro and regarding whose guilt there certainly existed a most reasonable doubt.


Is this in any way surprising? Not in the least bit when we review the history of Georgia. It was originally a penal colony and was settled by the worst felons and perverts that England could export to her blistering shores. Succeeding generations grew up with criminal instincts just as marked and with ignorance, superstition and physical unfitness far more marked. These are the Georgia crackers, the clay eaters among whom hookworm and pellagra and other disgusting diseases run rampant.

Not in the entire history of the state has pure Georgia blood produced one really great man.

They were cowards and skulkers and camp followers in our Civil War, and that Gen. [William Tecumseh] Sherman should have cut himself off from his base of supplies and marched entirely across the state unopposed, is not in the least bit surprising when we consider the caliber of the male citizens of that commonwealth.

Its first families have now established what they are pleased to call “society” in their capital city of Atlanta, where they spend their ill-gotten gains acquired through manufacturing nostrums and other quack devices guaranteed to do everything from taking the kink out of a negro’s hair to turning the darkest Ethiopians into a pure-blooded Anglo Saxon. ”The Virginian.

Up north, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Free Press of August 18, 1915 said:

Milwaukee Free Press Bldg. — 1910 vintage postcard



The spirit and method of the Ku Klux Klan have once more triumphed in Georgia. Once more Southern ˜gentility’ and ˜chivalry’ have revealed their true character in murder, secession and anarchy.


For the same bestial spirit that sought to disrupt this Union, the same spirit that lashed and ravished the helpless slave, the same Southern spirit that even today is celebrating the blood-lust of the Ku Klux Klan as a virtue, is living in the persecution and murder of Leo Frank.

JdN: Sympathetic portrayal of the B’nai B’rith pedophile in the Jewish Leo Frank musical  “Parade” as a handsome WASP with a blond wife


The real couple


The trial and conviction of this unfortunate Jew, as accomplished by the courts of Georgia, was enough to damn the people of that state as unfit for citizenship. The horrible sequel of his assassination proves them to be something worse than barbarians.

Americans have gazed askance at the bloody immorality of Serbia. [Narrator’s note: Serbia had gone through some terrible revolutions and assassinations.] But Serbia is a paradise of civilization compared with the state of Georgia.

And this is not the worst. The worst is the spirit that prevails throughout a large portion of the old South. Every Southern state that tolerates lynch law, whose people revel in the writhings of tortured blacks, is capable of Georgia’s monstrous outrage. Every community that burns negroes at the stake or hangs them for unproven or petty crimes [sic!!! Since when is rape a petty crime???]), would act as Georgia did in the case of Frank.

How can the nation ”the civilized, responsible and self-governing part of it ”longer tolerate this anarchy, this blood-lust on the part of a section [the South] that once defied humanity and government till it had to be broken with swords and bullets?

Civil War Battle of the Bloody Angle at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863


And then this rot about the dangers of miscegenation! Who is responsible for the mixture of Caucasian and Ethiopian [African] blood in the country, the negro or the Southern white?

Not one light-colored black in 5,000 is the result of a negro’s design on a white woman. The light-colored black, with scarcely an exception, dates his ancestry to the lust of some Southern white master, who did not hesitate to make the creature he bought and sold as an animal the mother of his children.

So much for the Southern hypocrisy that prates of miscegenation to justify its crimes.

If the cries of the burning black victims of a hundred Southern stakes have not been able to rouse the conscience of the North, can it remain deaf to the last agonized prayer of Leo Frank as his tortured body was swung by ˜Southern gentlemen’ from a Southern pine?




If Georgia cannot be scourged from out the sisterhood of states, if she cannot be reduced to a condition of dependence lower than that of the Philippines [NN: then a non-white US colony]…..


US Army soldiers torture a muslim Moros Filipino soldier by waterboarding in 1901 during the Moro “Rebellion” of 1899-1913


US hangs three muslim Moros at Jolo in the Philippines on July 21, 1911. Captain John Pershing (later the WWI general) buried them wrapped in a pigskin as a deterrent to other muslim rebels. 



….. [Georgia] can at least be visited with a commercial, social and political ostracism [NN: in other words, a boycott designed to bring Georgia economically to its knees] which will convince its gentry that true Americans still enthrone justice and humanity as the chief bulwarks of the nation.”


The Wine and Spirit Bulletin is also mighty hard on us. It says:

[NN: The following remarks have to be understood in terms of the Prohibition movement, which aimed to outlaw the drinking of alcoholic beverages, which were blamed for, of course,  alcoholism and drunkenness, and beyond that crimes and violence.


Of course the Wine and Spirits Bulletin would be condemning any state that went along with Prohibition, such as Georgia. 

State laws regarding alcohol: the states in gray left it up to their counties; the white states banned it totally; only two, in black, allowed it in every county by law.


Milwaukee, home of the newspaper quoted above, was of course the beer capital of the United States, and could be expected to be anti-Prohibition.

A Schlitz beer postcard from Milwaukee in 1910


The huge German and Irish communities across the northern USA steadfastly opposed the ban on alcohol until the Germans-Americans were crushed in the 1917 anti-German hysteria induced by President Woodrow Wilson, who had declared war on Germany. With the German lobby gone due to German-bashing and war hysteria, the Irish lobby alone was too weak to stop Prohibition, which became federal law from 1920 to 1933.

Back now to Watson, and repeating: “The Wine and Spirit Bulletin is also mighty hard on us; it says:”]




As a spectacle fit to make the gods weep we commend to the people of the other States in the Union and especially those inclined to try the experiment of Prohibition, the Prohibition state of Georgia. Georgia stands today pre-eminent in disgrace before her sister states in the Union.

The professional prohibitionists have a way of tracing to the licensed liquor traffic the blame for nearly all crime in general and for every startling crime or terrible disaster in particular — it remaining for them to even connect the slaughter of the innocents, women and children, as well as men, in the Eastland disaster, with drinking.


NN: The SS Eastland disaster happened in Chicago when the top-heavy “Speed Queen of the Great Lakes” slowly capsized and 844 passengers headed for a company picnic in Indiana, many of them below-decks, tragically drowned.





What then can they say for Georgia, one of their banner Prohibition states? And in view of their habit are we not justified in reversing the situation?

Yet the shameful acts of citizens of the Prohibition state of Georgia, in intimidating the court of justice and the jury in the Frank case, in threatening the governor who had the courage to defy the mob…


…and their subsequent acts in murdering their helpless victim and making a morbid show of his corpse, are but logical and natural results following the teachings of the Prohibitionists and of Prohibition.

Yes, Georgia is disgraced today as the natural consequence of adopting Prohibition doctrine, which in its very nature is anarchistic and puts the rule of the mob above the rights of individuals, above courts and law, above constitutions, above human life even — when they stand in the way of accomplishing its mad purposes.

Look at Georgia, oh ye citizens of the United States, and then decide whether you want Prohibition and its consequences!”

The Chicago Tribune said:

The South is backward. It shames the United States by illiteracy and incompetence. Its hill men and poor whites, its masses of feared and bullied blacks, its ignorant and violent politicians, its rotten industrial conditions and its rotten social ideas exist in circumstances which disgrace the United States in the thought of Americans and in the opinion of foreigners.

When the North exhibits a demonstration of violence against law by gutter rats of society, there is shame in the locality which was the scene of the exhibition. When the South exhibits it there is defiance of opinion.

The South is barely half educated. Whatever there is explicable in the murder of Leo M. Frank is thus explainable. Leo Frank was an atom in the American structure. He might have died, unknown or ignored, a thousand deaths more agonizing in preliminary torture and more cruel in final execution, and have had no effect, but the spectacle of a struggling human being, helpless before fate as a mouse in the care of a cat, will stagger American complacency.

The South is half educated. It is a region of illiteracy, blatant self-righteousness, cruelty and violence. Until it is improved by the invasion of better blood and better ideas it will remain a reproach and a danger to the American Republic.”

The Pueblo [Colorado] Star-Journal said:


Georgia has added another chapter to its disgraceful story of the Frank case, the climax coming in the cowardly lynching of Leo Frank by an armed mob that forcibly removed him from the state prison farm and deprived him of life near the home of the young girl for whose murder he was convicted by a jury.

The lynching of Frank is the logical outcome of the lawless scenes attending his trial and following the change of his death sentence to life imprisonment by a courageous governor who felt that Frank had not been given a square deal.

After the attack on Frank by a fellow prisoner…

NN: In July 1915, a fellow murderer, one who worked in the kitchen, took a knife and slashed Frank’s throat, true to the prison tradition that even murderers and other hardened criminals loathe those who harm children. 

Those leading citizens involved with the “Knights of Mary Phagan” who were planning Frank’s lynching then waited to see if he would die from the throat-slashing, but the Jew did not succumb to this serious wound. So the lynching plan was relaunched, and in mid-August, a month after the throat-slashing, it went into successful action.  Back now to Watson and what this Colorado newspaper said.]


…it was evident that further attempts would be made to kill him, and the lynching therefore is no great surprise. It was what could be expected from blood-hungry, law-defying demons.

The lynching of Frank is inexcusable, and those responsible for the horrible affair deserve the punishment that should be given to the perpetrator of any deliberate murder.

Georgia will merit the contempt of every other state if the murderers of Leo Frank are not captured and convicted by due process of law. This crime against justice ought to arouse every decent citizen of Georgia in an effort to partially blot out the shame of their state.

Those who doubted the charges that Frank had been unfairly tried will change their opinion as a result of the mob vengeance visited upon him. The same spirit that caused his hanging undoubtedly was present during his trial and resulted in his conviction by jurors who feared for their own safety if they cleared him of the charge of murdering a young girl in the pencil factory of which he was superintendent. The general opinion is that Frank was innocent of murder and should not have been convicted on the unsupported testimony of a worthless negro.”

Mary Phagan


Jim Conley



The Denver [Colorado] Express said:


Three Denver policemen in 1910


The assassination of Leo Frank by citizens of the sovereign state of Georgia brought disgrace, not only upon that commonwealth, but upon the entire nation. The arrest, conviction and the final murder of the unfortunate victim of brutal blood-lust will go down in history as the vilest miscarriage of justice ever recorded.

Taken nearly a hundred miles….


….the exhausted invalid, handcuffed, was hanged and then, lest Georgia savages should mutilate his mangled body, it was spirited away.

The wars with the early Indians were marked by scalping…..

Superb book by Thomas Goodrich on how the Indians really were:


……and sometimes by burning at the stake. The story of the torture of explorers by savage tribes of cannibals has been written.

The perpetrators of this cruelty were [also] savages.

Citizens of Marietta, Georgia congregate on the day the lynching happened outside town to discuss the event.


In this Year of our Lord, 1915, in the twentieth century of Civilization to the nth power, a stricken man under the protection of what we are pleased to term the Law, is cruelly assassinated in an organized State. Savages is too mild a term for the Georgia outlaws.


The stain which the assassination has brought upon the nation can never be washed out. Georgia today is an outcast among the States.”

The Chicago Post said:

If there is self-respect in Georgia, if there is courage in its governor, the men who have dragged its name in the mire of infamy will be found and punished as they deserve ”and they deserve hanging.


Georgia may resent outside interference, as some local Mississippian suggests, but Georgia cannot be law and license unto herself in this matter. Her shame is the shame of the nation.

Nor will the old excuse that it was the deed of an impulsive and ignorant mob satisfy. It was the deed of deliberation, not of impulse, and ignorant mobs do not travel in automobiles.”

NN: This was a correct observation back then; working-class people could not afford cars, and it was a whole motorcade that came and took Frank away.


The Boston Traveler said:

In this crowning demonstration of her inherent savagery, Georgia stands revealed before the world in her naked, barbarian brutality.

She is a shame and a disgrace to the other states of the Union, who are powerless in the matter of humane justice to put upon her the corrective punishment her crimes deserve.

But the consciences of the American people are not so callous as those of the Georgians, who sanction by silence or take part in such crimes against fellow human beings, black and white.

Lynched-for-his-crime-black-rapist. Jesse Washington was burned alive in 1916 in Waco, Texas for raping and murdering Lucy Fryer, his boss’ wife, while alone in her farmhouse.



But northern whites also hanged and burned black rapists, such as here in 1919 in Omaha, Nebraska. There were 20 huge race riots in the summer of 1919, all triggered by black rape of white women.  In Washington DC, 15 died (10 whites and 5 blacks) in open street battles. It was and is absurd to claim only Southerners or Georgians lynched blacks.  


And to the degree that a humane public can rebuke the state of Georgia by refusing to have any part of her unholy peoples’ products they will do so. Anything made or grown in Georgia will bear a sinister band and be suggestive of lynchings and burnings……


…..and especially of this brutal murder of Frank, and it ought to be and doubtless will be left untouched.

The onlv way in which Georgia can be made to feel the shudder of horror which is sweeping the country and the utter contempt in which she is held by the rest of the nation, is by a deliberate boycott of Georgia-grown and Georgia-made goods ”peaches, cotton, or whatever else bears the stamp of the so-called “Empire State of the South.”






A cotton field


The Louisville [Kentucky] Herald (owned by a Chicago Jew), said:


Surely such a state of affairs is the South’s shame and Georgia’s shame!

Georgia’s shame lies in the city government of Atlanta, which railroaded Leo Frank to an unmerited conviction, and in her police force, which made him a victim of the demand of an inefficient constabulary to convict someone at all hazards, which turned loose the degenerate Conley because it had made up its mind too soon that it could and would convict Frank.

The shame of the State is no greater on account of the lynching of Frank than because of any of the other almost innumerable lynchings which have preceded it in that State and others.

But because of these other things which preceded his conviction, her shame is black and continuing.

It will continue until it may be said in Georgia that a man may be prosecuted, no matter what his crime or how clear his guilt, without the presence of the police in the prisoners dock asking for the vindication of a detective theory, and without a press which panders to the lowest passions of the mob by such methods as makes a fair trial and a just sentence beyond the power of ordinary men in the jury box or on the bench to render.

The Investment Magazine [of] Canton, Ohio, said :

“Thousands [sic] of impartial investigators are convinced that Frank was not guilty. Millions have read the evidence and know that he was convicted on “framed up” testimony ”and that he did not have a fair trial.

But Georgia was determined to ‘Hang the Jew’ and has done so; in spite of law and police protection and all the other apparatus of government.

The lynching was participated in by the entire commonwealth of Georgia.



All right-minded men familiar with state prisons know that Frank could not have been taken from his cell without connivance on the part of state officials. If this is not sufficient proof, take that speech in which the Mayor of Atlanta openly gloated over the affair.

The mayor of Atlanta, then on his fourth term, was James G. Woodward

The meeting was not one of criminals, nor of light-minded people in the street. It was a solemn gathering of the Chamber of Commerce. Listen also to the sheriff of the county, who asserted that he would make no effort to arrest the lynchers because a jury could not be found that would indict them.


Compared to such a crime, the murder which led Austria to undertake the punishment of Serbia was insignificant. Georgia should be punished.”

In pious Boston, Massachusetts, the Jews and the Knights of Columbus [NN: a Roman Catholic men’s association] held a mass meeting in Faneuil Hall [photo], to express their mixed emotions.


NN: This has been a historic meeting place in the old section of Boston since 1743.


As reported in The Boston Globe, the Jews and the Knights said some violent things. For instance:

The next speaker, Dr. Coughlin, ex-mayor of Fall River [], who was a member of the committee that visited Atlanta and met Gov. Slaton, received a warm reception. During his stirring address Dr. Coughlin was continually interrupted by applause.

NN: Coughlin, a medical doctor and former congressman, was incidentally the mayor in 1892 when the infamous Lizzie Borden ax murder happened.



Dr. Coughlin said that he had told the other members of the committee who were with him in Georgia that the spirit of the people and the press showed him that if Frank was freed by Gov. Slaton he would be killed by a mob.  The speaker lauded ex-Gov. Slaton for his action.

He attacked Thomas Watson, the editor of The Jeffersonian, and said it was a disgrace to have the American flag float over him, as he was a disgrace to American citizenship.



“Dr. Coughlin said that he knew that Leo M. Frank died because he was a Jew. He also said that it was not true that race prejudice showed itself on account of outside interference, as is claimed in Georgia. The speaker stated that the stories circulated about the behavior of Frank are not true and are used to cover over the crime of the ones that killed him.

“In closing he said that he did not believe it was going too far when he said that the present Governor and every official in Georgia knew the ones that took part in the lynching of Frank.

JdN: That part about Georgia officials knowing the identities of the lynchers was certainly accurate — but also extremely embarrassing to the Slaton partisans and the jewsmedia, then and now. Far from being a “mob”…


……the finest citizens of Georgia were involved in the lynching, which was in fact the carrying-out by the citizenry of the orders of five courts, including twice the Supreme Court of the United States.

Former Georgia governor Joseph Mackey Brown


The lynching was carried out by the man best qualified to do executions, the elected sheriff of Cobb County, W.E. Swanson. Mary had grown up partly on a farm in Marietta, in Cobb County, just outside Atlanta., and Frank was hanged within sight of that farm as poetic justice.

Three juries and five courts, on the county, state, and federal level, found Frank guilty of murder.



This according to biographer-author Mary Phagan Kean, the grand-niece of the victim, who wrote this excellent and surprisingly impartial book, which contains the family’s own knowledge about Mary, her personality, and how her mother and stepfather felt about the crime and about janitor Jim Conley, whose innocence they totally accepted. In fact, the stepfather, John Coleman, a white man of course, even went out and had a drink with the black man Conley, in the heyday of segregation, after Conley came to the house and told them the entire story in the 1930s.  Because Mary had been such an exceptionally good as well as beautiful girl, the family was still tearing up decades later in remembering her terrible end. 


The entire audiobook of this 1987 work, as read aloud by Margaret Huffstickler, is found here:


Margaret Huffstickler reading Hitler poem Artois


The entire text of the Phagan-Kean book is found here:

Phagan was a beautiful 13-year-old with ravishing blond-auburn hair similar to this modern model.


She was savagely raped, anally and vaginally, mutilated in her private parts with some hard object, and strangled on April 26, 1913. 



As on many previous occasions,  Mary Ann, a strong, churchgoing Christian girl,  refused to countenance Frank’s blunt threats to fire her if she did not succumb to his disgusting sexual advances. IMO she likely reacted vigorously and appropriately to an actual physical groping on his part with a slap to the face or some sharp verbal denunciation, which triggered his violent rage at the uppity “shiksa” (Hebrew word for “piece of meat” meaning “Gentile female”).


A postcard from Mary up in Marietta with relatives in 1911 to her mother in Atlanta, age 11


Mary’s tombstone in the Marietta Cemetery; the words inscribed on the granite plaque covering her coffin are from Thomas Watson.  





The brave Mary fought Frank off to her last breath and her arms were found upraised in rigor mortis by the black janitor, Jim Conley.


As early as the Civil War of 1861-65, photographers could attest to Confederate soldiers dying with their arms still raised up in final resistance. They were trying to fight, to reload a rifle, or fend off a bayonet thrust, that kind of thing.  There was doubtless a lot of adrenaline coursing through their bodies,  and in that of Mary Phagan, who was fighting to the end against being strangled and raped. All her muscles had tensed up and they stayed tensed up. So her little hands and arms were up in the air, fighting Leo Frank off to the last second of her life. God bless her.



Returning now to the Boston Globe and these “damn Yankees” blasting Georgians, Southerners and Thomas E. Watson….


He pleaded with his audience when they left the hall not to forget to work in aiding in vindicating the name of Leo M. Frank.

Rabbi M. M. Eichler of Temple Ohabei Shalom….

Temple Ohabei Shalom is in Brookline, a wealthy, jewy suburb of Boston. Wiki: “[It was] founded in 1854 [by] German Jews who disliked the influx of Polish Jews  [….].”



…..stated that he firmly believed in the innocence of Frank and said that the meeting was both one of protest on account of the lynching and a memorial meeting for the martyrdom of Frank.

He claimed that Frank never had a chance and received a mistrial because he was a Jew and a Northerner.

NN: So there they were, “stirring the pot” of North-South divisiveness, Yankees versus Rebels, and spewing hate on  “ignorant Southerners” who wanted only justice for a raped, murdered little girl! It had nothing to do with him being a Jew, but of him being a creep!

The arrogant and pushy Frank was accused under oath by thirteen white females of sexual harassment, and, as the jury noted with disgust, not one was even cross-examined by the usually aggressive and long-winded Frank Dream Team of high-priced lawyers. Two of the white girls who testified against the lecher Frank were Myrtice Cato (l) and Marie Karst (r).


The black janitor Conley was shocked to see his boss, a married man, engaging, right in the office, in various oral and anal perverted sexual acts with whores.  



Frank (l) was already an arrogant weirdo as a child, hanging around a lot with younger children.



Arrogant like any proper Jew at the Ivy League school Cornell University ; every photo has that smirking expression.




..and frankly just a weird stare in so many photos — as in this Cornell fraternity house photo 




In closing [Rabbi Eichler] said that Georgia is not fit to be a sister State of Massachusetts.

Rev. Charles Fleisher [NN: bizarre and probably deliberate distortion: it was in fact Rabbi Charles Fleischer [photo], a German Jewish immigrant —  “Fleisher” is basically always a Jewish name] created some enthusiasm when he spoke of boycotting the State of Georgia.


He said that it might have some effect to refuse to travel there, to trade there, to loan money there or to spend money there, for he said that if the pocket nerve is touched it will make the State squirm. He also said that, if Germany is wrong regarding the Arabic matter, America should boycott Germany for at least five years and such action would bring results.

[NN: There you go — brutally ruin people and get them thrown on the street for telling the truth, a Jewish specialty, as in this 1933 NYC rally against the Germans]

After the addresses Secretary Silverman [NN: How interesting that the man running this organization of Catholics and Jews is a Hebrew] read the resolutions which were unanimously accepted.

One of the resolutions declares that The Jeffersonian [NN: the Watosn weekly] has “aroused hatred among the citizens of the United States and incited the mob spirit among the people of Georgia,” and demands “that the United States Post Office authorities exclude this paper from the United States Mail.”

[NN: ….as if the jews were not stirring up hatred against Watson, Georgians and Southerners]

Humorous photo from 1910: a US Post Office mailman “delivering a baby” 😉


US Post Office in Atlanta in 1910… Big cities had delivery actually twice a day, so letters mailed within the same city in the morning were there in the afternoon.


The second resolution was as follows:

” ‘Resolved, That citizens of Massachusetts, in Faneuil Hall assembled, denounce the lynching of Leo Frank by a Georgia mob as a deliberate and cowardly murder, a high crime against civilization, and a disgrace to the United States, and urge upon their fellow citizens of Georgia, both those who know the perpetrators and those whose duty it is to enforce the laws to redeem the honor of their state and nation and their own past reputation for high-minded citizenship, by bringing those who are responsible for the outrage to prompt and adequate justice.”

One point stressed in most of these attacks on the South is that Leo Frank was serving a life term in the penitentiary, and in good faith meant to take his medicine. The Hearst papers argue it from that point of view, and so do most of the other traducers [NN: libellers] of Georgia.

Yet every one of these editors know that the Burns agency, the Jew papers, and the Hearst writers and declared that the State “must redeem herself” by granting Frank a full pardon.

[NN: So there was never any intent on the part of Leo Frank or his backers for him to “take his medicine” by serving life in prison for the rape and murder.]

The Burns agency blatantly announced that “the fight” was to be immediately renewed [NN: upon the commutation of the death sentence by Governor Slaton — it was just a maneuver to get him 1) another trial, 2) with another judge, and 3) with other witnesses — those who this time around could be successfully bribed]; and, since Frank’s execution Burns seems almost beside himself because of the loss of so lucrative a case.


NN: For those who have read the previous Watson articles, all of which I have turned into audiobooks, William J. Burns, who had a detective agency bearing his same name, was his bête noire, his hate object, his “black beast, and the perfect example of the kind of conscienceless Gentile who, for the sake of money and fame, gladly collaborates with Jews to lie, defame, distort or contradict the truth, bribe or intimidate witnesses, and basically obstruct justice for white victims if his Jew masters so order and have promised him lots of money to do so.


Wikipedia relates various scandals that William J. Burns was involved in nine years after this Leo Frank case was over. 

Burns was very good at least at self-promotion, as Wikipedia noted, and got himself made director of the FBI, which he was from 1921 to 1924.

But in that year he was forced to resign by the highly respected Attorney General, Harlan Fiske Stone (a future Supreme Court Justice and Chief Justice), for trying to intimidate a jury, harassing a Congressman investigating corruption, and sending FBI agents around to intimidate newspapers. He was replaced as FBI director by J. Edgar Hoover, who then went on to serve for 48 years until his death in 1972.


Are the editors at all chagrined for the same reason? Are these virtuous publishers feeling sadly the loss of the Jewish ducats that paid for so much front-page space?

[NN: The word “ducats” is a reference to the coin and currency of the medieval Republic of Venice — —  just as Germany had the deutschemark and Europe currently has the euro. (The word “ducat” is Latin and refers to the coins issued by a duke, as opposed to a king.)

In the Shakespeare play “The Merchant of Venice,” at the end of the tragedy the greedy and vengeful Jew Shylock bemoans losing his daughter and his ducats, “my daughter, my ducats,” that is, losing his fortune.

And of course readers back then were familiar with Shakespeare’s plays, unlike our numb and dumb masses of today. Here is a Venetian gold ducat of the year 1400, containing 3.5 grams of gold, and worth about US$100.



Actor Al Pacino as Shylock


During a whole year, Burns, Lehon, and a battalion of lawyers ”some in New York and some in Georgia — luxuriated in the Frank case. The Kansas City Star, the New Orleans Item, the Chicago Tribune and various other righteous dailies, to say nothing of “farm” papers, have banqueted too on the Leo Frank case.

When he was put to death according to law, they had lost a gold mine. Of course, they deplore it. Othello’s occupation’s gone….

Stanislavski as Othello (1896), the Moorish general for hire, in yet another Shakespeare play to which Watson refers 


… that is, unless [disgraced ex-governor] Slaton’s attempt at a ”comeback” in Georgia reopens the golden vein. As to that, we will soon know.

[NN: As things turned out, Slaton did not dare return to Georgia for ten years because he was afraid he would be lynched himself.]

Did Leo Frank take the commuted sentence in good faith, intending to serve a life sentence? Did his partisans regard the Slaton commutation as anything more than a prelude to a pardon, or to an escape?

Let us see.

The [New York] Straus magazine Puck said:

“All credit to Governor Slaton, of Georgia. His was a noble stand by his conscience and by his convictions against the clamor of prejudice and public opinion.

Close upon the news of the commuting of Frank’s sentence came news of rioting in the streets of Atlanta, of the same mob spirit that has so often resulted in crimes that are a stain upon Georgia’s record.

The fight for the vindication of Leo M. Frank has not ended; and even with his acquittal ”and his ultimate acquittal is only a matter of time ”the fight for decency in Georgia will only have begun. This fight for decency will not end until low-lived slanderers without moral character, without public spirit, are run out of the state of Georgia.

The fight will not be won until men like Thomas Watson, the very embodiment of the beast in looks, manners and conduct, are removed from any influence upon the public sentiment of the community.


This creature, whose private conduct is such that we (cannot describe it in our pages, will be further exposed as our probe goes deeper.

Burns said:

Ultimately, perhaps in the very near future, Leo the Yank will be finished. He will come from the Georgia prison, where he has been since Governor Slaton commuted his sentence of death to life imprisonment, vindicated of the murder of Mary Phagan, and the crime laid on the shoulders of the principal state’s witness in the famous trial. Governor Slaton, hissed by mobs in Georgia, will be hailed a hero.

In the New York Evening Journal (Hearst-Jew-Catholic), the Rev. Dr. Charles H. Parkhurst said this…

JdN: Parkhurst was undoubtedly a good, courageous and idealistic man who studied theology in two great universities in Germany.


He then became the pastor of the beautiful and prominent Madison Square Presbyterian Church, where now the Metropolitan Life Building stands.

It was designed by the same architect, Stanford White, a notorious playboy, whose murder at the hands of an outraged husband is discussed at the beginning of Thomas Watson’s previous article on Leo Frank, found in the September 1915 issue of his Watson’s Magazine, entitled “The Official Record in the Case of Leo Frank, a Jew Pervert.”



The church was so beautiful that its parts were carefully taken down and reassembled to make other buildings, such as the facade of the Hartford Times Building in Connecticut.


Reverend Parkhurst crusaded against the corrupt political machine called Tammany Hall in New York City, which created an unholy alliance of City Hall, the police and organized crime. On might even assume, in this titanic and dangerous struggle, that Reverend Parkhurst probably wanted some powerful Jewish allies for that dangerous fight. Thus one might see his pro-Leo Frank writings in that light.

[NN: The context of this is that in July 1915, Frank’s throat was slashed by another inmate, one serving a life sentence for murder. Even amongst murderers, the killing of a child is considered beyond the pale.]


At the time of this writing this young hero is hovering between life and death. The situation is pathetic. We want him to live. The country wants him to live, with the exception of some portions of dishonored Georgia. Our ambition for him goes farther than that. We want to have him restored to the enjoyment of that liberty of which it is the almost universal sentiment he has been unjustly deprived.

It is entirely safe to claim that in the judgment of ex-Governor Slaton, the man is either innocent or unfairly convicted. In either alternative a life sentence or any other penalty is an injustice. Under the circumstances the only course open to the ex-Governor was to commute. Frank’s safety lay not in freedom, but in imprisonment. Jail was supposed to be at least a place of security. It was assumed that convicts already immured there, especially if they were convicted murderers, would not be allowed to roam around the jail yard with concealed butcher knives. If poor Leo lives he will have to possess his soul in patience till the unaccountable bitterness of his persecutors has worn itself out, which it will do in time. Passion cannot maintain itself indefinitely. It is like fire which goes out unless fed with fresh combustibles.

We may safely believe that unless he is set free by the liberating mandate of death, he will eventually have freedom given him by the order of the court.

When the New York preachers ” Parkhurst, Hillis and others ”first butted into the Georgia situation, I wrote each of them a courteous letter, asking them to allow me to put before them the evidence on which Frank was convicted. Neither of the ministers of the gospel condescended to give me an answer.

The New York Evening Mail published the following:

If Georgia would invite the respect of law-abiding citizens the governor would proceed to pardon without any further delay the man who stands before the whole world as an innocent man, except in the estimation of some Georgians.

Blin, the Boston Jew who had been syndicating articles in Frank’s behalf, followed the commuting of his sentence by publishing a philippic [NN: a fiery, damning speech] against The Jeffersonian in which he declared that before any effective move could be made to release Frank from the State Farm, Watson and his publications must be outlawed.



Blin stated that certain “gentlemen” were at work on a plan to have the Post Office Department issue an order against me.

The son of William J. Burns, in charge of the New York office of that notorious crook, gave out a statement to the papers immediately after the commutation, saying that “the fight”‘ to secure freedom for Frank was to be renewed at once.

NN: The people understood clearly that the commutation was part one of ultimately getting Frank off scot-free, and there was talk of lynching Governor Slaton as a result.


Slaton was hung in effigy, and in a state with a major history of lynching this was no joke. Slaton fled the state and did not return for many years.


Therefore, the evidence is overwhelming; Frank and his partisans did not take the commutation in good faith. They regarded it as a necessary step to a full pardon, or to an arranged escape.

When Frank reached the State Farm, he was received as a guest of honor. He was given a separate room and his own furniture : his floor was carpeted, and an electric fan was installed. He even had his electric cigarette lighter. A negro convict was assigned to wait on him. His roller-top desk was moved in, and he went to work on his correspondence, preparatory to shaping public sentiment again.


His ornate signature


Only one day. and not all of that, did he wear stripes, and that was the day the Farm was under inspection.


The other convicts were so maddened at the favoritism shown this vilest of criminals, that [fellow prisoner William] Creen tried to kill him.

NN:  Creen was a convicted murderer and worked in the kitchen, which slaughtered hogs, goats and chickens for protein-rich meals for the inmates at this prison, which was also a working farm.  Creen took a butcher knife and slashed the throat of the sleeping Frank on July 17, 1915 after lights went out at 8 pm. Though beaten severely by the guards, and put in solitary for several months, he became a hero to his fellow prisoners, for whom the rape and killing of a child was (and in prison today it still is) the truly unforgivable crime, the one taboo respected even by rapists and murderers of adults. Crimes against children are reviled in every prison by the inmates themselves.


Two prisoners who were medical doctors (they had murdered their wives) saved Frank’s life with bedsheets to soak up the blood and [they used] sewing needles to stitch the wound up. But Frank was slow to heal in the blistering July heat, and lost a lot of weight over the next two months until he was taken out and lynched almost two months later.


Of course, a great uproar followed, and the attempt was credited to The Jeffersonian. It transpired that Creen had never seen a copy of my paper; and, of course, the paper never contained anything inciting to murder.

All the outside [NN: that is, non-Georgia] newspapers were astounded that no effort was made [by prison workers on the day of the lynching] to resist the few men who took Frank away from the guards, [but] is it possible that the editors have not guessed the reason?

There are but two possible solutions : One is that the guards were infuriated at him, and at the double duty they were made to do for him alone; the other is, the guards believed that it was Frank’s friends [actually who were] getting him out.

On his night ride to Cobb County, Frank told the Vigilantes that, at first he did not know whether they were his friends, or his enemies.

I may as well state it here, as elsewhere, that Frank did not at any time protest his innocence; but, on the contrary, he said just before he was executed:

‘The negro told the story.”


Then, he added the remark about his wife and mother, a remark which meant he would rather die silent than to bring shame upon his people.

The Vigilantes said to Frank, just before he was executed:

“Tell us if the negro is guilty. We know where he is, and if you say he too is guilty, we will give him the same that you are to get.”

Frank remained silent.

He did ask the Vigilantes to shoot him.

They answered, ”No, you were not sentenced to be shot; you were sentenced to be hanged, and that’s what we are going to do.”

He seemed about to make a full confession, but a nervous Vigilante said something about the soldiers coming to rescue him, and he closed up.

He asked for a box, that he might jump off, and break his neck. He was told that there was no box at hand, and no time to get one.

His last words were: “God, forgive me!”

Not once [facing the rope] did he say that the negro had lied on him: not once did he claim that the other witnesses had sworn falsely; not once did he claim that the trial was unfair and the verdict unjust.

He made one very significant statement which seems to prove that the negro held back some part of the truth. He said. “The negro did not tell it all.” Once or twice, he appeared to be on the point of telling what it was the negro left out, but he checked himself.

Strange to say, he slept most of the way on that long night-ride; his wound had practically healed, and all talk upon the “tortures” he suffered on the road, or at the tree is utterly unfounded.

He was treated just as though the Sheriff and Bailiffs were taking him to the gallows under the sentence of the courts.

My information as to Frank’s confession (“The negro told the story”) came to me September 12th, from a gentleman who got it from one of the Vigilantes.The negro did tell the story, and he was corroborated, not only by the testimony of more than forty white witnesses.

[NN: Again Watson is emphasizing white witnesses, because the northern and western newspapers, which were all owned by Jews or were afraid of the power of Jews to take the advertising out of their newspapers — and newspapers actually live off advertising, such as big display ads for department stores, car dealerships, furniture and whatnot — all these newspapers were afraid of the economic power of the Jews.


And what the newspapers were saying, in total hypocrisy, out of one side of their mouth, was “Oh, those vicious, bigoted, racist Southerners — they’re so cruel toward the poor negroes, the poor blacks.”

And on the other hand, they dropped all that, and said out of the other corner of their mouth, “Jim Conley, this low-down, brutal negro, was the only evidence against Frank.”
So Thomas Watson is emphasizing that the case against Leo Frank did NOT depend on this one negro, who was indeed not an angel. He had been in jail for drunkenness and fighting, but that was no proof he was a rapist or a murderer! There is a big difference between getting drunk and having fistfights with other blacks — and raping and murdering a little white girl, a big difference.

But over and over the Yankee newspapers were suddenly denouncing “the brutal negro,” “the drunken negro,” “the no-good negro,” negro-negro-negro, and “the brutal black,” so they were playing the race card. And that is why Watson was saying over and over that the prosecutor also had dozens of WHITE witnesses, women of proper moral character, and men of upstanding character, members of the white race.

So Watson was saying “Drop this stuff about how Frank was supposedly convicted solely on the testimony of a drunken brute of a negro.”   I’ll repeat what Watson said:]

The negro did tell the story, and he was corroborated, not only by the testimony of more than forty white witnesses, but by the physical condition of the second floor of the factory, by the physical conditions in the basement, by the physical condition of Mary Phagan’s body, and by the physical condition of Leo Frank himself on the morning after the crime.

part two of this three-part article:


  1. The descendants of Jim Conley and Newt Lee are being strangely quiet about this jewish version of historical revisionism.

    Leo Frank reminds me so much of Jared Kushner…………..

    • OMG, yes….

      Yes, the black political leaders in Jawjuh are awfully silent, and so a ton of Jew money must be floating around “Etlanna” again.

      In 1913, they bribed Jim Conley’s pastor to say Conley had confessed another parishioner that he, not the Jew Frank, was the rapist-strangler.

      But then, to his credit, the black pastor gave the money back and exposed the bribery scheme.

      I had correspondence with a black member of the Cobb County Commission in neighboring Marietta, where Mary was raised and Frank lynched, and she told me the county had “no plans to reopen the Frank case.”

      This was my email to the whole Cobb County Commission:

      Were I myself black, I would certainly resent like hell this posthumous framing of two innocent black men 106 years later for a truly revolting crime. (It likely included anal and vaginal rape by the enraged Jew, using some coarse object, due to tears found by the coroner in various tissues.) This disgusting sex murder is now to be pinned on two blacks who were completely innocent by the jews.

      And Conley, no angel but no murderer (sort of a Good-Time-Charlie type who later did time for burglarizing a liquor store 😉 ) specifically

      1) crossed dead Mary’s little arms across her chest in a kind of final act of reverence (everyone at the pencil factory liked Mary anyway), and

      2) he refused the Eternal Jew’s demand (which could have gotten Frank off) that he load her corpse into the furnace and burn it.

      THAT key act of disobedience by a black man, Jim Conley, toward his white (Jew) boss obviously put his job as a low-income black at the highest risk.

      So more kudos to Jim for that.

      More importantly in the greater scheme of things, it also created a corpus delicti for the coroner to examine, his autopsy finding evidence of rape/penetration with some object and strangulation.

      (Throttling someone takes about a minute to kill a person. It is not a quick death, whatever Hollywood movies claim, and the Jews slow-throttled the German national socialist leaders hanged at Nuremberg in 1946. Not one died from his neck being snapped.)

      If no corpse of Mary Phagan had ever been found, the Jew’s Dream Team of white-shoe shysters could have claimed she had likely been waylaid and killed somewhere else in Atlanta, which was a big and partially dangerous city. (This was largely due to blacks and Yankee-jewish gangsters and hoodlums. There had actually been a huge race riot in 1906 — over black crimes against white females — seven years before.

      (Slanted article on this>:

      This race riot, killing at least 25 negroes,lasted for days and made headlines even in Paris, France.

      THEN, twenty years later, because his conscience was clear, and he felt for the family, Conley visited the still grieving Phagan family and opened up his heart and soul to Mary Phagan’s mother and stepfather– who said “if I thought you were guilty, I would kill you right now.” (And there were still plenty of lynchings of black men in the 1930s in the Deep South.)

      I fully intend, in my unsentimental outreach to the blacks, to bring up this searing Frank-Phagan-Conley-ADL case, and show the blacks that we MUST fight together against our common enemy, the perverted, violent, slanderous and sadistic jew.

      So hats off to some decent blacks, then and now, and to Mary herself, a little Irish girl who lived an exemplary life, worked 55 hours a week at age 13 to help her family, and at the decisive moment, unlike other girls, fought for her maidenhood to the death!

      In the coming Aryan religion, Mary Phagan will be honored and prayed to as the saint she was. She was simply extraordinary; brave, strong, and both beautiful yet humble, with supernaturally gorgeous auburn-blond hair. Yet she had never dated a boy, and had ironed her white dress for church the next morning.

      Sort-of how she would have looked at 18…

      I cannot read this without tears:

  2. Hello, John de Nugent!

    I have to say, up until now I have under-appreciated the hard work you have put into your website.

    While I consider myself to be a KJV Baptist at heart, I still go to Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 239 Illinois Avenue, Palatine, IL for Polish-language meetings. I agree there is a lot of corruption at the Watchtower HQ, but the rank and file at my Kingdom Hall are great people, and the girls are absolutely, stunningly beautiful!

    Sorry for the off topic. I will be sure to check out your website frequently from now on, and share your posts on Facebook when I create an account ( I will send you a friend request when I create an account later today).

    You have more credibility and respect in my opinion than David Duke. Wish you the very best, Sir. You have a hell of a website!!!

    Peace and Blessings to All Readers on this Website!! Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, and the only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ!! Peace Out.

    Krzysztof Marcin Lesiak
    North Riverside, Illinois
    email 2:

    • Thank you, Polish brother.

      I have many fond memories of my JW time. I was also a pioneer and then Bethel brother.

      Those who bash Christianity do not realize they are doing as the Jews wish.

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